Authors note: the reason why I made this story is because in recent times I noticed that villains just aren't able to be taken as seriously as they used to, if you want to know what I mean just look at villains in the past and then look at them now, so perhaps I mite be able to make a villain that can be taken seriously I'm all fine and dandy with a bit of humor but that's no excuse to make villains outright laughable. so yeah that's pretty much it I don't own legends of chima I only own my OC's and now let's begin.

Nothing, in the beginning that's all I felt, all I heard, all I saw, nothing, just an endless darkness. until I saw it, a bright light far of in the distance, somewhere in the void. I gone closer to it, then I noticed what my body looked like or lack there of, I was just a black orb that glowed red floating around. As I got closer I finally saw what this bright light looked like, a bright white orb with a bright blue glow. I waited around it waiting for it to do something anything, I focused on it got near it and done other things but nothing happened, until I floated into it. After I touched it I felt something, it's difficult to put into words but I just know that I felt something when I touched it. I then saw another bright orb off in the distance and when I arrived I did the same thing I touched it, I absorbed it, another appeared. After awhile of going around and absorbing those rather bright orbs (I still don't know how when I touch an orb I absorb it) I felt something else, I then realized that I was no longer an orb but had a body, a rather basic body having limbs a head ears and even a tail as well as other body parts but I just looked like a body colored completely black, but I could at least walk. After walking around and absorbing more of the bright orbs I then felt something else, after looking hard enough I then realized that I was looking AT my body, I then realized after awhile that I could now change it to my liking. Soon after finishing my body I then examined it (I also named the body parts as I gone along), it has scales that are colored black, it stands on two legs with a single talon at the tip of each one of it's five toes, it has two arms with a single claw at the tip of each of it's five fingers, it also has of course a belly chest and neck, as well as a single tail, it also has a snout with a single pointed tongue and fanged teeth and slit nostrils pointing in the down and up directions as well as two pointed ears, it's eyes are colored red and glows red, it's pupils are slit shaped and point in the down and up directions, and it also has a rather large number of tentacles on it's back each with mouths at the end, and each mouth has fanged teeth. Several seconds after finishing my new body my mind then went into it. Now that I have a new body I tested it out through rather simple methods, flexing my toes and fingers bending my neck a bit walking around as well as other things. I then continued to walk around to find more of those bright orbs to absorb.

25 years later

After about 25 years I had grown in intelligence quite a bit. I had gotten tired of the endless darkness that I lived in and then thought that if I could change my body then why cant I influence the area around me? After awhile of focusing my power I then realized that I changed the landscape around me, instead of a black void, it was a white one. After awhile of influencing and changing the area I then examined what the place looked like, it looked like what some would call a 'hellscape'. All over the place are plains hills mountains and volcanos made out of black colored stone, and coming from the volcanos are puddles ponds streams lakes rivers bays seas and oceans made out of lava (I should probably fix that sometime soon), and coming from the volcanos are large amount's of smoke preventing the sky from being seen as well the occasional streak of red colored thunder or lightning and whatever parts of the sky that are shown are colored red(I really do wonder how I can even breath). After awhile of ruling over this world I then realized something... I was bored, but that doesn't mean that I didn't encountered a few interesting things. sometime awhile ago I came to the conclusion that there must be other worlds besides this one, my mind then reached out and then I saw something. a hole new world it didn't have anything notable (not yet anyway), but I decided to keep tabs on it. the other thing is that I realized how lonely I am, I then thought that if I can change my body and influence the landscape why cant I create an actual creature? I then focused my power on the area in front of me, and after a several minute long wait a soul then formed, but that is all it is a soul. This creature which I just created it has a soul a mind and a conciseness as well as being sentient to boot but it has no body (hmm well doesn't THAT sound familiar). I then started to form a body for it and after I was done forming it's body I examined it. It has two legs which it stands on as well as five toes each with a talon at the tip of them, it has two arms with five fingers each with a claw at the tip of them, unlike me however it has no tail, and it has skin instead of scales which are colored dark grey, it stands at about six feet tall and like me it has no hair or fur, it also has two pointed ears as well as a snout that is shaped like half a sphere which is at the mouth area, it also has fanged teeth and a pointed tongue. The soul then went into the body and then it opened it's eyes which like mine are colored red glow red and has slit shaped pupils pointing in the down and up directions. I then spoke to it "hello can you hear me?", it just simply stared. I then realized that it likely must grow in intelligence before it can talk, it then wandered off. (Several months later) Apparently my theory that it would grow in intelligence over time proved to be correct, it started talking using tools which it made, and even built objects, I eventually decided to make even more. They eventually formed groups and started to build entire buildings. I eventually decided to look at that other world and I was interested in what I saw, apparently species had eventually come about and formed tribes (unlike my creations which stayed in a single group). And that is when me and my creations discovered that we apparently feasted on emotions, we need no drinks no food no rest no sleep, all we need to survive was emotions to feast upon. Eventually several tribes went to war with each other and they are 'the ice tribes' and 'the fire tribes'. Eventually the ice tribes were pushed into some canyon thereby defeating them, and the fire tribes instead of expanding instead went to sleep (fore some stupid reason). I became worried that me and my creations would have no emotions to feast upon but thankfully other tribes took the previous ones place. My 'children' meanwhile were growing in both numbers and intelligence and eventually built whole city's, and they accepted me as there ruler (because you know I'm there creator), and the first one of them from before was made my second in command, and he took up the name 'Zarkoros' while I took up the name 'Zanatos' the world in which my 'children' lived in was named 'purgatory' and the numbers of my 'children' eventually grew to the QUINTILLIONS. Eventually however It was discovered just simply feasting on emotions cant sustain us any longer, and if we don't find a way to sustain us we will eventually starve out and then die. I then looked for a way to sustain us but nothing worked, I was about to give up hope until I saw something in that other world. After looking at it I the realized that it is those same orbs from before, I tried to get them but my hold on that world is not yet strong enough. For some reason they just hand some of those orbs out but it is not enough to sustain us. Some tried to take them but always failed do to there stupidity, I however have no intention to fail, if I do then me and my 'children' will face our destruction, it's victory or death. I searched for awhile and eventually I found a suitable ally, and it appears that the ice tribes have returned but thankfully not the fire tribes (good that will be one less enemy to deal with...for now). I then saw my potential ally who is (unsurprisingly due to the majority f this worlds inhabitant's) captured and frozen in ice, and he looked rather strange, he appears to be insectoid colored black and gold and has a tail. Despite his physical traits he should prove to be useful, for he shall be the inheritor of this worlds nightmare's.

End chapter: I could make more but right now I'm tired, so yeah Zaro Garon out.