Mara watched the press conference in shock she couldn't believe what she was seeing she thought she would never see or hear from or about him ever again and boom here his name was plastered all over the news. Carl Buford had finally been caught. His demons had been exposed. She watched in shock and horror as Agent Morgan confessed on national TV that he himself was one of his victims, she closed her eyes and let the tears flow if she hadn't disappeared when she did, if she decided to stay with him and reveal her pregnancy to her then fiancé Carl her son would have very well been one of his many victims. She always knew he was different he was always wandering off to his cabin the cabin she was never allowed to go to. Then there was the rec center that she helped him run, but oddly enough she wasn't allowed in his office. When she found out she was pregnant a job offer she couldn't refused opened up across the country with a company that was willing to be understanding with her impending addition. She leapt at the chance and never looked back. Sadly enough she didn't even feel remorseful about taking his unborn child away from him. Hell Carl didn't even appear hurt that she broke the engagement she knew then they weren't meant to be.

She didn't want to have to open up to her son Mark about the true identity of his father but he would always question her even as Mark turned into a man every once in a while he would still ask about his father. Just as she wiped her eyes she heard the door slam. Mom you home? He yelled, I'm in the kitchen watching the news and making dinner she yelled back. She looked at her son as he grabs a beer out of the refrigerator. How was work? She asked, it was good he said. Mom isn't it crazy he mentioned as he sat down in front of the counter top TV. Can you really believe that FBI dude was raped by some old purvey man? How does something like that happen this shit is crazy? Watch your mouth boy she corrected him as she contemplated telling him the whole truth. She took a deep breath as she closed her eyes. And listened to the reporters hammer Morgan with question after question. Mark knew about his mom past he knew she was from chi town even though he was born and raised in Santa Monica California. They went back home to visit relatives once a year her family lived in the burbs of Chicago. He saw old pictures of her growing up in the city and her yearbook and other old stuff. Hey mom didn't you used to work at that center? he asked as the TV cut from Morgan to a live shot of the rec center. Yes I did Mark she fixed the two plates and brought them over to the kitchen table and sat down.

So do you know this Carl guy? I mean come on it's crazy creepy you worked there and he worked there. Did you know him? She shoved a forkful of chicken in her mouth and hid behind her glass of wine she knew this day would come eventually. Mom hello why are you so quiet? Son we need to talk. She turned the sound down on the TV. Yes I knew Carl I knew him very well. Wow this is insane! Wait till I tell the fellas you knew this sick freak I mean come on all the pussy in the world and you go around raping little boys what the hell! WATCH YOUR MOUTH she yelled across the table as her hands trembled.

Listen Mark there are some things about my past you don't know. Like what he asked as he sat back from his plate and looked at the TV he saw different pictures of Buford with some of the young men and boys from over the years. Some where more recent and some where from back in the day. So many pictures where of Morgan and Buford damn this dude acted like Morgan was his son or something look at all the pictures of him with Mr. FBI Mark stated. I find it hard to believe that all those years went by and he just let that dude do that to him. Mark there are some things in this world you will never understand. She stated maybe he was afraid and ashamed. Try to put yourself in his shoes Mark. She felt bad for Morgan. She remembered him from the old neighborhood he was always a good boy eager to help around the center. One of her last memories of Morgan was him and his sisters crying on their mama on the news at their dad's funeral. Not to long after that she was headed to Cali.

I knew Morgan when he was little and I knew Carl listen what I have to say isn't easy or by any means going to go over well with you but I think its time you know. What is it mom just say it. With a long pause and sniff she whispered it. Carl is your father.