Hey, guys this is my first time. I have given a texture of the story, I mean I have a love story all written by myself and I always wanted to write this and here I am. Hope you guys will like it...:)


It was a warm weather and a cold war between Montague and Capulet. A little boy was shivering of pain and fear. No one was their to help him and ask him if he was scared. All he could see was rage and anger on his father's face, he never saw him as a brutal or a warrior who was fighting for his family because he loved them more than anyone. The little boy saw his uncle fell down and all he could see was his uncle's gloomy face. He was dying. Yes, he was boy shivered and tried to run but his foot, it was stuck and a man was coming towards him with bloodshot eyes. ''You, Montague'', the man said with so much hatred that the boy almost fainted. He shut his eyes but something grabbed him and snatched him from the death.

When he opened his eyes, he saw an angel. And fainted.

Ten years later...


I opened my eyes again to remember the face but again I do not know what she was. Even for this long time I have tried but for the thousand time I do not know what I should do. Even I cannot remove her from my mind. Does she know that I have been looking for her. I can only remember the eyes. Those eyes had magic, it struck ed me and I know because of those eyes I fainted. "Romeo, Daston is here" mother called. And now here is my cousin, since he lost his father I mean his father has died he lives with us and he is a warrior. He is looking for a chance to destroy Capulet and he wants to laugh when they beg for mercy. I know there is no chance of it because we were the one who had to walk out and they won the war, we faced defeat.

"Romeo! hey where are you? Don't you want to meet?" Daston called out.

"Hey! bro I was missing you a lot. You just flew away without telling", I said.

"Can't wait to see the Capulet s begging for mercy. I am so close and I know I will succeed".

I knew how much he was starving for the revenge but I cannot like people to torture and that is the reason my father thinks that I cannot be a warrior and Daston is given priority in this sense. And I do not have the slightest idea of Daston's idea. I hope it won't hurt anyone.


I know I see you

in my dreams and always
in my heart and always
in my soul and always

always, always,always
I see

Clapping."Oh! my gosh, I have always wanted this the sound of applause for me. Now I don't care if I die at this moment". Anna put her hand on my mouth and said with tears in her eyes. "Never, say that again". I know how much she loves me and I do too. She is the only friend I got but... Phone rang, "Hello!...yeah,, who is this?... Don't call me back... understand.." I am just fed up of this regular wrong numbers, I don't why they call if they know it is the wrong number,,...

Hey! I hope you liked the beginning. and except for Romeo and Juliet all other characters I have made them up. and yeah thank you Shakespeare for the brilliant characters... Hope you guyz will let me know how it was, so I mean don't forget to review...:)