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On a clear moonlit night, a young man was currently wondering through the woods. He was looking for some kind of plant before his grandmother had found out that he had used up all her secret stash of special herbs and he get in trouble for it. So here he was. Out in the middle of nowhere. At night.

"Ah-ha! Finally! I found some!" exclaimed the young man in relief, after finally finding the plant he was looking for.

He quickly picked some and placed it in his satchel bag, that he had with him. Once he was done, he got up and dusted his hands off and started back towards home.

As he was walking, he was suddenly jumped by a hungry vampire. He cursed himself for not carrying a weapon with him. Especially if he's going to be out in the middle of the woods at night.

He nervously let out a nervous laugh, as he slowly began to back up. He then took off running, but the vampire quickly zipped in front of him, blocking his path. He once again cursed himself for thinking that he could ever out run a vampire.

The vampire slowly began to stalk towards him, licking his lips. The young man gulped in fear, as he took a step back, but then he fell to the ground and landed on his butt. He trembled in fear as the vampire let out a small chuckle.

Right when the vampire was about to make his move on the helpless human, he was suddenly tackled by a brown wolf. The wolf had the vampire by the arm, biting him as the vampire struggled to get it to let go. He managed to get the wolf off of him. The wolf stood there, growling at the vampire. During all of this, the young man just sat there and watched in awe. Realizing what he was up against, the vampire hissed at the wolf and then sped of into night.

Once the vampire was gone, the wolf then turned to face the young man, no longer growling. The two just stared at each other in the eyes. The young man's green eyes staring at two bright golden colored ones. He was memorized by the wolf. It was strange because it didn't seem to show any kind of aggressiveness towards him. It was almost like...it was seeing if he was ok. When he reached out to touch the wolf, the wolf made a surprise reaction before his hand could reach it and backed away slowly with it's head held down, but not in a threatening way. But more in a kind of...timid and shy way. It then turned around and started to run away.

"Wait! Come back! I won't hurt you!" called out the young man to the wolf, but it was already too late. The wolf had already disappeared into the darkness of the night. The young man then gave a disappointed expression, before finally getting up and dusting himself off.

He pulled his bag over his shoulder and turned to head on home, but before he did, he glanced back in the direction that the wolf had gone in.

'I wonder if I'll ever see it again.' he thought to himself.

He then faced the other way and started to head home. Little did he know that the wolf wasn't really gone after all, but was instead hiding among the bushes nearby, watching him. It followed him home as it remained well hidden from his view, entire time.

When the young man returned home, he immediately headed to his grandma's secret herb stash to replenish the herb that he used up earlier. But unfortunately for him, he got caught. She didn't ground him since he did go out to get some more, but she just wished that he would of went looking during the day and not at night. Then she told him that he could of just bought some more at this little local store in town that sold the herb. The teenage boy then mentally kicked himself for not realizing that sooner.

He then remembered what had happened earlier and told his grandmother all about the strange encounter with the mysterious wolf. She was intrigued by his little tale and told him that it was very uncommon for wolves to be in these parts. And the only wolf that she knows of that lives in Whitechapel is the one that everyone calls Whitechapel's Protector, but according to her that wolf was killed eight years ago by some hunters. So it couldn't be him.

After dinner, the young man went up stairs to his room. He laid on his bed, thinking about the brown wolf that saved him earlier and about what his grandma had just told him.

'Maybe there's a new Protector?' pondered the young man.

His thoughts plagued his mind for the rest of the night, but he soon fell asleep. Wondering if he'll ever get to meet the brown wolf again.

At a different household, a young man about the same age as the first came walking in through the front door.

"Oh! Hey, there honey! Did you have a nice run?" greeted the young man's mother.

He smiled at her and said, "Yep! I sure did! And I even met someone new!"

His mother gave a worried look at her son. The teen saw this and quickly reassured her. "Don't worry, Mom! I'm fine! I didn't even stick around long enough for him to learn anything about me." he replied.

His mother was then relieved to hear his answer. Her son then had a perplexed expression on his face as if in thought about something.

"But...it was strange? I wasn't really all that afraid of him like I usually am when I first meet strangers. It was like...there was this strange connection between us or something? I can't really quite describe it, though..." he said to his mother.

She then smiled at her son fondly, before replying, "Well, I'm sure that whatever it was that you were feeling, you'll figure it out soon."

The young man looked at his mother a bit confused by her comment, but then smiled at her before nodding his head in agreement and then he kissed her on the cheek and bid her goodnight.

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