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Alone. Once again she was alone.

After the Guild disbanned, everyone left, to go on with their lifes and their inner demons.

After the hell she went through, and in which she lost a dear friend, she thought her family would be there to help her. But no one was there anymore.

And even her best friend was gone, with a short letter, which barely explained his departure.

With tears, which continuesly fall from her eyes, Lucy ran down the streets of the demolished Magnolia.

She couldn't believe he just left her. In her own denial, she tried to find him, and a proof that he was still there. But his home was empty, and again she ran.

She had no destination, no idea where he went, but her desperate mind tried to find him anyway.

After she past the border of the town, and entered the forest, her vision became a blur.

After thirty minutes she completley lost her orientation, and came finally to a stop.

While she was breathing heavy, Lucy looked around her, only to confirm that again she was alone and utterly lost. All she could see was the never ending green and brown of the thousand of trees, which sorrounded her. She could'nt even see from where she came.

Her heart and her entire body ached, from exhaustion as well as emotional pain. She broke down and lay on her stomach while she heavily sobbed.

Mud and sticks decorated her hair and clothes, but she couldn't care less. Her brain was running wild with her desperate thoughts.

This is the end? After all they've been through together? She thought they were her friends, her nakama, her FAMILY. But all of them just agreed to the Disbannding and left, as if there were merley friends. She felt angry, but above all, she felt left behind. Even her best friend, didn't said Goodbye to her in person. Just a letter. Was their friendship not worth a little hug and a farewell? After this thought she even felt betrayed.

All her emotions hit her at once and she could literally feel the crack, which parted her soul.

And suddenly she felt numb, all the pain, saddnes and anger was gone, but she couldn't feel relief, because she felt nothing at all.

There on the ground, in the middle of the forest, she still lay, when the night falls.

Lucy was numb. She was like a zombie. Just layin ther with no movement completley still.

No thoughts at all, were running through her head, and she had no intention to get up at all.

For what? She had no longer a home or a family she could return to. No one was waiting for her. Not even a path for her life. No goals, no future.

Suddenly she heard rushling from the trees, to her left, and with a force, which let the trees crack and fall to the ground, a monster was heading towards her.

It was two meters tall, with dark blue fur which covered him fully, and two big horns on his head. It had the face of a wolf with razor sharp teeth, which glowed dangerously in the moonlight.

Lucy merely looked his way, but had no itention to get up.

Should she run away? But she felt no fear.

Should she fight it? But she felt no courage.

The moster saw her, and the murderous glint in those blood red eyes told her it would attack her. But still, she couldn't move.

The monster stand right before her lying figure, and hold up his arm, only to let it crash down on her.

But right before the large palm, with the sharp claws, could rip her body apart, a flash of golden light illuminated the scene and the monster was pushed back.

After the light deceased she could see a figure standing before her protectivley. Out of pure instinct she thought of her best friend, and Dragon Slayer, but a second later she noticed that the hair of her savior was wrong. It was not her favorite shading of pink, but an deep and dark blue.

"Are you alright?" asked the former criminal, as he confirmed the monster fled the scene, and it was safe to turn to her. She saw the suprise on his face the widening of the eyes, which was surrounded by an tatoo.

"Lucy?" he asked the second question, but Lucy didn't answer. She just lay there, absolutley still, besides her calm breathing.

"Is she ok?" a female voice asked, and Meredy walked right next to him, with a courious, and slightly nervous expression.

"I don't know, she is not responsive, but I think she sees us." Jellal anwered her in his typical calm voice.

Meredy lowered herself on her knees, and shoke her by the arm.

"Lucy? Lucy, talk to us! What happened?" she tried, but the result was still the same.

"Something is definitely wrong here. But the monster didn't even touched her." Jellal wonders, and his mind was working for an answer.

Meredy slowly hold her hand above her chest, and her hand began to glow an beautiful pink. But suddenly she gasped and clutched her hand to her chest.

"Jellal, she... she got no emotions or senses in her!" Meredy panicly said.

"What? That's impossible, how could someone not have senses?" He asked slightly shocked to the discovery.

"I only saw that once, when I was back with Grimore Heart. We found a women, who carried a boy out of a destroyed town. Due to the tragic he witnessed and the loss of his whole family his soul shattered. And he acted exactly like Lucy right now." Meredy told, with an look in her eyes, which looked like she relived this moment in her mind.

"Her soul shattered?" He asked and Meredy nodded.

"And from what i know, she only have a week, before she dies, due to the magic lost of her body." Meredy explained with a saddened face, tears began to appear in her eyes.

"That's more than bad. Do you know how to fix her soul?" he asked, also bitterly, after this outcome,

"The boy couldn't be safed, and I never whitnessed it again, so no. I don't know how." She spoke silently.

Both looked down at the fragile looking girl, which lay on the ground lifeless.

Out of the blue, a gold flash appeared.

"I know how to save her." Loke said, as he appeared through his gate. He picked Lucy up, and hold her carefully.

"But i need your help." he told them, with a serious expression.

"Then let's go." Jellal spoke and nodded to the celestial spirit.

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