Author Note:

This Autor Note is to explain a few thing about the story setting so there may be a few spoilers.

I've recently noted a distinct lack of quality One Piece fan fictions despite it being the most popular anime/manga in terms of sales. With that being said I decided to buckle up an try my hand at writing something that would hopefully entertain my fellow readers.

There are many things I would like to state before I publish my story to 'set the mood' so to speak. First off is that I'm a big fan of One Piece(Obviously). The premise of the show itself is highly promising and there are many factors and foundations that can be built upon such as the abilities(Devil Fruits,Haki etc.), unique characters and riveting storyline.

That being said, this story of mine will focus on the point just after the Whitebeard War Arc. I will make a few changes in the story at that point which will cause a few ripples in the future arcs. One such change is Luffy losing the Gomu Gomu no Mi ability. Don't get me wrong, its a fun ability and quite versatile in its applications, especially in the hands of Luffy, but its not my favourite fruit.

Now you may be wondering how I'm going to go about this, the answer is simple, I'm going to borrow a plot device use in my favourite One Piece fan fiction Nine Minutes by serpantguy. Of course I recieved permission beforehand so I'm all set.

I will cover a few chapters before and during the timeskip the set the stange in the major changes in Luffy's character. He will still be the fun and somewhat carefree/crazy dude but he will also be alot more calm and collected. I feel that the loss he suffered is the perfect foundation for him to motivate himself to get serious. So expect a badass and slightly OP Luffy.

After the time skip I'll try to stick close to the cannon for the most part with various deviations at certain points. Some will be noticable and affect the story later on and some will just be minor but still epic. The bad guys in the first 2 arcs after the time skip are pretty lame so it will look like the Straw Hats are majorly OP. But rest assured they will face hard time and tough opponents later on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you guys will have as much fun reading this story as I did writing it.

Now On to the Good Stuff...