A moment that changed our lives_7

March 5, 2020

Ten years later

It's been ten years since that Fateful day at West Monte High I still think about everything that happened that day, I started going to therapy and it has helped a lot I still talk to Eric everyday as for me and my husband we divorced three years ago and he moved back to California we never had any kids so that made the divorce easier.

Well Eric and I started dating three months after I got divorced and we ended up getting pregnant shortly after we started dating and we got married four months after we started dating, we had a little girl named Cassie and we adopted twins a boy named Henry and a girl named Lilly Zack loves being a big brother, I'm glad Eric and got back together and this time we didn't have to hide it from anyone.

As for my mom and dad they are still together driving each other crazy and still acting like newlyweds, as for Jamie, Math and Ryan they are still with their wives and still involved in my life and every Friday we get together at the bar and have a family dinner witch always leads to lots of laughs and wonderful memories.

Eric and I have our own business we help kids who have aged out of Foster care and we help them adjust to life outside of Foster care we have been very successful, Tasha and Jones had several children together but they were still on drugs and they got them taken away we felt bad for the kids they fortunately have Jones' dad and step mom to take them in.

Since it had been ten years since the shooting and the school is having another memorial service to remember the students and teachers that were lost that day a lot of people were mad that the school was having another memorial service since they thought that they should let the families and community heal from that day but it was mostly the families of the victims that wanted to community to remember the victims.

That day we saw people that we had hadn't seen since the last memorial service and we talked to the families of the victims you could tell that they had wished that their loved one had made it, Eric and I understood what they were feeling , I always wondered why I survived and someone else didn't Eric has the same feelings that I do and our therapist says that we both have survival guilt.

Every year Eric would get depressed about the shooting and I understood since that day was when he lost his ability to walk and I could tell that ten years later it still bothers him that he can't walk or do some things with the kids and he knows that we all love him and glad that he is here with us.