Chapter 35 – Extreme Banking and Asset Acquisition


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As night began to finally settle over London, Harry appeared with a crack of displaced air. He wrapped his winter cloak around him and pulled up the hood, whispering a mild notice-me-not as he looked around. Diagon Alley was practically abandoned, some noise and light crept from the windows of the Leaky Cauldron, the shops were dark and lifeless as he walked along, regaining his knowledge of where shops were situated in relation to each other.

"Dobby." He called quietly as he ducked into a dark alley. The elf's pop was quieter than he expected, but Harry still looked around warily as he checked for being noticed.

"Master calls." Dobby said as he shivered in anticipation of orders.

"Can you access my money or do you need my key?" Harry asked as he began to pull a pouch of coins from his belt.

"Master must bring Dobby to Gringotts to authorise Dobby's access." Dobby said with a sure nod of his abilities. "Then Dobby is added to the account and can act for Dobby's Master."

Harry frowned and opened his mouth to speak before he froze in thought. "How do you remove access from an elf?"

Dobby blinked in confusion at the question, frowning as he tried to find the right answer so as to not disappoint his great and wonderful Master. "Dobby does not know. Master would tell the bank?" He grabbed at his ears and began to twist them in worried thought before Harry flicked a finger and stung Dobby's hand with his magic.

"Don't do that. Not knowing something is not a failure." Harry frowned in thought before grinning as an idea popped into his head, "Dobby, use the coin pouch in my trunk to acquire a room at the Leaky Cauldron for the night, make sure Tom knows that I require privacy and that my location is to be kept quiet."

He stroked his chin in thought, strangely amused by how smooth his skin was, it was going to be annoying to have to get used to shaving again when his body caught up with him. "Once that's done, leave my trunk there and go to the Bank. You are to withdraw a thousand galleons on behalf of your young master for expenses and purchases. Don't name your master at that point and if they let you take it from the Malfoys accounts, do so. If they decline as you are not on the account any more, then you are to request the paperwork for your young master to attach you to the account. Take my coin pouch and use what's in there if required to pay for the documents."

He nodded to himself as he considered whether Lucius would even notice the missing funds. "If you succeed or are given the documents, then return to the room and secure the documents or coins in my trunk. Then wait there unless I call you. If they refuse you, or you feel that you are in danger, then you are to return to the room. If you feel that the room isn't secure enough, get my trunk and come to me."

Harry knelt down so he was level with Dobby, "Do not mention my name at the Bank and do not risk yourself if you are in danger. I will protect you. Do you understand my orders?"

Dobby frowned but nodded to Harry, "Dobby understands Master Harry." Taking Harry's trunk he disappeared with a pop of displaced air.

Harry chuckled and stood, brushing dirt from his knee as he carried on his way, he was just a boy at the moment and he had too many plans and ideas to do everything himself. He needed assistance as no-one would accept a child giving orders. It was rather frustrating, but it provided him a layer of protection against his enemies. Not that many realised how dangerous he truly was. It appeared; he would need to borrow some of Sidious' style.

Voldemort's fragmented memories were of great use here, as Knockturn Alley was a dark pit of malign power. Perfect for what he wanted, but still very confusing to outsiders.

It was less of an alley and more of a slum maze surrounding a few very old and established shops which were used as landmarks. These ancient alleys were squeezed into the cracks between buildings in mundane London.

It always surprised him that he couldn't see the much larger buildings of the modern construction towering over the wizards homes. Sometimes he wondered if it wasn't actually compressed or hidden space, but more of a pocket dimension or space folded around upon itself, anchored to a few points for access.

Whatever the answer, he shrugged away the thoughts and began to stride along, moving as if he belonged here and ruled all that he surveyed. Which, compared to the power of those around him in their shops and homes, he might as well have done.

Letting his mind wander as his body and the memories guided him, he ran through his list of immediate requirements. Money, a base of operations, a lightsaber, legal assistance and agents to act on his behalf, and some decent technology. But first, he needed a bodyguard.

If he had the facilities, he could have produced a droid to guard him, but he lacked material and technology. He could have replicated Weyland and built a golem, but again, he lacked resources. Why did everything seem to need high quality crystals to even start anything?

His spare parchment in his trunk had been consumed in a torrent of note taking of the technologies he knew, he'd even bought every spare sheet his dormmates had to keep going. He had practically written a book on galactic technology and drawn diagrams from memory which would jump this world into the galactic stage.

But he rapidly discovered a series of very annoying and frustrating issues.

While he could take a blaster, disassemble it and then reassemble it in less than a minute. Did he know how to make the components?

No. He always used the parts that had been delivered to him for his projects and equipment. Why spend weeks making some personalised armour when he had armourers and specialists to produce the equipment. Sure, some parts he made himself, especially the exotic ones his magic required, such as the carved armour for his Sons, but the core components that made everything work? He had no clue on how to begin.

Take a simple power cell alone. A tiny component, but so very vital. He knew what it did, he knew what it looked like. But could he make one? Where would he even start? He knew the base physics of the technology, he knew how it was supposed to work. But he didn't know the mix of metals, nor their percentage and purity, used to contain the energies within.

Hell, some of the components and science didn't even have words on Earth. He would have to create a new language of scientific terms and materials. He sighed in annoyance, he'd just have to use galactic basic and claim it was a coded language until someone made a more common term for them. His notes were already written in it anyway.

It was very frustrating, but if he could find scientists who would understand? Then he could really advance the world in leaps and bounds. He just needed to find those people and convince them to work at his technology. That would take money and influence.

He just had to gather all his notes and make it look like his mother's handwriting. Scorch it in a fire for a bit so it looked like it had been recovered from a burnt house. Then he could claim that he found her notes and wanted to finish her work. He would have to visit his first home at some point to have a look, just to make sure he wasn't lying about visiting if someone checked. He could have Dobby hide the notes and 'find' them.

Perhaps he could finally find out where his parents were buried and pay his respects while he was there.

He chuckled to himself at the idea of Lily Potter being the cause of giving the normal humans technology that would appear to be magic to the magicals. Arthur C. Clarke, eat your heart out. Plus it would be another blow to the Purebloods ego's which would be amusing enough as it was.

Maybe if he conjured some of the components, his magic would fill in the gaps, hopefully enough for a lab to find out what it was made. He could make some of the components, he knew enough to guide others in making some of the rest. Then it would just be a matter of sourcing the remaining materials like the gasses for the blasters. He honestly wasn't sure if it could be produced on earth, maybe Jupiter or Saturn had them in their atmospheres?

Perhaps he could hire some magicals to reverse engineer some of the designs and technology in their ways. They might have something that acted like what he needed but was easier to acquire. Maybe he could bring a fusion of the respective technologies together.

That might just work. He knew it was possible, technology could be enchanted, he had examples all around him in the magical world. The Hogwarts express, the Knight Bus and Arthur Weasley's car for example off the top of his head. He knew that it could go much further, Weyland being an amazing example in his own right.

Perhaps a team working from both sides with a single goal would fill some of the gaps?

He shook his head as he continued his walk. He would need alchemists for some of it, especially some of the more exotic materials. Unfortunately, he only knew of three that were still around. One, he wouldn't piss on if he were on fire, and the other two were meant to be dying. Then again, he only had Dumbledores word about that.

Were they dead already, did he tell the truth or did they lie to him to hide for a time until they felt safe again?

Well, time to break the mould and begin a revolution of magic and technology. Mankind would leap to the stars within his lifetime, he would make sure of it even if he had to drag them kicking and screaming to get there.

His mental wanderings came to a stop as his feet finally brought him to the place he sought. The square was deep in the warren of alleys and streets. There, three pubs were open for business and had distinct individual flavours to their character. The brothels were of no interest to him and were ignored as irrelevant.

The Bloody Bones catered to those of a more violent skillset, the place was barely more than a fighting pit which served drinks. A usual haunt for those with certain specific dietary requirements and those who just wanted to fight.

The Drunk Dragon catered itself to business meetings between entrepreneurs of various skillsets. Want to hire a thief or acquire something obscure or illegal, here's where you can find those with the right skill sets to do the job and that were always happy to renegotiate during the job.

The last was the Uther's Bane, a dark and quiet place, where those with actual real combat experience and skills came to have a drink in peace. It was also an excellent spot for recruiting agents who actually had the skills to uphold their end of the bargains and kept to their word. It was also the best neutral ground for meetings between the powers of this world. Here, Aurors and Crime Lords could discuss matters between themselves politely, as they had for the last few centuries.

Voldemort had despised it.

Nodding in approval, he centred himself and reached out with the Force, letting it guide him to where he needed to be to find the best people to be his agents and bodyguards.

It took a few minutes of gently searching before he turned and walked into the Uther's Bane, not that he was surprised by that. Drifting between the tables, he came to a stop before a woman in a corner near the back door.

She looked to be a touch shorter than average and he would have said petite, if it weren't for the coiled violent energy and sense of bloody claws and snarling fangs that echoed from her presence in the force. Slightly curly dark brown hair was pulled back into a short ponytail with bangs framing her pale skin. She was rather thin, but not gaunt. Her amber eyes watched him move through the pub with no trouble as soon as he came into her sight. The fact that her wand was in her hand and pointed at him when he got to her, warned him not to do anything stupid.

Her clothes were muggle, a thick cotton shirt was open over an old, thin and faded T shirt, with jeans and boots that looked like they came from an army surplus store. While they looked like they had come from a charity shop, the clothes were patched and stitched in places with care. A long and dark woollen greatcoat rested on another chair at the table in easy reach, Harry frowned slightly in memory of seeing something like those in an old war movie, Russian or German perhaps in origin.

Harry gestured to a third unused chair, "May I?"

The woman looked at him, "If I say no?"

Harry smirked, "Then I walk away and look for someone else to employ."

"Employ?" she said as she straightened up in her seat slightly, her arm with the wand tensed as she looked him up and down, "What sort of work?"

Harry simply pointed at the chair again.

She stared at his shadowy features under the hood of his cloak and sighed before pushing it out slightly with her boot as an invitation.

Harry chuckled at that and sat in the chair, carefully and slowly, he drew his wand and placed it on the table before him, leaving it alone as he settled his hands on the surface with his palms flat, "I am looking for a bodyguard and agent to work on my behalf. I can't act directly and need protection."

She chuckled at that and sat back, placing her own wand on the table and let go, but remaining in easy reach of grabbing it, "You don't stink of Polyjuice or death, so that's a good start," she pulled an ancient silver coin from a pocket and put it on the table between them, "Pick it up."

Harry frowned, sensing nothing dangerous or spells contained within as a portkey would, so did as he was instructed, looking at her in confusion when nothing happened, "What is it meant to do?"

She smiled viciously at him, "If you were wearing someone else's shape, then we'd all know about it by now." She took the coin back. "So, Harry Potter in the flesh. And you want a bodyguard?"

"I do," he nodded, "I pay well to those worth my time, I'll also provide lodgings and food if required."

She frowned at that, "I may be poor, but I'm not a beggar."

Harry looked her over properly and frowned, "You're thin, too thin for your build, your clothing is old and probably second hand or from a market. Your boots are army surplus, probably your coat too and you're not military. You do well with what you have, but that's not much. I'm going to guess that you have a room somewhere and that's pretty much it. How am I doing?"

She sneered at him, "Alright Poirot, you're not doing yourself any favours like that."

"I don't want to insult you," Harry responded calmly with a slowly raised palm before returning it to its previous spot, "But you needed to know that I'm not some stupid child. I have good eyes and a sharp mind." He looked around the pub and turned back to her, "For the bodyguard work, is there anyone here you would say is better than you?"

She leant forward, "Not today. This lot are more hunters and fighters than bodyguards. If you're as sharp as you claim, then you know why it would be a bad idea to hire me as a bodyguard." She pointed at Harry with the lip of her flagon, "Plus you don't know my rates." She chuckled slightly before taking a swig of the drink within the flagon.

Harry chuckled, "I have no problem with werewolves and I think I can afford your rates. What are they?"

"What's the work?" She asked, "Is it high risk? Bound by contract or off the books? Stuff like that. I'm a fighter not a killer, so wet work or black ops type stuff are deal breakers unless it's to recover you. If you have enemies, I need to know before we begin."

Harry nodded at that, "The job is to guard me and to run errands when I need them. Mostly in muggle areas in the summer during school term. We'd have to sort something out, but definitely on Hogsmeade visits. Some training would be of use to me. A contract would be required to make sure we have everything covered. Threats to me include Death Eaters, Voldemort, possibly members of the Ministry and potentially Dumbledore."

She coughed at that, thumping the top of her chest with a closed fist to clear the drink when it went the wrong way, "Dumbledore?! Merlin's balls kid, why would he want to harm you?"

Harry chuckled at her reaction, "You'll understand when you meet the people he placed me with and hear some of the stuff he's done over the years."

"Fair enough," she responded, "Contract wise, it depends on how ironclad you want it, I'd recommend contacting a good lawyer to prep it first. Then basic work like that would be... two galleons a day. Then bonus pay, say double pay for each instance of danger, throw a bonus in for training and minion work, say another galleon for each instance. If you need more muscle for something, you pay them from your own money, not my pay."

Harry nodded at that, knowing that she was saying higher than her usual rates to be bartered down. "And if I were to retain your services?"

"I... don't know." The woman answered, shocked at the question, "No-one's ever wanted to do that before. Usually, I'm hired for short term work, or my employer tries to take liberties. That never ends well for them."

Harry nodded, "Okay, let's suggest this. I provide lodgings and food, you bodyguard me, perform some training as required and some running around for me. I pay you five hundred galleons for the year. We get a contract put together for an annual recurring review for continued employment. I'll provide funds for training materials, medical costs incurred in the line of duty and the wolfsbane..."

"No!" she snarled, "Fuck that shit."

Harry raised a hand for a moment, "I don't understand. Why are you angry at the offer?"

She grimaced as she tried to find the words, "Let's just say that I don't trust it. If it's a sticking point, then I'll have to decline the offer of work. If you hire me, I can explain further, but I can't risk being overheard by the wrong people. I'm a good little dog who drinks the potion as required by the ministry." she winked at him with a smirk, "Honest guv."

Harry snorted, "We'll have to work something out around the moon then, but I trust you know more than me on that."

She smiled sadly at him, "You employ me as a retainer, then I might be able to introduce you to certain people, who I can neither confirm nor deny may have informed me of the dangers before it was too late."

"I'm happy so far," Harry said with a nod of agreement, "I'll sort a lawyer out tomorrow and we can start working together. What do I call you?"

"Jane Doe," the woman said without a hint of joking.

"Jane Doe? Seriously?" Harry said in surprise.

She shrugged at that, "That's what my birth certificate said. Got left at an orphanage only a few hours old, born with the wolf awake in me. No-one came to claim me or even look as far as I know. The rest is personal and I'd need to trust you, that's... difficult. Not many I trust in this world."

Harry shrugged, "I've got only a few myself, so I understand that viewpoint." He checked his pockets and found a few coins, running his fingers over their edges, he pulled out four, he dropped them on the table, "Pay, up front, for two days at your stated fees. You start tomorrow, meet me in the Leaky Cauldron at eight am. We'll get to work after I finish breakfast. Just a heads up, things will probably be weird around me, they usually are."

Jane tapped the silver coin against the galleons, grunting in approval when they did nothing. "I'll be there. Go to Diagon Alley, face the Bank and take the right path, you want three doors down. Nott, Nott and Brown. They're good lawyers, they're always open for... select customers. I suggest you talk to them to retain a solicitor for you and sort out the contract."

Harry hummed in thought at that, before nodding, "I'll get on that immediately... Miss Doe?"

Jane shrugged at that, "Miss works." She said before smiling politely at Harry, "Until tomorrow then, Mr Potter. Leaky Cauldron, bar room. Eight sharp."

Harry stood and nodded politely to his newest employee, before he left the pub and began to head back to Diagon Alley, the journey faster now he wasn't letting his mind drift and that he was sure of the way.

Less than ten minutes later, he was standing on a side road from the bank as he had been instructed.

Nott, Nott and Brown, was a subtly wealthy building. The building was old stone, well-crafted with still sharp lines and very clean. They obviously had house elves working for them to maintain the appearance. The door was ebony in colour with a silver door knocker, shaped like the four Hogwarts animals that seemed to shine in the low light.

It was barely twenty seconds before his knock was answered by a house elf in neat and well stitched sheets, "How may I help you young master?" the elf asked as he looked Harry up and down.

"I require a solicitor's services." Harry answered, well aware of his appearance due to what clothes he currently owned.

The elf sneered slightly at him as it continued, "Our opening hours are nine to five, Monday to Friday, barring holidays. I suggest making a Floo call to set up an appointment with plenty of notice."

As it began to shut the door, having verbally dismissed the poor wizard child from its attention, Harry put his foot in the door to keep it open, "I'm sure your masters will be disappointed to hear that I took my service elsewhere."

The elf sighed, "Very well, what is your name?"

"Harry Potter."

The elf paused and gave a deeper but very annoyed and put upon sigh, "Of course you are, as were the other dozen before you. Please remove your foot or know that I am authorised to remove you from the premises."

Harry leant over to bring him closer to the elf's height, his eyes glowing with his power as he made sure the elf paid attention, "My name is Harry Potter, son of James and Lily Potter and I have come to hire your masters to work in my Name. Either I talk to someone tonight, or I find your newest rival and take my business there, making them influential overnight and damaging this business when I explain to the Daily Prophet why I took such action. It's your call, but I suggest you go get your Masters. Now."

The elf seemed to pale and lose its subtle sneer before nodding and gesturing for Harry to follow him, "This way. I shall contact my Masters to see who is available."

The elf guided him into a room with mahogany wall panels, thick carpets and unexpectedly comfortable dragon hide chairs. A wall was covered in moving photos of important events and news cuttings of the firms noted successes. The opposite wall held four paintings, one displaying a tall and thin man in ornate robes sitting and reading in a study. The family resemblance between this man and Theodore Nott in Harry's year was profound, his mannerisms as he read a book were also recognisable. The man looked up and frowned at Harrys appearance before pointing to a chair in the corner, "Sit there, young man, you will be seen shortly."

The other three were static paintings of individuals in various office like rooms. Two of them depicted a man and a woman, both retaining a family resemblance to the first painting, whilst the third displayed another man who was distinctly different, the curly brown hair and bright smile reminded Harry of Lavender Brown when she was older. If that was her father, she obviously took more after her mother though.

After a few minutes the elf returned with a tray with tea and biscuits for him, "The Masters will be with you as soon as they are able due to the time."

Harry nodded and smiled as he thanked the elf, their earlier issues dismissed, "Thank you, I'll be fine waiting for an hour."

The elf frowned slightly, "That will not be possible, the earliest will be an hour and a half."

Harry frowned before checking his watch and nodding, "I can wait, but not much more than that."

The Elf bowed and popped away as Harry pulled a book from his bag and began to read.

It had just passed the hour mark when the elf returned, "The Masters will see you now."

Harry nodded, putting his homework back into his bag and began to follow the elf.

They entered a large board room where the three adults from the static paintings were sitting around the table, waiting for him. The Elf bowed and popped away, new tea sets arriving shortly afterwards.

They all stood as he entered and the eldest Nott wobbled slightly on his cane as he gestured to a seat for Harry to take, "Mr Potter. It's an honour to finally meet you. Please sit."

Harry took his seat and nodded politely, "Thank you for taking the time to see me."

The eldest smiled softly at that as they took their own seats, "It is of no worry, Mr Potter. We apologise for the delay in seeing you, but we wanted to make sure it was actually you and not an imposter. Polyjuice has been used in a few attempts, as has human transfiguration. But those all have signs which, we are happy to say, you did not display, you also passed the usual time limit available without a specialist potioneer. Not its common usage, but it's an effective one if used in the right way."

Harry raised an eyebrow at that, "Does that happen often?"

The younger man, Mr Brown from his matching portrait, chuckled slightly, "You're the thirteenth Harry Potter to come to us, I presume there were others who visited our rivals."

The woman nodded, "I know of four that were arrested in the attempts elsewhere and two that tried it with the goblins. Their next of kin were fined for the attempt."

Harry chuckled at that, "Good. I'll have to be more careful with my hair in the future. I haven't done this before so what happens now?"

The Eldest nodded, "It's not just hair that can be used, that's just the easiest to acquire. You might want to brush up on cleaning charms and similar household spells, or have a House Elf to protect you from that manner of attack."

Seeing Harry's understanding, the eldest continued, "First, introductions are in order. Then we discuss your requirements and then discuss fees. This consultation will be free in thanks for your service to our world, no matter how long it takes. Before we begin, please be aware that our fees are... impressive for a reason."

At Harrys nod, he continued, "I am Thaddeus Nott, great grandson of our Firms founder, who you have already met I believe in the waiting room. My speciality is in Business Law."

He gestured to the woman to his right, who nodded politely and tried not to frown at Harry's appearance, "Teresa Nott, my daughter. She specialises in Family Law. You may know her son, Theodore, he is in your year."

He gestured to the man on his left, who nodded with a friendly smile, "Rowan Brown, the first partner of our firm to not be a Nott. He specialises in Criminal Law. His record in the court rivals that of our Founder's. Again, you most likely know his daughter, she is in your House and year."

Harry smiled at each of them as they were introduced, "It's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm likely going to need all your services at some point in the near future. Although I must ask, does everyone in your family have a name starting with T?"

Thaddeus smirked at that, "An interesting statement to make to begin with Mr Potter. As well as a common question for my family, it's a harmless tradition that no-one can remember when it began. It's just become habit now for us. How can we assist you?"

Harry smirked back, "May you live in interesting times appears to be my personal motto." He pulled a sheet of parchment from his bag, "As you can imagine, I have a list of things I require assistance in resolving. I'm not sure what you can help with or not." He pushed the list across and felt a weak pulse of the Force as Thaddeus summoned the sheet into his hand wandlessly.

Neither of the others even blinked at such a display, making Harry wonder if Thaddeus could do more with the Force, or that was his limit. He also wondered if the others could do similar and if the ability ran in bloodlines. Or did everyone believe it was simply wandless magic?

He began to read the paper, humming in thought for a few points and then blinking in surprise at the others, before passing it on to his daughter to read. Steeping his fingers, he stared at Harry for nearly a minute before nodding, "We can do most of this directly on your behalf. Might I enquire as to why you believe that you will need what appears to be fake identities for some of this?"

Harry chuckled, "Only if I go ahead with hiring you."

Rowan chuckled at that, "Its a fair point to make," he gestured to Teresa, "May I?" he smiled at her as she passed the list across, finishing up her notes as she did so. Rowan whistled at some of the points on the list. "Well, you don't do things by half do you Mr Potter." He glanced over at Thaddeus, "I've got Tankard and Jones who are Muggleborn, they can act on that side. Clarice Russell has the qualifications to be a Barrister to support them."

Thaddeus frowned in thought, "Russell? Do you mean Clarice Goyle, the squib?"

Rowan nodded, "Yes, that's her, she got married to a muggle lawyer last year, nice fellow and he's in the know. She's a qualified Barrister, I usually use her for cases on that side involving Muggleborn families."

Teresa looked up from her writing, "Was she the one who dealt with the Dubois case?"

Rowan nodded, "Yes, she wrangled the judge to agree with our clients side."

Teresa nodded, "She does good work."

Harry watched them discuss matters in amusement before he coughed politely, "I believe we need to discuss your fees."

Thaddeus chuckled as he returned the list to Harry, "Indeed. A copy of that list would be helpful for finer details. Some of it would be very awkward to resolve for you, but that's just because of who is involved. As part of this consultation, I can send you on to the next part of your journey with more detailed information, if you hire us, then we can do some of that on your behalf."

"And how much would it cost to hire you?" Harry asked.

Thaddeus leant back in his chair and smiled at Harry, "We are not cheap, but your name is a valuable commodity as it is. Our normal rate is ten galleons an hour. This list is many hours work, you will likely require more in the future. A rough estimate is at least one hundred hours per lawyer, and you're likely to need about four lawyers for this work."

Harry frowned but nodded in understanding at that, "So, roughly four hundred hours at ten galleons an hour, four thousand galleons at the minimum and that wouldn't be everything on the list?"

Thaddeus nodded at that, "At a minimum. It also depends if there are any counter actions taken regarding your… requests. Those could increase the time significantly. Never mind the costs of any reparations that may occur if you lose."

Harry tapped his fingers on the desk as he ran the issues through with Abaddon, the long conversation passing in a few blinks. "What about retaining your services? What would that cost me?"

Thaddeus glanced at the others and they slid some of their notes before him to read, it took him a minute or two, jotting further notes down. "I am going to suggest something Mr Potter that will be rather… expensive, but could potentially be more than useful to you in the long run than either of your previous choices."

He gestured to his fellow Partners and they both nodded to him, "This is a private family matter, but I am dying. A flaw of my body that is beyond the ability of the healers to cure. So, I am planning on retiring this year in order to enjoy what is left of my life. This means that our name would change and as tradition for our Firm, a new Partner will be chosen to take my place and buy out my share of the company. We may be a small firm, but we are select, elite and damn good at our work if I say so myself."

He pushed the paperwork aside and stared at the boy before him, "What I am going to propose, is that you purchase a portion of the Firm and become a silent Partner. We get to use your name, you would receive beneficial rates which would be taken from your share of the annual profits and full access to our staff. If you choose to follow a legal career, it would be easy to provide you an internship and support during your training until you qualify fully, then you would no longer be a silent partner."

Harry raised a hand to stop him as he frowned in thought, it wasn't a path he had thought of and it definitely didn't interest him all that much, but there were those he knew who would enjoy such a career. Hermione would likely enjoy having her name on a law firm like this; especially a prestigious pureblood dominated one. "What would occur if I agreed and the costs were greater than the profits?"

Thaddeus smirked, "Then the excess would be paid from your own pocket or your deficit would eat into the next year's profits. It's more likely to be the first than the second. We are Lawyers, not bankers or loan sharks."

Nodding at that, Harry looked at each of them in turn, "And how much would this cost me?"

Thaddeus smirked at the question, "Sixty thousand galleons would get you my share of the Firm."

Swallowing his shock at the cost and maintaining a calm mask, "And what percentage of the Firm and profits would that be?" Harry queried as he tried to work out how much he would have afterwards if he did this.

Thaddeus' smirk shifted to an approving smile, "Thirty three percent of ownership, thirty percent of profits paid annually into your account, but silence on running the company until you are an adult, you will require a legal proxy to act on your behalf in the Firm unless you are a qualified lawyer. You will not be able to sell your shares except to another Partner or your proxy. If you have suggestions for the Firm, we will listen. Questions will be answered as best we can. All bound by contract and signed in blood."

Harry nodded along, "What about the missing percent of control and as for profits? Three thirties makes ninety, what happens to the other ten percent?"

Rowan chimed in at that, "The final ten percent of profit is split in three, five percent is placed into a bank account for future needs, the remaining five percent is split in half again. One part goes to the staff for annual bonuses for a good year, the other is put back into the Firm for improvement. You must understand, that we are paid on a case by case basis, if nothing happens for six months, then we all lose out as the bills and salaries need to be paid. Luckily, there is usually enough to keep us afloat, even if we focus on small cases."

Thaddeus nodded, "We are very good and well respected in our field, hence we charge our appropriately high fees."

Teresa smirked, "What they are also not telling you is that we have a number of retainer contracts on the books which keep us going, but this results in several events through the year that we attend to mingle and maintain connections. As a Partner, silent or otherwise, you would be expected to go to these, otherwise it may be seen as an insult to the hosts. So, you'll need to learn to dance and get ready to wear dress robes."

Harry chuckled and answered in a sarcastic and dry tone, "Joy." He tapped a finger on the table in thought for a moment, "I want to see the ledger for your business, the real ones, not any cooked books. I also want an oath before we begin, to say that none of you are trying to con me or bankrupt me, nor are any of you Death Eaters or sympathetic to their cause."

Rowan frowned at that, "That's rather over the top, don't you think?"

He looked at each of them in turn, "No. With the information I know, this is me being nice about it."

Thaddeus frowned at that, "And if I am sympathetic to aspects of their cause?"

Harry raised an eyebrow and his wand jumped into his palm under the table as he leant back in his chair, ready to slide beneath it to have cover at the start of the fight. "You might want to clarify that for me."

Thaddeus froze at Harrys shift in posture, a sudden instinct in his gut, one he had long learnt to listen to, that he was no longer looking at a very mature child, but at an apex predator ready to defend its life from a threat.

Placing his hands on the table top, palm down before him and with no wand in sight, Thaddeus began to explain, "I personally believe that our worlds should be separated, that magical children be taken from their parents and replaced with muggle orphans or squibs to hide our presence from muggles. Those children would then be raised amongst those who understand them and their abilities, either fostered or even adopted."

He looked at Harry in the eyes, "Note eleven on your list. If you were happy with who raised you, that wouldn't be there. If you had been raised amongst our kind, you would have been safer and likely a lot happier. Do I want muggles dead? No. Do I want Muggleborns cast back into the muggle world or dead? No."

Harry chuckled as he shook his head, "It won't work you know," he began, his eyes drifting to memories of what would come, "The muggle world is getting more observant, soon they will have cameras in every shop and every street. Images sent immediately to another location and stored for future reference. Soon, everyone will have a camera on a mobile piece of technology, a device which nearly every member of the public will have in or near their hands at all times."

He leant forward and made sure Thaddeus met his eyes to see the truth in his words, "Meaning that every muggle will be a security risk that even obliviation will not stop. After they get their memory wiped, they'll find recordings they won't remember of something strange and they will talk and investigate. That's if they weren't talking to someone anywhere else in the country, if not abroad, at that moment. Then there's the internet which will allow a global transfer of information almost instantaneously. All this ignores the satellites in orbit capable of watching the streets below."

He relaxed slightly, "Do muggle repelling charms work against camera's sitting above you, ranging in just over your head to twenty thousand miles away? Do bubblehead charms protect the entire body, or just the head? If over the entire body, will a nerve agent in the air be stopped? Atomic weapons are capable of wiping out a city, will they care that the muggles can't reach us if they explode nearby?"

He sighed and rubbed his eyes, "Better that we are aware of the future than surprised by it. Our worlds will soon merge, whether we want them to or not. Hiding is just going to make it worse when the truth comes out."

He looked at the three lawyers, "Sorry. I got a bit... rambling there didn't I? I'll look at your books and make a decision. I'll be going to Gringotts tomorrow to find out what my finances are like. If they both go well, then I'll look at the contract for your offer. In the meantime, I need a contract for a bodyguard that I'm hiring."


Harry sat on the floor in his rented room at the Leaky Cauldron, the light from the enchanted fire gently calming him as he tried to move into a meditative trance to rest his mind and body, as he only had a few more hours before he needed to start his new day.

He was a thousand galleons richer tonight due to Malfoys arrogance and short-sightedness. Dobby had been provided a shopping list and orders. It was so nice of Malfoy to support his plans, well at least until he checked his accounts and spotted the discrepancy. A thousand galleons was no small value for Draco to have sent an elf for.

Malfoy was cautious about him right now, but he had to be careful not to push too far, too fast before he could neuter the threat Malfoy posed.

Sighing in frustration, he took another drink of tea and pondered his future.

Tomorrow, he was going to talk to the goblins and then the Ministry.

He would have to play this carefully. First he needed what funds he had available and to sort out matters with the Goblins, then he needed to have a meeting with Fudge.

Fudge was the key to the future, if he could get him to listen to him, if he could twist policy, then he could shift the future war against Voldemort. He would have to nudge Fudge in the appropriate direction, willingly or not. Plus, he needed to deal with that damn prophecy in the Department of Mysteries.

This will be fun...

May you live in interesting times indeed.


Harry came down from his room to find Jane sitting in a corner of the pub, wearing a blouse and an old suit jacket, but that was the only change from her clothing of the night before. He smiled and nodded to the barkeep as he passed before sitting opposite his new soon to be confirmed employee.

"Miss Doe." he said with a charming smile.

She smirked and nodded, "Mr Potter. I'm guessing you have something for me to sign?"

He nodded as he pulled the contract from his bag, "I do. As agreed, all you need to do is sign and we can begin." He offered her a self-inking quill to write with.

She raised a palm towards him, "I'll read it first if you don't mind. I don't fancy suddenly discovering any hidden clauses or traps."

Harry smiled more genuinely as he took the contract from her and replaced it with another, "Good to see you aren't a trusting fool."

She smirked at him before reading the real contract, "I've signed a few contracts in my time, yours didn't smell right. The parchment was too cheap and I could still smell the wet ink. Will you tell me what's on the fake?"

He smirked as he set the parchment on fire from a nearby candle, "Indentured servitude with no rights or ability to make choices without my authorisation for your natural lifespan. Your first born, your true name and soul. You know. The usual."

She chuckled at that, "No offense, you're a bit young to help me with the firstborn angle, plus you're a scrawny little thing. I prefer some meat on the bones shall we say. My soul is corrupt according to some already for being what I am. The true name thing has no real power beyond some rituals and oaths, plus I don't know mine to even give it."

He chuckled as well at that, "While you are an attractive woman, I'm rather too young for that and I'm afraid that I'm already spoken for. But thanks for the lesson on the rest." He pointed to the contract, "Any questions or amendments?"

She shook her head, "No. I don't see any traps and everything looks like we agreed, although I noticed that there's a section on the wolfsbane and a payment to make sure I can afford to acquire some."

Harry nodded, "Yes, the funds will be placed into your account alongside your pay to ensure you have no problems acquiring the potion. Whether you do so or not with the money is up to you, I'm just a careful employer making sure my employees needs are met."

"Huh," she said as she leant back in her chair, "Its mine no matter? No extra under the book services or the like in exchange?"

He grinned at her, "I don't like the ministry, you don't like them and say you have a reason to not use the potion. If the contract says I'm providing it to you, then why would they look deeper to make sure. Use the money however you wish, call it a bonus, at least in exchange for an answer as to why you hate it so much."

She gave him a quick smile before signing the contract, "Deal and done. Get us privacy, real privacy and you'll have your answer." She tapped the contract with her wand and a copy appeared that she placed in a too deep to be normal pocket, passing the quill and original contract back, "So, ground rules. If I'm guarding you, then you need to listen to what I say. I tell you to run, you run. I tell you to stop, you stop. If I'm responsible for your life, I need to know that you won't be trying to get yourself killed or worse."

Harry chuckled, "What expelled?"

Jane didn't chuckle when she nodded, "Yes. You get expelled, before your OWL results, you're fucked if you can't get tutors and registered with the Department of Education by the next full moon." She leant forward and her eyes told him that she was deadly serious, "If you don't then you'll have your magic bound, your memory wiped and wand snapped. Then you'll be dumped in the muggle world as an amnesiac. If you're lucky, you go mad or commit suicide from various mental issues as your magic fights the bindings if you've started puberty."

She sighed and took a deep gulp of her tea before continuing, "If you're unlucky, then some sick bastards turn up in the night and take you. Of those, if you're lucky, then they end up either sold to a brothel or to an old pureblood who wants a new plaything. If you're very lucky, their new owners will use a ritual which will break the bindings just enough to stop the side effects but not the memory loss. Longer lifespan that way."

She growled in anger for a moment and her amber eyes seemed to glow a little in the shadows, before she calmed again, "But you? You're likely to be found dead in a ditch or potioned to the eyeballs as you are used as a brood stallion to some pureblood family in an attempt to claim your family's holdings and accounts. So yes, expelled is worse."

Harry sat in silence at that, remembering the way he had joked with Ron in his previous life about Hermione's fears. He doubted she knew what could have happened to her, but he remembered that other young girls had dropped out in the early years of school. He would have to keep an eye on them and try and protect them. He might be a monster at heart, but even he had standards.

He looked at Jane with a cold focus, "I'm going to the bank to sort out some accounts but will need to handle it privately. I need you to find me a tutor that is registered with the ministry and would be agreeable to a short notice employment for boys and girls that drop out of Hogwarts. I refuse to let that continue if I can help it. I can't help them all, but I will do my best. Once I'm done with the bank I'll be coming back here. Once you're done come let me know and we'll work from there."

He took a deep breath to calm himself and rubbed his eyes in frustration, "I had plans to go to the ministry today to talk about a few things. I want to do that this afternoon, but I can delay if needed."

Jane shook her head, "I know a few who help my kind out under the table. I'll have a word with a few of them, but if you're willing to put them on retainer like me? Then I know I can sway at least one."

Harry frowned as he pondered the idea, "Not a bad idea, I can use the extra lessons as well. They'll need to be able to handle all the basics to a level that I could pass my OWLS, especially Defence."

Jane nodded at that, "I can think of one off the top of my head that could do it, even went to Hogwarts and got pretty decent qualifications. The Runt's a whiny bitch, but he's got a sharp mind and can do the job. The Packs hire him every so often to get him to teach the kids. I'll send him an owl later, see if he's available."

Harry nodded at that, "Good enough, contact them and I'll interview them. No promises on the retainer contract, but I'm not saying no for the right person."


Harry stepped into the marble entrance hall of Gringotts and sighed as he felt the martial pulse of life in this place surround him. The watchful gaze of the Goblins made Harry smile slightly as he ignored the tellers and began to walk towards one of the guards around the walls of the hall. Looking down at the glare from within the helmet, Harry exuded confidence as he calmly began to speak, "Who do I have to kill to get good service around here?"

The goblin blinked in shock for a moment before barking out a laugh at the impudent wizarding child, "An amusing comedy wizard. Conflict will be stopped terminally."

Harry in turn just smirked at the guard, "I'm going to go have an ice-cream. When I return, either the doors will be barred and a worthy foe stands guard, or the doors will be open and a manager will be waiting to discuss matters of my finances. Either way, I don't care, I'll get what I want whichever you choose." With that, he turned on the spot and began to walk out of the bank.

The goblin barked his laughter once again at the boy's bravado, "What will be the name we place on your death marker welp?"

Harry stopped and smirked, "I have many, but the one that matters to you here and now, is Harry Potter. What's yours?"

The goblin straightened at the question, "Hardbone, Get of Greyshield."

Harry nodded at the Goblin, "Well met, Hardbone, Get of Greyshield. I will remember you."

With a smirk, he walked away, humming to himself as he went to acquire his ice-cream, maybe he'd see what Dumbledore's fascination with sherbet lemons was all about.


Harry walked down the street to the bank where he saw that the bank was still open but Hardbone stood at the entrance waiting for him. Licking the last of the taste of ice-cream from his lips, he shrugged and walked up the steps to stand before Hardbone. Raising an eyebrow, Harry waited for the Goblin to speak.

Hardbone slammed a clenched right fist over where his heart would be if he were human, his breastplate ringing slightly as the metal of his gauntlet struck it. "Magi Harry, Get of James of Potter, Out of Lily of Evans. You have called upon the Rites of Combat against Clan Gringotts. Your call has been heard and will be answered as per the Ancient's Ways. Follow me."

Harry nodded and followed as the Goblin turned and walked into the bank without waiting. They marched through the main hall and into the corridors behind, soon entering an ornate lift where Hardbone pressed a button and they began to descend into the depths below.

"So." Harry asked into the silence, "What happens now?"

Hardbone glanced at him, "Now? Now you fight like you demanded. If you win, you get your request. If you die, then it will have entertained us for a few moments."

Harry chuckled, "I'll try not to disappoint you then. Who or what am I fighting?"

Hardbone smirked at him, "You demanded good service. You will fight either a Hunt-master or a Raid-leader. To get the very best, then you would need to fight a dragon."

Harry laughed at that, "Good. I was worried your people were soft. Dragon it is."

Hardbone blinked and looked at the boy beside him in sadness, "Well, it was amusing to meet you. Where do you wish what is recoverable of you to be buried?"

Harry closed his eyes and smiled sadly, "Yushan. I want to be buried alongside those who care for me on Yushan."

"I know not of this place, but I will do my best to get your remains there." Hardbone nodded as if his success was simply a matter of time. "I will also remember that not all your kind are cravens."

Before Harry could respond, the doors of the lift opened and he found himself in a large cavern, the seating was like that of the Coliseum of Rome, the ground in the centre was stained black with blood and ash. Harry could feel the power of the Dark Side thrumming through this place, yet it wasn't twisted by the violence performed here, merely attuned to it. This was a place of conflict and endings, but also honour, judgement and new beginnings.

Hardbone led the way down a set of steps to stand by the door to a private box, facing a matching one at the opposite side of the arena. There were no other boxes, so this must be someone of great importance. Around them Goblins in various styles of clothing were gathering and taking seats, he began to see patterns emerging in their clothing, most likely an easily way to define family groups.

Abaddon mentally pointed out one of the Goblins that looked much older than the others, its large robes and walking staff added to the image of a scholar. Harry raised an eyebrow in agreement, the old goblin did indeed resemble the ancient Jedi Master Yoda in passing. If it weren't for his skin tone, he would have had to do a double take.

Add some House Elf to the ears, make him green, chop him off at the knees and the image would have been damn close.

Hardbone caught his attention by slamming his palm against the solid door three times and stepped aside, motioning to Harry to continue as the door was opened.

Stepping through, Harry managed to hold his surprise at seeing the first female goblin of his life. She appeared young for a goblin, the Force echoing with the vibrancy of her youth, yet her body was lithe and strong, callouses on her fingers and hands along with the thicker band of muscle on the back of her wrist, suggested many years of training with a weapon.

She was sitting on an ornate iron chair, which had no cushioning as he would have expected. It was placed before a large block of dark stone roughly hewn into the shape of a throne, the stone darkened by ancient blood upon where the palms of the sitter would rest on the arms.

She wore a white dress in a fashion similar to the romans, a golden brooch at her shoulder in the shape of the seal of Gringotts. A simple appearing short sword sat at her waist, but Harry could almost taste the magic woven within the goblin steel, Hate and Hunger wrapped around a core of Judgement.

"Greetings Magi Harry Potter." The goblin spoke, her voice sharp and strong, "Unlike your kind, our lives are harsh and blunt, so we shall go straight to business. Time is money after all." She gestured to him in amusement, "Your vaults are mostly empty compared to their past, and you wear rags but walk like a Raid-Leader. You have my curiosity Magi and that is a rare thing to manage."

Harry remained silent, sensing that making excuses, especially about waiting for his elf to finish acquiring him clothes, would be seen as a waste of time and effort.

She stood and walked to the balcony of the private box, looking at the blackened stone below. "You have been given a choice, what will it be?"

Harry nodded, "I have chosen but usually it is polite to introduce yourself when first meeting someone."

"I don't give my name to the dead." Was her simple answer as she waited for his choice, her gaze resting upon various Goblins as they arrived to witness the Rites.

Harry smirked at her, "Dragon."

She raised an eyebrow in surprise as she turned to look him over once again, "You are but what? Forty seven, forty eight seasons of age? Yet you choose Dragon." She nodded to herself and returned to her seat, apparently bored of the situation already, "The laws are as such. Weapons and armour as you will, the only magic you can wield is that of yourself. No magic items, weapons or armour. No potions or alchemical items, nor wands in your case."

She took a drink from a goblet on a small table beside her, "Once you enter, the wards shall raise and only a death from the arena will release the other. As you are without arms or armour, we shall provide what you require and charge it to your accounts. If you die, your accounts are forfeit by Treaty and the Rites, your… Ministry will be notified of events if that occurs. Victory will result in, what was it you called upon? Ah, yes. Good service. If you survive, we will offer you the finest service that Gringotts can provide as long as you have the coin to back it up."

"My thanks, my lady," Harry said as he bowed. "Where do I go to get weapons?"

She looked at him in curiosity, "Not armour?"

He chuckled, "Unless the armour would protect me against dragonfire, it means nothing against a Dragon. It would just slow me down."

"As you wish." She raised her goblet in a toast to him, "I salute you. You have the heart of a goblin in your human breast. I pray to the Ancients that you die like a goblin."

Harry saluted her in the fashion Hardbone had done to him and left the box, Hardbone stood waiting for him, "This way." He said as he led him down to a chamber under the private box. He motioned to the gates ahead, "The petitioners enter here as they have since Gringotts claimed these halls with Dwarven blood. Your opponent enters under the Priests box as the chosen champion of the Ancients Above and Below."

He pointed to a wall covered in weapons, "Take what you need, what armour do you want?"

Harry smiled at him as he began checking the weapons, most too large and heavy for his muscles to wield without tearing at the attempt. "None. It would slow me down."

Hardbone chuckled, "Then at least take a shield. It may buy you a moment or two. Ancients below, take mine if you want."

Harry stopped and looked at the goblin, "Thank you for the offer, but I only have two hands." He pondered things for a moment before nodding, "But I'll take you on your offer anyway."

Hardbone pulled his shield from his arm and placed it on the bench by the door. "May the Ancients Above and Below guide you." He nodded and walked away, "Good hunting little Magi. It's been amusing to meet you."

Harry chuckled as well before he took off his wizarding robes and tore strips from the bottom of the robe. Using them, he bound his baggy muggle clothing tighter to his body and began to stretch. He placed his wand and belongings on the bench to await his return.

Settling into a meditation position, he began to draw the Force and his magic through him, carefully, he layered the Force upon his bones, weaving it through his muscles, to strengthen his form, his senses and reflexes sharpened and he hardened his skin as best he could.

He carefully strapped the shield to his back like a rucksack and made sure it settled well like the shell of a turtle. Walking up to the wall of weapons, he grabbed two large axes, their blades were almost like a Dane axe, a hooked section at the bottom of the blade to catch enemy shields, each of which looked much too large for him and together was almost comical.

Whilst his training from Dooku had lacked anything outside the lightsaber and the little skill with knives he had picked up on his own time. Axes were something new, he would have no technique, but he hoped he wouldn't need any here. He lifted both axes and felt his balance shift more than he had expected, his muscles also began to shake from the weight, even though the Force was enhancing them.

Taking a couple of swings, he almost fell over a couple of times, until he could feel the shift in his balance as the metal moved. His fitness allowed much less of the Force available to him, than he was used to, but he made the choice to apply most of it, leaving a little available for him to wield, rather than having all his reserves available just in case. Reaching out with his mind, he grasped hold of the blades and supported them with the Force, reducing the effects of their mass upon him.

Now, he just needed to keep concentrating to keep them like that.

Above him, a voice began speaking, explaining the situation to the witnesses, nothing of real importance, so he blocked it from his awareness.

Now, he was ready and waiting, boredom began to set in. Groaning in annoyance, he tried to think of something to do to pass the time. As the thoughts ran through his mind, he remembered something he had heard Bo-Katan sing to herself before a battle. He had asked her what it was she was doing and she explained that it was a warchant to help focus her mind and get her blood pumping.

Chuckling to himself, he pondered the idea for a moment before shrugging and dragging the words from the depths of his memory. He began to stamp his feet in the rhythm and chant the war song, strangely, it reminded him of the Haka that he had once seen the All Blacks do before a rugby match his uncle had been watching. It might have lacked the aggressive display, but the harsh words and pattern of 'Dha Werda Verda' certainly got the blood pumping as Bo-Katan had promised.

Strangely, this was the most alive he had felt in ages. He hadn't realised how much he craved action until he stood here, his time behind a desk had numbed him. It was like an alcoholic not drinking for years and then suddenly having a drink in hand and taking a sip. It was so easy to fall back into the pattern, but did he want to?

He ran through his truly challenging battles of his years as Jade. Adi Gallia didn't count, simply because the deck had been stacked against her from the very start. The moment he got inside her mind, she had lost. Master Hran and the Jedi strike team that captured him, were also of no matter, those events had been almost scripted by him to get the results he desired.

Grievous had been a challenge before you learnt his tricks, he rarely adapted or grew in skill. He was predictable if you could survive him, embarrassingly so at times.

Onto Brax was a cunning Jedi and could have been a major threat if he hadn't fallen to the ambush, if he had fought fairly, then that might have gone very differently.

Mace Windu had been nightmarish, if it hadn't been for the surprise factors and his magic, Windu would have won each time. The fact that his tricks only worked once against him, didn't help either.

The Jedi at the Senate had been cowed by his bravado and their own perceptions. He had been on the edge of his abilities, they could have swarmed him and won if they hadn't believed the image he portrayed or were willing to pay his cost to do so.

Skywalker had been troubling until he lost control, where he became more of an annoyance. He had a lot of raw power and more than a little skill, but once he lost focus, it all crumbled.

Darth Sidious had been terrifying. Harry had been overconfident, weakened by his previous fight. His magic was easily countered, obviously Sidious had studied recordings of Harry's battle and the Sith Lord had more tricks than he had with the Force. With their skill in wielding a lightsaber alone and no other tricks, whilst fresh, he would have won against Sidious, with everything else? He was just lucky Montu had been there to sacrifice himself to save Harry.

As his mind cleared and the Force flowed through him, he felt the Drums beat alongside his heart and the Force sing with the chant he had just snarled to the world, his magic thrummed through his veins and he was practically vibrating in readiness for what was to come.

The Gate smoothly opened and the noise rushed in as he stepped into an arena to once again, face a Dragon. This time, he planned to have a much more appropriate end result.

He turned to look over the audience who had fallen silent in confusion at the sight of him. They had been expecting an adult magi to fight and die here, never had they expected to see a child. Laughter began to ripple amongst those who hated humans the most, but that died as the gates across the arena opened and they realised what the boy was to face.

They had expected a battle and the human to die.

They had not expected a child to commit public suicide by Dragon.

Mutters began to ripple as the immense beast was pulled into the Arena, its hide the colour of iron and heavily scarred; the ancient male was a storm of rage and hate, the father of many of the other dragons in these caverns. Its eyes burned with its desire to kill the goblins and feast upon their remains, hissing in fury as the Goblins controlling the chains binding it released it and ran.

Rapidly it clawed at the chains binding its mouth shut and snarled at the goblins, now safe behind their enchanted barriers, ready to watch it spill Magi blood on these sacred stones.

It flexed its mass and stretched out its wings as it roared at the puny speck before it, barely a bite. The power of its roar was shown as the air caused ripples in the protective barrier around the arena, Harry felt his bones vibrate with the noise and the air was punched from his lungs from the impact.

The echoes and emotions of its roar nearly deafened the crowd before they roared back in approval at its fury. War songs began to be chanted and sung in a cacophony of noise and passion, flooding the chamber with their power.

Power, that Harry happily grasped and used as more fuel for the battle to come.

Hissing, the Dragons head lowered and with a bubbling rush, flames poured forth, flooding over the area Harry had been standing in. The barrier flared with light as the flames rippled across its surface and the crowd roared in victory for the Dragon.

The flames receded and the crowd expected to see nothing but ash, but instead they saw a glowing boulder floating before the soot stained boy, the heat from the rock shimmering in the air as it liquefied under the onslaught.

With a flick of a finger, the boulder launched forward to slam against the Dragons snout, forcing it to rear back in shock at the blow. Harry rushed forward, towards the dragons left flank, the axes swinging as one to smash into the armoured hide of the Dragons forelimb, Harry's muscles and bones aching under the stresses of the blows.

The Dragon staggered from the impacts and snapped towards the annoying morsel, shuffling its limbs to regain its balance.

Harry rolled under the belly and struck at the back right limb, again staggering it. But the beast shifted much more rapidly than he had expected and the large roll of muscle and hardened scale of its tail slapped him away.

The crowd roared its approval once more and Harry smiled as he rolled to his feet. His skin already bruising from the impacts, but better bruises than having become a smear on the ground. Blood dripped down the beasts limbs from the cuts, not much, but it meant he could hurt it.

The rushing inhalation gave him enough warning, and he grasped at the ground with the Force, ripping another chunk up as a new shield, curling up behind it as the world turned to fire once again.

Grunting at the heat and steam wafting from his skin and scorched muggle clothes, Harry waited for the beast to open its mouth before launching the molten rock at the beasts maw.

The Dragon dodged the rock this time and hissed before rushing forward, trying to pin the morsel down with its bulk.

Harry charged forward himself, launching himself up at the beast's neck, but missed and slammed his axes into the Dragons wing, tearing through the membrane and causing it to screech in pain and rage, its tail slammed harry away again but this time it swiftly rushed after, its claws gouging the rock as it repeatedly tried to impale the painful morsel to the ground.

Trying to roll clear, a ringing shriek of metal was the warning Harry got before he was slammed into the ground, barely able to hold onto his weapons as a claw impacted upon the shield over his back. Grunting in pain, he felt his ribs creak and knew that something had cracked in there. He reached back to touch the claw and poured Force lightning into the flesh, grinning as the Dragon reared back in shock and pain, staggering as its forelimb went numb and unresponsive.

Jumping to his feet, he ran forward, Harry leapt at the Dragon and slammed both axes into its flesh, his arms flexing painfully with the impacts, then pulling one free, he slammed it higher up into the dragon and began to climb the beast. The flow of the Force he was using to speed himself was shunted to healing his body. He wouldn't last much longer, as he felt his muscles tearing if he did not do this.

It scrabbled at him, carving through its own scales as it tried to remove the painful pest from its flesh, but Harry soon reached its back, slamming an axe blade into the Dragons spine, and almost losing his grip as his own arm went numb as the axe blade hummed with the impact against the metal-like bone of the vertebrae.

The Dragon began to panic and rolled over on its back, trying to crush the pest, it roared and poured fire over its scales to try and kill him. Hiding between the two masses of muscle at the shoulders where the wings connected to the body, Harry sent most of his remaining reserves into his skin and bones, trying to withstand the impacts and survive the sheer mass of the animal trying to crush him.

As soon as he had space to do so, Harry managed to scramble to the base of its neck and forced an axe blade between the vertebra there, letting go in order to slam the other into the flesh and bone of the shoulder blade as an anchor.

Withdrawing the Force from everything else within him and grasping what imbued the arena, his veins burned with the power as he gathered as much strength as he could before slamming the loose axe blade with the Force, sheering through the spine and flesh before tearing into the ground in front of the Dragon, warping the metal from the stress and impact of the attack.

Harry rode the dying body to the ground and was knocked clear by the impact. Now the fight was over, he could feel the true damage to his body, he felt his bones grate and shift with their fractures as agony coursed through him, muscles being torn and bruised in his fight. It was only the painful experiences of his life and education that even allowed him to remain conscious through the agony and continue.

At least the Force returned to him quickly as he stopped channelling it through his body, although he knew he would suffer for the strain he had inflicted upon himself.

Holding himself upright with the Force to reduce the pain and appear stronger than he was, he gestured to the corpse beside him, "Is that enough or do I need to kill another?" His words echoed in the silence of the arena as the goblins were all shocked by what they had witnessed.

The silence was broken as the female goblin in the viewing box began to clap at his victory, the others quickly following her lead.

She let this continue for near a minute before raising her hands and the goblins fell silent. "Victory is yours Magi. You have defeated our chosen champion and obeyed our rules of combat. An impressive feat, beyond the ability of all bar our greatest. You could say legendary at your age." She gestured towards the viewing box opposite her, "What say you Priests? Are the Ancients satisfied?" Her tone turned amused at her next words, "Or shall he face another?"

An old goblin stood in blood red and silver armour, "The Ancients Below are satisfied by the Magi's offering of blood and death. But they will not hear the echo of his Magi name uttered in honour."

Another goblin stood, this time in sky blue and gold armour, "The Ancients Above laugh in joy at seeing a worthy warrior once more walk upon the Sun Kissed World. But as began with the Golden Griffin and the Silver Serpent, they will not hear the Magi's name uttered to the wind by the tongues of their Children."

The female bowed respectfully, "The Voices of the Ancients have spoken. Magi, you need a new name amongst my Fathers People. What shall we call you?"

Harry blinked in surprise at this, caught off guard at the requirement, "I was not expecting this," Harry tried to push aside his pain and think of an answer, a mental flicker of silver fire and large pale eyes had the title falling from his lips before he could think, "Adas. I will be called Adas by your people."

She nodded at that, before turning to face a group of the goblins watching, "Greyshield, your Get brought Adas to us, he gave the Magi his own shield to guard his flesh, a new shield shall be forged by my own smiths from my own coffers. In exchange for this, your blood shall be used to write his ledgers. See to it."

Another goblin stood and called out in interruption, "Mother of the Future, perhaps your mind is as dulled as the edge of your blade? The Ledgers in question are already written in Stormspear blood."

Harry might not have understood the social wordings, but he knew an insult when he heard one. He began to chuckle as he slowed the Force supporting him and freed some for other use, looking towards the female who looked to be on the edge of a rage, he began to speak, his voice clear for all to hear, "May I?"

She gestured towards him, which he took for agreement.

Turning to the goblin who had spoken up, Harry stared for a moment before continuing, "Stormspear I presume?" At the Goblins nod, Harry smiled, lifted his right hand as if grasping something and twisted it, the Force followed his commands and turned the goblins head around by one hundred and eighty degrees with an audible crunch that echoed in the cavern.

As the body dropped, he looked at the goblin who had been sitting beside the one he killed, "Are you next in his line?"

The goblin glared and stood up, "I am Magi. Are you going to murder me too?"

"Do I need to?" Harry queried in a coldly calm voice, he then gestured to the goblin called Greyshield, "Greyshield now handles my ledgers, not Stormspear, as was commanded. I will not be used as a platform for conflict that does not involve me as then the issue becomes my problem. The price you pay, for involving me in any petty squabbles, is that I kill you."

He jabbed a finger towards the new corpse, "Just like that fucker there. Now, if any of you sons of bitches have ANYTHING ELSE TO SAY, NOWS THE FUCKING TIME!" He paused as his shouts echoed around him and allowed any of the Goblins to speak before he focused his glare at the new Stormspear, "Are we going to have a problem?"

Turning his eyes away and his stance softening, "No." the new Stormspear replied, "There is no problem."

"Excellent." Harry smiled at him, "Your good health relies on that continuing." He turned his gaze over the others watching, his presence drawing his audience's eyes like a moth to a flame. "That goes for all others. Do as you will to each other, but do not involve me. You'd better have a damn good reason to do otherwise."

He turned to face the apparent daughter of the leader of Gringotts, bowing slightly, he smiled showing his teeth at her, "It has been a pleasure my lady, might I now know your name?"

She laughed and smiled at him, without teeth though, "Mother of the Future Heartcleaver, Get of Hookrend of Gringotts. Out of Fangclasp of Deephammer. It has indeed been interesting Magi Adas, but in the future, would you mind not killing my Father's Senators. Unless of course, you wish to make a claim for a Bloodline, I would then recommend calling upon the Rite of Dominion, that way the victor keeps everything that belonged to the deceased."

She gestured to the gateway beneath her, "Hardbone will return you to the Sun Kissed World. We will likely speak again."


As Harry exited Gringotts, he barely managed to hide the pain of his battered body as he used the Force to accelerate his healing. He had a new vault key in his pocket and the old one would result in the Aurors being called in for theft. That was if the goblins didn't do something first.

What was more important was what he held in his hand. For all his belief that if his vault had been that full, then what would be contained within his family vaults would be even more, that idea had been rapidly shattered at the first glance of the records he'd been given.

The Potters had been famous potioneers for generations, inventing many useful and well received potions over the centuries. Then his grandparents had sold their company for a major profit when they retired. That wealth was used by James Potter to live quite comfortably and with careful management or investment; it could have kept his family covered for decades, if not generations. Apparently, the Potters had rivalled the Malfoys and Blacks for wealth.

But it was nearly gone.

It appeared that his father had been one of the major funders of the Order of the Phoenix, pouring nearly everything into the war effort. Assets had been liquidated, investments sold, all poured into the Order.

He had even sold the family estate to a bloody singer of all people. She wasn't even that good! Then they had moved into a cottage owned by Dumbledore in Godric's Hollow. At least they hadn't been made to pay rent, that would have just added insult to the injury.

All that remained outside a few hundred Galleons and some heirlooms in his family vault, was the money put in trust for him and the inheritances others had left him. He was now the proud owner of several long-abandoned buildings on several small plots of land.

The problem with the inheritances of those thankful of his sacrifice with no next of kin of their own to dispute it, was that the Wills had been read, the assets transferred and nothing had been done with the locations. Most had nearly a decade of neglect to resolve. Some, it would be better to just pull everything down and build again.

If he had enough funds to do so, that was.

What was important was that he had enough funds to get things started. The law firm shares would consume just over half of his resources in a single go, he hoped that the resources it provided were worth the risk as he would barely have enough to start his plans.

You have to spend money to make money, investment was the way forward with what he remembered of the next few years. Either that, or he would have to delve into a more traditional Sith income plan. It wasn't like the Magicals were a utopia with no crime, he just had to find the ones worth bothering with.

He reached out with his senses and found Janes presence coming closer, opening his eyes he saw her as she turned the corner and came towards him. Waiting for her to arrive, he looked over the people around him. While most ignored him, caught up in their daily lives, a few recognised him and gave respectful nods and smiles as they went on their business, a small portion of the crowd looked at him with hate or fear. One old woman froze as she hobbled down the street, her milky eyes looked at him and she shuddered before turning around and walking away as fast as she could towards the leaky cauldron.

Jane paused and took a deep sniff when she got close to him before frowning, "Most people don't smell of smoke and blood after going to the bank."

Harry chuckled at that, "I don't do normal. Don't worry, I'll be fine."

"You know that if you want me to be your bodyguard, you need to let me do my job. Starting a fight in Gringotts without me isn't the best way to start our working relationship." she said as she walked beside him as they moved towards the Leaky Cauldron, her eyes watching the crowd around them and flicking over the rooftops and windows above them.

Nodding to Tom the barkeep as they passed, they returned to his room to find Dobby waiting there with several packages. Jane swept a few spells over the room before nodding to let him in, "You could probably do with another bodyguard or aide to watch your back."

"I have someone planned for that, but they aren't ready," Harry said as he took a seat with a sigh of relief, "Did you get everything?"

Dobby bowed before he answered, "Dobby be getting new Robes for the Master, a better trunk as requested and the books and potion ingredients from the list. Dobby has only a few galleons left."

Harry nodded at that, "Good. Excellent work Dobby. Miss Doe?"

She nodded and pulled out a box from her pocket, placing it on the floor and tapping it to expand it. Once it was the correct size, she opened it and pulled out a rack of vials, "You're a bit young for the normal use of this stuff, but I managed to get you five hours' worth of Polyjuice."

"Normal use?" Harry asked in confusion at what other use she could be referring to.

She blinked at him before shaking her head slightly, "Sorry, thought you already knew. Sex. Hell, there's a brothel in Knockturn that specialises in the stuff. Get a hair of a loved one or someone you desire, they drink the potion, a few seconds later and you get to fuck a celebrity, swap genders, roleplay some weird shit, stuff like that."

"Then why is it restricted?" Harry asked in confusion if that's all the Magicals did with it.

"Because if you can get a hair and either their wand or a close enough copy, then you can murder someone with witnesses and get away with it. Or if you have a contaminant, then that can cause some... odd reactions." She sighed and motioned to the other chair, taking it at his nod, "Stuff messes with DNA or something, not long enough to cause accidental pregnancies with someone else's DNA, but there was this one woman who ended up with her hair turning into a spider, and it was a permanent change. You'd need someone very skilled in transfiguration and potions to reverse that kind of damage."

"Then why allow it to be used at all?" Harry queried her.

"Because there's a bunch of the Wizengamot who enjoy using it recreationally, if you get what I mean, and they don't want to be arrested for it if they banned it. As long as the person drinking the potion is of age and consenting, then no matter who or what age they are using the potion, no laws are being broken." Jane shuddered at that image in her mind.

She carried on after taking a sip of tea from the cup Dobby provided her. "You need a licence to brew it, those potioneers are given a unique seal which they must place on every dose they produce. You are meant to record every dose you sell and note who you sold it to, they then have to record who used what doses when. Those lists get checked regularly and if something doesn't add up, then the Aurors drop on you like a mountain troll in heat. Merlin help you if you get caught with unlicensed doses."

Harry frowned at that, "What about the other person in the uses at the brothel for example, are they recorded as well?"

"Fuck no," Jane laughed, "Just the person drinking the potion. Others present aren't logged. They don't want any scandals popping up in the Wizengamot do they. No, cost too much in bribes if they're caught, so they tweaked the laws to protect themselves."

Harry glanced at the vials, "So you have been recorded as buying five hours of those?"

She smirked and nodded at him, "Yep, five one hour vials for personal use with my employer." As his gaze snapped to hers, she chuckled, "Don't worry, it was recorded that I was training my young employer in detecting others using it so you don't get kidnapped or attacked by someone using the stuff. Your virtue and reputation will be left intact." She took another sip, "Used a pseudo name for you but people will soon twig who I'm bodyguarding. And those I bought it from won't want to bring trouble down on you."

She gestured at the rack of vials, "I could have gone to a more skilled potioneer for longer lasting doses, but I expect this will be enough for you to work with."

Harry sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, "Fair enough. So, I won't have Aurors kicking down my doors to arrest me for misusing a restricted substance?"

"Nope," she said with a smile, "You should be all good as long as you don't get caught."

Harry nodded at that, "And the rest?"

"I sent owls to the tutors, just waiting on a response to see who's interested. I also sent Owls to the Packs about decent tutors they can recommend, about half will respond to me, Ill let you know what they tell me." She finished her tea and put the cup down, "I also picked up a bunch of books that have useful info in about this world, if you're going to be someone here then you need to know a lot more than you think you do."

Harry nodded at that, "Good, that will be helpful, let me know how much I owe you for them."

She nodded at that and passed across a written receipt, "Already thought you might."

Harry passed the receipt to Dobby after a quick look over, "Dobby, make sure that Miss Doe has the money we owe her. Then go to the Bank and ask for Greyshield, tell him you are my Elf and need to be attached to my accounts. If he asks for evidence, tell him that what happened to Stormspear was my evidence."

He raised a finger to signal he wasn't done before Dobby rushed away, "Once that is done, you are to go to Nott, Nott and Brown. There you will inform them that I will be visiting later today once Ive seen the Minister. Let them know that I will be signing their offer once I've read and agreed to the contract."

Dobby nodded and popped away to follow Harry's orders.

Harry pulled a key out of a pocket and tossed it to Jane, "Your pay and the money for Wolfsbane is deposited weekly into that account." He paused for a moment as Jane blinked in surprise and pocketed the key. "Tell me Miss Doe, have you ever read anything by Alexandre Dumas?"


Harry, now dressed in his fine robes over a suit, strode through the floo entrance of the Ministry of Magic's Atrium, his eyes roved over the small crowd around him as the weekend workers scurried around. Fewer in number, but no less busy than during the week. With an air of power, he settled the metaphysical mantle of Emperor over himself, it came easily, even over his young and weak form.

The crowd slowed at the sight of the young man move amongst them, parting before him as they felt the edges of Harry's power brush across them. Without thought, he had their attention and Harry internally smirked at how this would ripple across the Ministry. He knew that reporters would be waiting for him when he made to leave, he gave it maybe ten minutes before the first arrived.

Politely, taking his place at the back of the queue, he saw the magicals before him shuffle nervously at his presence, one even motioned for him to move ahead of him in the queue, but Harry simply smiled and shook his head, waving the man forward to keep his place in the queue. It would be good for his image to appear pleasant and polite, he needed to avoid being mentioned in the same breath as Dumbledore who would have likely taken the offer or just walked past them all. Being seen as humble was a weapon he could wield in public opinion.

Before the guard could say anything, Harry spoke, "I'm here to see a few members of different departments on urgent matters, I'm unsure as to who I would need to see."

The guard's eyes flicked up to Harry's forehead and widened at the sight, "Umm... what are you needing Mr Potter, sir?"

Harry gestured to his wand, "I need to discuss with someone how to register a bodyguard and I will also need to make sure that someone knows that they will be doing magic in my home. I'm also curious if the Minister is available to discuss some issues I have?"

The man blinked in surprise, "That's potentially a lot of people. The Minister isn't in on weekends, umm... Let me get my manager?"

Harry smiled, "That would be fine. Are you going to record my wand?"

The guard blinked in shock before blushing, "I'm sure you'll be fine Mr Potter, I..."

Harry raised a hand "No, no, I insist. You need to do your job, you've done it for everyone else and it's important, otherwise you wouldn't be here, would you?"

The guard chuckled awkwardly, "As you wish, Mr Potter." He ran the wand through the routine, taking care to be professional and efficient, straightening in pride as Harry nodded in approval, asking polite and curious questions about the procedure as the guard did his work. Watching as he repeated it with Jane's wand. Once complete, the guard motioned towards the fountain, "If you would wait there, Mr Potter, I'll send a message and get someone to see you immediately."

"Thank you..." Harry waited for the guard to finish the sentence.

"Eric, sir." The guard stammered in surprise, "Eric Munch."

Harry smiled and nodded to the guard, "Thank you Eric." He moved to the fountain as instructed as Eric quickly wrote a message and sent it flying off before turning to the next in the queue.

Jane stood beside him, her amber gaze sweeping over everyone around them for threats as she held herself ready to act.

After a few minutes, a young woman hurried over to the waiting pair, "Mr Potter. This way please, we have a conference room put aside for your use."

"Conference room?" Harry asked as he followed the woman. Jane following him like she was his shadow.

"Yes, Mr Potter." the woman nodded, "The message said you wished to speak to several individuals. Rather than have you run around to them, we've sent messages to them, asking for them to come to you."

Harry smiled at her, "Thank you very much. That's very appreciated. If there's anything I can do in thanks, just let me know."

The woman blinked and smiled in surprise as she opened the door for them, "Well, that's very kind of you Mr Potter, perhaps... no. I can't ask that."

Harry waited as Jane quickly entered to sweep the room for threats, "Go on. I promise I won't be upset."

The woman blinked in surprise at Janes actions before continuing, "Well, if it's possible, could I get an autograph for my son Jacob? He's a big fan and loves the stories about you."

"Well," Harry began, "I'm happy to give an autograph, but you are aware that those are just stories, aren't you?"

The woman blushed as she stammered her response, "Of course they are, you're only a young boy. Rescuing princesses and fighting dragons is a little too much to believe."

Harry chuckled as Jane returned and gave the woman an amused smirk behind her, "Excellent. Then I'm sure we can sort something out. If you can get a quill and some parchment, I'll sign it for you."

Her grin almost shone at her happiness, "I'll get something right away, do you want a drink? Something to eat?"

Harry shook his head maintaining his smile, "Some tea would be excellent if you don't mind."

The woman rapidly nodded and hurried out of the room.

Jane let herself chuckle at that, "Bit of a fan there. I think she actually believed those books."

Harry frowned as he sat down at the table, "The firm will be working on that once I've signed the contract. I haven't seen a single cred come to me from those." At her look of confusion, he shook his head, "Sorry, I meant Knut or Penny." Pulling a notepad from his bag, he began to write notes as he waited to be seen.

After twenty minutes a small parade of people walked into the room. Harry took the time to look them over as they each entered and he politely stood to greet them. His habitual positioning at the head of the table, adding to his odd authority.

The woman from before brought a tray of tea for him and the officials and gestured to each as she introduced them to Harry. "This, Mr Potter, is Mafalda Hopkirk of the Improper Use of Magic office, this is Gerald Hightower from the Administrative Registration Department, this is Gawain Robards of the Aurors Office and this is Amos Diggory of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures."

Harry smiled and politely offered his hand to each as they were introduced, frowning slightly at Amos Diggory's presence. "Thank you for the help," he passed her a sheet of parchment with his signature and a written note on it, "This is for Jacob. I hope he is careful with it, I don't intend to give many of those if I can help it."

She grinned and almost bowed in thanks as she practically skipped from the room in her glee.

Harry turned and smiled at the officials, "Thank you for your time today. I hope this won't take too long and let you get back to your important work. But first, could someone explain why Mr Diggory is here?"

Amos smiled at Harry, "Of course Mr Potter, I'm here because the known werewolf, Miss Jane Doe, was registered as part of your group when you arrived. A note was sent to myself as the highest representative of my department in at the moment by Mr Robards on account of you requesting information on acquiring bodyguards."

Harry nodded at that, "I was unaware that you were required to be involved. I apologise for any unintended insult caused by my confusion." He gestured for them to sit and took his own seat, "Well, the basics are that I wish to register my new bodyguard, Miss Doe, as living at my home address. That way, any magic she casts will not be blamed on me. I don't know how it all works, so I thought it best to come straight to the source as it were."

Hopkirk frowned at that whilst Hightower and Robards nodded in understanding.

Hightower leant forward, "While it would normally be an easy enough action to take Mr Potter, there are issues. First you would just need to send us a letter informing us of the change of accommodation and we'll update your records. I'm sure Mafalda can get her end of things done quickly."

Mafalda's frown didn't dissipate, "Mr Potter, I'm afraid that I can't simply stop the enchantment from detecting you casting magic in your home."

Harry nodded at that, "And I have no intention of casting anything at all. It's just when I was visited by a house elf last year, his magic was detected and I received the warning. I just don't want that to happen again."

Robards and Diggory both frowned in worry at that, Diggory interjected first, "This house elf, was it disgraced, wild or bound?"

Harry frowned, "He worked for a family at the time. They dismissed him later in the year, he now works for myself."

Diggory sighed in relief, "I'm sorry, Mr Potter, you had me really worried there. But I'm surprised that a house elf set off the Trace."

Robards nodded, "Indeed, otherwise we'd be getting warnings all the time. Madame Hopkirk?"

Mafalda's frown deepened, "I'm sorry, I don't remember sending one out, but I do so many in a day, they all blur together. I'll have a look when I get back to my office and check the files. There'll be a copy of my letter in the archive, Gerald, you should be able to access that faster than I will."

Gerald nodded, "I can find it for you when I get back. As I said, we just need a formal letter with your head of household's acknowledgement that you will have a magical adult living on the premises and I'll forward on the correct documentation to the relevant departments."

Harry looked confused at that, "Head of household?"

The adults looked at each other in confusion, Gerald frowning as he responded, "Yes, the head of your household. The Witch or Wizard assigned as your guardian who runs the household."

Harry shook his head, "I'm not sure who that is. I live with my aunt and uncle, they're muggles."

Gerald pulled a file from his briefcase and placed it before him, touching the wax seal with his wand; he whispered something and the wax cracked in two. Opening it, he began to read as Harry caught sight of an image of himself as he left Kings Cross. Gerald muttered a few things as he ran his finger over the document before frowning. "This is most irregular."

The others glanced at each other in confusion; Mafalda opened her mouth to speak when Gerald continued. "This file is incomplete."

Mafalda's mouth snapped shut in shock as Robards' frown grew at that simple statement.

Gerald sat back and rubbed the bridge of his nose; he opened his briefcase and reached in up to his shoulder as he rummaged around before pulling out a set of paperwork. Grabbing a self-inking quill from a pocket, he began to fill sections out, before tapping the wax seal with his wand and muttering a spell. He then passed them across to the others, with a final copy for Harry. "Please sign."

"What is this?" Harry asked as he tried to read the tiny writing.

"That," Gerald answered, "Is a formal request for an audit of your records. It will authorise me to request copies of your files from various departments to be bound together to complete your file. The fact that it is so thin is troublesome, it's practically empty."

Robards nodded along, signing his form and Harry raised an eyebrow as his copy gained the signature. He didn't feel any deception or threat from Gerald, nor did he see anything untoward in the text of the document, so he signed his copy and once they were all done, Harry watched the wax seal change colour from red to green at another spell from Gerald.

Robards sat back and stared at Harry for a moment, "As for the bodyguard situation, as Gerald said earlier, this would normally not be a problem, I would make a note on the matter and have it added to your file. That way, there won't be accidents if any Aurors get called in. However..." He gestured to Diggory to continue.

Amos frowned slightly at Jane before focusing on Harry, "Mr Potter, are you aware that earlier this year, new legislation was created and voted to law in regards to Werewolves?"

Harry sat back in surprise at that, "No. I was not aware, could you explain it to me please?"

Diggory nodded, "Of course Mr Potter. Werewolves are now required by law to register themselves with my department should they seek employment. If a Werewolf is discovered who has not done so, they are automatically sentenced to five years in Azkaban. If they are already employed, then they must inform both my department and their employers as to their condition or face the same consequences."

He waited for Harry to nod or ask questions before continuing. "We perform a thorough background check to ensure that they are safe and have no history of illegal activity. They must be taking the Wolfbane Potion for at least six months prior to their employment with no gaps or missed doses. They have to read, understand as displayed through a written test and sign a copy of the Werewolf Code of Conduct of 1637."

He took a sip of his drink before continuing, "They must also sign onto the Werewolf Registry and have an appointment with the Werewolf Support Services to discuss their living conditions, financial position and provide evidence of their Potion history in regards to the Wolfbane Potion. An inspection must occur to the containment location used for the full moon and it must pass the inspection requirements. Failure to complete any of these steps, again results in five years in Azkaban. This is not the same five years, this is a separate and additional five years. Is there anything you don't understand?"

Harry took a sip of his drink as he thought it through, "Can you confirm a few details for me?" At Diggory's nod, Harry continued, "This Registry and the Code of Conduct, I presume that they are public records and anyone can ask to see them?"

Diggory nodded, "That is correct, the DMLE is notified of any updates to the documents as is the Wizengamot."

Harry frowned at that, "The Wizengamot, is it verbally informed or just provided the documents and are reporters allowed to witness proceedings?"

Diggory frowned at the question, unsure as to where Harry was going while Robards smirked and Gerald nodded as he understood the issue. Mafalda simply didn't care. "It's a verbal report of any changes and yes, there are usually reporters unless it's a sealed session."

Harry sighed in annoyance, "So what you are saying is that to get a job, you have to tell everyone that you were attacked and infected with a condition that defines a portion of your life, this is then spread most likely through the papers to a public who is known to despise Werewolves. In addition, you must have been using an expensive and hard to manufacture potion for at least 6 months while looking for work, having to live off whatever savings you may have or charity from others. A potion that likely requires you to have a job to afford in the first place. Then you must alert a future or current employer that you have the aforementioned condition and be heavily investigated up to and including if you have any notes on your records. If the site of your transformation is not up to, I would imagine, the incredibly high standards of the ministry, you are classed as having broken the law and if you fail any one of these conditions, you will spend five years in hell, but more likely ten as several of the two sides overlap in issues."

He shook his head in disappointment, "What idiot basically gave Greyback an army?"

Robards stifled a chuckle while the others looked horrified at him.

Harry sat back in his chair with a look of disgust on his face, "No seriously, I want a name for the moron. The fool who brought this forward, has just provided a ready and willing force of angry individuals who could, in a few months exponentially explode their population numbers. Hell, that's not including if they strike at key members of government just to infect you so you can't fight back due to your own laws."

Diggory looked incredibly offended at that, "I acknowledge that not every werewolf is Greyback, but they are all..."

Harry slashed his hand across himself, signalling Diggory to shut up, "No. Greyback is a symptom, not the disease itself. How many Werewolves in this country are his victims forced to work with him because you took every choice away from them?" He rubbed his face in exhaustion, "The next dark lord that rises, just has to go to the werewolves and promise them some basic human rights and they will be loyal fanatics to them."

He grunted in frustration and shook his head, "I'm sorry. This was just a shock to me." He looked the adults over and raised an eyebrow at Robard's and Hightower's reactions to his rant. "Gentlemen, is there a loophole I have available to bypass all that dross to employ Miss Doe before I go and tell the Daily Prophet how disappointed and disgusted; I am with the Ministry of Magic right now."

Hightower smirked at the question, "Unfortunately, even though you hold a Heritage Seat on the Wizengamot, no member of that august body is allowed to have men who bear arms or wands in their service. It is also forbidden for any members who hold a voting seat to raise an army in their service. Nor is it legal for a private citizen to raise such an army except in exceptional circumstances."

Harry nodded along to all that but froze when Gerald mentioned Men who bear arms. He smirked at the clue, with that, he motioned Jane to step closer. "Miss Doe, are you able to provide all the documentation that the Ministry requires to uphold our contract?"

"No Mr Potter, as with many of us, that would be impossible." she answered with a resigned tone to her voice.

Harry nodded, "Very well, then according to the law, I must breach our contract rather than send you to Azkaban for no fault of your own. As the contract stated no terms for such a breach on my part, I must declare that the House of Potter owes Miss Jane Doe a debt of honour."

He stood and faced her, giving her a respectful bow. "Now you are free of any current contracts, Miss Jane Doe, I make you an offer to clear my debt. Will you serve me as a sworn wand, to act as my shield against all threats for a term of service for a year and a day with your choice to renew such an oath for as long as we both agree?"

Jane blinked in surprise and caught a glimmer of a smirk on Harry's face before it disappeared, "I shall accept your offer if I agree to the terms of service."

Harry nodded at that, "It just so happens that I have a document with a series of conditions that you previously signed to say they were agreeable to you."

"In that case, Mr Potter, I accept your offer and declare your debt of honour repaid to me." Jane said as she knelt and offered him her wand.

Harry touched it gently and then returned to his seat, smirking at the adults present. "You said no men, Mr Hightower, I'm pretty sure that everyone here can confirm that Miss Doe is no man."

Hightower smiled and nodded to him while Robards openly chuckled. Mafalda just blinked in confused shock while Diggory was mouthing silent arguments from where he was stuck to his chair.

Hightower just looked at the man next to him, "Are you going to be quiet, or do I have to perform a full audit of your department and its entire staff. I can and will put your pay on hold until its complete Diggory, along with every member of your department if you don't shut up and calm down."

He turned to look at Harry, "Well played, Mr Potter. It didn't need all the theatre, but you listened well and used the law in a manner I find entertaining. Madame Delores Umbridge is the individual who put that vote forward. She has many allies and more enemies, with several cases of overlap. Make sure you are ready if you wish to fight her."

He started packing his papers away, "In the meantime, Madame Hopkirk, you will update the records and clear the false record from last summer. Robards, update your records as to Mr Potters Sworn Shield. Diggory, behave yourself and place Miss Doe's records on a lockdown, open only to the authority of either yourself, the Director of the DMLE or myself."

Harry smiled at them, "Thank you Mr Hightower, I look forward to working with you in the future. By the way, as it appears that the Minister isn't in today, who would you recommend that I talk to? Who is the next most influential person in the ministry?"

Robards chuckled at that, "You, Mr Potter, are going to be dangerous one day. Crouch, Scrimgeour or Bones are your best bets, they're the major players in the Ministry these days."

Harry nodded politely to Robards, "That's good to know, thank you, Mr Robards. If there's nothing else?" He looked at each of them as they declined, "Excellent, I hope to have the paperwork in hand before I go home today, we don't want any accidents. And I'll be testing the checks tonight if that's okay? I don't want any accusations aimed at me over this."

He gave them a moment to speak up before standing and moving around the table to shake their hands, "Thank you very much for coming and helping me, I'm very grateful for your help."

When Harry got to Robards he smirked slightly, speaking loud enough for the others to overhear, "I'm going to check with the Ministers office if he's available. If not, then I'll probably go to Madame Bones to discuss my future relationship with the Ministry."

Robards gave him a knowing smile, "I'll give her fair warning Mr Potter, I believe she's in her office at the moment if you wish to contact her. I know she doesn't appreciate being ambushed by reporters, especially if they were asking what you were discussing with her instead of the Minister."

Harry gave him a smirk of his own, "I couldn't possibly imagine what that would do, a picture of Madame Bones and me shaking hands would be a good front page image though, wouldn't it?"

Robards' smirk turned into a grin, "I'm sure it would be quite the conversation piece. I look forward to meeting you again Mr Potter." he leant forward slightly and almost whispered his next words, "For your age, you have a very mature mind, just be careful to not reach too far too fast."

Hightower smirked when Harry shook his hand last, "You've been of interest to me for a while Mr Potter, now you have my attention. I hope you won't disappoint me."

"I think the feeling is mutual Mr Hightower." Harry responded with a smile.


Having visited the Ministers office and was informed by a pretty, young woman at the secretary's desk that he was unavailable. Nodding politely and smiling, he gave her his thanks and asked how he could get to the office of Madame Bones, Harry wandered through the Ministry towards the DMLE, he was in no hurry as he actually hoped not to have to deal with competent people.

Just as he was about to turn the corner, he heard a set of hurried shoes and some wheezing behind him, "Mr. Potter. The Minister. Can see. You. Now." gasped out by the secretary as she finally caught up.

Harry smiled at her, he was getting rather frustrated with all the smiling he was having to do, his cheeks were starting to hurt. "Thank you. I'll go straight back up, you catch your breath."

Walking past, he let the smile drop and rubbed his cheeks to the chuckles of his bodyguard.

Finally, they reached the Ministers Office and Harry knocked, entering when bid to do so, Jane followed Harry inside and stood near the door.

Harry smiled and walked forward, offering his hand to the rotund man in lime green before him. He had seen some shocking choices of colours for clothing in his life, but this was painful to witness. "Minister, it is an honour to meet you."

Cornelius Fudge shook his hand warmly as he also smiled, "The honour is mine Mr Potter. I've been looking forward to finally meeting you, but too much has kept us apart."

Harry frowned, "I imagine I know who you mean." He started suddenly as if just realising he was insulting someone, "Oh. Apologies, Minister."

"Call me Cornelius, Mr Potter." he interrupted Harry.

Harry nodded politely at that, "Then its Harry, Cornelius." He turned slightly to gesture to Jane who stood near the door. "This is my bodyguard, Jane Doe."

Cornelius raised an eyebrow but nodded politely to the woman, "I hope you don't think you need a guard with me, Harry?"

Harry waved off the question, "Of course not Cornelius. It's just that people like myself have bodyguards in the muggle world to protect against attacks and kidnappings and so forth. I realised at school when talking to a friend, that I had no guards, and realised I needed some. So, I hired Miss Doe to protect me."

"A wise choice then Harry," Cornelius responded, he motioned to some seats by a fire, a large painting of himself above it, trying to look important and wise. "Please, take a seat. Tea or coffee?"

Harry settled into a chair, approving of the comfort, "Tea please. Milk and two sugars."

Cornelius pointed his wand at the tea set and gave it a flick, the ornate items, performing their role to produce the tea. Internally, Harry frowned at the laziness, but wasn't surprised at it.

"So, Harry," Cornelius said as he sat back and took a sip, "You wished to speak to me?"

Harry nodded, "I did." He reached out with the Force to gently probe the edge of the Ministers emotions. Pride, greed, vanity, those came to him first of all. Digging a little deeper, he felt no true defences but rather a man who would bend under popular opinion and his greed. "I have some questions for you if I may? I have some plans for the future and I need someone I can trust to help me with them."

"Oh," Cornelius preened at the suggestion that Harry trusted him, "What sort of questions?"

Harry finally let lose the smirk he had been holding back, layering his words with the Force, "Oh, nothing major, but if all goes well, then what follows may put you in the history books. World history at that."

The expected greed was unmistakable in Cornelius' eyes, "Really? I'm always happy to listen to ideas Harry. Ask away."

Harry began with the core of what would follow. "Tell me Cornelius, what do you think of Albus Dumbledore?"



Hi all, now brace yourself for a heavy block of Authors notes. These are to clarify a few matters and to hopefully pre-empt complaints or queries regarding a few issues that came up with this chapter. Please also be aware that they aren't necessary to read to understand anything, just that it might help display how I expanded on the world and where my head went while making decisions.

I'll get the thanks and answers to reviews out the way first and then its on to some answers :)

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Plums: Sorry you feel that way my story.

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George Cristian810: While Dumbledore is a bit cliché here with the old manipulator, there are few credible threats for this Harry, even with his age taken into account. Harry is aware that Molly is either an agent or actively trying to manipulate him, but the Weasleys are too useful to ignore or dispose of. After all if he has the notorious blood traitor clan of Weasleys backing him up, then he has a smokescreen to keep others paying too much attention to what he's actually doing.

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Dezzal: Im sorry that you feel this way about the story, I hope you find stories that are more to your tastes.

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red demon161: Dumbledore doesn't see himself as evil, he knows he does despicable things, but he feels that he has to do them so no-one else has to. He has a final goal in mind and is willing to sacrifice a lot to get the magicals there. What is the happiness and life of one child compared to a world he has long dreamed of? He had already taken Malfoy into consideration in his plans, he didn't take Harrys unexpected changes into account, they may be small ones, but they threw him slightly off. He's had decades of slow manipulations, like Sidious, he doesn't handle sudden and unexpected changes to his neat and orderly plans well. Hopefully I can handle Harrys attitude change and Hermione well, things can change a lot over a summer at that age. Harry sitting around and doing nothing... as you can see above, that's not happening, he's got a lot of work to do and hes aware of that.

LordRahl80: I didn't want to pull a typical Emma/Daniel version out and wanted to give them some character other than Muggle Dentists with a Genius Witch for an only daughter. I felt they deserved a little extra. For the Dursleys, Harry has spent years pondering the right sort of punishment for them.

Ymere: As noted above, the Dursleys think they know whats going to happen as they've gotten away with so much in the past. Not any more...

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Svenion: I enjoyed the last 2 films, even though they were... disappointing. There were too many things happening that I was like, where the hell did that come from? I have my own take on how things progress. I am also going to do side stories for the Star Wars setting that continues those stories as well. And you won't have to wait until this story is done as they'll be released alongside these.

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Ariadne Venegas: He's actually forgotten that part, he'll be so happy to receive the reminder about it... The adult Dursleys fates are sealed, there's no way that they are going to get away with everything that happened after Harry's experiences. As for Dudley, I am torn between 2 ideas on how to handle him, it will likely depend on how I feel at the time. At this time, Harry sees Dudley as an unrepentant idiot and a bully. He's no longer the threat he used to be. The point in canon where they part peacefully has never happened to this Harry so all that anger and rage and hate has been bubbling under the surface for a few years. Harry's biggest problem is to not be too creative.

Wynn Silver: Im glad you are enjoying it and I try to sneak in some pop culture or humour here or there. The ring was a BS shortcut, but I didn't fancy showing months to years of Harry learning languages so he could finally start training. But I could imagine a Sith Lord getting frustrated at all the languages and wanting a shortcut to not have to bother with a protocol droid translating his threats on his behalf. It's rare that you find one with any talent for it.

Ksecc1: The chess game is actually from the Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, I loved that scene in the film. From my research it was based on the Bent Larson vs Tiger Petrosian 1966 game in Santa Monica. I'm an absolutely terrible chess player, so I let others fill the gaps in the game and research for me. It was a good attack but not well thought through by Harry, James was amused and enabled his Father's antagonism of a rival. Harry for all his calming under Dooku's wing, is still a young Gryffindor at heart who has been the target of similar injustice. He didn't wait and think of keeping it quiet as he wanted her safe now. At least he turned up on his own rather than with a fleet... Anakin is such a wonderful opportunity to explore that was handled so badly it hurt. But it doesn't excuse the fact that he's a whiny man-child most of the time. Something that was his alone was threatened and he was guided to think that he couldn't trust his peers to help him protect it. In the background, there are several examples of Jedi marrying and having families, but they are few and far between, I'm not sure if Anakin realised that this was an option available to them. If Padme had proposed their marriage on his behalf, they may have even accepted it rather than the pair hiding it from everyone in fear of discovery. I can confirm that the Silver girl is one of many versions of Luna. The ritual occurred because in that timeline Harry wasn't there for his Horcrux to be destroyed so Voldemort was believed dead when he wasn't. Luna is making nudges to get the results she wants to happen, they don't seem much, but a touch here and there, all add up. Harry's body double is just an offscreen guard who was chosen for that role. He is a force user, but not magical, nor is he especially powerful. As for Harry returning to the Star Wars setting, he'll just have to take the long way to get there :P If someone travelled back to Ancient Egypt and made some changes in a war that happened, how much would that affect the modern world? Potentially a lot, but most likely, nothing at all. Too many major events occur afterwards that wipe records and clear the field. Then again, there are hints in the visions about Harry and the ritual performed within them. Plus, the Echoes side story has a chapter with Yoda that also gives clues as to the timeline. Ive made comments about mara's parentage already and won't expand on them at this time :)

AvidReader2425: Well, you apparently lived up to your username :) Harry's history in the future is valid for that timeline. His personal timeline is an issue that will come up later. Anakin was a broken individual who never managed to heal properly, which coloured his viewpoints of the world and those around him. As noted previously, Harry would have to take the long way around to get back to the Star Wars setting.


It has long bothered me that a wand which is the most vital part of a magicals lifestyle would cost 7 galleons. If it only cost that much, then why do people not have spares, why would the Weasleys and others use hand-me-down wands and not replace them when you need to. Approximately £35 for a wand? Hell, I'd have saved up my birthday money when I was a child (I was 11 in '93 so the exchange rates would be pretty comparable) and bought a new one each year, if only to have spares.

But Ollivander is an expert in his craft, he is a skilled artisan and everyone goes to him to buy one. "The Wand chooses the Wizard." A vital comment in the understanding of the value of a wand. Both Ron and Neville both have hand-me-downs but no-one says anything about the wand, instead focusing upon the user as the weak point in the equation.

If it were a matter of wealth alone, Draco would have pranced around in a robe made of wands, instead he only has one and is traumatised when it is taken from him. IF it were a matter of legality, Draco would have more than one and his father would protect him. Therefore, it is a cultural and potentially spiritual limit of using a single wand at a time.

So, I'm running with that theory, however, this brings me to the issue of currency and exchange rates.

For the future conversions of money please be aware of the following for reference (Something all us potterheads are aware of):

1 Galleon = 17 Sickles 1 Sickle = 29 Knuts 1 Galleon = 439 Knuts

Please be aware that I am building the sickle and knuts values as a fraction of a galleon and not their raw material value if silver and bronze are actually the materials used in making the coins.

Now, the research and maths.

1 troy ounce is 31.1034768 Grams or 0.0311034768 kilograms.

At the close of 1993, the value of gold was £265.14 per Troy Ounce which would result in 1 gram being worth £8.524448945. (Based on conversion values of USD to GBP as of 31st December 1993)

At the close of 1992, the value of gold was £217.55 per Troy Ounce which would result in 1 gram being worth £6.994394916. (Based on conversion values of USD to GBP as of 31st December 1992)

Using the Noble Collection set of Gringotts Coins purchased from Warner Brothers Studio Tours near London as a base standard for a galleon results in the following:

Diameter = 40.09mm

Depth = 4mm

Weight = 42g

The weight I acquired from using electronic kitchen scales, the width was using a tape measure and the diameter came from one of the links below where someone used much better tools than I have to provide the value. I am aware that the density of gold and whatever metal used for the coins will likely differ, but I am progressing with the weight being what the coins would weigh in gold, apologies if this is incorrect. If anyone can tell me how much the coin would actually weigh if it were gold, I'd be happy to correct my maths.

Using the coin and the value of gold that I have researched as a base value then I am using the following values based off an average of the gold value between 1992 and 1993 (plus roundings at the end):

1 Galleon = £325.90 = $487.32


1 Sickle = £19.17 = $28.70

1 Knut = £0.74 = $1.11

I used the following sites to gather this information together.

gold-prices / historical-gold-prices /

en / historical-currency-

gold-guide / troy-ounces

forums / threads / harry-potter-coins-sizes.269709 /

(just remove the spaces – I input those to avoid fanfiction censoring that may cause problems)

As you can see, this is insane in some parts.

£2281.30 for a wand that's meant to last you a lifetime seems fine to my mind, at least you could understand inheriting wands, especially in big families. Presuming that Ollivander sells wands to at least ¾ of Hogwarts yearly intake, guessing 100 children per year normally, that means he would make £171097.50 before any costs or taxes are involved on that alone. Say, you lose 2/3 for materials, time and salaries for his staff (if he has any) and say 20% of the total for tax (I have no actual idea what the tax rate would be, so this is just guesswork) that would result in a pretty standard £22813.00 per annum profit for a vital artisan before any other purchases are made due to breakages and accidents. In 1993 this is a very good wage to get into your bank. Translating that back to galleons, you have an annual profit of 70 galleons.

Meanwhile, it costs Harry, Hermione and Ron 6 sickles for 3 butterbeers, this is 2 sickles per beer which is £38.34 for a butterbeer...

From this, I think we can safely drop the 24 carat gold for the galleon as an option for the setting as if the conversion rate between galleons and british pounds is £5 per galleon, then muggleborns and muggle raised halfbloods would become the new financial elite by buying every galleon they can get and selling it for raw materials in the muggle world and converting it back to galleons to repeat the cycle until the goblins run out of gold or the economy collapses or the muggle value of gold drops suddenly by the influx onto the market.

So, after all that math, research and time spent on just staring at the screen going, "Wait... What the hell?" I'm going to choose an arbitrary value of my own choice.

I am going to run with the concept that the metals used to produce the coins are only coloured gold, silver and bronze and that they are not the actual materials. They are produced by the goblins (each coin is marked by the goblin who made it) and as such, they declare the value of the coin to be X. The Wizards can either make their own coinage and handle it or suck it up and deal with it (probably a concession from treaties in the previous wars against the goblins) unless they want the bank with all their money in it to close its doors to business with the wizards. (Which is a whole other issue with how the Wizards who treat the Goblins who could hold their money ransom if they chose to.)

Therefore, I am using the value of a Galleon to be £50.00 per coin.

Which results in 1 Sickle being £2.94 and 1 Knut is £0.11.

For the americans reading this, it would mean that as of 1st July 1993 at the approximate start of the summer holidays 1 galleon was $74.83, 1 sickle was $4.40 and 1 knut was $0.17 as per the exchange rates of that day between GBP and USD.


For a measure of the coins held in Harrys Vault, I am using the research displayed on the following website:

celebrity / movies-tv / news / a37934 / someone-calculated-how-much-money-harry-potter-inherited-and-yes-hes-rich-af /

As noted in the site above, the number of Galleons in his vault are an estimated minimum of 50625 Galleons. I am running with the concept that with Rowlings description of mounds of gold coins, there would be another pile of a matching size. Then there are the missing Sickles and Knuts that were not shown, but described in the book.

With this in mind, then the value I am imposing on Harry's wealth in Galleons at the point he left Gringotts in this chapter was 110000 Galleons. So approximately 102000 Galleons and 8000 galleons in other coinage ranging from 136000 Sickles and no Knuts to 3512000 Knuts and no sickles. I'm running with a 75/25 split for those who care, so 102000 Sickles and 878000 Knuts.

That's a huge amount of coins in a vault, so many it would look like immense wealth, no matter their total value. At the age of 11 I couldn't even conceive of what that much coinage would look like, even now, I have a lot of trouble visualising it.

Using my self-decided value of £50 per galleon, this means that Harry has 5.5 million Pounds in coinage in his vault. Plus any deeds and investments that might still be there. It's a huge amount of money for one person but Harry isn't just 1 person.

He's got plans and plans cost money.


Now, on to an attempt to nip some of the complaints regarding the question of Harry making star wars galaxy technology immediately.

As a thought exercise, I would like my readers to just think about a piece of technology that has been around for thousands of years and as with hundreds of other technologies, without it we wouldn't be where we are today.

The humble windmill.

We've seen them in films and TV, read about them, perhaps even physically seen them in person. Some of you may even work in one for all I know. Perhaps you live in a converted one.

Try and think of the components and how to make one from memory and draw it by hand, notes on the details are viable. Now, you have the basics, you understand the theory of how it works and all that. Now, how would you make the mill stones? How would you make the gears? If you were in a medieval period, what woods would you use? The stone? How would you make the nails to hold it together? Do you know what ores to use and how to acquire them to even get to that stage, never mind working in a blacksmiths to refine and shape that ore into an incredibly simple design of the humble nail.

I will hold my hands up and happily say that I have no clue. Like many, I know sections of the process, but ask me the temperature or colour of the metal should be when its being forged, ask me what the ore looks like, what woods to use, how its treated and processed. What stone would be used, how to shape that stone. Any of that, and I'd shrug for the most part beyond you take the iron ore, melt it down and add carbon (probably from charcoal?) and then let it cool into a lump, then heat it until a yellow colour and hammer a section into shape over time on an anvil... then I would realise, how would I make the hammer and anvil, never mind the forge itself, other than I'd need bricks, coal, bellows and a chimney. Then you come to how do I make the bricks and what clay do I use, do I put anything else in the mix of clay and where do I get the clay…

See what I mean?

These components of the full device and structure are all old, well tested and trusted technologies. Each has been refined and improved through generations and millennia of skilled labourers and artisans. I would have to start from scratch with a broad knowledge of the final product and bits and pieces of knowledge of how the components are made. It takes a lot of resources time and experimentation to get there.

Now, stage two of this exercise. Do the same as above, but with a modern computer.

I sure as hell don't even know where to start. I can barely put one together if you give me the parts and instructions. And that's just the physical components, that's not including the software and Operating System they require.

A modern soldier is likely to be able to easily build and check a rifle if given all the parts. A minority of them will be able to produce those parts if given the processed materials and equipment. But how many of them are able to produce the equipment to process the materials to create the gun, never mind source the materials in the first place.

And it works the other way around. If you took a miner who gathered the initial iron ore or a lumberjack who cut down a tree, would they have the knowledge and skill to gather the other raw materials and turn it all into a rifle?

Harry is currently like a modern adult with an excellent education and military training being dumped in Ancient Rome and told to make a modern PC, with an Operating System and a program that tells the computer how to fire a gun. Then he needs to make the gun and the mechanism that the computer will need to fire the weapon.

Good luck with that.

Luckily, Harry has magic and can at least cheat to some extent to get going, the good toys are going to take scientists and R&D departments to even get started. And all that takes time and money.

And please take into consideration that he has concepts and technologies in his head that a modern scientist might have wet dreams about, but lack the language to describe it. So, modifying the above thought exercise of making a computer in Ancient Rome, lets change it to a modern scientist trying to explain the various sciences behind launching a rocket to the moon in the Latin of Ancient Rome.

A simple example of this in history is that during the conversion of the Scandinavians from their old faiths to Christianity, new words had to be created and concepts modified as the people of the Mediterranean nations knew what a scorpion was when it was mentioned in the bible, but the average Scandinavian wouldn't have a clue.


In regards to the Dha Werda Verda section before Harry's fight with the Dragon, I can neither confirm nor deny, that it may have been influenced by a combination of watching the series Vikings; the music for the trailer for the 2nd Senua game and listening to the Hu, an awesome Mongolian metal band that has a canon Star Wars song! :)

"In Maidjan" by Heilung is the piece in question from the Senua trailer and really gets my heart pumping. Having watched the All Blacks perform a Haka and reading up on the Mandalorians, I can imagine something like this being a ritual before battle for some of them, if they had the time or inclination to do so. So, I looked through the music given for them and picked Dha Werda Verda as it matched the feel for the imagery I was looking for. The Taiko style drumming that goes along with the piece really helps as well.

If you ever get the chance to attend a live show of Taiko drumming, I heavily recommend it. I was shaking from the adrenaline from the martial pieces the group played. But that might just be me :)