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Chapter Seven – Punctuality

"Punctuality is the virtue of the bored."

Evelyn Waugh

Stepping out of the air conditioned Jeep, Emerson cocked her hip to the side, placing a hand upon the white blouse and suit jacket that she wore, and pulled her sunglasses off her face in a flourish.

"Alright Hot Shot", Owen sighed, getting out of the driver's seat, "Let's get you and that pantsuit inside."

Cringing slightly at the mocking tone he addressed her attire with, Mer turned to the brown-haired man, focusing aptly on the man's own suit.

"Like you're one to talk, Ranger Rick. I thought for sure you'd be showing off those legs of yours in a mini skirt."

As the two of them marched forward towards the Hammond Research Center and stepped through the employee-only doors, they found themselves inside of a large conference room with at least fifteen chairs circling around the massive table.

"So why did you insist we be here an hour early? This isn't the military" Owen noted, tucking his hands in his pants pockets as he surveyed the park below with an amused grin hidden from Emerson's sight.

Shaking her head, Em opened her mouth slightly.

"If you're early, you're on time. If you're on time, you're late. And if you're late, you're-"

"Dead", the Navy man finished, turning towards her as the sun filtered in through the window on in the Friday morning light.

A small upward quirk graced the corner of her mouth.

"Whatever. Claire dropped a note in at my apartment, and I think I'll follow the advice."

It'd been a full week since the accident, and some idiot on the board of directors had shortly declared that he wished to hold Paddock Four's staff accountable.

So in turn, Mer had found herself and Owen taking much more time to dress up and go to meetings in order to represent their people while Barry, who usually took over legal matters, was away on vacation with his sister for the week while helping her pack up her building and move away.

Sadly, corporate insisted they blame someone other than the actual idiotic intern who'd decided to step into the paddock and try to lead them in the holding blocks by hand.

Watching the smooth dark mahogany conference table reflect with shadows from outside, Emerson swiveled in her rolling chair as she beckoned Owen to sit down and spend the next fifteen minutes that they had to review their legal and moral standings.

Quite suddenly, the large wooden door sounded with telltale click of the knob being turned, revealing a group of surprised board members to stare at Owen and Emerson.

'An hour early. Thank you, Claire Dearing', she thought, curling her fists in her lap as she continued to take in the expressions on the board members' faces.

Robotically, the board of nine made their way to the seats around the table that held their nameplates.

Park Operations Director

Claire Dearing

Chief Financial Expert

Michael Indra

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Stein


Logan Halsey

Principal Contract Specialist

Kris Leland

Systems Engineer

William Gallagher

Public Affairs

Quentin Cosen


Eli Norman


Aaron Safford

"Now although we have other paperwork to sort through afterwards, first and foremost, we have decided that you two and your staff, were not, legally speaking, at fault in the Velociraptor Attack", Mr. Halsey, InGen's lead lawyer addressed as he pushed his glasses up on his nose.

Owen and Emerson breathed out simultaneous breaths of air.

"So what exactly did you do in the Navy, Owen?" Emerson questioned leaning forward over the same Dave & Buster's booth that she, Barry, and Owen had occupied every Friday for the six weeks that she'd been present so far.

"Well", he started, loosening the tie that looped around his neck, "I worked in the Sea, Air, and Land division."

Cocking her head to the side Emerson stared thoughtfully before her eyes widened in recognition at the acronym.

"You were a Navy SEAL?"

At the short nod from her coworker cause a slight frown to appear on her mouth.

"So you're telling me that they hired a Navy SEAL to train velociraptors?"

Shaking his head, Owen let out a slight chuckle as her replied.

"You have to remember. Technically, you're the trainer, and Barry is the tamer. I'm simply a researcher. I get they figure that two killer animals could work well with each other", he grinned lightheartedly, despite his word choice.

"Me and Barry in charge? Let's be honest. We all know who holds the most power with the girls and it isn't us", she laughed.

Sitting back as they waited for their food to come, Emerson adjusted the jacket of her blouse while Owen continued his own interrogation.

"So that's enough about me, how about you? What did you do before coming here?"

"College", Mer replied halfheartedly.

"Well duh. Didn't you have any fun summer jobs though?"

"Well, for a few years I was a summer lifeguard with my best friend Amelia, but when we graduated with our Bachelor's degrees, that all pretty much ended", she sighed.

"Lifeguard, huh?" He responded with a toothy grin, "Enjoy sitting in the sun with bikinis?"

Shaking her head with raucous laughter, Em declined the statement.

"Oh no! It was only one-piece swimsuits for me. Do you have any idea how many nightmares I had about loosing my top if I had to dive off the lifeguard stand?"

As the two of them were reduced to smiles and giggles, the waitress finally arrived with the burgers that the two had ordered.

"How about you're family?" Owen asked, digging into his food.

"You first. I already answered."

"Well there's not much to tell, really. My sister is a government contractor and married with two kids, but my parents are always traveling and we don't really see them."

Nodding her head, Emerson gave her answer before Owen could inevitably prompt her.

"My two brothers are in the Marine Corps, but my little sister is a jockey for one of our neighbors. Their horse has come close to a triple crown the past few years but I'm sure that 2016 is going to be a winning year", Mer ginned broadly at her kid sister's achievements.

"What about your parents?" Owen asked, giving his full attention to the seemingly wealthy woman sitting in front of him.

'Her neighbors are into horse racing...? What kind of neighborhood does this rich kid live in?'

"Well my mom trains MWD's and their handlers at Parris Island, and my dad started his own nation-wide private security firm."

'Nation wide? Forget rich', Owen thought, 'She could probably buy a small country. No wonder the girl has a different outfit for everyday, despite the fact that they're all boots, shorts, and tank-tops...'

Schooling his outside features, Owen continued to dig into his meal as the two's conversation continually progressed.

Watching the pig blood spatter alongside Owen and Barry, whom had returned for the next week, Mer banged her head against the railing in exasperation, only raising it as she felt a large hand on her back through the sweaty vest's material.

"If it's any consolation, I still think that your clicker idea is going to work. You can't expect miracles in five weeks when they've been trained with a whistle for four years", Barry consoled.

Meanwhile, Owen had the same amount of frustration that showed as he paced the top deck.

"Wait. I have an idea", Mer called, raising her upper body in a motion that rolled her back, causing a loud and satisfying crack.

"That's really not good for you, but okay, what's the idea?" Barry asked as he adjusted his own rolled up shirt.

"So up 'til now, we've been addressing the training as a group, right?"

"Well that's because when we tried singles with Echo, she was absolutely obstinate", Owen sighed, not getting her point. "When we tried it out with Echo and then reintroduced her and her new actions to the rest of the pack, they immediately shot her down."

"Yeah", Barry called, "The girls won't take a new concept with it coming from Echo."

"Exactly", Emerson let out with a slightly celebratory squeal, "Which is why we need to have Blue teach it to them."

"Huh?" They let out unanimously.

"Well, if the girls won't take commands from one as lowly in their ranks as Echo, then who will they take them from?"

Recognition lit up the men's eyes.


"Precisely", she spat in an energized manner. "If we go through with one-on-one training for Blue and Owen, we can slowly integrate the commands through the Beta raptor. That way, they'll see it as an authority figure introducing the ideas."

"Brilliant, Em", Barry marveled.

"We start tomorrow, but first, we have the injections to go through since the veterinarian clinic doesn't want to be anywhere near here for the foreseeable future", Owen mumbled as he let out the whistle for his girls to move over by the holding cages.

Mer still marveled at the fact that the girls would willingly enter the cages and allow themselves and their exposed necks to be strapped in, but she simply linked it to their trust of Owen as the Alpha of their little pack.

As the three descended the steps that led down to the inner containment unit, the woman punched in the 'six-five-four-three' code to enter the area while Owen grabbed the stools from the wall and Barry ran back to grab the vet kit from the office.

"You know that was quite the idea, right?" A voice behind Emerson caught her unaware as she turned to find Owen about a foot behind her. "Really. You've done quite a bit for Barry, the girls, and I. Despite the original misgivings I had when I heard about you're arrival, you've proved every worry to be pointless, and I hope you stay here for year to come."

Rather than hugging the man, Mer held out her hand semi-awkwardly, which he thankfully shook.

As the two moved back into the transfer cage where the girls were now secured, the two of them set up the table in the back and place the chairs against the wall for further undetermined uses.

As soon as the initial set up was complete, the two people gradually gravitated towards the raptors, with Owen next to Blue as he checked her vital signs, and Emerson stroking Delta's neck.

As the tamer, Barry worked with all the raptors equally, and said that he had found a favorite in Charlie, due to her meeker personality as the Blue's seeming apprentice.

As the Alpha, Owen was amazingly close with Blue, his Beta, and he often put in extra work with her.

Yet as a trainer who'd only been in the park with girls for just over six weeks, Emerson found herself gravitating scarily quickly towards Delta.

Something about those cooing noise that she was partaking in at the moment.

Just a trusting gesture that Delta allowed herself to close her eyes as Emerson ran a hand from the corner of her mouth down her dark green neck.

'So trusting', she mused, 'I would give anything for that kind of worldly innocence.'

Abruptly, Emerson and Owen both stiffened as Barry sprinted out of the office building with a door slam that could be heard across the clearing, and proceeded to enter the transfer cage, locking the door behind him in a hurry as he moved immediately to the table where he started unpacking the supplies.

"What's got you in such a hurry?" Owen questioned, standing by Barry while Emerson continued to rub soothing circles of her raptors' neck.

Positioning himself against the inside cage wall while Owen faced him, Barry let out a breath.

"I'm so sorry, Owe-."

"Grady! M'boy! How's the work with the assets-in-training going!" Vic Hoskins belted out as he slammed his arms down on the metal bars from the outside clearing.

Delta let out a rough growl at the sound of his pitchy voice.

'Good girl.'

"It's going, Hoskins", Owen answered shortly, handing a clipboard to Emerson and Barry individually for them to start examining the girls.

"Well helllllloooo, sweetheart. Who might you be?" Vic inquired as he looked through the bars at Mer's lower back as she crouched to inspect Delta's throat with the back of her vest riding up her torso.

Standing up and turning to the older man, the woman ground out her reply.

"Emerson Langley. Velociraptor trainer."

"Ah. Well I see you boys got yourselves some cat over here. I'll have to come and visit a bit more", he grinned lewdly, causing Emerson to tighten her hold on the clipboard.

"Hoskins-" Owen started, trying to object to the man's behavior.

"Silent too. I guess you know the quickest way to a man's heart", Hoskins continued. "Oh well. I got the papers I needed from Barny here, so I'll be off."

As the man turned away and walked off, Emerson tightened her grip on the spiderweb crack that had somehow appeared on her plastic clipboard.

"Some men may think that silence is the quickest way to their hearts but I know that the best way to yours is a sharp object between the third and fourth ribs on the right side of your chest", Emerson muttered darkly as the figure retreated.

Barry didn't even bother whining about Hoskins' need to mess his name up every time they came in contact.

He and Owen were too busy staring at Emerson as she gave the girls their injections.

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