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"The starting point of all achievement is desire." - Napoleon Hill

Chapter One - Adaptability

Stepping foot off of the monorail and down onto the paved path upon the ground of Isla Nublar, a brunette figure tightened her grip on her already firmly-held duffel.

This is it.

Merely five short weeks ago, she'd still been a grad student, working through her final examination period that would end with her receiving a masters degree, when shortly thereafter, a middle-aged gentleman had appeared on Yale's campus to offer her the job of a lifetime.

Jurassic World...and working as a trainer and advisor, no less, for one of the park's more low-profile enclosures.

V. mongoliensis, or more commonly known as, the Velociraptor.

Fighting the urge to spaz with excitement, the brunette took a step forward, scanning the docks for any sign of the man she'd met prior.

After craning her head to the right, she sighted a blonde man with a spiked military haircut who was wearing board shorts and a black short sleeve shirt, whom held a tablet that spelt out her name in clear black letters.

Making her way through the throngs of people, the twenty-two year old female approached the man.

"Emerson Langley?" He asked, noting the woman's approach and thinking back to the photos that his boss had shown him before sending him off.

"That's me. You can call me Mer", the girl grinned, shifting her black duffel to her shoulder in order to shake the man's outreached hand.

"Great", he smiled back, "I'm Max Cooper, with the island's ACU."

"ACU?" Mer questioned, rolling the acronyms off her tongue with a clear sense of unfamiliarity.

"Asset Containment Unit. We're the higher level security force that monitors the assets and makes sure that they don't get past their perimeters."

Nodding her head and following the man who-knows-where as her next question surfaced, Em was pleased when he answered her unspoken thoughts.

"Since I'm taking leave today but don't have any plans til' later, Mr. Masrani requested I come and escort you to your new lodgings this morning", Max informed her, as they approached a silver official-looking jeep with the Jurassic World insignia printed on the side.

"Good", she chuckled as she climbed into the jeep's passenger seat, throwing her bag in the back, "I wasn't sure whether I should feel honored or wary of my security escort."

"Well now you now", Max stated with a lopsided grin as he placed a hand on the steering wheel, immediately drawing attention to his gold wedding band.

As the security man pulled off onto the back roads of the park, running between enclosures, he instructed his passenger to open a heavy manila envelope that rested upon the dashboard of the car.

"Inside, you'll find your personnel identification card, lodgings key, and licensing for the weapons and vehicle that you brought on island. Your vehicle and items will be delivered to the facility that you'll be living in for the foreseeable future, closer to this afternoon", he stated, maneuvering through a large concrete gate with the number '9' printed in red paint.

"So where are we headed now?" Emerson questioned as she craned her head forward to get a full view of the gorgeous green landscape in front of her.

"Facility 9", Max answered immediately, pausing before seemingly making the connection that his explanation wasn't quite adequate. "It's the personnel barracks for the staff that works here in Sector 9, the most uninhabited sector of the island. The only thing it holds is the raptor paddock and last count was only about forty people out here, give or take, so it shouldn't be too crowded."

Driving over the smoothened dirt roads with the arching foliage above them, Em relaxed into the comfortable seats of the jeep.

"So which sector do you live in?" She asked curiously.

Glancing at the young girl in his vehicle, Max Cooper chuckled slightly at her question.

"I don't actually live here on the island full-time, so since I don't have a home here, I along with most of the other ACU team live in the compound right outside central control in the bunkroom", he started before continuing at the girls confused expression. "Since I've got a family living back stateside, I only work six months out of the year, taking every other two weeks off to go see them. Most of the ACU members have the same arrangement and as such we have alternate squads for different halves of the months."

Wrapping her head around all of her newly gathered knowledge, Em looked around.

"That sounds like quite a bit of travel."

Slowly, but surely, her driver started to veer right, away from the clearly marked roads, driving deeper in the trees until finally they arrived at a gravel parking lot sort of area with a large concrete, but aesthetically pleasing, building built up on the side of the road, nestled into the forest.

"Now then", Cooper started as he helped the dark haired dame into the building and up to the room specified on her itinerary, "I was told to inform you that the park operations manager, Ms. Dearing, will be here for you at 0900 hours tomorrow, so make yourself at home. All extra things will be covered by her as well as the information packets in the folder I gave you. I need to head out, but I wish you the best of luck!"

Smiling and waving as the man's figure retreated, Emerson let herself into the room, pleased to find spacious living quarters.

Exploring a bit, she found it to be a one bedroom apartment with an additional living room, and kitchen.

All appliances looked to be sleek and top of the line, but the furnishings themselves, were still basic enough that the only things provided were the necessities. The only extracurricular items that she found throughout the apartment were a nice television hanging on the wall, and the bathroom had an overly extravagant glass sit-down shower that would definitely be getting used.

Grinning, Emerson unzipped the duffel that held her regular non-clothing household appliances and set to work setting them around her new home.

As she waved back to the generous men who'd helped deliver the rest of her belongings, Em walked back through the door, dropping her directions for the garage next to the basket of apples that she had placed upon her counter..

After placing her new garage key onto her plain key-ring and setting them into the black leather holder that was perched upon her belt, the woman moved forward to the living room, where empty bookshelves now stood, which she used to unload her small movie collection onto as well as other mementos such as pictures of her family and friends from college.

All the research papers and such were still situated in boxes for being kept on location to wherever the office she'd been promised was at.

Grinning as she pulled out a specific picture of herself, her two brothers, and finally her sister, Emerson smiled. It was the only picture where her parents had wrangled them all into the same spot.

With her two brothers being in the Marine Corps, and her sister still in high school, everyone had hectic schedules that found them almost never in the same place at the same time.

With the time only being in the early evening, Mer continued to unpack, hanging up clothing in her large closet and lining shoes up on a rack next to the door.

It was only just starting to get dark when she finished unpacking.

Unclipping her keys and placing both them as well as her wallet on the right nightstand, she slid her clothing off and immediately moved to shower and clean up for the night before returning and sitting on the couch that she'd rearranged to face the large window that had replaced what would have been a wall, and stared out at the brilliant view of the sun setting over the resort.

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