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Story: The Little Mermaid Part 2

Chapter 27: Erica's Secret Cavern

Main Pairing: Ethan/Erica

Meanwhile, the residents of the palace were totally unaware that someone was watching them from afar in a crystal ball. Well, mainly watching the king, that is. As they stared down at the magical orb with distaste and envy while in their evil dark lair that they call home. The mysterious person hated the king. They were jealous because of all the power he possessed. Not only was King Triton the mighty ruler of Atlatica, but he also possessed the magical staff called trident. A mighty and powerful object that can control the sea and create powerful storms, too. Only the current ruler of Atlantica is allowed to wield it, as it has been passed down from generation to generation in the royal family.

This person wanted that power. She was sick and tired of having to live in the darkest parts of the ocean. Exiled from ever entering Atlantica ever again.

"Look at them. Sitting there altogether. Eating their lunch as one big happy family. It makes me sick." said Stephanie, the evil sea witch, spitefully. As she talked to no one but herself while glaring down at the happy little image that her crystal ball showed her.

"How I despise that King Triton, for banishing me to this desolate place." she complained bitterly. "While he gets to sit there in his comfy palace and rule over the entire kingdom with his mighty trident. Why should he get to wield such a powerful weapon? I should be the one who gets to control such power! Not him!" ranted Stephanie angrily, as she slammed her first down.

Not bearing to watch any more, she then crawled herself away from her crystal ball. You see, unlike the people who lived in Atlantica, who has a fish-like tail as their lower body. Stephanie didn't. Instead, she had an octopus-like lower body that was mostly black with purple on the bottom side of her tentacles. So, she moved around much like an octopus did, as a result.

"One of these days, Triton. Your time as Atlantis' ruler will come to end. And then I'll be taking over to become the most powerful sea witch in all the ocean! Hahaha!" said Stephanie evilly, as she disappeared further into her lair while cackling evilly.

Even though Ellie and Erica had gone their separate ways. Ellie couldn't stop thinking about the mysterious secret that her little sister was keeping from her. Whatever this secret was, it always seemed to cause her to be late to family functions. And this made Ellie curious.

"I know I should trust my little sister, but..." thought Ellie out loud to herself curiously. "I still can't help but wonder what she's up to. Not to mention, worry, as well." she thought to herself.

Not being able to resist the urge of not knowing any longer, Ellie quickly turned around and decided to try and find Erica to follow her.

Ellie swam and swam, searching for her sister. "Where did she go?" wondered Ellie to herself, as she looked all around town.

Eventually, she found Erica meeting up with her best friend, Sarah. "There she is!" exclaimed Ellie happily the moment she spotted her.

Ellie then swam a little bit closer to them, but then stopped to keep her distance. She quietly hid behind a building, while peeking her head around just slightly to see what they were up to. She could just barely hear them.

"There you are! What kept you?!" questioned Sarah, sounding a bit irritated from having to wait.

"Sorry! Sorry! I had run into my big sister, Ellie on my way here!" apologized Erica.

"Ellie? She doesn't know what you've been up to, does she?" asked Sarah then, as she gave her this skeptical look.

"No! Thank god!" sighed out Erica dramatically in relief. "If she did, then she'd probably would have told Daddy. And he's the one person that I absolutely DON'T need to know." replied Erica gratefully.

"Yeah...King Triton is pretty scary when he gets mad." stated Sarah thoughtfully, as she agreed with her. "But don't you think you should still tell him, though? Maybe he'll understand if he knew how much it meant to you? You are his youngest daughter, after all." suggested Sarah concernedly.

Erica shook her head strongly. "No way, Sarah!" argued Erica. "I know my father! He'd be furious if he found out about what I've been up to behind his back. Even if I'm the youngest, he'll never approve. To him, all I am is his precious baby girl, who needs protecting and isn't capable of looking out for herself. I'll always be a child in his eyes." explained Erica seriously at first, before then growing more distant and disappointed like in her tone as she looked down sullenly.

Sarah didn't say anything then, as she too then looked down sullenly. Feeling sorry for her best friend's predicament.

"Anyway, did you bring it?" asked Erica suddenly, as she decided to just forget the whole thing about her father.

"Yup! They're all right, here!" answered Sarah brightly and cheerily, as she showed Erica a small little satchel bag and gave it a couple of pats for good measure as she smiled at her.

"Excellent! Then let's get out of here and hurry to the grotto, then!" urged Erica eagerly in excitement.

The two mermaids then swam off, totally unaware that Ellie had been watching them.

"Grotto?" repeated Ellie curiously, though no one was around to hear her.

Now, her interest was really peaked, as she had no idea why Erica wouldn't want their father to know about a secret grotto of hers.

As Erica and Sarah swam off towards this grotto of hers, Ellie too followed, closely behind but also careful not to be seen or noticed by the two young mermaids.

As Ellie followed them, she began to start doubting herself on whether or not she should be doing this. She knew that she was betraying her little sister's trust in her and that Erica would be angry at her for doing this, if she ever found out. But Ellie just wanted to make sure that she was ok. That and she let her curiosity get the best of her, too.

"What am I doing?!" questioned Ellie to herself in a hushed tone, as she hid behind some rocks watching as Sarah and Erica swam into a cave. "This isn't me! Following my little sister around to learn about some big secret she's been keeping from everybody! This is something Emily would do, just to get Erica in trouble with Daddy or to hold against her for leverage! Not me! So, why am I doing this?!" she whispered/yelled frantically to herself.

Ellie then took a deep breath to calm herself, as she gathered her thoughts. "Get ahold of yourself, Ellie! You're doing this because you love her and is worried about her, too! You're her big sister and it's your job as the oldest to look after everyone and to protect them! Including, secretive teenage girls who appear to be hiding things from her family!" she then said encouragingly to herself, as she psyched herself back up, again.

Feeling confident again, about her reasons for doing this, Ellie then proceeded to follow them into the cave. Determined to find out what her sister has been keeping from her.

Once Ellie got deeper into the cave, she was amazed by what she saw.

In it was tons and tons of human objects, lining all parts of the cave's walls. Now, of course, Ellie had no idea what any of this stuff was called, but she knew that it was all surface dweller stuff that once belonged to humans, at one point. Ellie was in awe at how much stuff her little sister has collected already. Some of it even fascinated Ellie, herself!

"Wow!" whispered Ellie in awe, as she looked around quietly at all the human stuff. "Erica sure has been busy. Huh?" she commented to no one, in astonishment.

Snapping out of it, she then quickly hid behind some of the stuff when she reached her sister and her friend. She didn't want to be seen by either of them, in fear of angering her little sister. Little did Erica know, she was much more like their father than she knows. As they both shared the same temper on them. And Ellie and the rest of her sisters all knew this, too. The only one who didn't realize this was Erica, herself.

So, Ellie remained hidden for now. As she listened in on the conversation that Erica was having with her best friend (and also fellow cohort in crime), Sarah.

As Erica joyously placed the last human object that she had collected earlier, Sarah took another look around the fairly impressively collection of human things that Erica had slowly collected over the years.

Sarah knew that collecting human things was Erica's favorite pastime and how much she loved and admired the humans that live up above. Of course, Sarah didn't really find the surface world all that interesting, as Erica did. But because she was Erica's best friend, she didn't mind helping her out with gathering all this stuff and keeping this place a secret from her family. Sarah did have to admit though, that some of the stuff they gathered was pretty neat looking, though. But like everyone else in Atlantica, she'd much rather prefer to keep her distance from the humans, though. She's heard stories and rumors from others about how cruel and nasty they can be if you did ever meet one. And she for one, didn't want to find out first hand for herself whether those stories were true or not, either.

"I can't believe how much stuff you've managed to collect over the years, Erica." stated Sarah in admiration of everything gathered in Erica's little treasure trove of a grotto.

Hearing Sarah say that caused Erica to then take a glimpse around the room, herself. Thinking the same thing, practically. "Yeah, I suppose you're right. I have collected a lot recently, huh?" she said.

Sarah took a moment to look at Erica, while she wasn't paying attention, with concerned eyes. "Are you sure you don't want to tell your father about this place, someday? Who knows?! Maybe once he sees it, he'll change his mind about forbidding us to ever have any contact with humans, then? That way, you'll be able to actually meet one, face-to-face." asked Sarah concernedly, as she didn't want this secret to wind up tearing Erica and her father apart, someday. Sarah knew that eventually, secrets always managed to find a way to come out in the end, when you least expect them to.

Erica shot Sarah a 'really' look. "Sarah. I've already told you. Daddy can never found out about this place." she said sternly. "Or...my love for the human world, as well." she then said more softly this time, as she looked down sullenly, thinking about it. "He'd just...wouldn't understand, Sarah. He doesn't get me, like you or Ellie do."

She then swam over towards where some of her collectibles were at and began to fiddle around with some of them, absentmindedly. Thinking about her dreams and her hope for the future. As well, as how impossible they seem to be due to her father's strict and overprotective nature over her, as well.

"Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete? Wouldn't you think I'm the girl...the girl who has everything?" sang Erica, while showing off one her human items to Sarah before then placing back down. She then looked up and around at all of her wonderful objects that she's collected, lining the wall of the cave, as she continued to sing but more uplifting and happier this time as she sang. "Look at this trove, treasures untold. How many wonders can one cavern hold? Lookin' around here you'd think... Sure, she's got everything." sang Erica a bit cheerfully, before then shrugging at the end as her voice took on a more sarcastic tone.

Then she swam upwards and away from the place she was at, earlier. To mess with some more human junk she had hanging from something in the cave. "I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty. I've got whozits and whatzits galore." sang Erica, showing them off while naming each one.

Ellie listened intently to her little sister's heartfelt song, as she continued to sneak around to watch them.

Erica then picked up a small case and brought it over to where Sarah was at. "You want thingamabobs? I got twenty." she pointed out sarcastically, with a smile. Making Sarah giggle in amusement. But then Erica's cheerful demeanor fell to a sullen frown then, as she closed the case and placed it down carefully on a shelf, as she sang sounding hurt and sadden for some reason. "But who cares? No big deal." she sang. "I want more." she sang longingly, as she drew out the word 'more'. Leaning over and crossing her arms to gently lay her head on, as he looked up towards the sky with a hopeful/wishful expression on her face.

"I wanna be where the people are." sang Erica sullenly. "I wanna see, wanna see 'em dancin'." she sang beautifully, as she looked over admiringly at a little statue looking thing that had a man and woman that appeared to be dancing with each other. "Walkin' around on those... What do you call'em?" she sang/asked, while stopping midway through while making the little statuette couple twirl around. She then looked at Sarah (who had came up to her) with a curious expression on her face, while trying to recall the word she was thinking off. Of course, Sarah had no idea what they were called, either. Then it hit Erica. "Oh, feet." said/sang Erica amusingly with a smile, making Sarah giggle as she wiggled her tail just a little bit at the word feet to make her point.

Then Erica swam off, as Sarah continued to watch her in enjoyment. "Flippin' your fins you don't get too far." sang Erica, as she swam lazily in front of Sarah, flipping her tail. "Legs are required for jumpin', dancin'." Erica then took Sarah's hands in her, twirling around merrily as if they were dancing. "Strollin' along down a..." sang Erica happily, as her and Sarah were sashaying/strutting their stuff while pretending to be walking all fancy and dignified-like. But then she abruptly stopped, as she tried to think of the correct word that humans liked to use when referring to the thing that they like to walk along. "What's that word again?" she asked thoughtfully, placing a finger on her chin as she thought about it. "Street." remembered Erica finally, as she still had Sarah's hand in hers and they both swam up further to the top of the cavern where there was a hole in the ceiling that light filtered in from to illuminate the place.

"Up where they walk, up where they run. Up where they stay all day in the sun." sang Erica wishfully, as she swam higher to the opening (doing a small little twirl, as she swam up) with Sarah following close behind. They stopped, as a school of fish then swam by. "Wanderin' free, wish I could be...part of that world." she sang, as she stopped swimming to just stare up at the opening as the sun's warm rays shone down upon her from above.

"What would I give if I could live out of these waters?" sang Erica harmoniously with a longing in her voice.

Ellie swam to a different part of the cavern to get a better view of her sister, but was surprised when she looked over to see some kind of scary looking beast baring it's fangs at her. She gasped and jumped back a little, but then sighed in relief once she was that it was only just a statue and that it couldn't hurt her.

Calming down, she continued with what she was doing. Spying on her littlest sister.

"What would I pay to spend a day warm on the sand?" sang Erica, as she gently floated down to the ground and then squirmed around a bit on hit as she imagined being on a beach in the sun with a big smile etched on her face. Then she set up, as she rested her chin on a propped up hand while frowning bitterly and singing the next part of her song. "Betcha on land they understand." She then sat up, even more, removing her chin from her hand, as she looked away sadly while singing some more. "Bet they don't...reprimand their daughters." Then she straightened up her posture a bit, while slightly looking over her shoulder with a more bold and determined look on her face to show her strength as a woman. "Bright young women, sick of swimmin'. Ready to stand." she sang confidently, as then took off swimming again (doing a backflip this time).

"And ready to know what the people know." she sang happily, as she grabbed a book and started randomly flipping through it's pages. Stopping on one page to show Sarah who looked at it in curiosity and awe. "Ask'em my questions and get some answers." sang Erica enthusiastically, hugging the book closer to her body as she looked at Sarah with a look of pure joy and excitement. Erica then placed the book back on it's shelf and swam over to where she had a painting sitting, that had sunken to the ocean floor when she found it before ever bringing it back to her little hideout place for human treasures. "What's a fire and why does it... What's the word?" she sang in wonder, while delicately touching the painting and running a finger down across the image of a flame burning on a candle in it. Before then suddenly stopping abruptly with a puzzling look on her face, as she yet again tried to recall a certain word. "Burn!" she sang passionately while holding her hands over her heart, as she remembered the word.

"When's it my turn? Wouldn't I love? Love to explore the shores above." sang Erica with all her heart and soul, as she swam upwards all the way towards the small opening in the cave's ceiling until she couldn't go any further with a yearning expression on her face as she reaches up through the opening with her hand in a wanting like gesture. "Out of the sea, wish I could be." she then sang sadly and heartbrokenly, as she floated back down to the bottom of the cave, again. Resting upon a ledge that looked like a miniature cliff, as she looked up sullenly at the surface. "Part of that world." finished singing Erica disappointedly.

Sarah sat next to her with a sad and sympathetic expression on her face, as she looked at her best friend. Feeling sorry for her. Sarah knew how badly Erica wanted to see the human world, which pained her to see her best friend look so sad, like this. She wished she could do more for the poor girl and help her dream become a reality, but unfortunately, she can't.

"I'm sorry, Erica. That this is the closest experience that you'll ever get with the humans. I know how much you would love to actually meet one, someday. But because of your father's order to never go to the surface, it's pretty much impossible for that dream to come true, now." apologized Sarah sympathetically to Erica, as she placed a hand on Erica's shoulder.

Erica turned to look at her and gave her a small smile. "It's ok, Sarah. It's not like you were the one to tell him to forbid any of us merfolk from ever going to the surface and having any contact with humans. That's all on Daddy." she said sincerely to her. "I just wish...he'd understand and see things from my point of view, every once in a while." she said, slightly looking away from her, then. Erica then shook her head, as she tried to rebuild her confidence in herself, again. "Someday, I will make my dream come true! Daddy can't keep holding me back forever! I'm my own woman! Who makes her own decisions in life! Not him! He'll see!" she exclaimed proudly in determination.

This made Sarah smile supportively at her friend. As she believes someday, she will make her dream come true.

Suddenly, both girls heard a noise that sounded as if someone had accidentally knocked something over. When the turned in the direction that noise came from they saw Ellie standing there with a surprised/embarrassed look on her face, as she had now been busted for spying on them.

"Ellie?!" exclaimed Erica incredulously. "How long have you been watching us?!"

"Um..." replied Ellie bashfully in shame and guilt as she put her hands behind her and ducked her slightly in embarrassment. A bright blush beginning to take form on her cheeks, now.

Erica narrowed her eyes at her suspiciously for a second, before then snapping them wide open in surprise. "Have you been watching us this entire time?!" she exclaimed in realization and shock.

Ellie didn't say a word. She simply just nodded her head in her response, instead. While still not looking up to meet her sister's angry gaze at her.

"I can't believe you!" shouted Erica angrily at her.

This time Ellie spoke, as she swam forward a little. "I know! I know! This is something that Emily would most likely do. Not me." she exclaimed desperately at first with her tone then growing more softer and disappointed like as she continued to confess.

"Yeah! No kidding!" scoffed Erica. "You're supposed to be the more responsible and reliable big sister! Who trusts her sisters without question! Not the...follow them around just to spy on them, big sister!" she said furiously then, with nothing but sarcasm laced within her voice, as well.

Ellie didn't say anything back, as she knew what Erica had said to her was true. She was supposed to be the more responsible and reliable sister. Especially, since she's the oldest which means that someday she'll be Atlantica's next ruler when their father steps down and passes the trident down to her.

Looking between the two sister's and seeing the tension between them going on (mainly with Erica), Sarah decided to step in and hopefully defuse the situation. Or at the very least, calm Erica down, that is. Since she's the one creating the tension.

"Erica, how about we just calm down a bit and let Ellie explain herself? Huh?" suggested Sarah easily and calmly. Though, you could still hear the small twinge of uneasiness in her voice a little.

"Fine." huffed Erica unsatisfyingly, as she agreed with her.

A smile appeared on Sarah's face at that. She then turned to look at Ellie, signaling for her start explaining herself.

"Ok." breathed Ellie, as she began her reason why she did what she did to the two young mermaids. "I followed you because I was worried about you, Erica." she confessed.

"Worried about me? Why would you?" questioned Erica curiously.

"Because I could tell that you were keeping something from me. Usually, you tell me everything, unless it's meant as a surprise for me or something. But I this time, I could tell that it wasn't. And that whatever you must be hiding must be serious, if you won't tell me but have no problem telling Sarah about it." explained Ellie.

"That's because she's my best friend!" sassed Erica with attitude, as she stressed the words 'best friend' to make her point. Scoffing and rolling her eyes afterward out of annoyance.

"I know that! But...I thought out of all our sisters that I was the one you was closest to! The one older sister that you feel comfortable with sharing things with! As if, I was your best friend, also!" expressed Ellie wholeheartedly but also a bit hurt, as well.

Erica's defensive and angry posture then let up a bit, as she saw how upset her sister was about her keeping the grotto of human things a secret from her, like this. Erica could tell Ellie probably wanted to cry, right now, but held it back.

"Ellie..." drawled Erica sympathetically, as she uncrossed her arms at her and looked at Ellie with a more softer look. Feeling somewhat guilty that she made her big sis feel so unworthy about telling her about all of this.

Ellie quickly pulled herself together and continued. "I wanted to know what was so important and secretive that you couldn't tell me. So, I followed you." she said more confidently now. "I was scared that maybe you had gotten yourself into some sort of trouble or something. But...now I know what it is that your hiding from me. It was this place all along, huh?" she finished explaining, as her tone went from firm to more of a gentler one. Ellie then flashed her a kind smile before gesturing around the somewhat large cavern at all of Erica's fascinating treasures that she's collected.

Erica timidly nodded in silence at her sister's question. Ellie still smiled warmly at her, after her reply.

Then Erica lept forward to engulf her big sister in a hug. Totally taking Ellie off guard at first, but she quickly accepted it as she hugged her back.

"I'm sorry, Ellie! I didn't mean to make you feel bad!" apologized Erica emotionally.

Ellie smiled. "It's ok, Erica. I forgive you." she reassured comfortingly to her little sister.

Erica pulled ended the hug and smiled back thankfully at her, then.

"But I can see why you'd want to keep this place a secret, now. This place is...amazing!" stated/complimented Ellie in awe at the place, as she took another glance around the room.

This made Erica blush a bit, at her sister's kind words. "Thanks!" she said bashfully. Then something really important came to her, just then. As she looked up at her sister with a look of desperation and pleading on her face. "Ellie!" she exclaimed desperately, harshly grabbing her sister's upper arms. "Please, promise you won't tell Daddy about this place?! If he ever found out about it then...he'll lose it, Ellie!" begged Erica.

"Ok! Ok! I won't say a word to Daddy about this place or about what you've been up to, as well!" she frantically reassured, as she looked at Erica a bit worriedly.

Erica let go of her sister then and sighed in relief. "Thanks, Ell's!" she said thankfully and gratefully.

"Yeah, no problem." replied Ellie, looking at her sister a bit concernedly and freaked out a bit. "Erica, are you alright? You looked like you were going to have a panic attack if I didn't promise to keep quiet about this place?" she then asked concernedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine." reassured Erica more calmly, now.

"Erica's just worried that if your father found out then he'd go ballistic on her. Leading to her being in some serious trouble with him, you know." explained Sarah.

"Yeah, cause you know how Daddy feels about the human world. He absolutely despises them! And for what reason? I haven't a clue!" added Erica, a bit sassily. "That's why he can never found out about this place or my love for the human world."

"That's why you didn't want to tell me. Because if you did, then the more likely Daddy would've found out about it, then. Huh?" deduced Ellie, thoughtfully.

"Exactly!" replied Erica. "If Daddy ever found out then he'd go ballistic on me AND this place, as well! Knowing him and his outrageous temper, he'll probably want to destroy this place and then ground me for life!" explained Erica drastically.

Ellie smiled then. "Alright, Erica! I won't say a word about this place to Daddy, then!" she promised this time but more meaningful and less rushed, this time.

Erica squealed in happiness and hugged her sister tightly, again. Glad that her big sis was on her side.

"But Erica...you know this a big secret to keep from him, though. And when it comes to big secrets like this, you know how terrible I am at keeping them from him. Especially, when he suspects something and begins questioning me about it. You know how I hate lying to Daddy." reminded Ellie earnestly, as she warned her little sister about the risk of it possibly slipping out.

But Erica believed in her big sis, though. And knew that she could keep a secret like this from their father. "It'll be fine, Ell's! I know you'll be able to keep your big mouth shut! I believe in you!" encouraged/reassured Erica positively to her sister with a big smile.

"Yeah, but...secrets like this always find a way to come out to the person you want to know the least, Erica. Daddy's bound to find out about it, eventually." warned Ellie worriedly.

But Erica just blew off her warning as nothing. "Ellie, you stress too much! I have faith in you! Ok?" she stated over confidently to her sister. Earning a pure looked of uncertainty and concern from both Sarah and Ellie, as they both looked at each other for a minute and then back to her. Both knowing that she was being too confident that her little secret will remain just that. A secret. "Now, come on! Let's get out of here before somebody starts wondering where we are!" ordered Erica nicely, as she swam for the exit to the cave.

"Why would anybody be wondering where we are? It's not even close to dinner time, yet!" asked Sarah confusedly, as she swam after her with Ellie right behind her.

Erica turned slightly as she swam and gave a small shrug. "I don't know! You can never be too careful! Am I right?!" replied Erica simply with a smile.

Sarah shrugged along with her then. "I suppose you're right. Especially, since you two are princesses, after all." she stated with a hint of playful teasing in her voice, as she smiled, too.

Causing the two mermaid princesses to simply shake their heads, with Erica adding an eye roll with hers. As the three continued to their way on out of the cavern.

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