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Introduction: The invitation

I sat down as I pet a foal as it lay on the grass. It had an injured leg, what else was I supposed to do? I nursed the foal back to health for the past week as I hummed, hoping to soothe it. My name is Bailey and my parents are unknown. I was adopted by man named Dareth, who claimed to be the brown ninja, despite the fact that he never joins the fellow ninja in battles. It was a long week, but soon the brown and white baby foal got back on its legs and rubbed its head on my hand. I smiled as it galloped into the forest we were located in, trying to find its parents. My adoptive father raised me to care for all animals of every kind, and if you are kind to them, they are kind to you in return. I spend most of my time in the forest behind my house, so I never have any friends. The one friend I have is Kendyl, a small short girl for her age. She has pure black hair and blue eyes. The hair was cut down to her waist, but she usually has it in a high pony tail. She is very energetic, and some times I wonder how much energy she possesses. She is a good friend though, and I know if it weren't for her offering, I would have never realized who I truly was.

" Bailey!" A scream erupted the forest one early morning as a parliament of owls that were visiting me flew away. I sighed as I watched their feathers drop, it was molting season. I turned to see Kendyl, running toward me, her black hair whipping her face, a white envelope in her hand.

" What is it?" I asked as I pushed my platinum blonde hair away from my face. I smiled at her, hoping to lighten the mood.

" Guess what I got?!" She practically yelled

" Hearing aids?" I asked, she always yelled even if we were fifteen.

" Noooooooo. An envelope! ~and guess where~?" She sang the last part happily as I thought long and hard.

" Hmm... you got invited to a university because we both know your a genius!" I joked.

" Nope. Something better." She told me.

" Whats better than collage?" I asked, she looked like she was about to explode.

" I GOT INVITED TO SENSEI WU'S ACADEMY!" She screamed as I wouldn't be surprised if all the animals in this forest fled by the loud screams.

" Wow, Kendyl that's great. I'm so happy for you!" I said happily as she opened the envelope.

" I'm invited to join Mr Zane's class and I'm allowed to bring a friend with me of my choice!" She read aloud as she tugged my sleeve happily.

" Oh, you gotta go Bailey! This is perfect!" She practically squealed as she read the letter over and over again in her mind.

" No way, I'm glad to stay where I am right here." I told her, I wasn't really good with socializing. I know I will get bullied the second I step through the door.

" Come on! You will love it! Plus, you spend way to much time out here in this lonely forest. You dont have any friends but me!" Kendyl wailed and argued. She finished by flashing me some puppy dog eyes. Man, she was good at those.

" One day." I finally agreed after a minute of staring at her eyes. Kendyl cheered with joy as she grabbed my arm and lead me out of the forest.

" Wha- where are we going?" I asked, bewildered as she pulled me into a shopping center.

" Were going to pick up training outfits silly. We need to wear uniforms you know." Kendyl answered as she looked around.

I followed her to a section of uniforms for the academy as we picked our sizes and tried them on. The outfit was a white shirt with a black tie and a bright green vest. We wore black pants along with black shoes. I frowned at the outfit, it wasn't really my style. But if I had to wear this to go to the academy, I will do it. Anything to make Kendyl happy.

" How do they look? Cute huh?" Kendyl asked as he twirled in hers.

" Yeah..." I said a little unimpressed. Kendyl hesitated for a little bit, her smile turning into a frown, but it quickly returning.

" The outfits dont matter anyway. What really matters is how much fun you have at the school." Kendyl spoke up, optimistically as I nodded and smiled. As soon as we bought the outfits, Kendyl told me that she will write a letter back to Sensei Wu telling him that we will be there tomorrow.

" Tomorrow." I whispered as I walked back to the forest, to go see if there are any animal's in need. Tomorrow I officially enroll to be at Sensei Wu's academy. But what I didn't know, is that this small academy, really held a big roll in my future.