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Fubuki Shirou - Eternal Blizzard

''The police and rescue forces just informed us that every missing person is safe and that the avalence-season is over. Please enjoy-'' You cut of the TV and put on your (f/c) jacket and gloves. You were headed to Snow valley where the last big avalance of the year occured. It`s a day before Christmas and you still need a picture for the postcard you were going to send your parents in Okinawa as they are on a buissines trip over the holydays. You hoped to get a good picture of the still untouched snow and trees as the valley lies near the forest and not everything was burried. The valley is about 10 minutes from the house you live in so you decided to walk instead of waiting for the few busses that drive in the snowy mountains of Hokkaido. After you reached the snowy field near the forest, you took out your camera to take the best pictures possible when you heard a voice from the snow.
''Help, please, somebody! I don´t want to die!''

The voice vanished and you panicked. There was still somebody left under the snow and you had to help him as soon as possible. You shoveled away the snow with your hands until you saw the face of a white-haired boy. You gently lifted him up and tried to carry him back to your house. His face was stainned by the tears and he felt cold, much colder than you ever thought the cold could be. After finally arriving you laid him on the couch and placed blanket over blanket on him so he would warm up and hopefully, awaken from his uncautious state.
You could now get a closer look at the boy you had just rescued and were in shok when you saw it was Hakurens ace player Fubuki Shirou. You had a tiny crush on him since he is really handsome and gentle but also rough at times. You like both of his sides but prefer the quiet defender more than the striker. The night passed as still no other sign of life than his irregular breathing showed.

'' don`t want to leave...''

You could see the pain he was in and decided to wake him up after you made Hot Chocolate for the boy that stole your heart. You gently shook him but became desperate as he showed no signs of awakening.

''Fubuki-san! Please, wake up! You are safe now, so please open your eyes!''

Just as you ended your sentence (e/c) eyes met grey ones as tears streamed down both of your faces. You embraced the now warm male and were surprised to feel his hands on your back meaning he also embraced you.
''Thanks a lot for saving my life back there''

His gentle, still shaky voice calmed down your stirring heart as you loosened the grip on him. That`s when a question shot through your head.

''But why were you still there? They said nobody was missing anymore''

''My family died in an accident with an avalance a few years ago so nobody knew I was missing''

Tears once again freely streamed down your face as you listened to his explanation. He almost died the same way his family did... Fubuki noticed your tears and gently carressed your cheek whith his thumb while whiping away the tears. You were now really obvious to the distance between the two of you and blushed bet red, but you couldn´t look away. You were drawn to his eyes and soon found youself closing the gap between you.

The kiss you shared was faint, but gentle and full of feelings. It left you with a warm, tingling sensation on your lips as you broke the kiss.
''May I know the name of my life saver before we continue?''

Your face again gained heat as you now were aware of the fact that you hadn`t told him your name yet.

''My name is (l/n) (f/n).''

You finished your sentence as again warm lips touched yours, now with more force behind them, but still as gentle and sweet as a snowflake while a blizzard started inside of you.
You wished this day would continue forever.

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