Idle Clouds

Harry lied down at the Black Lake watching the clouds pass by and every once in a while seeing the giant squid wave. To relax or to be relaxed, this was the only thought that played over and over again in Harry's mind. Harry tilted his head as he heard someone approaching but otherwise didn't move. "Just because you defeated the-," here Harry glared at the man making the man sigh, "Voldemort, doesn't mean you can just stay here."

Harry shrugged not really caring causing the bat of dungeons to snarl out, "You can't just sit there all day."

Harry smirked up to Severus, "I've done it before. Never underestimate my ability to idle." Harry heard rather than see Severus groan in dismay before gracefully sitting down.

"That I do know Potter," Severus said now watching clouds along with Harry.

"Also, if you say thanks for saving your life; I will kill you myself," Harry muttered out causing a surprise chuckle to tear threw Severus's throat. Harry turned his head to Severus lifting an elegant eyebrow in question.

"I wasn't going to," Severus replied under his breath now making Harry chuckle.

"Good!" Harry simply stated. For the rest of the day, Harry and Severus laid side by side watching clouds and being idle. Some bonding moments need less than five minutes, others don't need words, but, everyone always remembers those moments.

I do not own Harry Potter *cough* only in my best dream *cough*