Chapter 2 – The beginning is a difficult time

Harry stared out upon the world below; childish awe ran through him before he brought himself back under control. The dirty brown colour didn't take away any of his joy, nor the information that it was some kind of junk world.

Count Dooku, did the man have no first name? was standing overseeing the small fleet as they maneuvered around to protect his approach. Apparently he was to make a speech.

His deep rich voice carried across to him, "Come Harry, we shall use this as a lesson for you."

Harry nodded as he moved to follow his new tutor.

"You merely have to stand to one side; you will be acting as my assistant in this event. We need to properly educate you if we are to use your talents properly. How are you progressing with the reading material?"

"I'm getting through it. I can see what you mean by the Republics corruption. I at least understand why you would leave the Jedi, they are so focused on their image as peacekeepers they blind themselves to aiding the little people. They remind me so much of Dumbledore it's sickening."

Dooku's eyes snapped to look at the boy for a moment before returning to the datapad he was reading. "Good, it's pleasant to actually discuss matters with someone who has lived under such a yoke. Have you decided upon the style you wish to learn first?"

"I think Makashi would be best for me, it will give me a good grounding of how to defend myself against Jedi. The first sign of my magic and they'll come after me. After that I would like to at least become proficient in the other styles. Better to be prepared for anything," a small smile flittered across his face, "information is power after all."

"Makashi, a good choice, my personal favourite, a duellist's style. Of course you will eventually forge yourself your own personal style but that comes with experience. I shall begin our lessons upon our return if you would like?"

"Please, that would be brilliant."

Dooku glanced over to the boy beside him, what had happened to him that a little attention from a mentor figure could bring such a response. Once more his thoughts ran back to his master and the rule of two. He was nearing his eightieth year; age was starting to creep into his joints. Force willing he had many years left to him, however he would need to find and begin training a suitable student immediately otherwise the chain of master and apprentice would be weakened.

As they entered the turbolift he placed his hand upon the boys shoulder and gave a rare smile. "I believe with a little help you will be able to do great things Harry Potter. Great things indeed."

The boy's happy smile lit up the lift as they moved, he almost regretted how the darkness would wipe that away. Maybe the boy could become his apprentice after all. His unique talent with sorcery would be an edge few could match. The darkness nestling within the boy was a seed that just needed a little water and guidance, he had the potential to become a tree to rival anything on Kashyyyk. First of all, he just had to get rid of the boys desire to find a way home.

Harry stood watching a master of public speaking berate the Republic for its corruption and the rot within the halls of government. The parallels between here and home were astounding and very worrying. Taking mental notes he watched as the reporters and officials witnessing this, carried along by the passion and power in the words. They listened in rapt attention, hungry for more, as he became more animated so did the crowd.

Passion. It ruled here, in his words, in his eyes.

Harry could feel his magic sing in approval at the effect mere words were having on others. He managed to keep calm, fighting the urge to join the crowd in their calls and responses, his occlumency straining from it. He clamped down on his emotions, he was the one in charge, not them. Passion may bring strength, but it can also chain you itself, I rule myself, no other rules me. A deep breath and balance was restored.

He smiled and clapped as Dooku finished declaring his intent to create the Confederacy of Independent Systems, watching as the reporters began to almost scream their questions at him. With a few words and confidence he quickly regained control of them, the disapproving glare he gave them and the sharp tone to his words, McGonagall wished she could quiet a group that quickly.

He looked over the crowd again and suddenly spotted a man in the crowd, he stood out to Harry's eyes, his gut churning as he made eye contact, he was moving before he thought about it, a race of seeker reflexes versus a blaster being raised and fired. He managed to make it, nudging Dooku away from the podium as the bolt punched into Harry's shoulder.

Pain and screams.

Shock was setting in quickly, he fought it, the attacker must be stopped.

The guards had already moved when Dooku struck the assassin in the chest with his fist. He was so fast! Harry barely saw him move as he watched the assassin crumple around Dooku's fist.

Darkness encroached swiftly but he heard Dooku's speak, his mother's screams becoming louder as Dooku's voice faded.

He awoke suddenly, aware and alert, adrenaline rushing through his veins, his magic rising and coiled to strike against any threat.

He was alone. He looked at the clock, only three hours. He relaxed and stopped. His glasses, where were his glasses? How could he see without them. He didn't bother with a tempus, the spell had refused to work since his arrival. He picked up the pad on his bedside table and checked the date.

Four days. He had been out of it for four days and three hours, well shit.

A chirp from his doorway broke his thoughts away back to the present.

"Come!" He called, checking his state of dress.

Dooku entered and stood observing him. "That was a stupid thing to do. I was well aware and perfectly safe. But I am not ungrateful for the intent behind your actions. Come, get dressed, we have much work to do so that next time you will not require medical assistance."

He stood watching as if a sentinel as Harry hurried to obey. He noticed Harry's confusion and quickly filled him in. "The blast tore through your shoulder, an uncivilized assassins tool, the blast didn't cauterise properly and had caught an artery in your shoulder, several bone fragments were also tearing into important parts of you. You were in surgery for a short period and then a bacta tank to speed healing. Whilst in surgery I ordered the medical staff to repair your eyesight, no cybernetics were involved, it was a simple problem to fix. It was also noted that you have several badly healed injuries, these were also fixed for you. You will require some exercise and training to adapt to the small changes this has caused in you."

Harry stopped in front of Dooku in basic clothes and nodded at him, "thank you for your help."

Dooku nodded back in response, "how else would I repay my saviour. Now come. We have much work to do with you to bring you to an acceptable level."

Harry smiled as he followed the austere man from his room, almost jogging to keep up with Dooku's long strides.

Dooku sat looking at the medical file before him.

"Your report is most interesting doctor, however, I am not a healer nor am I as educated in their terminologies as you are, please break it down for me." Dropping the datapad on his desk he looked up at the man before him.

Nervously he licked his lips before beginning, confidence returning as he fell into routine. "The subject is a male approximately aged fifteen standard years. We think he is a human or human subspecies, his DNA appears normal with a few minor variations. His injuries show a lifetime of abuse and I would say torture. He has some strange scars that appear to be in a very basic handwriting on the back of his right hand." He took a deep breath, then continued.

"On top of that there are a number of very odd things. The scar on his forehead has never healed properly, it should have faded or deformed as he grew from a child, however the shape and position have not altered, in addition to that, receiving the scar should have marked the subjects' skull, there are no signs of that at all. At some point the entire bone structure from his right shoulder down to include his fingers has been replaced with more of his own bones. What is most odd is the fact that our tests say that the entire skeleton is the same age, but the wear and tear on that limb is less than two years old. There is also a fragment of foreign mater embedded in his right forearm, it's under a very nasty looking scar, it believe he was bitten at some point, however the alien fragment has been fused with his own bones, the tip of which reached the subjects bone marrow."

He looked at Dooku who nodded for him to continue. "Scars on his leg also show some kind of bite having recently occurred, it looks like a spider but the size of the creature involved would be rather impressive. At an estimate it would match an adult Harch if not larger. I expected nerve and muscle damage in the region, however once again the wear and tear of those sections are much less than the rest of the body."

"His rate of natural healing is also much faster than a normal human, something like three times as fast if not more. His blood samples have caused a lot of problems for us. Tests on his blood in his body have worked without problems, however, remove the blood from his vicinity and it begins to react. It immediately acts like an acid and a blood coagulant, it's incredibly aggressive but appears completely natural, no signs of genetic modification appears to have occurred at all. Strangely the doctors could work on him, it was when we tried to take samples that things changed. There is also no sign of any virus, bacteria or disease within his body other than those that are meant to be there. We have no explanation for it at all, it's rather confusing."

"There is also the scar on his chest above his heart, the pattern is odd, and our scanners cannot detect the golden particles that can be seen with the naked eye. No droid can see them either, nor any cybernetic vision. There is also a tiny amount of them in his blood stream, smaller than one part in a million, but they are there. We tried to acquire a sample but they… refused to move from the subject, if removed they would disappear and they would reappear in the scar. Removal of flesh around a particle does not work either."

"I served in the Jedi medical corps, I was never a padawan but I have some skill with the force. So I know that there are other things we can check in addition. I haven't informed my colleagues as they would not understand. I performed a check on his midi-chlorian count, its currently at approximately nineteen thousand per cell, my first check placed him at six thousand, but that was at the very beginning immediately following his surgery, since that its grown to its current levels where its stopped. I have no reason for it to have done that at all, nor do I have any reason that it's grown by such an extreme level within twenty four hours."

"To finish off there are the strange residues in his body. I know that something very wrong caused the injury which resulted in the scar on his forehead; there is a lingering essence of the dark side within it. I have no idea what it is or how it got there. There is also a lingering essence around his mouth and throat, as well as across his nervous system, these all have faded at a similar rate but have different levels of residue remaining. Something has happened to him repeatedly from different sources over the years. All in all I'm surprised the boy has lived this long."

Dooku nodded and picked up the datapad again. "Thank you doctor, you have been most helpful, I believe that you should be assigned as Harry's personal doctor, ensure his health and observe him as best you can. I would appreciate a more thorough study with expanded details, in laymans terms, as quickly as you can. See if you can acquire some blood samples, I will see about a team to investigate that aspect further.

Dooku turned to look out over the landscape in thought. This gave him plenty of clues about Harry and how to manipulate him, but for every answer, a dozen more questions appeared. It was an annoying waste of resources, but the medical team would have to be removed, he did not need his master hearing about any of this until he was ready.

22 BBY or Year 13 after the Great Resynchronisation

Four lightsabers clashed, screaming against each other, sparks flying as the two combatants span away from each other. A shift in their stances and then they struck at each other once more, their moves fluid and in balance, almost a dance in its intricacies.

Grievous slipped first, his blade fractionally out of alignment, spinning away to the corner of the room, his opponent increased the intensity of strikes, hammering away at the cyborgs defences. Grievous kicked out gaining himself space as he shifted to his quad armed form. Grabbing more lightsabers from his belt and lighting them.

His opponent chuckled in amusement and discarded his right lightsaber, his gauntleted hand crackling with energy.

Grievous struck, his blades spinning in a tornado of light, two always on attack, two on defense.

His opponent seemed able to predict every move and only defended himself until he found an opening where a red bolt struck grievous in his shoulder. Two of his arms now limp and twitching the battle shifted, his opponent now a spinning dervish, striking at odd angles and forcing the larger form of grievous back.

Everything stopped as grievous saw his opponents hand splayed on his chest, a death strike he could not avoid. They both moved back and bowed in respect. The cyborg growling his displeasure as he collected his lost weapon.

"You did it again you know, same place same problem."

"I am aware of the flaw, each time my elbow locks too early." Grievous growled his response.

"Let me look at it."

"I will not be dissected by you boy. If there is a flaw I will deal with it myself."

Dooku's voice carried across the chamber, "Indeed you shall general. I abhor weakness in those I have trained." Grievous flinched as if slapped before his rage built again. "Enough, you have a mission to attend to, preparations must be made for the strike, go."

Grievous stiffly bowed and stormed from the chamber growling insults under his breath.

"Now Harry, I was pleased with your form today, however I was displeased by your decision to discard a weapon to be fair to your opponent. "

The green eyes of harry met Dooku's with amusement shining in them. "I didn't discard the weapon, I put it aside to await summoning it in his back when he forgot about it, the duel was over before it got to that however."

Dooku surveyed him for a moment before giving him a nod and a faint twitch of a smile. "Good. How have your studies progressed, your theories and plans for enhancing droids?"

Harry smiled at his mentor and motioned towards the turbolift. "I finished this morning, the first Krait type droid is complete. The runes can be included in the actual manufacture of the droids, however it requires a personal touch to fuel them. It is surprisingly simple and not very taxing to do so, but I believe a personal touch would be best in binding them to their controllers. The added bonus is that it does not matter whether it is a light or dark source of the force, both work equally."

Dooku nodded as Harry talked about the Project. His mind shifting plans to deal with this new factor in the future war.

Harry continued as he opened his workshop. "I even have a test model ready." He motioned towards a thin figure in dull grey armour. "I took a broken training droid, wiped its memories and started from scratch. Each form of lightsaber combat the Jedi use, a self-learning system, adapting through experience, the more fights, the better the droid. I then added a set of basic combat training from the rogers and took a large chunk of useless programming from it. It really ruined their accuracy and reduced their processing power to do so. I've sent a slightly modified version to be installed in our personal troops, let the trade federation keep their versions. Now, the armour, this is the normal stuff engraved with the runic arrays, disillusionment, silence, cooling charms, a protego and a portkey array for emergencies."

Seeing Dooku's raised eyebrow as he wandered around the workshop examining items, Harry chuckled, "the portkeys are linked to a separate device, a beacon, once the mission is complete the droid can return to base within approximately ten miles and there's not much that could stop that working. Same happens if the droid cannot complete the mission or is disabled in some form. If the beacon is not in range the droid will self-destruct rather explosively actually rather than be captured, the droid can also trigger this effect in a last ditch attempt to kill its target. So, what do you think so far?"

Dooku looked at the boy, no, young man and nodded in approval. "This one is ready to be tested?"

"Oh yeah, it's not the best combatant so far, only just begun training it, however it's not too bad, the shoulder blaster planned for the next version will also help. Oh, I almost forgot. There's an added side effect in the arrays, you will love this. It absorbs force energies directed at it by anyone other than its original source of force energies. You try and force push or force lightning this and you just recharge it and strengthen the effects. I have plans for a better version of it, but we are missing parts and they're expensive, really expensive."

Harry, Dooku placed his hand on his shoulder and squeezed gently, "what do you require?"

"Krath war droid legs like Grievous and Cortosis for the armour and blades."


Harry grinned at the confused tone, "oh yes, currently its equipped with two lightsabers and two swords with vibro modification, I want to use cortosis on the blades for dealing with Jedi, everyone else the lightsabers would be better for."

"If I can get you those parts, how soon can you produce these?"

"They don't take all that long to make really, the hardest part is the engraving and training. If we take the engraving as part of their manufacture and use basic materials, lose the lightsabers. We can use a factory to mass produce them. The cortosis, lightsabers and training makes them not worth the effort to mass produce, I'd use them for what they were designed for, assassins and infiltrators. Get me the resources and I can have a dozen in less than a month."

Dooku nodded, "excellent, I shall organise what I can for you, in the meanwhile I believe I have a mission for you to perform, something that is of great importance but will seem irrelevant to you. My master entrusted it to me, I shall entrust it to you."

"Thank you, you won't be disappointed."

Dooku gave the young man a smile, "no, I don't believe I will be. The information is on the ship waiting for you. Now I have a few questions for you regarding the protego, it seems rather draining, is there not a better spell?"

Harry sighed, "I'm afraid not, enhancing it maxima will enhance the shield but it requires more power. Its frustrating, with your age and experience you should be able to channel more power than you are. I think its something to do with the fact you started learning magic so far into your life. Find me someone about the age of ten or eleven, I could train them up to have a better blend of abilities, but it would take years to get them to a suitable level. Then there's the wand issue, kashyyyk has the wood to make wands but the cores are a problem, I can't think of what we could use to replace them. Theoretically I could use alchemy to forge a core like a lightsaber crystal, but I don't have enough information to look into that. The wandless magic you've managed is pretty much the limit of how far we can push you, everything else you can use the force for."

"I am, unfortunately, in agreement with you on that, with a few resources we could possibly try teaching younglings to use magic but without wands, they will be immensely limited. A project for later, once the war is over. "

"Any news on the search?"

"I am afraid not, my agents have found nothing so far. It's possible any records which could aid us are in the Jedi archives. There is also the chance that the system is in the unexplored regions of the galaxy or simply has not been found yet."

"I know, but its just so frustrating, I just want to know they're safe."

"Do not worry Harry, it is merely a matter of time and resources, it has only been two years so far since I found you, we will find your homeworld eventually. In the meantime, you have a mission, we will discuss this more when you return."

Harry smiled as he watched his mentor leave the room, then the smile faded. He walked over to a box in the corner, carefully he removed the crystal pyramid from within. A touch of his power and the figure of Darth Krait appeared.

"How did the meeting go then student?"

"It went well, he is looking to acquire the parts I want to progress further. I have been given a mission."

"Good, some experience outside would do you good, I am pleased with your advancements of my ideas, it was such a pity I lacked the time to actually develop them further."

"No fear on that part Krait, I named the design after you, any recognition of the name by a Jedi will simply add to their fear of them."

"Thank you student, I would have been honoured, I have no more to teach you young one, I will miss our discussions. Remember what needs to be done now."

Harry smiled sadly, "I'll miss you as well Darth Krait", with a hand motion he forced the pyramid open and removed the gem within, the pyramids glow failing like a switch had been flipped. Harry sighed sadly before putting both sections into the box, he stood and flicked a finger at the prototype droid, "best keep you with me for now."

The droid nodded and followed its master as he left the room carrying the box.

Harry followed the two figures as they moved around the Senate, the Jedi padawan was nervous and distracted by his charge. The senator maintained a calm demeanour but was also distracted by her bodyguard. Harry snorted in amusement, he was amazed how blind those around them were. With a sigh he continued his observations.

Learn all you can of your enemy, learn to predict them, then you may strike and keep them off balance. The padawan was also apparently some kind of prophesised one, at least Harry understood how that felt, the hate and hope in equal measure, observation of every move he would make, whispers behind his back as others talked as if they knew anything about him.

Calm, his anger was of no use here. His information was adequate, this Anakin Skywalker was at least competent, he trusted his gut, his eyes searching for any threat. He'd almost spotted harry a number of times so far but dismissed him as a threat. That was good, makes things much easier.

He brought his attention back to the Senator, Padme was an attractive young woman, they had a history and a mutual attraction. A flicker of pity rushed through him at the thought, he would give his target a small period of peace, as much as he could, he could give him that at least. Having seen enough he broke away and began to head for the ship. Tapping his datapad he brought up the attached file, Shmi Lars nee Skywalker.

He sat in the back of the transport, the farmers all drowsy from a long day at the market. His target fanning herself, pleased with the day, her mind drifting.

Harry nudged the drivers controls with the force from his seat, the driver didn't notice, half asleep himself, a degree off course and nearly an hour to reach the farms.

He felt the raiders minds following them only forty minutes later, he readied himself, it would be soon.

The driver looked around and gathered himself.

"Huh, what the…" His last words ended as the blaster fire tore his chest open. The transport suddenly turned, twisting as his body fell on the controls, the transport rolling until it came to a stop.

Harry let his protego go and quickly disillusioned himself, climbing from the crash he jumped away with the force and landed on a rocky outcropping to one side.

The Tusken raiders began their chants and calls as the farmers spilled from the transport, they scattered in fear. Harry felt a touch of respect for Shmi as she stood her ground, a bar of metal from the wreck in one hand and a small blaster in the other, very Gryffindor of her.

Harry flinched at that and brought himself back under control, this was necessary.

She managed to hold off a raider and shoot him in the chest, as she staggered to her feet pushing his body off her another struck her from behind. Her unconscious body falling to the sand. The raider raised its weapon to kill her when the imperio hit him, he staggered and then started to bind her instead.

It took only ten minutes for the raiders to disappear into the desert, the supplies and surviving farmers taken.

Harry waited another ten before jumping back to the wreck, he found the emergency beacon and activated it, he waited nearby for the armed patrol to arrive.

When they finally turned up over two hours later he jumped to the roof of their vehicle and meditated there until they returned to Mos Eisley.

Disappearing into the crowd he entered a cantina and waited for the news to spread, once sure it had he returned to his ship. Triggering his communications he waited for Dooku to respond.


"The target has been captured as planned, it will not be pleasant for her, but it will draw Skywalker here."

"Excellent, you have your droid with you?"

"Yes Count, it is ready for its first field test."

Dooku nodded at that, "you will travel to Bespin, at cloud city there is a man called Onto Brax, he is a Jedi Shadow, he is investigating rumours of a hidden facility. You are to recover his research, plant false evidence of the facilities destruction by the Jedi, then remove the Jedi from the equation, implicate local crime in this. Do not rush, ensure your success."

"Yes Count, I'll begin immediately."

AN (It's a big one, at least for me ):


Indecisive Bob – Harry is pretty much beyond caring about the ministry and its laws at this point. He is alone, without resources and can't even begin to go home as he doesn't know where he is, never mind exactly where home is. The only thing which could possible interest someone other than selling himself into slavery is his magic. so he's going to use it, and know he's going to be used for it, at least for now.

Itaak2003 – the intent was to have a darker Harry being mentored and guided by Dooku, so grey with dark tendencies would be a little more appropriate.

Lord of Carrion – Dooku has indeed been taught a chunk of what Harry knows, however the lack of wands, materials and knowledge means that Dooku is having to learn wandless magic before anything else, plus he has to get past many decades of training and experience of how things work. He won't be flinging spells around all over the place, but the few he manages, he'll be well practiced at.

Other stuff:

I know that I'll be asked about this, so, the Midi-chlorian count. I personally don't like the midi-chlorian aspect of the setting, however I have used it here. In the season Six episode of the clone wars series called Destiny, the force priestess says the following:

All that surrounds us is the foundation of life, the birthplace of what your science calls midi-chlorians, the foundation of what connects the Living Force and the Cosmic Force.

So I am taking the view that Qui-gon Jinn believes that they are an organic source of the force, but this viewpoint is looked down upon by many Jedi.

In this story, the Jedi measure something in the body but do not really understand it, however they can detect it and have built a scale to measure each other against. But as the force and magic are really the same for my story, they found that Harry's measurement kept changing. His body was using his magic to repair and sustain him, then returning to its normal levels. The Jedi rarely use the force when the tests are performed, nor do they use enough of the force to really alter their levels, thus any discrepancies are accepted as minor errors in the readings and ignored as irrelevant.

For reference I use the scale as follows:

0 – A null in the force, their presence disrupts the flow of energy

1 to 2000 – no force sensitivity

2500 – Average human

3000 to 4000 - squib

5000 to 6000 – mild force sensitive or weak magi

7000 to 9000 – average force sensitive or magi

10000 to 11000 – strong force sensitive or magi

12000 – Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress and Filius Flitwick

13000 – Minerva McGonagall, Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano

14000 –Darth Sidious, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Hermione Granger, Tom Riddle, Neville Longbottom and Albus Dumbledore.

15000 – Harry Potter before Halloween 1981

17000 – Jedi Master Yoda

19000 – Harry Potter after Halloween 1981 and Lord Voldemort

22000 – Anakin Skywalker

These are all potentials of power, the actual skill and capability to use it is something else. Take Neville for example, I've marked him as powerful, but he is known as barely competent for the majority of the story. This is mainly due to his own self confidence and being forced to use his father's wand. The moment he gets his own wand and a bit of confidence, he seems to rocket upwards to try and fulfil his potential.

You will also note that Tom Riddle and Voldemort are marked as separate entities. This is due to Riddle undertaking dark rituals to enhance himself beyond his previous limits. Harry's boost is the fact that the scar is a link to Voldemort, a link that goes two ways. Thus in my story the pseudo Horcrux in harry bled power into harry, thus raising him to be Voldemort's equal.

For those of you who will ask about where Ron is on the scale, I put him in the upper end of average, because he is. Other than a talent for chess and emotional instability there is noting that stands out about him.

As for his willingness to use magic he would not have used previously, he's had two years with Dooku as a mentor, his normal viewpoint has been shifted and been moulded into something for Dooku to use. As for his skills with combat and the force, harry has long been a much better hands on student than studying, he's been able to do things earlier and with more skill than grown adults after being shown a few times. Dooku taking him on as his student simply means dedicated training time for him and him alone.

I hope that answers a few of the questions for you all.