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Story: Little Red Riding Hood Part 2

Chapter 2: The "Not" So Big Bad Wolf

Main Pairing: Benny/Ethan

Ethan laid there, laughing as the wolf had pinned him to the floor, giving him butterfly kisses all over his face and neck. Ethan was laughing because the kisses tickled him.

"N-no! Stop! That tickles! Please!" he said in between laughs.

Hearing him, the wolf stopped and then got up. Ethan stood up too, as he dusted himself off. He looked up at the wolf with a confused and lost expression.

"Sorry." apologized the wolf, blushing with his wolf ears down.

"I don't get it? I thought that you said that you wanted to eat me?" asked Ethan, curiously.

"Well. Yeah! I do, but not the way you think. I meant that when I 'wanted to eat you', it was with kisses and gestures of affection, like nibbling on your perfectly pale and tender neck." explained the wolf, sounding seductive at the end.

Ethan's eyes went wide with shock. "W-w-what?!" he stammered.

The wolf then sighed. "You see...I might...have...a thing for you." he confessed nervously.

"A thing?! What kind of... 'thing'?" questioned Ethan, slowly and suspiciously.

"Like...like, a 'I love you' kind of thing." confessed the wolf, shyly and blushing.

Ethan just stood there in silence and still in shock. Taking his silence the wolf thought it would be best if he explained the whole story to the boy dressed in red.

"I was out on a run through the woods, when I came across you one day, heading to your grandma's. I immediately stopped and was memorized by you. You were so beautiful the way the sunrays hit you and by your sweet melodious voice as you hummed. I knew right then that I had fell for you." explained the wolf.

Then it hit Ethan. "Were's my grandma! What did you with her?!" he asked/demanded worriedly.

"Don't worry! She's perfectly fine! I promise!" exclaimed the wolf, trying to reassure him. "She's just out at the moment. In fact, that's the other half of the story."

"Explain." demanded Ethan with a curious brow raised.

"Well, before the day that I first laid eyes on you, about a few weeks before I was badly hurt and injured from trying to escape from some hunters that were after me. I managed to get away from them, but I wound up breaking my leg in the process. I was helpless. Then your grandmother came along. She saw me and was about to run, when I begged her to please not to go and that I'm not as horrible as the villagers make me out to be. I guess she saw the pleading look and desperation in my eyes and decided to take pity on me. She helped me back to her place and mended my broken leg and tended to my other injuries." he explained.

"It didn't take long for me to heal because my kind can heal rather quickly than humans can. As thanks, I would stop by every now and then, to do any chores that she couldn't do herself like chopping wood or mending the roof. Little things like that. She said that I didn't have to really do all that, but she appreciated it anyways and she kind of liked the company too. To be honest, I did too. She's the only person that trusted me enough to get to know me and be my friend." he said, looking down sadly at the end.

"O...k...? But that still doesn't explain how my grandma fits into this stunt of yours." questioned Ethan, suspiciously.

"A week ago today, was when I had first saw you. I followed you here and was surprised to find that you were related to Evelyn. I waited until you left the next day, before I approached Evelyn to ask her about you. She told me that you were her grandson and would always come and visit her on Fridays. I was shocked, but then I told her about how I might have feelings for you. She was little shocked at first, but was surprisingly very supportive about it. I thanked her, but then told her how we could never really be together with me being the 'wolf' that everybody fears and hates so much. You would never give me the chance to show you that I'm not the monster that everybody paints me out to be." he told Ethan.

"So, Evelyn came up with the plan to have me pretend to be her in bed on your next visit, while she went out. That way we could talk, before you go running away screaming for help at the first sight of me." he finished.

Ethan didn't know what to say. He was kind of ticked that his grandma had decided to trick him into this meeting with the wolf, instead of just talking to him about it and asking him to meet the wolf.

"Look! I know you're probably mad, but please don't be mad at Evelyn. If you want to mad at anyone, then please be mad at me for being too much of a wuss to just approach you myself and try to convince you to give me a chance at confessing what I feel for you." spoke the wolf, kindly and pleadingly.

"Mad? You're darn right I'm MAD!" shouted Ethan. "You guys or at least Grandma, could of just came to me and asked me to meet you! But instead, you just opted to trick me into it, instead!" he snapped furiously at the young wolf before him.

"Sorry, again." apologized the wolf again, looking down in shame with a small blush and a whimper.

When he looked back up, he saw Ethan grab his basket from the floor and stomped towards the door, angrily.

"Wait? Where are you going?" asked the wolf in concern for the teen in red.

"I'm going home! If you must know!" spat Ethan in anger.

"What?! But it'll be dark before you get back to your place! The forest isn't safe at night! Trust me!" he said trying to stop Ethan from leaving by grabbing his wrist.

Ethan whipped his head around to look at the wolf. "I don't care! I'll be just fine, if I hurry!" exclaimed Ethan, glaring at him. "I don't feel like being here right now, with a bunch of lairs!" he said furiously.

"But Ethan-" started the wolf before he was then cut off by the sound of the door slamming open. A blonde teenager about the same age as Ethan and the wolf came storming in with an axe in hand. When he looked over and saw the brown hair and green eyed teenage wolf, have a hold of his dear friend's wrist he charged forward at him with a look of hate and fear in his eyes.

"LET HIM GO, YOU MONSTER!" the blonde yelled.

The wolf gulped and let go of Ethan's wrist and backed away from him. The guy swung his axe at the wolf, but the wolf dodged it. The wolf then ran out of the bedroom in fear for his life, as axe guy continued to chase after him with his axe. Ethan followed behind the two in worry that someone was going to get seriously hurt.

When the wolf reached the living room, he tripped and fell over a throw rug. He cursed himself for being so clumsy. When he turned around and looked up, there standing above him with his axe ready to come down on him, was the blonde. The wolf trembled in fear. Just when the guy was about to bring his axe down upon the wolf, someone stopped him.

"No! Rory! Don't! It's not what you think!" shouted Ethan from behind, running up to him and yanking the axe out of his hands. The wolf sighed in relief and then got up.

The guy looked at him confused. "What do mean 'it's not what you think?' Ethan! He was attacking you!" stressed Rory.

Ethan shook his head. "No! He wasn't! He was trying to stop me from going home!" exclaimed Ethan.

"Yeah! So, he can eat you here!" replied Rory, in a matter-of-fact kind of tone.

Ethan let out a frustrated sigh at his friend. "No, Rory! You're not understanding me! He was trying to keep me from leaving, because he knew that by the time that I got back home it would be dark out! Duh!" he said to Rory, annoyed.

"Oh." replied Rory with a dumbfound expression. "But...why? Why would the wolf care about your safety? I mean, he is the 'Big Bad Wolf' after all?" he asked confusedly.

Ethan's cheeks then went red. "Because...he's in love with me." replied Ethan, meekly.

Rory was shocked by Ethan's answer. "WHAT?!" he yelled, looking back and forth between the two. He then busted out laughing. The wolf just looked away in shame, while Ethan was fuming at his blonde friend's response.

"It's not funny, Rory!" he said through clenched teeth.

"Yeah! It is!" he laughed.

He then punched Rory in the arm, as he cried out from the gesture, but was still trying to stiffle his laughter.

"Your such an ass sometimes, Rory!" remarked Ethan, angrily at him.

"S-sorry, dude! I couldn't help it." he said, finally quieting down. "But come on! Who would of thought that the wolf would ever be gay? And gay for you nonetheless!"

"Yeah...well...I sure the hell didn't." grumbled Ethan with his arms crossed, glaring at the wolf, but was still blushing a little.

"Ok! So, the Big Bad Wolf isn't really all that big or bad. But what was with all the screaming that I heard eariler?" asked Rory.

"I thought that he was going to eat me, but instead he was kissing me all over, which really tickled." replied Ethan, blushing.

"Oh! I get it now!" replied Rory back. He then looked back over to the wolf. "Hey? What happen to your wolf ears?" he asked the wolf.

"I can make them come and go. It's kind of like a mid-shift between my wolf form and my human form. Sometimes I have trouble controlling it whenever I get really excited, though." answered the wolf, a little bit embarrassed.

Rory nodded his head. "So? Since you're in love with Ethan here," he said pointing in Ethan's direction, " then are you going to turn him into a wolf, too?" he finished asking.

Ethan's eyes went wide.

"What? No! That's just a myth about us wolves! We can't turn people into wolves. That's only something in books and movies that happen. Not in real life. You have to be born a wolf to be one. Other than that, our bites are just like getting bitten by a dog or any other animal." answered the wolf. He was kind of offended, but he knew that they didn't know. So, he let it go.

"That's a relief." sighed Ethan in relief, placing a hand over his heart.

Just then, in came Evelyn. "Oh! Benny! I see that you're still here with Ethan. How did it go?" she asked the wolf. Then she noticed Rory was here too. "Oh! Hello there Rory!" she greeted him with a smile.

"Hey, there Ethan's grandma!" greeted Rory happily.

"Hold up!" stated Ethan, loudly. "Benny? You have a name?" questioned Ethan to the wolf, curiously.

The wolf nodded. "Benny Weir! I guess in all of the excitement and commotion, I forgot to mention that. Sorry!" he said, scratching the back of his neck. Then he looked over towards Evelyn. "I'm afraid it didn't over so well as we had planned Evelyn. He's really mad and upset with us, now." he told her sadly.

"I'm not mad anymore." commented Ethan, calmly. Hearing that made Benny then perk back up. "At Grandma! But you on the other hand...?" he added, glaring angrily at him. Benny's expression then went back to depressed looking.

"I see. Well, Ethan honey don't be so hard on him. Ok? He meant well. He just wanted to really met you and didn't know any other way how to go about it, being that he's a wolf and every one in these parts hates wolves." replied Evelyn, sweetly to Ethan.

He stood there in silence for a minute, still glaring at Benny before finally relaxing some. "Fine, Grandma! I'll try not to be so hard him. Key word being try." he commented with a sigh.

She smiled at her grandson's willingness to try and give the poor guy a chance. Suddenly, not being able to help himself, Benny rushed over to the short brunette and gave him a big hug.

"Ooohhh...thankyouthankyouthankyou! Sooo much, Ethan! You won't regret it!" he thanked quickly, with joy.

"Yeah. I think that I might be starting to now." grumbled Ethan quietly, into the hug.

Once Benny released him from his hug, Ethan was about to leave when Benny stopped him again.

"Wait! I already told you that you can't go! It's much too dangerous out now!" reminded Benny.

"And I alreadly told you! I. Don't. Care!" Ethan replied back, snidely.

"He's right, young man! It's much too dangerous now to go back. By the time you make it home, it'll be completely dark out! And I'm not letting my grandson go venturing out into the woods alone at night! So, you're staying the night here, like you usually do!" Eveyln commanded.

"But Grandma?" whinned Ethan.

"No buts, Mr! You're staying here and that's final!" she scolded the teenager.

With a huff of annoyance, he walked over and plopped down on the couch, after setting his basket on the table, with his arms crossed and a frustrated expression on his face. Evelyn rolled her eyes at her grandson's childish behavior, before facing Rory and smiling politely at him.

"I think it's best if you do the same too Rory. I have plently of room to accommodate everyone here." she suggested. Rory gave a nod, saying that he'll stay too. With that she left the room to go and start dinner.

"This so cool! It'll be like a sleepover!" cheered Rory in excitement.

Ethan rolled his eyes. "That's something that girls have, Rory. Not guys!" stated Ethan in annoyance, still not too happy about everything.

Benny could sense that Ethan was still mad about everything, so he thought that he'd tried to cheer him up some. He sat down beside the smaller male and was about to say something when the scent of the baked goods in Ethan's basket for his grandmother caught his nose.

"Hmm...Are those cookies that I smell?" Benny asked, slightly drooling from the wonderous smell.

"Yeah! My mom baked them." answered Ethan nonchalantly.

Benny closed his eyes and gave the basket a long whiff before finally stuffing his face with cookies, one after the other, greedily.

"Wow! Num-num...these are...num-num-num...the best...num-num...cookies that I ever had!" said Benny, while chewing with his mouth full, happily.

When Evelyn walked in to check up on the boys, she saw Benny stuffing his face with cookies.

"Benny!" she shouted/scolded. "Stop eating all those cookies! You're gonna ruin your appetite for dinner, young man!" she scolded, sternly at him.

With a big gulp from swollowing cookies, he looked at her ashamedly. "Sorry, Evelyn." he said meekly. Ethan couldn't help, but to snicker at the wolf's scolding from his grandmother, as he tried to stiffle going into a full out laughting fit. Benny noticed this and smiled, seeing that his scolding had cheered up the boy's mood some.

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