A moment that changed our lives.

June 30 2015

It was a normal day at West Monte High Lux Cassidy was standing in the hallway with her best friend Tasha and her boy friend Jones they were getting ready to go to their English class with Mr. Daniels who happens to be Lux's boyfriend and they were walking they heard a gun fire and everyone started running and screaming.

Lux,Tasha and Jones started running down the hallway and avoiding all the classrooms that had glass wall they all mange to make it to their English class when they ran in there Mr. Daniels was confused as to why they were all in the classroom before class even started " what is going on?" Lux looked at everyone "we were walking to class and someone started shooting."

Once Lux had said that Mr. Daniels ran to the door to see if anyone else was coming and when he didn't see anyone he closed the door and locked it, "is anyone hurt?" Lux looked down and saw blood coming from her leg "I guess I must have gotten hit with a bullet while we were running," Mr. Daniels looked at her leg and gave her a towel "put pressure on it."

While Lux and Eric (Mr. Daniels) took care of her leg Tasha and Jones were trying to call for help, then then they heard more gun shots getting closer to the room that they were in Tasha was crying and Jones was trying to get her to clam down "help needs to come soon or Lux might not make it the bullet is every deep."

Outside the school

Baze and Cate got to the school at the same time and ran to the check in station "we are looking for our daughters Lux Cassidy and Natasha Siviak?" the police man checked the list " I'm sorry sir but your daughters names are not on the list so they must be inside," with that he walked away " Baze what are we going to do?" Baze didn't know what to say so he just hugged Cate and tried to calm her down.

Inside Mr. Daniels classroom

What felt like hours that they had been in there was only a couple of minutes " why would someone want to shoot up the whole school?" Eric looked at all of them " it was probably someone who was getting bullied and finally snapped and decided to take it out on the whole school," Eric went back to check on Lux.

Mathew Rogers classroom

it was suppose to be a day for reviewing for the finals but someone decided to bring a gun to school and now Mathew had 40 students in his class room the good thing was that no one was injured, as time went by he was starting to wonder how many had gotten hurt or if any didn't make it, Mathew was starting to think about the shooter "was it someone went to the school or was it some random person who felt the need to hurt people."

Mr. Daniels classroom

it has been three hours since the first gun shot and occasional they would here it again along with some screams " are people still in the hallway?" Eric looked at Jones " well the alarm went off so people should be in classrooms," and he just stopped talking but they all knew why but didn't want to say anything, "Lux is losing a lot of blood and she is getting paler."