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Story: The Little Mermaid Part 3

Chapter 28: Love At First Sight And Sound

Main Pairing: Ethan/Erica

As the three mermaids were making their way back home, Erica saw a funny shaped shadow go by on the surface of the water in the moonlight. Curious, she swam upwards toward it having a funny feeling that she probably knew what the odd shadow was.

"Erica? Where are you going? Atlantica is this way!" called out Ellie to her sister perplexingly. But Erica didn't hear as she continued to swim up to the surface. Ellie gave Sarah a questioning look as if she knew the answer to Erica's strange behavior. But Sarah was just as clueless as she was about what was up with the young princess, as well. As she gave Ellie an 'I don't know' shrug in return. Curious, the two then followed the teenage princess to the surface to see what has her so intrigued all of a sudden.

Erica was the first to emerge from the water's depth, as she took a look at what made the weird shadow. She silently gasped in awe and wonder at what she saw just a little way away from where she surfaced at in the water.

It was a large ship sailing by, that had these pretty colorful, sparkly things shooting away from it up in the sky. That made loud booming noises too when they exploded in the air. That's when Erica knew that there had to be humans on that ship, which brought her joy and excitement. She's never really seen an actual human before and this might be her chance now to see one, finally!

Right then, that's when Ellie and Sarah finally made their way to the surface, also. Popping their heads out of the water in front of her.

"Erica? What's up with you?" asked Sarah, not seeing the ship due to her back being turned towards it.

"Yeah! What's got you so intrigued up here all of a sudden, anyway? You know if-" started Ellie reprimandingly at first, as she too didn't see the ship behind her. That is, not until she heard the loud boom sound coming from it after another firework shot up into the night sky. Ellie then cut herself off from what she was about to say next after hearting the noise and turned around to see where it was. When she did, she immediately gasped in fright at the sight of the human ship. "Humans!" exclaimed/gasped Ellie fearfully in shock.

Sarah had also turned around at the sound of the boom, too. Her eyes went wide in shock at seeing the human ship there. She, too, was a bit scared at what might happen to them if any of the humans on board the ship happened to see them. She might've been amazed at some of the things they created from their world, but that didn't mean she ever wanted to meet one in person before, though! There's no telling how a human would react to the sight of a mermaid!

"Maybe we should get out of here before they spot us, huh?" suggested Sarah warily.

"Yeah, I think that's a good idea! Come on, Erica! Let's get out of here!" agreed Ellie with her sister's friend.

But Erica just ignored them. Too, caught up in the wonder that was real-life humans, right there in front of her. She just had to see one! Even it meant that she couldn't actually meet and talk to one, though! Just secretly seeing one would be good enough for her!

So, Erica started to quickly swim/dive towards the ship before it could sail too far away from them. Against, Sarah's and Ellie's better judgment.

"Erica! No! Come back!" called out Ellie anxiously, to her little sister. Sometimes, she just really wants to strangle her little sister for not always listening to her and for being so darn stubborn most of the time. And right now, this was one of those times, too! Seeing as Erica wasn't listening to her (again), Ellie decided to go after her before she wound up getting herself caught or killed by the humans.

Erica finally made it to the ship. She then climbed up the side of it and took a peek at what was going on, as she heard cheerful music playing on the ship. She was careful not to be seen, though, by any humans. When she looked, she saw a bunch of humans dancing around merrily and laughingly joyously with one another. It looked as if they were having a party or some kind of celebration, to her. It kinda made her feel all happy and cheerful inside, too, just watching them having a good time, like that.

There was a big hairy creature on board with them that walked on all fours, also running around looking like it was having a good time, too. Until it suddenly stopped and took a good couple sniffs of the air around it. Then it started to sniff the floor, as if it trying to figure out the source of whatever it was it had smelt, earlier.

The creature was headed right for Erica, who panicked and quickly ducked off to the side to avoid being seen by it. She waited a few seconds in the hopes that it had left and returned to partying with the humans. But when she turned back to the opening it was right there waiting for her with a happy and friendly look on it's face, as it's tongue hung out. It then licked her on the face happily before going back to the celebration after being called by one of the humans on board. Leaving her stunned in amazement at first, as she smiled and touched her cheek where it had licked her.

The creature (or Max, as it was called, earlier) bounded off towards the human calling him in a hurry, wagging it's tail happily. The creature playfully jumped up at the human all excited and happy to see him, as the human petted it, also happy to it, too.

When Erica's laid her eyes on the human who was playing around with the creature named Max, she was taken away by how handsome he was. His gorgeous brown eyes. His charming and perfect smile. The way his luscious brown hair looked when it gently blew in the sea air. She was captivated by him, as she let out a dreamy sigh at the sight of him.

That's when Ellie appeared next to her. Completely, ignoring the humans' fun and merriment on board. She was more focused on her little sister and getting the heck out of there before they were seen.

"Erica! What in the world are you doing?! Are you trying to get yourself killed or something?!" exclaimed Ellie frantically to her, but quiet enough to not draw attention to themselves, though.

"Oh, relax Ell's! I'm fine!" replied Erica reassuringly, but with a slight bit of annoyance in her tone, though. "She's always such a worrywart." thought Erica sarcastically to herself.

"Good! Now let's get out of here before one of the humans sees us!" urged Ellie desperately, not wanting to be there for a minute longer. She tried to pull her sister's arm to lead her back down to the water so they could swim away, but Erica swiftly hanked it away from her. Refusing to go anywhere.

"Ellie! I'm not going anywhere! We're perfectly safe here!" replied Erica irritatingly to her worrisome sister.

"Yeah! Until one of them spots us and then comes after us!" countered Ellie worryingly. "Besides, if they won't kill then Daddy will! Now, come on, Erica! Let's go!" she then stated frantically. Ellie really didn't want to get in trouble with their father. Out of all them, she was probably the most well-rounded out of the 7 of them! And she also knew that with her being the eldest out of all of them that she was looked upon as being the most responsible and sensible one out of her 7 sisters, from everybody in the kingdom, too! So, of course, she always followed the rules and did what their father told them to do!

"Hush, Ell's! Or else they just might spot us, thanks to your big mouth alerting them!" snapped Erica sassily with attitude and sarcasm in her tone, as she shot her a glare.

Ellie just rolled her eyes at her, though.

"I just wanna watch them having fun for a little while longer. There's no harm in that, is there?" Erica said, a bit frustratingly.

Ellie hated being put on the spot, like this. "Fine!" she sighed out aggravatingly in defeat. "But only for a little while longer, though! And that's it!" Ellie then told her sister in a stern and serious tone.

This made Erica happy, as she smiled in return before going back to watching what the humans were doing. Mainly one in particular, who happened to catch her eye earlier.

Back on deck, the party continued.

"Ah! There he is! The birthday boy, himself!" greeted a voice suddenly, as they approached the person who was playing with Max, the dog.

The man playing with Max then stopped and gave a charming smile at the one who was talking to him. He gave the stranger a hardy handshake as a greeting, as he knew the person speaking to him. But then the person had turned the tables on him and wrapped his arm around his neck and pulled him down so that he could give him a playful noogie on his head.

"Hey, now! Come on, Benny! Stop that, you big doofus! You're messing up my hair! Stop!" laughed the man amusingly, while being noogied by his best friend. "We're not little kids anymore, B!"

Benny stopped and let the man stand up, again. "Speak for yourself!" commented Benny jokingly to the man's last comment. Benny smiled brightly at the man, then. Who in turn, also smiled back. "So, how are you liking the party, so far? Pretty amazing, am I right?" asked Benny proudly with happiness in his voice, as he gave the man a few light nudges to his side with his elbow.

The man laughed. "Yes, Benny. The party's amazing." he said politely back, humoring his best friend's ego a bit.

This made Benny happy, as a big shit-faced and proud grin displayed itself on his face. Even though, he knew his best friend was just saying it to humor his ego a bit. But he didn't care! Because he was having a great time partying it up with his best bud and few others from the palace for Prince Ethan's birthday!

"Oh, hey! That reminds me! I got ya a little something! And now's the perfect time to give it to you, too!" remembered Benny excitedly.

Prince Ethan, on the other hand, wasn't sure he really wanted to know what it was that his best friend in the entire kingdom had gotten him for his birthday. Nonetheless, he still put on a brave face and tried to be as humble and as polite as he could about it.

"Oh...Really? Uh...gee. Um...thanks, Benny." replied Ethan reluctantly, while trying to be polite and not make it sound as if he wasn't as thrilled about it as Benny wanted him to be.

Thank goodness, though, that Benny was oblivious to the fact that Ethan didn't seem (or sound) as thrilled about it, as he does, right now. "You're gonna love it! Trust me!" Benny said, as he darted off to go stand next to something large and covered by a sheet.

Ethan just gave a small fake smile, to express how excited he was before making his way to where his friend went. Even if he was actually dreading it, more than anything, to be honest. He loved his best friend, but sometimes...Benny could be a little too eccentric and outgoing at times, to his liking. Benny always loved to go over the top with things, sometimes. And judging by the size of whatever was under that sheet, Ethan had a pretty good idea that he had did just that. Went over the top again with whatever it is he had gotten him.

"I bet I will." mumbled Ethan sarcastically to himself quietly, as he waited for his best friend to reveal whatever was under the sheet.

"Attention! Attention everybody!" called out Benny suddenly, gaining the attention of the rest of the partying crew on board. Everyone on board immediately went silent then, as the music stopped playing and all eyes were on Benny now. "It is now my privilege and honor on this finest of days to present this very large and very expensive and wealthy gift to our beloved Prince Ethan for his birthday!" announced Benny dramatically with excitement in his voice, as he couldn't wait to unveil Ethan's big gift to everybody. "I hope you like it buddy?!" he then cheered to the prince, giving him a gleeful smile as he reached for the sheet. "Happy birthday, Ethan!" he said, right before pulling the large sheet off of whatever was under it.

Gasps of awe and wonder erupted from the crowd at first before everyone then started to cheer and clap at the magnificent and grand gift that was before them. It was a large statue of Prince Ethan posing heroically, as he had his right foot propped on top of a shield looking emblem that had the letter 'E' on it and his left arm sticking out behind him while holding a sword in it. His right hand, however, was positioned over his chest in a fist as he looked on heroically ahead of him with a very serious expression on his face, as if he wasn't scared of anything.

Everyone loved the over the top gift except for maybe the prince himself, that is. As he just gave it this questioning look saying 'what in the world is that?'. His dog Max picked up on his dislike for the ridiculous looking statue and growled at the thing in dislike, too.

Soon everyone went back to partying it up, once again. Benny made his way back to where his best friend stood.

"So, what do you think?! Pretty magnificent, eh, Eth?" asked Benny enthusiastically with glee in his voice to the prince.

"It's...um...something, alright." replied Prince Ethan hesitantly with uncertainty and slight nervousness in his tone, as he tried not to seem so ungrateful about the statue. He didn't want to be rude and tell him what he really thought about the gift, so he tried to be polite and make it seem like he did like it.

Completely clueless to the fact that it was obvious that his friend didn't like it and was only being nice to him by saying (in so many words, that is) he did like it, Benny smiled proudly at himself. Glad that his best bud liked the grand birthday gift that was from him. "I knew you'd like it, E!" stated Benny happily, as he gave him a hardy pat on the back. "After all! Nobody knows you like I do!" he added beamingly with pride.

"Yeeah..." was Ethan's drawn out and reluctant response to that.

Again, Benny was completely clueless to his friend's actual responses, as he went on speaking. "Although, when I had it commissioned, I had hoped for it to be given to you as a wedding gift. But..." he lightheartedly said to the prince in a guilt-tripping sorta manner, as he drawled out the end of his statement insinuatingly.

Prince Ethan let out an exasperated sigh then, along with a slight roll of his eyes. "Ugh! Here we go again!" groaned Ethan tiresomely under his breath, before looking at his best friend. "You're not still on me about not falling for the Princess of Glowerhaven and wanting to marry her, are you? Dude! Come on!" he stated/pointed out simply in amusement, as he picked up a spying glass that was laying on a barrel and walked over to the ship's railing. He then used the spying glass to briefly look out across the sea's horizon a bit.

"You darn right I am!" exclaimed back Benny defensively. "I mean, come on dude! Did you not see how hot she was?! She was a total babe, E! How could you not want her?!" exuberantly stated Benny in an awestruck and mystified manner at his best friend.

Ethan just smiled at his best friend then, as he then lazily tossed him the spy glasses he was holding. "I told you, Benny. She just didn't feel like the right fit for me, was all. There just wasn't that...sudden spark between us, ya know?" explained Ethan leisurely, as he sat on the rail that was right above where Erica and Ellie were hiding at.

Benny let out a sigh then. "Look, I know I might be considered a bit of a playboy among the ladies, E. But...I get it. You don't want to settle down with just any woman, man. You want her to be the right one." he said sympathetically to the prince. "But...it'd be different if you weren't a prince, though. Then you could take as much time as you like to get married without all the expectations to do so, already. But you're not and the entire kingdom's been waiting to see you get married, Ethan! Not just me and your parents, man! They all want to see you happily settled down with the right girl, already." declared Benny kindly with concern. "But...I have to ask, do you really think such a girl exists out there?" he then asked the prince curiously.

"I know, Ben." sighed Ethan, knowing that he was right. He then looked out towards the open water and sky as he gazed upon it longingly in thought. "She's out there, somewhere. I just know she is. I can...feel it. The perfect girl for me. I just gotta...keep looking for her, is all." he said fondly in a hopeful manner.

"And how do you know when you've found the right girl, then?" wondered Benny.

Ethan just shrugged. "I'll know when I see her, I guess." he answered simply with a warm smile.

"Yeah, well...you better hurry up and find her, then. Before your parents get fed up in having to wait for you to find that perfect girl and just decide to do an arranged marriage, instead, with you. Whether you like it or not." commented Benny teasingly in an easy-going like manner. Smirking at the prince amusingly, as he saw the prince's reaction.

"Oh, god. I hope that doesn't happen." stated Prince Ethan worryingly, as his face paled a little at the thought. "I don't want to be married to some random girl, who I have no connection with." he added frighteningly, as he then shivered at the thought.

Benny chuckled at him. "Then you better hope that you meet this 'perfect girl' here real soon then, my royal friend!" joked Benny with a playful wink afterward.

"Yeah! Yeah! I know!" grumbled Ethan unhappily, but not really. He was just joking around with him, as well. The two then shared a small laugh together.

Suddenly, their laughter was interrupted by the sound of a loud clap of thunder and a bright flash of lightning off in the distance. Drawing both their attention, as the wind started to pick up a bit. The sky was no longer covered by twinkling stars but rather by a blanket of dark ominous looking clouds.

"HURRICANE'S A COMIN'!" called out the ship's lookout from up on the mast, as the sails began to bellow in the strong oncoming winds. The subtle ocean waves had also begun to turn turbulent and fierce along with the wind, as the storm blew in rapidly upon them. Causing the ship to rock and sway violently.

The lookout then started barking out orders on what to do to his fellow crew members down below. Immediately, they all scrambled at the orders and began to hurriedly do what was told of them. It was all-hands-on-deck now, as everyone quickly darted about the ship. Trying to secure and prepare the ship for what was to come, as the storm hit.

Large waves began to toss the ship up and down and all around, as they crashed into the side of it. Gales of winds blew the sails fiercely, as the crew struggled to move about against the strong winds. Trying to let it blow them away. But with the massive waves also crashing into the ship causing water to quickly wash over the deck, it was nearly impossible to be able to get anything done. If it wasn't the wind that was knocking them around a bit, then it was the water from the waves, then. It was total chaos onboard, as torrential rain began to pour down upon them. With bright flashes of lightning accompanied by deep loud booms of thunder happening around and above them.

As a large wave came crashing into the side of the ship (almost knocking it over on it's side), Erica and Ellie were knocked off the opposite side of the ship where the wave had hit at. And were sent back into the rough water.

Thankfully, though, it was a bit more calmer underwater than it was on the surface. So, the girls were able to swim a safe distance away from the violently moving ship. Meeting back up with Sarah, who was quite worried about them when the storm had rolled in. Sarah was grateful to see the two mermaids ok.

The girls then swam back up towards the surface and watched as the ship struggled to stay upright in the storm. For them, it wasn't all that difficult for them to withstand the rough waves of the water (lIke it was for the human ship) since they didn't have to deal with the strong winds hitting them, all that much (again like with the human ship currently). But it was still a bit hard to see very well, though. With the waves having them bob up and down in the water a lot, with a torrential downpour of rain being blown in their faces making it harder to see.

As they watched, a bolt of lightning then struck one of the ship's sails causing it to catch on fire. Erica gasped in shock at the sight, fearing for the humans' safety, then.

Onboard, Prince Ethan tried his very best to steer the ship while also keeping upright in the process. But it wasn't easy, as the waves continued to batter and ram into the ship with great force. It was like he was fighting the very ocean itself, it seemed! As he tried to keep the crew safe.

Suddenly, a huge wave came crashing into the ship's side causing it to then slam into some unforeseen rocks in the water. Causing most of the crew to go overboard. Including, Prince Ethan and Benny. Thankfully, though, some of the crew members were able to release one of the lifeboats that hung on the side of the ship into the water before hitting the rocks. So, they were able to row up to them and safely pull them up into the boat.

Not long after, the sound of barking could be heard ringing throughout the air. Prince Ethan looked up in the direction the distressed barking was coming from, already knowing who the barking belonged to.

"Max!" yelled out Ethan frantically in fear, as he saw his loyal and faithful canine companion still on the ship (barking for help) that was now on fire.

Not about to leave the poor dog there to die, Ethan quickly jumped into the water without any hesitation and begun to swim his way back over towards the burning ship. Determined to rescue his dog, Max.

Once he finally made it over to the burning ship, he then started to climb up the built-in ladder that was on the side of it. Eventually, making it to the ship's deck. Ethan then heard a crackling/snapping noise and looked over to see that one of the mast poles that was on fire, begin snap in two and break. He quickly jumped out of the way of the burning pole, that fell right where he was previously standing at.

Ethan then heard Max still barking and followed the sound to where the dog was currently at. Which was the highest part of the deck, where the ship's steering wheel was at.

"Jump, Max! Come on boy! Jump!" yelled out Ethan to the frantic looking animal, as he held his arms out ready to catch him.

Max looked around in a panic at first, but then finally jumped. Landing right in his owner's strong arms, safely.

With his best canine friend now in his arms, Ethan quickly darted off towards the side of the ship. But right before he could get over the edge, his foot had stepped on a part of the deck where it was already weakened by the fire. His foot crashed through the weaken planks of wood causing him to stumble and lose his balance. Resulting in him accidentally tossing Max over the side of the ship and into the water, where the dog then began to swim where the other crew members were in the rowboat.

Ethan quickly recovered and glanced down over the ship's side to see Max safely swimming to safety. Which brought the prince relief in knowing that his dog was gonna be ok, now. But unbeknownst to him, the flames had reached a keg of gunpowder that was stored down below in the artillery room. So, the moment Prince Ethan looked back to see how close the flames were to him, that was when the keg and everything in the little room, exploded.

The others on the rowboat all gasped in shock and horror at the explosion. Knowing that Prince Ethan was still onboard somewhere. Their hearts all sank at the thought that he was possibly caught in that explosion, but they also held out hope that maybe he was able to get away in time and survive.

Watching the whole thing unfold, Erica was also stunned with fear and concern for the young prince. So, acting on impulse, she quickly dove underwater to help. No way, was she about to let him drown to death! So, she swam around the falling underwater wreckage until she finally saw the prince sinking down into the dark depths of the sea, unconscious. Erica then hurriedly swam down to him and scooped him up in her arms the best that she could, all while trying to swim with him, too. She then swam up towards the surface with him as fast as she could, knowing that humans needed air to live. She struggled a bit in getting there, but she eventually did.

Right after surfacing with the unconscious prince in her arms, Erica then started to swim towards shore with him. As the rest of the burning ship went down in the water with leftover fireworks from the party going off in a cloud of black smoke rising into the air, just behind them.

Before long, morning was beginning to break in the sky above, as the dark stormy clouds that once loomed ahead, slowly began to fade away.

Prince Ethan laid on the shoreline still unconscious, but he wasn't alone, however. Erica had stayed with him after recusing him to make sure that he was going to be ok. She saw that he was breathing and was glad that he wasn't dead. She then decided to stay on the shore with him, watching him fondly as he slept peacefully there on the beach. While admiring how handsome he was and enjoying being able to get this close to him, as well. It was one thing being able to see a human from afar, but being able to be this close to one and getting to touch one was...undescribable, in her opinion.

"Erica! There you are!" came a relieved voice from the water's direction.

When Erica looked in that direction, she saw that it was her sister, Ellie speaking to her. Soon after, Sarah's head came poking up out of the water beside her. Also looking rather relieved to see her best friend ok.

"We've been looking everywhere for you!" exclaimed Ellie a bit frantically from concern.

"You had us worried!" added Sarah, but more calmer, though.

That's when both their eyes landed on the human laying beside Erica, with his eyes closed. Both girls then became worried as they looked on in astonishment.

"I-it's...one of those humans from the ship! Quick! Let's get out of here!" exclaimed Ellie alarmingly and a bit loudly, too.

"Shh! Or else you'll wake him!" hushed/scolded Erica sternly to her sister. She then went back to admiring the sleeping human before with a smile, as she gently brushed some of his dark hair away from his face. Humming a sweet and lovely melody while she stared down lovingly at the young prince.

"What would I give...to live where you are. What I would pay...to stay here beside you. What would I do...to see you...smiling at meee. Where we would walk. Where we would run. If we could stay all day in the sun. Just you and me. And I could be...part of your woorrlldd." sang Erica beautifully and sweetly, as gently stroked his cheek which caused him to stir a bit. Grabbing at her hand delicately, as his eyes began to slowly flutter open again, while listening to the sweet and gentle voice singing to him, lovingly.

Sunlight was finally able to break through the dark clouds that still lingered overhead, as it shone down from above upon them. As Prince Ethan's vision was coming back to him (though a bit blurry still, at the moment) he could just vaguely make out the person above him in light. He couldn't quite make out their facial features or anything like that, but he could tell that whoever it was that's singing to him was a woman. And the sun's warm rays that beamed down upon her from behind, as she finished her song, made her look like an angel to him.

Suddenly, barking could be heard from nearby. Startled, Erica then quickly made her way back towards the water, slipping her hand (which was resting on his cheek) from his.

Not a second later (after Erica made her hasty exit towards the water), a dog had come running up to the prince, barking and all happy as can be to see his master alive. Max gave his human friend a big happy lick on the face, as a greeting.

"Ethan?!" came Benny's slightly distant and far off voice from somewhere, soon afterward.

As Prince Ethan fully came to, he sat up a bit. He didn't hear the small sound of a splash in the water when he did, though. From Erica jumping back into the ocean to hide. But his dog Max sure did and he even saw Erica's mermaid tail in time, too, when she dove in. Max ran over towards the water's edge barking enthusiastically with excitement where he saw Erica's tail disappear underwater.

After she had dove back in, Erica then went to go hide behind a rock formation that was a little off from shore, where she was at previously. Sarah and Ellie also joined her behind the rocks, so that all 3 of them could secretly spy on the human prince who's now fully awake.

Soon, the same man that was with the human prince showed up and helped the prince back up on his feet, again.

"Ethan, man! Thank goodness, you're alright!" exclaimed Benny in relief, as he helped his best friend up. "You had us all worried after that explosion when you didn't make it back to the boat."

"A...girl. She...saved me." recalled Ethan vaguely. "Where...where is she?" he then asked, as he frantically turned her head in all directions trying to spot her.

"A girl? What girl?" asked Benny confusedly, as he raised a curious eyebrow at his friend. Then he too looked around the beach to see if he could see any girls around. But there was no one else there except for them. "I don't see any girls here." pointed out Benny perplexingly.

"No! There was! I...I saw her! I know I did! She was right here a moment ago!" stated Prince Ethan with such certainty in his voice.

Benny continued to look at his friend in confusion. "If that's true, then what did she look like? Maybe we could go later and search for her, then?" wondered Benny curiously.

Ethan tried his best to see if he could remember anything about the girl's description. But sadly, he couldn't. All he could remember was the blurry face that he saw above him, singing. "I...I...I don't know what she looked like. All I can remember was her voice as she sang to me." he said disappointingly. Then he perked up back again after thinking about the girl's beautiful singing. "But awe man! Was her voice amazing, though. You should've heard it, Benny. Her voice...was like an angel, as she sang to me. It was so...soothing and beautiful. The way she sang to me...SPARKED something within me, I tell you!" explained a smitten Ethan, as he described the wonderful voice that he heard singing to him after she had saved him from drowning.

Benny just looked at his best friend weirdly. "Well uh...there's no one else around, so-" began Benny with slight uncertainty in his voice, as he wasn't entirely sure if he believed him or not about some mysterious girl saving his life, only to then suddenly vanish into thin air without a trace soon after. But he was cut by the prince speaking next.

"I tell you, Benny! She was right here! I know she was!" stated Ethan strongly, with such certainty. He could tell that Benny didn't believe him. "And I'm gonna find her, too! I at least, owe her a thank you for saving my life." he declared eagerly.

"Ok, there man! Ok! We'll go searching for your mystery woman with the voice of an angel, later! Right now, how about we get you back to the castle and checked out by the doc, first. Eh?" suggested Benny calmly in a sincere way, as he placed a firm hand on Ethan's shoulder while giving him a reassuring smile.

"I know she was real, Benny. I'm not crazy." stated Ethan one more time, confidently. But he then let out a small breathe. "But...you are right, though. I probably should head back to the castle and get checked out by the doctor for any injuries I missed. Everyone is probably still very worried about me. Especially, my parents." said Prince Ethan then, as he agreed with Benny's sage advice about returning to the castle, now. He flashed a kind smile afterward.

Benny then helped his friend along, but not before making a joking like comment to him about his imaginary girlfriend, first. "Come on, dude. Let's get outta here." he said, helping Ethan along. "And get you looked at, after swallowing too much seawater to the point that it's got you seeing imaginary girls who sing to you with their heavenly voice." joked Benny teasingly.

Which caused the prince to roll his eyes with a smile before then lightly nudging Benny in the side with his elbow before walking off, shaking his head at him. Prince Ethan knew he was just joshing with him, so he wasn't mad at Benny's teasing little comment. He knew how his best friend can be at times. Always loving to joke around and occasionally teasing him over something silly. That's just how he was. And that's why he was his best friend, too. Because Benny always brought a little bit of humor to his life. In which, Prince Ethan greatly appreciates, since being a prince is no easy task.

"Max! Come on boy! Let's go home!" called out Prince Ethan as he walked off.

Max immediately stopped barking at the ocean and lifted his head to look behind him a little, with his ears perked up and his tongue hanging out. His tail was also wagging like mad, too, at the sound of his master's voice. He then started to run towards the two men on the beach, barking happily as he tried to catch up to them.

Once the humans were far off enough from the shore where they couldn't see them anymore. Erica removed herself from her hiding place behind the rock and then climbed up on top of it so that she could get one last look at the humans as they left. Their backs were turned, so they couldn't see her as they walked off further inland and away from the ocean.

"Phew! That was a close one." sighed out Ellie in relief, as her little sis continued to stare at the retreating humans. She and Sarah then dove back down underwater before any more humans happened to show up and spot them. Although Erica's attention was still mainly focused on the two humans, that is. As she remained behind for while longer. Watching one human in particular, to be exact. The one they called...Prince Ethan.

Erica's heart began to beat passionately at the sight of him, as she watched him go. Feeling her heart swell with love for a guy that she barely knows. But there was no denying it, she was in love with Prince Ethan. And that love made her desperately want to meet him properly this time. So, that they could get to know one another better than they do now. She wanted to know what it would be like to have Prince Ethan's arms wrapped around her, holding her close while telling her all the things he loves about her and how much she means to him. She wanted to know...what it would feel like to have his lips pressed tenderly against hers, while they kissed. She wanted to experience all of the romancy things that you do when you're in love with someone. And she wanted to experience them all with Prince Ethan.

"I don't know when. I don't how." began Erica, as she sang out the feelings she felt in her heart for the prince, as she watched them from afar. Gazing at him with a yearning and determined look on her face that also held love and warmth, as well. "But I know somethings starting right nooowww." she sang beautifully, as her hair blew slightly in the sea breeze and waves gently crashed into the side of the rock she was on. "Watch and you'll seee...someday I'll beee...part of yooouurr...woooorrrrlllddd!" she then sang out with gusto and conviction in her voice, as she raised her front half up with her arms supporting her. The wind now picked up a bit causing her hair to bellow flawlessly behind her, as a huge wave then crashed into the side of the rock splashing up somewhat beside her before then calming back down again.

As Erica watched them go, she was totally unaware of the fact that she was being watched from a distance by a pair of creepy looking moray eels that had a glowing eye. One who's right eye glowed and the other eel whose left eye was glowing. The two eels belonged to the sea witch, Stephanie, who was having them spy on Erica for her.

Whatever the two moray eels saw with their glowing eyes, showed itself in Stephanie's crystal ball.

Back at Stephanie's evil lair, she couldn't help but laugh out loud hilariously at what she saw in her crystal ball.

"Oh, no-no-no-no!" she laughed incredulously in an amusing way, as if what she just saw was a joke or something. "I can't stand it! It's too easy!" stated Stephanie humorously with glee. "The child is in love with a human. And not just any human. A PRINCE!" she said amusingly, chuckling a little afterward. She knew how much Erica's father hated humans and yet...here's his youngest daughter. Falling head-over-heels for one, no less. It was all just too...perfect!

Oh, yes! Stephanie knew that she could use this to her advantage. No way was the king going to let his preciously little girl continue to fawn over being with a human. Eventually, the two will have a major blowup over it, and if Stephanie knew one thing about teenagers is that, they tend to rebel against their parents after a major argument over something. By sneaking out and doing exactly what their parents said NOT to do. And when that opportunity will happen (and trust her...it will) with King Triton's daughter, Stephanie will be ready to pounce then. By taking advantage of the poor girl's broken and upset heart and using it against her father to get what she always wanted from the king. The all-powerful trident and becoming the ruler of the sea.

Stephanie grinned wickedly to herself, just thinking about it. She then lazily looked over to a dark little hole in her cave/hideout where these strange little brown squiggly looking creatures were at. The tiny creatures had no arms or legs. Just a mouth and a pair of eyes, as they moaned and wiggled about. Their bodies appeared to be implanted into the floor like plants, too. And each one of them had this sad and miserable expression upon their faces, too. As if all hope was lost.

The creatures all trembled and coward in fear at the sinister look she gave them. "Triton's little girl would make a charming addition to my little garden." smirked Stephanie evilly in an ominously and thoughtful tone. As her shadow loomed over the pathetic looking creatures in the cave, as she chuckled lowly and darkly at the idea. Terrifying them even further of the sea witch's evil intention in mind for whatever it was she was plotting next. As she couldn't wait for everything to fall into place so that she can finally get everything that her evil heart ever desired.

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