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"ETHAN! DON'T!" shouted Benny, throwing up his hands in defense and unintentionally hitting the werewolf with a small shockwave of magic, that sent the werewolf flying back some and knocking him down.

Benny gasped at what he did. "Oh, my god! Ethan! I am SO sorry!" he quickly apologized. "I didn't mean to do that!" he rushed out worryingly, while making hand gestures to emphasize his point. But he then took a minute and paused in thought. "Or maybe I did...out of self-defense, maybe?" thought Benny out loud to himself, while wolf Ethan slowly got up, shaking his head to gather himself before returning back to growling at Benny.

Snapping out of it, Benny refocus his attention back at the matter at hand. He saw that even that little blast of magic didn't seem to work in getting Ethan back to normal, again. "But regardless! I'm still very, very sorry for it, E! And it won't happen again! So, please snap out of it, so we can kick this evil jerk's ass for good, Babe!" pleaded Benny desperately.

But still nothing. Ethan was still coming at him, ready to put an end to his life just like that. He didn't want to hurt his werewolf boyfriend, but he was running out of options. The only one he had right now, was to hope to stay alive and snap Ethan out of Jesse's trance before Ethan does something he'll majorly regret.

Benny could hear Jesse's annoying laugh ring out in the background at him. "Hahaha! What's wrong, spell dork? Can't harm the one you love with all your heart and soul? Hahaha!" teased Jesse, mockingly. "Well, guess what?! He sure doesn't seem to have any problems against harming you!" he added, laughing some more.

"That's only because you're forcing him to do it, Jesse! So, screw you!" snapped back Benny, heatedly to the vampire. He then jumped out of the way, as Ethan made another attempt at pouncing on him.

"Ethan listen to me! It's me! Benny! The love of your life and your mate! I know you're in there still! So, please snap out of it! I know you don't really want to do this! So, fight it, E!" pleaded Benny, trying to get through to Ethan, again.

Ethan lunged at Benny, knocking him down to the ground rather clumsy. He pinned Benny down, as he stood over him snarling. All the while with Jesse standing there with anticipation, awaiting for him to tear into the spellmaster's flesh and end him for good.

"Yes! That's it! Now finish him, Ethan!" urged the vampire anxiously, with a bit of glee in his voice as he smiled wickedly at the scene.

There was nothing that Benny could do now, but to accept his fate. He gulped in fear and at the thought that this was it for him. So, if he was gonna die at the hands (more like teeth, in this kind of situation, that is) of someone, he was glad that it would at least be his boyfriend's. He looked deeply into Ethan's wolf eyes, as he smiled lovingly at him.

"Before you finish me off Ethan, I just wanted to tell you one last time that...I love you." declared Benny sincerely and lovingly.

He quickly then shut his eyes and turned his head, awaiting for the moment his life would come to an end from razor sharp canines bearing down upon him. But...he didn't. Confused, Benny opened his eyes to see a very reluctant and confused wolf shaking it's head irritatingly, as if trying to get something out of it's head.

Ethan slowly backed up from over Benny, still shaking his head and dazed. Benny sat up to see Ethan still struggling with some unseen force that seems to be bothering the young werewolf. Benny had no idea what was going on with him, as he just sat there and watched him, but a minute later it soon became clear to just what was happening.

Ethan glanced up briefly at Benny with a somewhat pained expression on his wolfy face. "B-B-Benny?...Is that you?" struggled out Ethan in confusion, through his telepathy.

Benny smiled happily when he heard that. He could see the kind and warm light returning back to Ethan's eyes, once again meaning that Ethan was fighting Jesse's hold over his mind. "Yes! That's right, Ethan! It's me! Benny!" he said, quickly reassured him encouragingly with a look of hope on his face.

Benny stood up and saw as Ethan wince, squeezing his eyes shut and letting out a small yelp as he changed back to his human form. Ethan clutched his head, as he continued to let out sounds and noises from his mental stuggle for dominace over his body and mind.

"That's it, E! Come back to me! Jesse's trance on you is no match for our love!" cheered on Benny, anxiously.

"B-Benny?" repeated Ethan again.

Growling with dissatisfaction and anger, Jesse decided to step in. "Enough!" he yelled out, demandingly. He speed over in front of Ethan as he stared him down. "I can't belive this! It's nearly impossible for anyone to break my trances. And yet, here you are...Fighting it ever so valiantly, all for the sake of something as stupid as love for some worthless low level spellmaster at that! Who can hardly ever get a simple spell right!" ranted Jesse, unhappily. "Well, I'm not about to let you go that easily." he added, staring Ethan in the eyes again, reinforcing the trance on his mind.

Ethan soon stopped with his struggling, as he lost the small bit of control he had over his mind. Jesse stood there with a big twisted grin on his face. Benny (on the other hand) stood there in utter disbelief, as he felt his heart sank when he witness Jesse reinforcing the trance on Ethan. He was so close in getting him back, too! Stupid Jesse!

Ethan stood rigid and still, now. "I guess I'll have take care of you myself, spellmaster." said Jesse, turning to face Benny. He slowly at first started to stalk towards Benny, who wasn't about to back down from a fight with Jesse. Not this time, anyways. Benny knew that he was the only one who can save Ethan, now.

He glared a determined look at the vampire coming at him, ready for anything. "Go ahead! I won't let you have Ethan! I'll fight to the very end to save him, you filthy vampire!" replied Benny back, determinedly.

Jesse sneered at him as he got more closer to him. Benny then shot a spell at him, but Jesse was too quick and had manage to dodge it in time. He sped up, right in front of Benny's face and smirked. Benny jumped a little at the sudden close appearance of the vampire, in front of him.

"Nice try, but I'm much more faster than you are." taunted Jesse smugly. Panicked, Benny tried to cast another spell at him, but before he could Jesse grabbed his spell casting hand and twisted it painfully up in the air to stop him.

Benny flinched and yelped from the slight bit of pain he felt running throughout his wrist now. If twisted anymore then he would've broken it for sure. Jesse smiled happily, enjoying the other's pain and his soon to be victory over the young annoying spellmaster. He leaned in close to Benny's ear as he spoke in a low and menacing tone.

"I'm gonna enjoy draining the life out of you, spellmaster. All while your precious boyfriend watches the light fade from your eyes."

Benny could hear the glee in his voice as he said that. And right after Jesse had finished speaking, he felt the sharp sting of his fangs piercing into his neck as his blood began to flow into Jesse's mouth. He could feel himself getting increasingly weaker with each passing minute that Jesse drank from him. Benny's green eyes slowly glanced up to stare into a pair brown (and entranced) ones for one last time. He smiled weakily at him (feeling his head beginning to swim from the blood loss), as he spoke his name in nothing more but a whisper.


Standing there in his trance like state of mind, Ethan heard Benny call his name. And as if those were the magic words, he was able to come out of Jesse trance completely and fully, to witness the horrible scene in front of him.

"Benny!" he shouted alarmingly.

Feeling a powerful surge of anger and the need to protect, Ethan transformed and rushed forward, tackling Jesse to the ground as he tore into him savagely.

Benny collapsed to the ground as well, but was still able to remain conscious as he held a hand over were the bite mark was that Jesse had left, to stop the bleeding. With a couple of words spoken, his hand glowed briefly to quickly heal the wound (enough to end the bleeding), but there was still a slight bit of pain from it that had remained afterwards, nonetheless.

He watched as he witness Ethan ripping Jesse apart with so much force, that it was a bit frightening. Benny wasn't sure if he should be impressed or terrified at what he was seeing. He's never seen Ethan act like this before, but he did have to admit though...seeing him like this sort of, kind a turns him on a bit. Weird, right? Seeing your boyfriend brutally and savagely kill someone? But to be honest though, Jesse was a pretty evil dude. And a vampire nonetheless, who...he's pretty sure is on the Vampire Council's hit list for the premiere thing, still?

Jesse's screams could be heard ringing out into the night air, as the young werewolf continued to tear into him. But the young (and blinded by rage) werewolf knew that just attacking him like this wasn't gonna do much good, as he can just easily heal himself. Granted that from the amount of damage that he would've recieve from all of this, if he was let to live, it would take a lot of time to come back and heal from completely. And from all of what he's learned and heard about Jesse, Ethan knew that deep down that he couldn't be allowed to live. He knew that once he was fully healed, that Jesse would returned one day (yet again) and would try to force him into joining him by any means necessary. Which was never gonna happen.

So, with that, Ethan then began to bore and gnaw into the evil vampire's chest with his teeth, digging a whole right through to where his darken heart lied. With the knowledge of knowing that a vampire's true and ultimate weakness is their heart, Ethan bit down harshly on his heart and proceeded to rip it out with one mighty pull. Jesse let out a piercing cry of pain when he tore out his heart, which soon ended.

Ethan took a couple of steps back with the heart still grasped between his teeth, blood dripping down his mouth and neck. His wolf eyes glowed in the dark brightly with such intensity in them. He then dropped the heart, which fell to the ground with a small thud sound and disintegrated (along with with rest of Jesse's body) into nothing more but ash that blew away in the wind, as he pointed his head up towards the sky and let out a mighty victory howl to the moon and to all who can hear him.

Benny sat there amazed and shocked at what he just seen. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Lowering his head, Ethan looked over at Benny with a now softer glow, that they always held in them, again. They locked eyes for a second, before the young wolf came rushing up to Benny, transforming back to human form. And like before when Benny had begun to fret over his well-being when that hunter guy tried to shoot him earlier, Ethan did the same right after embracing him in a big hug.

"Oh, my god, Benny! Are you alright?! He didn't-?!" worried Ethan with tears running down his face, not able to finish his sentence.

No longer really that phased by what he just saw, Benny smiled and brought his hands up to cup Ethan's face and wipe away his tears. He shook his head 'no' to answer Ethan's unfinished question. "There was no venom in the bite. He only wanted to drain me dry to kill me, was all." reassured Benny, giving him a kind smile. "Until you showed up, that is. And stopped him just in the nick of time before he could, too."

Hearing that made Ethan smile, as he couldn't hold back the tears still, and hugged him again. He was so grateful that Benny was ok and that he was able to snap out of it in time to save him. He didn't know what he would do without Benny in his life, now that he has found him.

But a certain thought soon crossed Ethan's mind. Benny had just witness a horrific act take place right in front of him by his werewolf boyfriend. Not to mention he just tried to kill Benny, as well! Ethan was then hit with a wave guilt and shame for his own actions. He never thought that in a million years that he could ever do something so...violent, before in his entire life. It kind of scared him a bit, to think just what he's capable of.

When they broke the hug, Benny could tell that there was something bothering him. And judging by the events that just took place, he had a pretty good idea of what.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked sincerely, but Ethan wouldn't answer and instead looked down sadly. Benny took Ethan's chin and tilted it up, to look him in the eyes. "Ethan, you can tell me. You know that." he said softly.

Ethan nodded (as Benny brought his hand down) and wiped his remaining tears away with a sniffle. "It's just...I tried to kill you earlier, Benny. I mean, how could I ever do such a thing to my own boyfriend? I'm a horrible person and an even more horrible boyfriend, too." he explained glumly with a hint of guilt in his voice. He felt like he could cry again.

"Ethan. That wasn't your fault! I know you would never want to hurt me like that in a million years! What happened tonight, was all Jesse's fault. He's the one to blame here, for placing you under that trance and for ordering you to kill me. Not you." said Benny reassuringly, in a kindhearted way.

Ethan knew that Benny was right. Him trying to kill Benny really was all of Jesse's doing and not his. But...the issue of him killing Jesse so brutally in front him like that, still remained. How could anyone want to be with someone who has the potential to be so dangerous and violent, like that?

"Yeah...I suppose you're right." replied Ethan. "But now, you probably don't want anything to do with me after what you just saw me do to Jesse, Benny! I was a monster! Tearing into him like that! I don't even know what came over me when I saw him about to kill you! I just lost it!" he cried frantically.

"It was like...my primal instincts just took over!" he shouted, now pausing for a brief moment, as he looked away. "I can't see why you would ever want to be with someone like me, anymore. Someone with so much potential who can do great harm to you. If you don't want to be with me anymore, then...I understand." spoke Ethan, more calmly now, but a bit more depressingly now.

Benny was a bit shocked that Ethan would think that he didn't want to be around him anymore just because he took down an evil, power hungry vampire (who in Benny's opinion, should've been delt with a long time ago) in such a gruesome way?! That's absurd!

He went up to the guilty werewolf and gave him the most biggest and most passionate kiss that he ever did, to show him that he didn't care how dangerous he was or could be. All that matter to him was what he felt for Ethan and how much he wanted Ethan to remain in his life, as well. Because to Benny...having a werewolf as your boyfriend is pretty awesome, in his opinion. And pretty darn HOT, too!

Ethan stood there confused as he looked at Benny after he broke the kiss. Benny flashed him one of his trademark goofy smiles. "Ethan. What you did to Jesse, I could care less because frankly...that evil dick had it coming to him for along time, now." he said sincerely with a hint of sarcasm at that last part. "And to me, you're anything BUT dangerous. You were only doing what you thought was right and by killing Jesse you probably just saved many more people out there from ever having to deal with that man in the near future. He's done nothing but cause grief for everybody. He is a selfish, no good, evil vampire who will do and hurt anybody just to get what he wants. Trust me! I mean, look at what all he did to Sarah and the others." he explained wholeheartedly, while looking him deep in the eyes.

"And is that not what your father, the Protecter, would've done, as well? Jesse was a coldhearted and stone cold killer, who could care less about the human life. Or another type of life, for that matter!" pointed out Benny. "Plus, I'm pretty sure that the Council might still have him on their little hit list for rogue vampires who don't like following the rules, too, after what he did at that Dusk premeire." he added jokingly with a wink, which made Ethan giggle.

Benny smiled seeing his smiling face again. "Now, there's that smile I love to see and that laugh that just always brightens up my day!" commented Benny genuinely, wrapping his arms around the smaller male figure, making him laugh some more and blushing like mad, too. Benny kissed the top of Ethan's forehead sweetly, as he held him there.

"You're no monster in my eyes, Ethan. If anybody is, it was Jesse and his twisted self for all the pain and suffering he caused you and your family, among countless others in his wake to power." he said to Ethan honestly, meaning it too. "I could never stop loving you, whether you're dangerous or not. Because ever since I met you...things just seem...BETTER, somehow. I don't want to lose you or to ever no a life without you in it, because I love you Ethan Morgan. To the moon and back again. And to wherever life may lead us." stated Benny lovingly and comfortingly, too.

"Yeah, but..." began Ethan meekily, but was cut off by Benny.

"No, E! You were just doing what any werewolf would do if their mate was ever in a life or death situation, like that. You were following your heart and instincts. And I don't blame nor fear you for any of it, either!" reassured Benny sweetly, with a warm smile.

Ethan stared at Benny blankly with his mouth slightly open in awe before it turned into a big happy smile. He kissed the spellmaster on the lips as a token of gratitude and appreciation of how much he's thankful for having him in his life, as well.

"And besides...seeing my sexy werewolf boyfriend tear into an evil douche bag vampire, like Jesse, was sort of turning me on, anyhow." smirked Benny cheekily, with a wink.

Ethan immediately then felt his cheeks begin to burn a bright red from Benny's flirty comment. He couldn't believe he just said that!

"Benny!" exclaimed Ethan embarrassingly, and gave him a swift smack on the arm for it, too.

But the spellmaster only laughed. "Well, it's true! I can't help what turns me on and what doesn't!" he defended honestly with a casual smile.

"Benny! Enough already! You're embarrassing me!" blushed the werewolf even more, as he quickly turned around and placed his hands over his face to hide it. "And plus, we've already talked about this." added the shy werewolf meekily in a low tone, while fumbling with his fingers.

"Yeah, I know! But it still doesn't stop me from fantasizing about it, until the day we actually do it comes, though." purred Benny in his ear from behind in a husky tone, seductively and wrapping his arms around Ethan's waist.

Ethan really wished that he would stop embarrassing him like this so much, right now before he passes out from embarrassment and from blushing so much, too. But to be honest, he really enjoy Benny holding him like this and the small tokens of affection he gives him, too. He just wished he wasn't so timid and shy all the time and get's embarrassed so easily when Benny does acts like this towards him. But that's just how things are, he suppose. And he wouldn't have it any other way.

The two were then distrupted by a forgotten someone finally speaking up from a distance. "Well...that was...interesting." spoke the hunter, rather sheepishly while scratching the back of his head awkwardly at the awkward moment between the two boys.

Ethan and Benny quickly spun around when they heard him speak. Benny quickly pushed Ethan behind him protectively, ready to defend him from the hunter. The hunter saw the determined and hostile look in his eyes, knowing very well why he's looking at him like that. "Don't you even dare!" threatened Benny seriously, narrowing his eyes at him.

The hunter only sighed defeatedly, as he walked over to where he saw his gun lie when the vampire must've discarded it before the fight. "Relax, spellmaster. I'm not gonna hurt your little werewolf." He sighed out. "In fact, with my client now dead that means the contract is now void." he added, simply.

"Maybe so, but...you still have this strong grudge against werewolves for what they've done to you! And I'm not gonna let you harm Ethan, either!" pointed out Benny, boldly.

The hunter chuckled as he shook his head. "Perhaps, but it's not as strong as it used to be, my friend." he said back, humorously. Ethan and Benny stood there confused by the riddle. "Thanks to you two, I've finally seen the light. That not all werewolves are bad and there are some good ones out there, like you and your father, Ethan. So, I'm not gonna try and kill you, anymore." he explained earnestly to them, with a kind smile.

Both teenagers smiled at hearing that. "But if I ever do hear about you attacking or killing innocent people for the fun of it or for just for thrills, then I will return and finish what I've started. Got me?" stated the hunter dead seriously, with a stern look.

Both boys nodded, a bit fearfully at the hunter and the steely look he was giving them at the moment, as they gave a nervous smile. The hunter's serious look then lighten up, as his smile returned seeing there reply.

"Good!" praised the hunter, happily. "I have to admit, though...knowing that there's good werewolves out there, is gonna make my job a LOT more harder, from now on." he added passively in a sarcastic kind of way. "But I'll manage." he said, shrugging.

"So, you're only going after the evil ones, now?" questioned Ethan curiously, wanting to make sure.

The hunter gave a nod. "That's right kid! There's no need to kill off the good ones out there that are protecting us humans from all of the evil that's in the world. Now is there?" he replied.

But Ethan still wasn't so sure, yet. "But what about what I did to Jesse? I mean, I killed him in such a brutal manner? I would at least figured that only shows you how vicious a werewolf can be?" he asked.

"True! It does!" he agreed easily enough, but he still had that relaxed body language meaning he still meant no harm or trickery even. "But from what I saw today and heard, that dickhead Jesse got what he deserved, anyways, for being who he is. And he wasn't really human at all, so...I'll let it slide. My main priority is protecting us human beings from the creatures of the dark. And if some those creatures of the dark out there, are willing to protect us too, then I'm all for it. So, there's no real need to kill those ones off, now is there?." explained the hunter.

"I saw how much you both care about each other and how willing you were to lay down your lives or the other, as well. It's done brought back the small bit of light and hope that had faded away so many years ago from my heart after my wife's death, which had left me a broken and coldhearted person. Something, in which, I know she would never want of me. And for that I thank you." he said, sincerely with a smile.

Ethan and Benny returned the smile, believing his kind words of gratitude. They were happy to of somehow changed this man's life for the better, with a better outlook on life, now.

With that said, the hunter turned and was about to leave. But he was then stopped by a sudden outburst from Ethan. "Wait!" exclaimed Ethan, making the hunter turn back around. "Thank you." said Ethan, smiling at the man for giving up his hunt to kill him and for changing his view on werewolves, too.

The man smiled back and gave a nod, before turning around. "May we meet again, someday, you two!" he said out loud, waving his hand around in a carefree and causal manner to say good-bye, as he walked off.

Ethan and Benny both stood there, watching as he walked away, smiling while cuddling one another. As soon as the hunter left their sight, they began to make their way back home.

"Well, that was the most interesting first date that I've ever been on, before." stated Benny sarcastically, as they walked. "You sure know how to make a date interesting, huh, E?" he added, chuckling.

Ethan just rolled his eyes. "Judging from what the girls have said about your dating life, this is the ONLY date you've ever been on, Benny!" pointed out Ethan, laughing himself now.

The spellmaster just shrugged. "Yeah, but it was sure as hell one to remember! Eh?" he said playfully. "I know I'll never forget it!" he added, bring Ethan in more closer to him.

"Yeah! Me, too!" agreed Ethan happily, placing his head on Benny's shoulder as they walked.

As they walked, a question lingered inside of Benny's head. "Hey, Ethan? Why did you save that guy's life back there when Jesse tried to shoot him, eariler? Especially, after he tried to kill you?" he wondered.

Ethan lifted up his head and let out a small sigh, as they stopped, and he took a couple of steps away from him with his back turned towards Benny. "Well...I got to thinking about what you said, about how I was your protector and how you'll always be mine no matter what. And that when I do take up the roll of being Whitechapel's next Protector that I won't be alone and you'll be there by my side helping me defend this town's citizens from evil. And..." he explained, pausing briefly before speaking again. "Hearing all of that kind of made me begin to realize that you're right. I'm not in this alone. And that I have you, Erica, Rory, and Sarah there to help back me up, with a little assistance from my Mom and you grandmother on the side, as well. And that maybe I can do this, after all." he explained hopefully.

"So, are saying that you're gonna take up the roll of Whitechapel's Protector and follow in your father's footsteps, now?" asked Benny, uncertainly.

For a second Ethan didn't answer him, as he looked down, but then nodded. "Yeah. I guess I am." he finally answered back, but a bit glumly.

Benny's face lit up at the news. "That's great, babe! I'm so proud of you!" cheered Benny happily, but he then saw the gloomy expression on his face, which caused him to frown. "Then why is it that you look so down about it?" he said concernedly to him.

"I just don't want feel like I've let anyone down. I want to live up to Dad's reputation as the Protector and do him proud, is all. But being the Protector is a lot of responsibility and is a big job to handle, too." explained Ethan honestly.

"Ethan, don't worry about all of that. I'm sure you'll make a great Protector and will do your father's memory justice. You'll see. And you're not gonna let anybody down, either! We all make mistakes. And I'm sure there's gonna be a few people out there who won't be saved in time, but that's part of being a good guy. You win some and then you lose some. I'm sure your dad had his fair share of losses, while trying to keep the citizens of Whitechapel safe. It's just a part of life. You can't save everybody, Ethan. And that's ok." responded Benny tenderly, in a reassuringly manner, as he spun the werewolf around to face him and kept his hands on his shoulders, comfortingly.

Ethan looked up at him and smiled, feeling more better now about all the stress he will gain once he tells the Vampire Council about him becoming the new Protector. He was glad to have Benny there by his side, helping him become the best Protector that he can be. And not just him, but everybody that he cares about in his life, as well.

Benny smiled back, but was then taken off guard by Ethan lunging forward for a kiss. But his surprised expression quickly faded away into a happy and content one, as he welcomed the kiss with open lips by kissing him back with is arms around him.

The moon and stars shone brightly that night in the darken sky, just like it did on the first night that they had met. And just like the moon that night, their future together looked to be bright and full of light to help keep back the shadows that threaten to darken their world, as they lived up to the Protector's legacy to protect everyone that they cared about that lived in Whitechapel. Including each other, just as any mate would do.

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