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Tsurugi Kyousuke x Mizukawa Minori - How could you?!

After they have successfully defeated Ixal Fleet and protected the whole universe, Earth eleven flew away in the Galaxy Nauts Gou. Now that the real Tsurugi was finally back and he had time to tell them the things he had seen in his absent time, the team didn't fail to notice the small very confusing thing he mentioned as a matter or fact.

''You should've married her?!''


''Tsurugi, how can you be so calm about something so important?''

''You were engaged!?''

''The hell!''

''Relax people, it's not like I'm married''

Out of nowhere, the teams manager, Mizukawa Minori, stepped forward and did something that would've made the team laugh if someone had told them it would happen in near future but unfortunately, it did and that reality hit Tsurugi straight in the face. Literally. His face was now aching quite a lot.

''How could you!? Baka Tsurugi!''

Mizukawa ran into her room crying leaving behind very shocked and confused teammates. After about 30 seconds, Tsurugi found it in himself to move and ran straight towards the dark greenettes room.

''Mizukawa, what's wrong? Why did you slap me?!''

''Shut up! I don't want to to come inside! Hell I don't wanna hear your freaking voice!''

Unlucky for her, she forgot to lock the door so Tsurugi did what any normal human being would've done; he went inside. After somehow avoiding books, pencils and pillows, he managed to reach the girls bed and sat next to her while she turned her back in his direction.

'What's wrong with you?!''

''He told me okay! That alien, potomuri or something told me and left my body!''

''That explains your constand cursing''

''Shut up idiot! Now back off before I decide to seriously injure you''

''Why did you say that? 'How could you', what did you mean by it?''

''It meant how the hell could you get engaged with some random alien princess!''

''Then why slap me?''

''You're freakin' annoying!''

''Just answer''

''Do I have to spell it out for ya stupid? How could you just get engaged when I haven't even told you how I feel 'bout ya?!''

Tsurugi now made the probably most stupid face he could've ever made. He understood what Mizukawa had said, but in what dimension did that make any sense!

''...You like me?''

''Jeez, genius over here finally got the hint! God, why are you so damn slow?''

''Now, that isn't how a confession is suppposed to be done''

Seeing as Tsurugi had a lot of fun with her being totally tsundere about this, he turned her arond while pinning her down on her bed. Her tomato coloured face was nothing compared to her priceless look right now.

''You should do it like this''

Tsurugi then lowered his body down on hers while closing the gap between their lips. After a few moments, Mizukawa cought on and started kissing back.

Next morning

Earth eleven finally reached earth again arond 5 o'clock and though the whole team was tired from the long journey, they couldn't stop their eyes from widening at the sight of a bet red Mizukawa cursing her soul out whilst holding a calm Tsurugis hand. Yap, someone should've taken a picture.

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