It's a disaster
It's an incredible mess
But it's all we've got now
Yeah it's all we got
Howling with laughter, panic
alarm, and distress
But it's all we've got now
Yeah it's all we got

Canada leaned back in his chair attempting to drown out Germany's voice as he droned on about some environmental issue.

It's not that he didn't care what was happening to the environment, Canada always did his best to reduce his carbon footprint, the northern nation was just really tired. He'd been woken up at early by Prussia, who had been begging for pancakes, then his car didn't start and to top it all off, he'd dumped his Timmies on his paperwork when America had tackle-hugged him.

All in all, Matthew Williams was one incident away from losing his shit.

On the other hand, America was absolutely done with the day and it wasn't even lunch yet. Alfred had gotten roughly an hour of sleep and he could currently feel the irritation rolling off his northern older brother, which made him want to throttle the violet eyed blonde for some reason.

Unfortunately, whatever god was out there seem to like ruining the North American brothers day and sent them one more little surprise that came in the shape of three girls busting through the meeting room door.

One was a silver-eyed brunette with a pair of goggles on her head that bore a striking resemblance to the ones Canada used to wear. She was clad in extremely short jean shorts, a royal blue tank-top that showed off her figure and black cowboy boots.

Clinging to her leg was a smaller red-head in a blue summer dress with emerald eyes and a shit-ton of freckles. She didn't have any shoes on and had a miniature battle axe in one hand.

Standing behind the eldest looking one was a slightly shorter blonde with glasses and blue eyes. She wore a large sweater that had a chibi Grizzly Bear on it along with a pair of leggings, galaxy converse and an expensive handbag.

All the nations turned to see what caused the commotion and when America laid eyes on them he fell out of his chair mumbling something along the lines of 'why me'.

The brunette locked eyes with Canada, who paled and hugged Kumajiro.

"DAAAD!" She yelled as she stormed towards the canadian, pulling the red-headed girl off her leg and dropping her on Matthew's lap.

"Hi Daddy!" The freckled girl chirped. "Why's uncle Al on the floor?"

Before Canada could say anything, the brunette smacked him on the head and continued yelling at him.

"Don't ever offload the Maritimes and the Yanks on me when you have a meeting ever again! I'm a province not a sitting service."

Snapping out of his daze, Matthew scowled and looked at his daughter. "Sasha Ira Williams what are you Jessica and Peyton doing here!?" He said as he set Kuma down and held onto the red-head as he stood up.

Before Sasha could say anything, the blonde girl walked over and hit her on the head with her bag. "Don't call me a Yank you frosty bitch!"

That got America's attention. The blonde stood up and crossed his arms. "California, I told you to stop swearing! Why do you never listen?"

California rolled her eyes. "Whatever, you know it's true. Alberta's a certified bit-"

"I dare you to finish that sentence Jess." Alfred stated.

Matthew looked at Alfred. " kids better brother! Newfoundland is right here."

All the other countries in the room sat there dumbfounded as they watched the family interact.

Suddenly, England stood up and spoke. "Bloody hell!-"

"Language!" The brothers snapped.

"What is going on here…" England finished.

America and Canada suddenly remembered that they were in a room full of countries that had no idea the provinces and states were personified.

"Oh." They said in unison.

Matthew looked to Alfred. "Tactical retreat?"


Alfred lunged forwards and picked California up bridal style and charged out of the room while Matthew grabbed Alberta and threw her over his shoulder, running after his brother.

Ukraine shot up from her seat and followed after Canada. "Matvey! Don't manhandle my daughter like that!"

"Sorry Kat!" He called over his shoulder as the ukrainian caught up to him. "We're still on for dinner right?"

"Mmhmm" Katyusha said as she grabbed Newfoundland from Canada's arms. The girl giggled and hugged the woman so that she didn't fall while she ran.

"Hi Mama!" Alberta said with a wave.

"Hello Sasha." Ukraine said as she and Canada ran out of the building the meeting was being held at and got into Matthew's red truck, driving after Alfred.

Meanwhile at the meeting room, the countries of the world were still completely silent as they tried to figure out what just happened.

Russia looked back and forth between his sisters and Canada's seats with a shocked look on his face.




"I'm going to kill that french-canadian for touching my sister!"

All the other countries then snapped out of their dazes and charged after Russia in hopes of catching the North Americans(plus Ukraine) so they could question them.

Welcome to my Provinces and States fic! This has been collecting dust in my computer for a while so I might as well post it! Don't forget to R&R!

Canada: Matthew Williams

America: Alfred F. Jones

Ukriane: Yekaterina "Katyusha" Braginskaya

Sasha Ira Williams: The Province of Alberta

Peyton Williams: Newfoundland

Jessica "Jess" Jones: The State of California

I don't own Hetalia.

Song; It's a Disaster by OK GO

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