Chapter 4

3 on 1

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Dusk POV Floor 75 Colosseum back room

"Are you three insane?!" Asuna yells at me, Kirito and Tetsuo.

"Nope even if I should be a little insane after what I have seen." I say as Kirito nods and Tetsuo shakes his head knowing I'm talking about digimon.

"Have you three forgotten the Commander has his own Unique Skill?" She asks.

"How could we forget it's what he is known for." Kirito says.

"Yeah Holy Sword."

"Doesn't that grant him an outstanding offense and defense?" Tetsuo asks.

I nod. "Also no one and I mean no one has ever seen his health go yellow ever." I say.

"We all know that we don't stand much of a chance Asuna." Kirito tells her.

"And yet you still said yes!" She yells.

"Asuna I have never gone down without a fight and this fight is the same I am giving it my all, just like with Lucemon." I tell her.

"Luce who now?" She asks.

Both Tetsuo and I laugh. "Never mind Asuna." We both say.

Fight with Heathcliff

"Looks like a full house."

"You can say that again Dusk." Tetsuo jokes.

"Maybe we can get a cut?" Kirito asks with a laugh.

"No." Heathcliff says, I have a bad feeling about this. "But think as this as your first mission." He tells us.

The battle starts with Kirito rushing in with his duel blades as Tetsuo and I try and help out but can't. Heathcliff keeps blocking Kirito but Kirito finally finds an opening with Tetsuo and mine help, Kirito knocks his shield away and uses Starburst Stream to finishes this fight but Heathcliff blocks it with inhuman speed somehow and takes Kirito out.


"Dusk back me up!" Tetsuo tells me.


We both run in, Tetsuo with his sword and shield and me with Blood and Corrupted Balance, Heathcliff and Tetsuo are soon shield locked as the symbol of earth glows on Corrupted Balance.

"Tetsuo move!" I yell as I jump in to the sky as Corrupted Balance glows brown.

"What!" He yells back just as Heathcliff knocks him away leaving just me left.

"As a friend of mine would say Tectonic Slam!" I yell as I come slamming down in front of Heathcliff but once again with inhuman speed he blocks and then disarms me.

After the fight in Agil's shop normal POV

Kirito, Tetsuo and Dusk are wearing the same clothes but in the Knights of the Blood colours.

"Ok that did not go well!" Dusk yells as he walks out.

"Dusk wait up!" Tetsuo runs after him.

KoB HQ Tetsuo POV

Kirito has left for some mandatory training session in the 55th Floor's Labyrinth to evaluate his skills with Godfree and that Kuradeel. Dusk has been sent on a mission that I have no clue what it is about and now it's just me and Asuna.

"Tetsuo what is a Lucemon?" She asks.

"Well it's a digimon."

Floor 66 Ruins Dusk POV

I have been sent after some members of Laughing Coffin. Right now I'm tracking and spying on a laughing coffin spy, oh the irony. If you're wondering how I haven't been seen it's because of duskmon.

I lost her for a bit but found her again that's the good news, bad news is she is now with the other members and it looks like she is being yelled at, well time to save her and another thing her marker is green unlike the others. I step out of the darkness in my ugly KoB uniform, I hate it!

"Well what do we have here? Laughing Coffin?"

"It's the Knights of the Blood!" Member 1 says.

"Nope just me, Dusk the Ancient Warrior!" I say.

All the members but the girl runs at me. "Kill him!"

"Please you couldn't even kill me if I had my eyes close and only using Corrupted Balance." I tell them, as I pull Corrupted Balance from my back holder and close my eyes. "Now you can try and kill me."

The spies POV

This Dusk guy has just said even with his eyes closed and using only his double ended katana that the other members of the 'guild' I'm in can't kill him is he crazy?

"Now you can try and kill me." II look up as he says this and see that he has closed his eyes and only has said weapon out.

"Yup he is crazy!"

The ten members all attack him but true to his words they couldn't even land a hit on him, it's like he can sense them.

"See I told you did I not?" He asks.

"What are you?!" One of the ten members asks.

As I watch a blood red glow covers this Dusk.

"What am I?" He laughs darkly. "I'll tell you what I am!"

"A…attack him! Kill him!" The leader of the group yells.

"I guess you have made up your mind seeing how you haven't run away you want to die? I don't like killing but if that's what you ten want so be it." He says this as what appear to be eyeballs appear around him. "Deadly Gaze!" As he says this blood red beams hit each of the ten members as I jump to the floor.

Dusk POV

I open my eyes as I put Corrupted Balance back in its holder and look round. "I think I over did it." As I look around I see the spy I followed laying on the ground shaking. "You ok miss?" I ask as I walk over to help her up.

"You killed them?" she tells me but it sounds more like a question.

Before I can answer her eyes go wide as I feel pain in my chest, looking down I see a blade sticking out of my chest as my health starts going down. Green, I spin round making the blade slip out of the guy's hand as I face him. Yellow, my right hand glows blood red. "Luna Plasma!" I stab him with my glowing hand killing him. Red, I fall over on my back after taking the sword out of me as I look at the girl, and then I see darkness, nothing.

Spies POV

I pull a healing crystal from my pockets and run to him. "Heal!" I then pull out his teleport crystal from his pockets and teleport us both to floor 61 in Selmburg.

Selmburg (near Asuna's home)

"Help!" I call out hoping someone will hear me.

"Dusk!" I look and see the Flash Asuna running over.

I walk to meet her carrying Dusk. "Help him please he got stabbed by a Laughing Coffin member." I tell her as she takes him and walks to her house as I follow.

She puts him in a chair as she looks him over. "What else happened and who are you?" She asks me.

"I'm Lux and as I told you he got stabbed by laughing coffin when he was helping me up."

He starts to wake up.

"What happened? It feels like Lilithmon attack me with her nails." He mumbles as he opens his eyes.

Dusk POV

I look round and work out I'm in Asuna's home because one she is standing there in an apron and two that spy is here but is staying away from Asuna.

"Dusk you're ok!" Asuna yells.

"I have had worse happen to me."

"I'm sorry you got hurt it's my fault." The spy says.

"Just tell me your name and we're even."

"Really just like that?" She asks.

"Well you did drag me all the way here and healed me as well so yeah just like that."

"It's Lux."

"Nice to meet you Lux and thanks for saving me."

"That's ok." Lux tells me as she leaves. "Maybe we will meet again."

"I need a break from all this shit for a bit."

"You sounded just like Kirito just then, get changed in to your normal clothes and come with me." Asuna says as she walks away.


"Let me get this right you three want to leave the front lines for a bit?" Heathcliff asks.

"That's what we said was it not 'Commander'." I tell him.

"Very well but you know you'll be called back to the front lines eventually." He says.

Coral Village 22nd Floor

Kirito and Asuna are on looking outside as I'm sitting in a chair. "Are you two sure it's ok for me to stay here with you? Aren't you on your honeymoon?" I ask.

"Dusk of cause it's fine plus you're like a brother to me and don't call it that." Kirito tells me.

"Thanks Kirito."

Asuna laughs. "The view is great come look Dusk."

"Maybe later remember I shouldn't really move till tomorrow." I remind her.

"Fine but when did you start doing what you are told?" She asks.

I laugh as I get up and walk to them. "Good point."

"This is nice just us three."

"True it is Kirito." I say as I walk away and sit back down.

"Why did you sit back down Dusk?" Kirito asks.

"Nova." I look at them both.

"What?" Asuna asks.

"My real name is Nova, Nova Kurata." I tell them.

"Why tell us?" Asuna asks.

Duskmon somehow appears in his spirit form. "Because Nova wanted to."

"Who are you?" Asuna asks.

"I am Duskmon and I'm Nova's spirit partner." Duskmon tells them.

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