"Oh my!", Elsa gasped as Anna hobbled out, her arms piled high with picnic paraphernalia. "Don't drop... I mean, wait, lemme help you!", she called, setting the picnic basket down on the ground and rushing over to the younger girl. She grabbed the knapsack of sandwiches off the top of the heap and put it over her forearm then secured both of the condiment jars, one in each hand. Finally, she moved back over to the basket, opened it and stooped down to deposit everything inside. Anna came around to the other side with the remaining items and bent to start adding them.

"Here," Elsa suggested, "just give the rest to me and I'll find a place for it since I'm already down here." Anna handed her sister the things she still had in her arms and straightened. She watched in fascination as Elsa placed the items inside then re-arranged them all so everything would fit neatly into the small basket. Who knew her older sister possessed such stellar packing skills, she smiled in silent appreciation. But, then Anna made the fatal mistake of looking at Elsa herself. She was hunkered down over the basket and not paying any attention to the way that the front of her dress was gaping open... and she wasnt wearing a corset.

Wasn't wearing a corset…

No. Corset.

Wait, what?


In fact, Anna noted, eyes widening with dawning horror, Elsa wasn't wearing any sort of foundation garment at all.

Holy cow!

Holy cow, indeed, she thought as she found herself staring at Elsa's bare skin, her bare breasts to be exact.

Oh God! A corset! Why the hell wasn't she wearing a damned corset? How could she not be wearing a corset? How could Anna not have noticed she wasn't wearing one when she hugged her in the kitchen just a few minutes ago? Anna would definitely have noticed. .. THOSE! Maybe Elsa was worried about getting hot on the picnic? But Elsa was the snow queen. Did she even get hot, like, ever?

Anna had a bird's eye view of her cleavage and even though she knew she should avert her eyes, she couldn't manage to tear them away. And, all at once, there was that familiar, undeniably pleasant warm tingling sensation in her core.

Because she saw… everything, in all its radiant glory. Both of Elsa's pale, milky white breasts hanging down, pendulously, their soft pink nipples brushing lightly against the fabric lining on the inside of her ice dresses' airy top.

And, oh dear God, she found she couldn't ignore the way the area between her legs had started to flutter like mad. Her heart rate spiked and she was aware of blood rushing to her cheeks, she could even hear it pounding in her ears.

Elsa's nipples! She was staring at the bare rosy, ripened tips of Elsa's nipples! And oh God in heaven, they were gorgeous!

She'd never in her life seen another pair of breasts so lovely. Actually, she'd never in her life seen another pair of breasts period, except for her own. And Anna's looked nothing… really nothing at all… like the ones dangling down so alluringly in front of her right now. This was probably one of the least flattering angles for a set of boobs, but Elsa's looked exquisite even at this uncomplimentary angle, drooping down so that the nipples appeared to be two sharp, ruddy pink points. In a similar situation, Anna wished hers would look half as enticing as Elsa's did. With further distress, Anna quickly realized that every time Elsa moved to rearrange the contents of the basket, her breasts swayed and jiggled.

The younger girl's face flushed an even deeper shade of crimson.

Anna had been having certain... thoughts about Elsa for years. Certain illicit thoughts. Thoughts she couldn't tell anyone about because she knew it was terribly wrong to have them about her own sister. But, try as she might, and she had tried extremely hard, she couldn't shake them, couldn't control them. She'd tried her best to banish and ignore them, but it hadn't worked. She'd even tried praying them away, but they'd only grown stronger. And now, all of those lewd thoughts came flooding back to her sensitive, overburdened psyche in torrents. Things she'd imagined doing to Elsa, things she'd imagined Elsa doing to her. And then memories of the dreams assailed her… the dreams... very visual and disturbing dreams she'd had about doing forbidden things with her sister.

These thoughts and most especially the dreams had increased tenfold since she'd seen Elsa in her ice palace for the first time. The "new" version of Elsa had caused all sorts of frightening feelings to stir within an area she'd always been told was her "naughty place" by her parents. They'd called it that when they'd caught Anna rubbing one of her dolls against herself there at the breakfast table one morning when she'd been around five years old. They'd seemed utterly mortified and humiliated by her behavior and had told her never to do that in public again and that it was a terribly, terribly naughty, really, really, bad thing to do. But all she remembered was how good it had felt to rub the doll there. ... how warm and tingly it had made her feel, how it had given her some odd sort of comfort... and she also remembered that it had been the Elsa doll she'd taken from the room she and Elsa had shared together before Anna had been shut out of it and banished to a room of her own. She often wondered if something may have happened between herself and Elsa, if she might've done something to Elsa that she had subconsciously suppressed, something that had gotten her kicked out of the older girl's room forever.

But, at this specific moment, that theory couldn't have been further from her mind as she found herself imagining just what Elsa's breasts would look like when they weren't hanging down like they were now… when Elsa was standing up straight, for example, or when she was taking a bath, how they would bounce and jiggle around when she walked.

No, she shouldn't be thinking that! She COULDN'T be thinking that! Elsa was her sister. Her sister!

She repeated the same mantra she had repeated time and time again over the years but it wasn't helping. Elsa was right there in front of her and the area below Anna's waist had flared to life. It was throbbing incessantly now and there was no stopping her mind.

How wonderful would it feel to cup Elsa's voluptuous breasts in her hands? How would her nipples feel if they were hard and poking into her palms? How would they taste when she bent to take them in her... Oh God!

She abruptly shook her head to dislodge the thought.

No, no, no! Don't do this! This is wrong, wrong, wrong! Stop! Stop! Don't look at them! Don't look! Don't...

But it was much, much too late, she'd already seen. Oh Lord had she seen.

Turn around! Turn around! Just turn around and give her some privacy. Just turn-

Elsa picked that very moment to look up. And Anna froze, her eyes going huge.

"Is that everything?", Elsa asked innocently, gazing right into Anna's red face.

BUSTED! That was the first word that popped into Anna's brain. Busted! Literally! She tried to keep from laughing hysterically at that as her eyes darted everywhere except for Elsa's own until they finally settled upon her sister's fair hair, the flowers she'd placed in her braid to be exact. She couldn't bear to look her in the face.

But, Elsa had no such qualms and she studied her sister closely. "Anna?", she asked as if she were trying to dislodge her sister from some sort of daze, "I said, is that everything for the picnic?".

"Y-Yes, that's it.", Anna finally managed to peep, forcing herself to turn around, her back now to her sister. She took a deep breath, attempting to keep herself from hyperventilating.

Elsa had definitely seen her staring. Anna knew she had. She'd caught her red handed.

She saw me looking, she saw me looking, she saw me looking...

"Okay,", Elsa said from behind her, "I think I've got everything situated in here now."

Her words made Anna want to giggle again.

Need to get your boobs situated in that dress of yours, you mean, big sister!

She covered her mouth to keep the chortle that bubbled up from deep within her at bay.

When she suddenly felt Elsa's cool hand touch her shoulder from behind, it caused the younger girl to jump. Anna turned to face her as Elsa stepped up to stand next to her and Anna tried her best not to let her gaze slip below her sister's eye level.

"I didn't mean to startle you, sweetie. Everything okay?", Elsa asked, sounding curious but not angry.

"Y-Yes. It's fine."

"But, you're all flushed, honey.", she said with so much genuine concern it caused Anna to feel even more guilty than she already did. "You look like you're about to faint. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Y-Yes. I- I guess I… just sorta got overheated getting everything together in there or- or something and I'm feeling a little bit dizzy, that's all."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. That's my fault for rushing you.", Elsa said, "Here, let me cool you off, honey."

At this, she put her arm around the younger girl's waist and Anna felt her own nipples go stiff, the coolness of Elsa's body coupled with her embarrassment and obvious arousal, causing her shiver but ironically, she felt the blush on her cheeks deepen.

"C'mon, this should make you even cooler," Elsa said, pivoting so that she was facing Anna and sliding both of her arms around her younger sibling in a full-fledged hug, pulling Anna tight against her bosom, her head resting on the young girl's shoulder. Anna tried not to tense up and made an effort to return the hug with equal fondness… even when she abruptly felt the nipples in question being pressed firmly into her own chest. With mild panic, she realized that Elsa's nipples had indeed gone hard, as she could feel them poking into her even through the thin layers of fabric that now separated the two girls.

And, instead of getting cooler, Anna felt hotter.

A lot hotter. And the area below her waist was quietly going berserk!

Elsa leaned back and looked into Anna's face. Anna tried to keep her expression blank but she wasn't sure how good of a job she did. Her entire body felt like it could explode any second.

"Better?", Elsa asked hopefully.

Anna nodded, even though she was actually feeling worse. "A little.", she said and hoped she sounded sincere.

"Good.", Elsa smiled and continued gazing into her eyes. "It was so thoughtful of you to pick those flowers for me this morning."

"It-It was nothing."

"Oh yes, it was. No one has ever picked flowers for me in my entire life before, honey. It really touched my heart.", Elsa smiled. "I want to give you a little something in return."

She let her go and backed up a step.

"Watch this.", she said.

Elsa held her hands up, right at the level of her breasts.

Of course, Anna thought, right at breast level, how original! That was all she needed right now.

Elsa opened her palm, then she twirled the fingers of her other hand just above it. There was a small orb of white-blue light and a swirl of snowflakes which shimmered and formed themselves into a small, perfect bouquet of Forget-Me-Nots made completely of ice. They hovered just above the palm of Elsa's hand as Anna watched, mesmerized.

Anna tried to just look at the flowers floating in her sister's hand, she really did. Elsa's powers were impressive and she wanted to show her how much she appreciated that fact. And Anna probably could have managed to do this, too, had her attention not been drawn away by something else, even as she blinked in wonder at the newly created flowers. Because it seemed that out here, in the sunlight, the front of Elsa's ice dress had become nearly transparent. Well, maybe not transparent but definitely diaphanous enough to see the darker outline of Elsa's areolas right through the light periwinkle color of the ice fabric that was clinging to Elsa's ample bosom.

Anna gasped involuntarily and Elsa took it as a reflection on her new creation.

"Does that mean you like them?", Elsa asked, looking a the small bouquet in her hand with a giggle.

And suddenly Anna was smiling ear to ear. "Oh yes! I do! I love them! They're absolutely amazing, Els. Just beautiful!" She was pleased to find that Elsa's little gift had served to grant her permission to ogle her elder's breasts freely with Elsa being none the wiser.

If she'd been looking at Elsa's face, however, Anna would have seen just how thrilled her reaction had made the Queen. "Oh that makes me feel so wonderful, Anna.", Elsa said enthusiastically. "Now, let's put them in your hair."

Anna's heart was racing as Elsa leaned over and reached up to begin threading the flowers into Anna's ginger colored braids, the older woman's chest was nearly touching hers and she could smell Elsa's wonderful scent. She forced herself to close her eyes and just concentrate on that pleasing fragrance in order to calm her breathing. Finally Elsa finished and pulled away.

"There! Oh, I think you look just lovely.", she beamed, undoubtedly quite satisfied with her efforts. Then did a little flourish with her hand and created a mirror out of another poof of snow. Anna looked at herself in it and saw that Elsa had twined the stems quite elaborately through her hair. It was very artistic and Elsa was right, they looked quite beautiful. She tried to concentrate on only her hair because she didn't want to gaze at her reflection and be forced to confront herself after all those lewd thoughts she'd been having about her very sweet and completely winsome older sister. She smiled and managed to shake most of them away.

"Thank you, Els. You're right, they look great! You're so talented!", she smiled.

"Oh you haven't seen anything yet!", Elsa gushed and Anna couldn't help but grin, it was so marvelous to see Elsa this excited to show her something. And Anna had to admit, her older sister's enthusiasm was quite contagious.

Elsa looked over at her, her eyes dancing with delight. She raised her hands in the air. "Are you ready?", she asked eagerly.

"Oh yes, do the magic, my Queen.", Anna nodded and gave her an encouraging smile. "Do the magic."

For a split second, Elsa's face lit up with an expression of utter joy like Anna had never seen before. Then, Elsa froze, a maelstrom of blue and violet flecks suddenly churning themselves to life and swirling through the deep turquoise of her eyes. She looked intently into Anna's own eyes, her face going even paler than it usually was.

"What? What is it?", Anna asked, suddenly inundated with doubt and concern. She'd only seen a look that equaled the passion of the one on Elsa's face right now once, and that had been just before she'd fled Arendelle. The look on that night had been one of fear and dread though. This one, although quite similar, was a different look altogether. However, it was just as intense. "You look like you've just seen a ghost. Wha-What did I say? "

"Do- Do you...", Elsa's eyes filled up, "remember?", she asked, voice trembling with emotion.

"Remember? No, I... I dont-"

"You used to say that to me when we were kids. When we would play together. Before Grand Pabbie wiped away all your memories of my...", here, her voice broke, "my ice magic."

Anna felt her eyes turning glassy, she wanted to remember what Elsa was saying more than anything in the world but she couldn't. She'd just said what she'd said to her because it seemed… right, somehow, but she had no memory of ever having said anything like that before in the past.

"I- I'm really sorry, Els, but I can't remember that."

Elsa' s face fell and Anna realized what the look she'd seen before had been. Hope. It had been hope. And now Anna's words had dashed that hope, turned it into cold despair. Elsa nodded and a look Anna knew all too well crept into place and covered Elsa's features: the look of cool detachment. Her mask. The one she always hid behind to avoid being hurt. Anna hated more than anything that she had made Elsa feel so sad, that she'd given her false hope, hated herself for not being able to remember something so simple and obviously so meaningful to her beautiful elder sister.

Elsa shook her head and blinked rapidly, quickly wiping at her eyes, clearly embarrassed for showing so much emotion to the younger girl.

"No, no, don't apologize.", she said, "Of course you can't. I'm only being silly. I'm sorry to be such a downer.", she said and tried to laugh.

"Oh Els, never. You're never a downer. I want to remember. I want to remember so much. More than anything."

"I know you do, honey." Elsa tried to smile. "And I wish you could, too." She looked off into the distance and Anna saw her mask slip just a little bit as she remembered. "You know, Papa always called the things I could do 'powers' or 'abilities' or even a 'curse'. But you, dear Anna," she looked at her sister warmly, the mask completely falling away and her eyes filling with unbidden tears, "you called them 'magic'.", she said softly, her face collapsing as she allowed the tears to finally flow down her cheeks. "I love you so much.", she managed in a tight whisper even though her voice was trembling with tears.

"Oh God, Elsa! , Anna cried, her face filling with emotion. "I love you, too. More than life itself." She took Elsa in her arms then and held her tight, tears spilling down her own cheeks now. Elsa's shoulders hunched over and she broke. She cried with her sister. Cried like Anna had never seen her cry before in her life. Cried until they both fell to the ground on their knees. Anna never wanted to let her go.

At last, Elsa pulled back and let her fingers trace Anna's cheeks delicately, wiping away her tears with her index finger and brushing back her hair to kiss her forehead, cheeks and finally the tip of her nose softly. She cleared her throat and finally found her voice. "You're by far the best thing that ever happened to me, little sister. I can never make up for those 13 years of shutting you out but I'm certainly going to do my best to try."

"Elsa, you don't have to make up for anything. None of that was your fault. It was our parents. They meant well, but they did the worst thing they could've possibly done by separating us for so long. It damaged both of us in different ways, but I'll never, ever blame you for that. "

"Well, thank you, honey. I am so sorry and ashamed about the way I treated you at the Coronation. You wanted to get close, show me how much you'd missed me, how much you cared for me, and I just pushed you away... again.", she sighed.

"Elsa, don't apologize for that. I understand why you did it now. And the thing about Hans, well, you were completely right about that, Els. I should've listened to you."

"Anna, if you'd listened to me, I'd never have run away. And, if I'd never run away, nothing would have changed. I'm so glad you didn't listen. I'm just sorry I... I froze... your-"

"Elsa, stop," Anna interrupted, "don't do this to yourself. It's okay. We're both here now and we're safe and we love each other like crazy. And none of that will ever, ever change. All of that bad stuff had to happen for us to get where we are right at this very moment. But it's all over and done now and we can finally move on with our lives… together."

Elsa gazed up at her and grinned even though her eyes were glistening with fresh tears. "When did you get so smart, little sister?"

Anna gave her a mischievous grin. "Oh, I got it from my big sister," she said with a wink and it made Elsa laugh. "Now, enough of this mushy love stuff," Anna announced. "Wasn't there something you wanted to show me?"

"Oh yes," Elsa giggled then sniffed and wiped at her eyes self-consciously. "Yes, you're right, there was! I just hope I can manage it now after all that drama!", she grinned at the younger girl.

"I have complete faith in you, big sister. Now...", Anna said, eyes flashing brilliantly, "don't keep me in suspense… do the magic!"

The smile that spread across Elsa's face at this delighted Anna completely. Elsa nodded. "It would be my supreme pleasure, your highness.", she said, bowing to her sister slightly, eyes twinkling with joy.

The Queen raised her hands above her head once more, her face glowing with determination. She took a deep breath. Snow began to spiral up from the ground. Three small vortexes of it, arranged in a triangular formation, whirled to life… getting bigger and bigger and for a scary moment, Anna was worried that Elsa might be losing control. But when she looked at her sister's face, it possessed the same solid look of steadfast resolve as it had when she'd started. Elsa looked completely sure of herself. Anna could tell she knew exactly what she was doing and wondered why she'd ever doubted her.

The snow started to swirl into Anna's eyes, so she raised her arm to deflect it. A split second later, the flakes cleared and she was gazing upon a beautifully detailed royal carriage led by two spirited white Fjord Horses. All made completely out of glistening ice.

"Whoa!", Anna said, tears welling up in her eyes. Not counting Elsa's ice palace, which she'd not actually watched her sister create, it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen Elsa make. "Elsa, it-it's…"

"You like?"

Anna didn't trust her voice not to break so she just nodded vigorously.

"Your chariot, m'lady!", Elsa said, going into a deep bow while making a grand gesture towards the cab. Anna forced herself to look at the carriage rather than Elsa's prone figure and with great relief, found the dull aching throb at her center had almost completely dissipated, which wasn't really all that surprising considering everything that had just transpired between them. But, just to be on the safe side, she concentrated on the doorknob as her older sister straightened and reached over to clasp Anna's warm hand in her cool one, leading her to the ornately carved door. Elsa opened it for her and helped Anna in. Then, she scooped up the picnic basket and proceeded to get in beside her sister and close the door behind her. She sat down and placed the basket on the floor next to her.

"Ummmm…", Anna began, "soooo not a criticism, but don't we um… need a driver?"

"Nope.", Elsa looked over at her and smiled sweetly, scooting herself closer to Anna. "They're my horses. They will go wherever I like. They're really just for show anyway. To make my little sister go 'oooo' and 'ahhh'."

"For show?", Anna shook her head. "I don't get it.", she said, giving Elsa a sidelong glance.

Elsa grinned. "You see," she explained, "as long as I am in physical contact with anything I create, it will do whatever I desire. There's a little of me in all of my creations, so each one knows what I'm thinking and will do whatever I wish."

"Shut! Up!", Anna exclaimed, utterly captivated, "Are you saying the stuff you make can, like… read your mind?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes, little one.", Elsa agreed with a laugh. "Yes, it can."

"Have I told you lately how amazing you are, big sister?", Anna asked gazing up at her with adoration.

At this, Elsa's eyes sparkled and she flashed Anna a smile so radiant that Anna suddenly felt like she could walk on air. "Oh, only about a hundred and fifty times a day," Elsa said, "but I'll never be as amazing as you are, little sister."

Anna flushed at the compliment, then she sighed happily. "Oh Elsa, I could never be more amazing than you. I have no doubt that you're, far and away, the most amazing person who has ever lived."

"Well, jeez, Anna, no pressure or anything", Elsa giggled.

Then, she leaned over and gave Anna a small, loving peck on the cheek before snuggling up to her contentedly, nestling her body firmly into Anna's side and resting her head upon Anna's shoulder. She let her left hand slip gently under Anna's right elbow, then permitted her cool fingers slide up the sensitive, underside of Anna's forearm, causing a shiver to run through the ginger haired girl. When Elsa reached her palm, she threaded her fingers through Anna's, interlacing them softly. Anna looked up at her and smiled, her heart filling with pure warmth at the action. "So, my dear sweet Princess," Elsa sighed and raised Anna's hand up to her lips, kissing the back of it tenderly before lowering it to her own lap, still clasping it with affection, "where should we go for our first picnic?"

Anna trembled involuntarily at Elsa's words. Thinking how much she'd love to just stay right here with her sister like this forever, all cuddled up and cozy. It felt so good. Initially, she tried not to think about just how wonderful it did feel to have Elsa's cool body nuzzled up against her own. But then, against her better judgment, Anna felt herself relaxing into her sister. This closeness… this level of intimacy between the two of them, it felt very, very right. Especially after what had just happened outside the carriage; Elsa breaking down in her arms, finally getting rid of at least some of her years of guilt in a flood of tears and emotion that she'd allowed Anna to share in. This sort of contact, this love between them, it was what Anna had dreamed of for nearly her whole life. What both of them had dreamed of. And now, it was happening. For the first time in a long time, Anna actually felt comfortable, not anxious, with this much physical contact from Elsa. She wasn't sure why but she had a sneaking suspicion it was to do with the fact that they were finally truly alone together. No chance of anyone seeing them, judging them. She could be as loving with her sister as she wanted. She leaned into Elsa and sighed in utter contentment, squeezing her hand tightly.

"Since I chose what we are doing, why don't you decide where we go, your Majesty?", Anna suggested.

"I would love to choose, but lest you forget, Anna, I've not been any place except the castle here in Arendelle and my palace on the North Mountain since I was 8 years old. I have no idea what's even around here anymore."

"Well, I don't know much more than you do.", Anna confessed. "I mean, I am familiar with the castle grounds but I don't know much at all about anything beyond the gates either. Maybe we should get out of the cab and sit up front where the coachman would be so we can just look around for a good spot."

"What a splendid idea!", Elsa readily agreed.

Anna started to reach for the door handle, but Elsa stopped her.

"No, don't move, honey. Just stay put and leave the rest to me. You're with the Snow Queen, remember?.", Elsa winked and let go of Anna's hand, raising her palms in the air and swiveling them around in a graceful, circular motion.

Suddenly, Anna felt the entire cab begin to shimmy and shake as it radically altered its shape and transformed underneath them. "Whooooaaaaa!", she cried with excited little girl glee.

"Hold on!", Elsa told her, raising her voice above the sound of the ice shifting beneath them.

Snow whirled all around them while Anna watched in awe as the bench across from she and Elsa shimmered and disappeared. The cab began to shrink and Anna could feel the bench upon which they sat being pushed forward and up. When everything stopped moving, Anna looked around and found she and her sister were now sitting, quite cozily in a glistening white hansom cab with an overhanging, icicle fringed canopy, still drawn by the same two white Fjord Horses Elsa had conjured up a few moments earlier.

"Oh my God, Elsa!", Anna gushed, her eyes the size of dinner plates and completely ablaze with wild, unfettered excitement, "That was… wow! I mean, just… wow! There are no words to describe how incredibly, unbelievably awesome that was!"

Elsa laughed softly, gazing into Anna's eager, exhilarated eyes and looking completely delighted at her sister's reaction. "Oh I don't know, I think 'incredibly, unbelievably awesome' will do nicely.", she said and flashed the younger girl a warm, knowing smile. "I had a feeling you might enjoy it."

"Oh I more than enjoyed it, Els. I don't think anything could ever top that! It was super amazing, one of the biggest thrills of my life. Ever! "

"Better than the rides at the Fair?", Elsa asked with a giggle.

Anna's eyes lit up, remembering. "Oh so much better... not that I've actually ridden any of those rides since Mama and Papa took us when we were little, but… this...", she indicated the cab that now surrounded them, "...this is still way, waaaay better, I'm sure."

Elsa looked over at her warmly. "Well, you haven't seen anything yet, baby sister.", she grinned. "The only unfortunate detail about this new contraption is that it's not enclosed and we will be exposed to the sweltering heat of the day. So, it's a good thing I have built in air conditioning.", she grinned, waggling her eyebrows at her sister and pulling her close to her cool body snugly.

"Yes, a very good thing.", Anna agreed, nuzzling up to her sister and letting out a contented sigh.

"Now," Elsa said, "let's get his show on the road." She made a small graceful gesture with her hand and the cab began to roll forward smoothly, the horses drawing it settling easily into a slow canter.

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