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It was pitch black, at least my vision was.

" Bailey..." A soft tone arouse me, my body was numb, I couldn't feel or hear anything but the voice. "Bailey! You have to get UP!" I have to get... up... I have to get up and save...

" Lloyd?" I gave another grumble in my sleep, wincing in pain at my shoulder. God, it hurt so much. Lloyd...

" You heard me, up, up, UP!" Wait... was that voice...?

" Ken-" I was cut off with a scream when I realized she dragged me off my bed and I fell with a thump.

" Kendyl..." I was so weak, my sentence ended there with a groan.

" Yay, your up! You were mumbling about Lloyd, but he's not here... Hey I know!" In my blurry daze, I could notice the perky girl climb into the closet and come back out with a blonde boy wig... and a green samurai suit?!

" Uh..." I was still on my back, staring at her as she slipped it on over her clothes.

" Hey! I like to cosplay sometimes!" she turned around, and I noticed she was an identical replica of Lloyd, well, as identical as you could get. A nausea of homesickness engulfed me as I turned away halfheartedly. Whats the point in seeing Lloyd, if he isn't even here?

" Not even a smile? Humph." Kendyl crossed her arms sadly.

" I told you to wake her up, not throw her." A voice grumbled, causing me to use all my might to turn my head. Great. The numbness is wearing off. Nya was there, crossing her arms and looking down at me. However the look turned from angry to perplexed when Kendyl turned around, a Kai suit, a Jay suit, a Cole suit, a Zane suit, and even a suit of Nya in her hands, wigs, makeup and all.

" Not even gonna ask." Nya sighed, leaving the room with the door closed. I could feel my jaw begin to numb out. Great, now I can form a sentence.

" Where... are we?" I asked, glad that they haven't numbed anything else that prevented me from speaking.

" Your in a junk yard... the ninja told me that you got shot, but wouldn't let me see it..." Kendyl's usual happy face turned to concern. " Are you in pain?" She decided to ask.

" No... I cant feel anything right now." I mumbled. Its obviously temporary, but is the real reason because my wound is to painful to bear? I had a sickening feeling of how I may feel when the numbness wears off, as much as I want to be on my feet again.

" That's because of the medicine we gave you. We were looking one for just your shoulder, but all we got was a serum that would numb your whole body." Kendyl's soft face, turned into one of optimism. "Don't worry! It is only for a little bit and its better than nothing at all, right?" How bad was it? IS it really better than nothing at all?

When I didn't respond, Kendyl frowned. "I wish you would be a little bit more happy though..." She began walking over to me and pulled me up, I immediately felt like falling down if Kendyl didn't swing arm over her shoulder, as I put all my weight on her, my feet started to tingle, as if giving me the power to help, and I limped along with her.

" I bet your just dying to see your friends again!" Kendyl held that usual optimistic tone, slipping off the outfit and carrying me out to the door.

" Look who I found!" She sang, but her happy remark seemed out of place. In front of us, the two guys were barreling toward each other, and knocking down stuff of their shelves.

" Jay, Cole?!" I yelled out exasperatedly. But they just seemed to ignore me, continuing to fight.

" Whoo hoo! Its a ninja brawl!" Kendyl pumped her left over fist in the air, causing me to smirk. Kendyl could be such a dork at times, and she doesn't even know it.

" Oh, you know why your the black ninja? Cause its the color of your heart!" Jay huffed as he shoved Cole into the side of the motor vehicle.

" Oh yeah? Well whats the point in being a blue ninja? Unless your trying to hide out in some goofy clown collage!" Cole crossed his arms stubbornly as I rolled my eyes. This was getting really stupid.

" Boys..." I mumbled but I was lost in thought. If I wanted to save Lloyd, then I would need some kind of distraction...

" Oh you take that back! You know that there are reputable performers that attend clown collage!" Jay grabbed Cole's neck in what looked like a choke hold as the two started tumbling once again.

" I don't see why you want to settle this arm wrestling... You know I have... Super strength..." Cole seemed to be panting as he fought to keep Jay underneath him.

" Shouldn't we stop this?" I heard Kai ask Nya who nodded. Kai returned the nod to Zane who went over to grab Jay, while Kai tried to snatch Cole.

" Oh yeah? Well I'm super hooped, and I haven't brushed my teeth in a week!" To prove his point, Jay immediately opened him mouth and breathed into Cole's.

" Ugh!" I waved the mist away, coughing at the wretched smell. Jeez, doesn't Jay know the sense of responsibility?

" Okay... this is getting boring." Kendyl seemed layed back at the sight of the two ninja fighting. She was right, here were two of the ninja, each saved the world a dozen times, and they are settling an argument by seeing who hasn't brushed their teeth? The irony... Nya nodded at Kendyl's comment and put her hands on her hips.

" This macho stuff if making you both look like fools! Maybe you belong together-" Nya was cut off from her speech when the vehicle gave a giant shake, seeming to raise in the air.

" What was that?" Kai asked aloud, fear clawing at me when I realized we were up in the air. Ed opened the door to the trailer, Kai behind his back and making sure he didn't fall.

" The machine hasn't been working sense the outage! What's powering it?" He asked in fear, Kai pointing toward the machine when realization hit him.

" Nindroids! But the question is: What's powering them?" Kai asked.

" Jay! You better have not made any machine's that can generate electricity!" I shot toward him, Jay's eyes widened.

" Why would I do that?!" Before I could answer, the vehicle began to spin, my numbness haven't yet worn off. I fell to my feet, holding onto whatever ground I had left for dear life. We all screamed out heads off, my head starting to get dizzy and my vision blackening out. NO! I have to stay awake. I prayed for a distraction, and I have one. Now, I can go save Lloyd.

" They're after the Techno Blades." P.I.X.A.L's robotic voice rang in the air, and I could hear the lasers before they came to hit the vehicle. I yelped in surprise as one neared my ear.

" Yeah well they almost hit my mother!" Jay complained, watching the two elderly in worry.

" Oh don't worry about us sweetie, we prepared for every type of situation." Etna explained, Ed fastening a jet pack onto her back as she slipped on a pair of goggles, Ed doing the same.

" Did you make one for me?" Jay asked, motioning toward the jet packs.

" Uh, sorry honey. You hardly ever come to visit." And with that, Etna was gone and Ed was left.

" Yeah, good luck kiddo and watch over the junk while were gone, will ya?" Ed smiled as he rode off, the jet packs seeming to be powered by... Bubbles?

" I blame you for this!" Jay turned his head toward Cole, ready to chew off his head that second.

" What did I do? Your the one who wanted to stay in a junkheap full of nindroids." Cole argued. UGH!

" Your starting to give me a headache!" I complained touching a hand to my head, but it immediately went to my arm as I let out a hiss in pain. The numbness is wearing off and even if my wound was bandaged, my arm still felt like it was on fire.

" Enough you two! We may not have our elemental powers, but we still have our spinjitzu." Kai explained. Some of us do! I dont, Kendyl doesn't, Nya doesn't nor P.I.X.A.L! How is spinjitzu gonna help us?!

" You gonna be okay?" Kai asked, averting his gaze toward P.I.X.A.L.

" I may not be built to fight, but my protective reflexes should suffice." She answered, her robotic voice echoing in the room.

" Great, cause your gonna need em!" Nya said with a smile. Just them, the spinning stopped, the sudden stop making the whole vehicle tip sideways as I stiffed a groan, my bad arm crashing in impact against the cold metal.

" WOOOOAAAAH!" Everyone screamed, as Kendyl yelled over the yelling.

" Wait! What about us! I don't know any reflexes and Bailey cant help herself, much less me!" But no one could hear her, The vehicle went spiraling in the air as the three, Kai, Jay, Cole did spinjitzu, Nya giving a brave leap behind. Kendyl's eye's seemed to narrow at this, as she hissed two words.

" My turn." Before I could even react, Kendyl seemed to pick me up and leap out the hole, as we began to fall to our doom. Wait... WHAT?!

" AHHHH!" We both screamed, as we grabbed onto each others clothes, eye's shut as tight as they could, wind whipping both of out hair out of our face as we plummeted toward the earth. But feeling of sand was there, but not in a painful way. I opened my eyes to see a pair of brightly colored orange shoes. I followed my gaze upward, to see it was not just the shoes that were orange, but his Gi and robe were too.

" Who are you?" I decide to ask, staring into his dark blue eyes.

" Get up." He ordered, pulling Kendyl to her feet and offering a hand for me. I took it gratefully, smiling, but it turned to a frown when he vanished in thin air.

" There trapped!" I heard Kai yell, as I turned my head toward him. He was running to a junk compactor, but what could be... Oh no. I swallowed hard, looking for any sign of Jay or Cole. Realizing they were nowhere to be found, I only had one other guess of where they could be.

" Come on!" I grabbed Kendyl's hand and ran as fast as I could, over to the shoot.

" What do we have to do?" I asked, kneeling beside him, watching helplessly as the two were closer and closer to being squished.

" I... dont know." Kai began before a foot made a thump on the cold plate. I looked up, expecting to see the mysterious boy again, but only saw something that made the breath come out of my lungs.

" Sensei... what have they done to you?" Kai asked, as I drew a hand toward Kendyl. Sensei Wu, seeing no point in attack those who couldn't fight, turned his attention to Kai and hit him as hard as he could with his staff.

" Kai!" I yelled, jumping to my feet, but Kendyl holding me back.

" Your shoulder, remember? You would just get in the way." Kendyl reminded, as I gave a heavy sigh, my now sore shoulder seemed to do the same.

" I'm okay! Ack!" He yelled, the man kicking him and sending him feet away into a pile of junk.

" Nya, Kendyl, Bailey! You have to stop the junk compactor!" Kai ordered, before taking another hit and was being sent barreling away into another pile of garbage.

" Come on!" Kendyl grabbed my hand and led me away to the junk compactor, where there, Nya was kneeling there.

" Oh no!" She yelped, watching as the two started to get even closer together.

" Someone stop this thing!" Cole yelled trying to use all his strength to get the compactor to stop. Nya ran as fast as she could, Kendyl and I following close behind to panel. She began to press multiple buttons, but I wasn't paying attention. I had this sneaky suspicion I was being watched...

" I need some help."

" Ah!" I whipped around to see the boy once again, a hand held out. He raised an eyebrow at my jumpiness, but for the record, I had the right to be. I mean, at least thirty nindroids are here and he did just sneak up on me.

" Oh sure, let me just leave Zane and P.I.X.A.L while they are in trouble, Kai who is getting crushed by a demon Sensei, and dont even get me started on Cole and Jay." I huffed, completely stressed by the fact that the three were all here

" I cant override it!" As if on cue, Nya complained.

" Yeah well you better, cause if you dont, Cole and I are gonna get real close. You said we belonged together, but not permanently!" Jay yelled over the sound of the compactor's gears turning. I winced at the thought of the two as flat as a pancake.

" I'm not... strong enough!" He yelled, his voice straining by the strength of the machine.

" It will only take a second." He spoke, his voice deep and with no emotion. He took my hand as soon as the words left his mouth and a glow started to form on him body, his pure white while mine was green. Wait... green? The green light slowly traveled into his hands as his white light turned green and I slowly began to loose mine. When he released my hand, I immediately fell back.

" What...?" I panted, weakness entering me as I fell on my butt. I winced at my arm once again, when the boy tossed something to me, and I slowly caught it clumsily.

" Drink it." He ordered, as I swished the green liquid in the bottle. What was it? A potion...? Even if he was weird, my arm seemed to hate me and I just wanted to help. I popped off the cork and drank what looked like a baby sized wine bottle. Immediately, a white light engulfed my body and when a put a hand on my shoulder and unwrapped the bandages, what I saw amazed me. My once bloody wound was now fully healed and clean, nothing there except for a small scar.

" Whoa..." I mumbled.

" Bailey! Focus!" I turned my head to Kendyl who huffed and crossed her arms. I leaped to my feet, the boy behind me.

" Is that the boy we saw before?" Kendyl asked, pointing to the orange ninja.

" Yeah-" I was cut off when I heard a scream. Zane.

" I'm going to help Zane!" I yelled over the screams of Jay and Cole.

" But wait! What about your shoulder?" Kendyl asked, gazing worriedly toward it. I was already running away, calling from behind me.

" I'm okay!" I yelled, the boy trailing behind me. I bolted to a stop in the middle of the three conflicts, my back toward him.

" Who exactly are you?" I asked, but he refused to speak.

" If you wont speak and give me answers, then I will just suspect that you are a spy of the Overlord. Now I will ask again, who ARE you?" I turned around, my arms crossed. The boy took off his Gi, to reveal that he was not just a boy, but a young adult, around the age of seventeen. He had short black hair and deep blue eyes, his orange glasses more noticeable.

" My name... Is Taylor Stone and I am the Master of Teleportation." He spoke, his voice deep and gruff.

" You are NOT the master of teleportation, and I know that for a fact! Your the master of-" My voice was muffled by a black leather gloved hand, as I rolled my eyes.

" Okay, I am the master of ember but I cant have my secret exposed." He ordered.

" Any why not?!" I crossed my arms with a huff.

" Because, I cant have anyone know who my ancestors were... If anything were to happen..." He began mumbling the rest to himself.

" Okay, weirdo. I have to go save Zane and P.I.X.A.L, but you can go help out Kai." I gave a smile, but he just held serious gaze, with a curt nod. I turned and ran toward Zane, but I secretly had a urge to punch that guy. There was just something about him that made me want to pull out my hair. But still, if he does have power, then he can help us out. And if he can teleport things... then he can teleport me to Lloyd. I grinned, my plan had finally come to action.