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Warning: this chapter may be Alot more violent than the first one. Viewer discretion is advised.

Kenny knew he had to surrender. He Didnt want Clementine to die. He sighed and yelled. "OK! I'm coming out!

Arvo smiled evilly as Kenny walked out of the door and stepped down the 3 stairs that led to the house. He dropped his gun to the ground and glared at the Russian teen, who continued grinning evilly. He prepared to aim the gun at The defenseless man until suddenly...


Arvo suddenly felt a sharp pain in his skull, but it didn't reach his brain to kill him. He looked back and was shocked at who it was. It was Bonnie and he noticed the tears in her eyes.

Kenny used this distract to his advantage. He ran up to Arvo and kicked him in the face, instantly breaking his nose. Arvo yelled in pain and fell back.

Kenny growled in pure anger. It was The anger he felt was similar to the way he was when he fought against Jane and there was only one way to stop his anger: Kill Arvo.

Kenny pulled out A kitchen knife that he found in the house. He pushed himself against the Russian teenager, making sure he couldn't move. He grabbed Arvo's left him and began sawing off his fingers one by one.

Arvo screamed in pain, but was quickly silenced when Kenny punched him in the face. He then went to Arvo's right hand and began sawing off his fingers. Arvo attempted to screamed in pain, but Kenny's right hand made sure he couldn't say anything.

Arvo's eyes landed in Bonnie's direction, but she didn't seem to care. She looked down the ground in sadness. She was completely lost.

Arvo struggled to break free of the older's man grasp, but failed miserably as Kenny went down to his stomache and stabbed it. Arvo continuously mumbled in pain as Kenny pulled the knife upwards. Slicing the teenager from his stomache to his chest. Arvo knew he would die soon and there nothing he could do.

Kenny violent opened up the two sides of Arvo's stomache, seeing all of his insides. Kenny's eyes wondered over to Arvo with a glare and he said. "Now, you'll see what Ivan The Terrible did to Russians that dared to look at him"

Kenny grabbed Arvo's insides and effortlessly pulled them out. But, he saved the heart for last. Arvo knew this was it. He was almost done. Kenny looked at the still beating heart and put his hands around it and forcefully pulled it out. Blood squirted on the violent man's face, but he didn't care. Arvo muttered one last sentence before he finally died. "Fuck you."

However, Kenny Didn't care as he stood up and turned to Around to face Clementine, knowing she was injured. However, Kenny's heart raced when she was looking at him with clear fear, obviously in shock for what he did to the teenager. "Clementine... I..."

However, the young girl Didn't listen as she held on to her side and walked back into the cabin, in sadness at what Kenny had done. Though she knew Arvo was an evil teenager, she still Didn't this.

Kenny sighed as he turned around to face Bonnie and finish her. What he saw definitely made him nervous. Bonnie was holding an AK-47 and pointing it directly at him. Kenny held up his hands in surrender. However, Bonnie seemed completely unfocused on shooting him. Tears wandered down her face as she said in a sad tone. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean for this to happen..."

before Kenny could say something to her, Bonnie suddenly pointed the gun at her chin...

...And pulled the trigger...

Bonnie's lifeless corpse hit the ground as Kenny's arms fell to his side. He immediately rushed back to the house to talk to Clementine and heal her wound.

Clementine sat in the corner of the attic with AJ by her side. She was obviously upset by the events that happened outside. She had more reason to fear Kenny after what he did to Arvo. She knew he would kill Arvo the next time he saw him, but... She didn't think he'd tear the teen's insides out. She wished things were different. That Kenny wouldn't be as violent as what he was now. She just wanted things to be different.

She continued looking at the ground, even when Kenny came into the room. He had already Cleaned up the blood on him, but Clementine Didnt care. She was still afraid...

Kenny walked up to her and started. "Clem... I'm sorry, darlin. I know... I let you down... Again."

Clementine continued looking at the ground, hardly paying attention. Kenny sighed. "I know... We'll never get things back to the way they used to be... And ever since this happened, I've been nothing but violent. I try to control it, Clem. I really do. But, it's just something you can't control. I'm sorry, Clementine."

Kenny's words sinked into Clementine's mind. She finally looked backs at him and said. "You're dangerous, Kenny."

Kenny sighed again but at least she was talking to him. He looked at her with his one eye and said. "I know, Darling. I know you may not believe this, but I'm trying to change. It just... It just ain't easy."

Clementine looked at him again and finally, she stood up, despite the pain in her side. Kenny smiled and said. "Now, we better fix that injury and make sure it's not infected. And... We better leave soon. We did make Alot of noise."

Clementine nodded as she followed Kenny downstairs.

After finishing Healing Clementine's shot and making sure that the bullet Didn't fall apart in her side, The two had Fed AJ and were planning on Leaving soon, knowing the walkers would show up soon. Clementine knew Kenny was a flawed man. A very flawed man. But she knew he'd always be there for her, when she needed him.

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