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Raven Junkyard

After stealing as many inventions and schematics from Reegul as they could, Ripnik and his Ravens could they then proceeded to cross the Raven Junkyard and came across surprisingly even less difficulty's then they expected, just simply a few Ravens that wanted to know what they were doing or trying to steal things from them, but besides those amongst other things not much else. Ripnik had been lately trying to grow past his natural Raven ergs, such as stealing things which would undoubtedly draw attention to himself. As Ripnik navigated the Raven junkyard which had grown 3 times the size it had since the threat of the Crawlers had passed (the people of chima had no idea how wrong that would be) He wondered why Scorm would want these inventions that Reegul had made and there schematics, he had (from what Ripnik had gathered) never ever carred about the creations of other species before, and then there's the question on how he even knew about the things that Reegul had created, Ripnik had then pushed these thoughts aside trying to focus on the task at hand. Somewhere else in the Raven Junkyard Reegul had just woken up and then thought to himself "What just happened" he tried to remember but all he could remember was Ripnik some Ravens and a bottle hitting his face and then knocking him out, Reegul then pushed the thought aside and then examined his home, it was still in it's usual form, not all that much was ruined, then Reegul felt that something wasn't quite right, Reegul then examined the whole place and then felt like something was gone or missing, eventually Reegul then realized what, his inventions and all there schematics were missing, and it was then that Reegul then knew who exactly to blame. And it was then that Reegul Screamed out at the top of his lungs "Rrrrriiiiipppppnnnnniiiiikkkkk!"


Ripnik didn't know why but for some reason he swore that he could quite literally hear Reegul screaming, Ripnik then smiled in response to the thought, thinking that even if Reegul wasn't screaming or was the thought is hilarious. Many people all out across chima would be impressed by the sheer size of Scorzia due to it being even larger than anything that the other tribes of chima had ever built, Ripnik on the other hand didn't ever even care for it's sheer size (although he was well aware of it being by all rights the largest city in chima), in fact as far as Ripnik was concerned as long as they didn't ever even try to kill him he was completely and totally fine with Scorzia being whatever size that the Crawlers had wanted it to be. Ripnik then had to go inside Scorzia all by himself, not because he ever even cared about his fellows or anything, but it was instead because he was doing this job secretly for Scorm and non of his fellows had ever even knew that, and because the Crawlers still disliked the Ravens and bringing along a larger group would just cause him to be caught easier. Eventually after managing to get inside the Crawlers main fortress in Scorzia eventually Ripnik then saw the person who he is supposed to deliver the things that he had managed to achieve from Reegul, Scorm. Ripnik then said to Scorm "Well then Scorm I had gotten exactly what you wanted" Scorm then said "Well done Ripnik" Ripnik then said to Scorm "Well is there anything else you want me to do, like say get a drink for you whenever you're on you're throne, even though you could clearly get one by just walking a few feet to get it?" Scorm then responded to what Ripnik had just said by just simply glaring at him. As Scorm began to walk off to somewhere else Ripnik said to him "Hey Scorm, where are you going?" Scorm didn't answer and continued to walk away, Ripnik then said to him "What are you going to do with those anyway?" Scorm slightly turned his head to Ripnik and then said to him "You wish to see what you have gotten for us?" Scorm then turned fully to Ripnik and then said to him "Then come and see what you have wrought" They descended deeper into the fortress and eventually they looked out of a rather large window and into a room that was white in color and dimly lit. Eventually after waiting for several minutes they saw a member of the Bat tribe walk into the room with numerous other people around him whom Ripnik had recognized based on there equipment several surgeons a few scientists and some guards, and they strapped the Bat to a table pumped him full of sedatives and then began to work on him. Several hours had passed and the work inflicted on the Bat had been quite messy, mainly due to blood being all over the place and eventually they put an object into the subjects brain which Ripnik had immediately recognized as the destroyers nails. Eventually after placing it inside the center of the Bats brain and then sealing up it's head they waited, and waited, and waited. Eventually after waiting it was confirmed that the destroyers nails had just activated itself, and then after that all hell then broke loos. The Bat had immediately broken free of his restraints and began to brutally kill the people within the room, he killed the nearest surgeon by grasping his face and then crushing it causing his eyes, brain matter, skull shards, and other parts of that Spiders head to squeeze in between his fingers as he violently crushed it, he killed the next one, apparently a Bat by ripping of it's arms and then beating it to death with them, he killed the next one, a Scorpion by punching it in the chest so hard it stopped breathing for a little bit, and then the Bat ripped of it's head and then through it at one of the guards hitting him in the face, he then killed the guards, snapping ones neck, breaking the spine of another and punching another on in the face so hard his face caved in on itself, he then killed the scientists, he killed one by ripping one in half, he killed another by gouging his eyes out and then snapping his neck, and then he killed the final living person in the room, the last scientist in the room by pushing his clawed fingers so hard into his chest both of his ands went out of the other side of the scientists body, the Bat then grasped both sides of the scientists body with both of his hands still inside of it, the Bat then moved both of his hands in the opposite directions of each other eventually ripping the scientist into two pieces, from the crotch to the top of the head. Meanwhile Ripnik and Scorm both looked over the damage unleashed by the test subject, where Ripnik was horrified and disgusted and was resisting the erg to vomit, Scorm was impressed by the brutality of the test subject, the test subject meanwhile didn't care about the ruthlessness that he displayed, the only thing that the test subject was able to feel was pain, nonstop never ending pain, like his body was being torn into uncountable pieces reformed and the torn apart, again and again, he also felt inside of him a mindless rage, the only things that the test subject could feel was pain, anger, hate, and a never ending rage, he felt like he wanted to tear the world apart, drown it in an ocean of it's own blood and gore, he felt like he wanted the world to burn. Eventually after enough guards were dispatched and managed to restrain the test subject, Scorm thought up of a perfect name for these new additions to there forces, they would be known as, Blood Hounds.

Somewhere else in the fortress

While the first of the Blood Hounds was being restrained, somewhere else within Scorzia's fortress a ritual was underway, under Scorm's personnel sanction, this ritual was being preformed by members of the dark sun cult which at the moment has a very VERY strong hold on the Crawlers, this ritual was ment to summon some of Zanatos's children into this world or Demons as they had been named, and this was just the first time a portal was being used. For hours the ritual had gone on with members of the cult spilling thee own blood upon an altar but not killing themselves, and despite the ritual's length they never once gave up even in the slightest. Eventually after several hours of spilling there own blood upon an altar, praying to Zanatos, and amongst other things, they saw above the alter a red glow they increased the intensity of there worship and eventually after several minuets the glow grew to a rather large size, and eventually a rather large burst of black and red light happened, and then they all looked in the direction of the alter and were surprised at what exactly they saw. They saw a portal where the altar used to be, it was colored black with streaks of red along it with occasional red colored electricity coming from the sides, corners, bottom, and top of it, and it was in the shape of a circle, had a hypnotizing swirl, and was 15 feet tall, but what was in front of it surprised them the most. Demons, Demons were in front of the portal and eventually one stepped forth and said to them "Well done little ones, our hold on this world is now strong enough so that we may now summon portals at will" eventually one of the cultists stepped forward and said "M-m-my lord, may we please ask w-w-who you are?" the Demon then smiled and then said to the cultist "this Demon nearest to me is T'kekzikos, and I? You may know me as Zarkoros".

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