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Chapter Seven

Janeway lied on her back in the holographic beach, taking in the artificial sunlight and listening to the calm ocean waves completely melt her mood.

She had selected a beach on the west coast of Florida in the early twenty-first century; sand white and fine as sugar, breezes that gently shook the treeline of palms, and gentle turquoise waves.

She closed her eyes, and smiled, the soft feel of Chakotay's lips against hers still fresh in her mind.

She felt so serene, so relaxed, so carefree; but some distant part of her mind kept telling her that behind all of this bliss, she would have to return to the real world; where the Chil'D'Ren had taken Denara captive, and life went on.

But she forced herself to enjoy her day of bliss, still slightly dazed at Chakotay's kiss.

The Doctor sat at his desk, trying to explain to himself what been told to him over a dozen times.

Ever since the crew found out that the Chil'D'Ren's Mother was Denara Pel, they had been talking to him, trying to pry into any bit of gushy, private feelings he might have. But all they did was reopen the wounds that having Denara taken away from him made.

Sometimes, he wished that he had Kes here instead of Seven; someone who could talk to you and truly understand what you were going through; not some cold, calculating drone.

And he knew that it was probably being unfair to her, but right now he needed someone with, you know, sympathy. And that was something that, no matter how hard he tried to teach her, Seven could not provide.

But Denara; she was different. She knew what it felt like, being a hologram confined in rooms with holo-emitters, and she related to him like no-one had before.

And then she left. Just like that, she was there, and then she was gone. Kes had been there; she had seen what Denara meant to him, and she helped him move along, slowly but surely.

But then Seven came along; with her cold and dominant nature; and even though it wasn't her fault, after she arrived, Kes disappeared.

Leaving the Doctor with no-one but himself to truly confide in.

A light chime at the sick-bay doors shoke him out of his thoughts, and he said in a distracted voice, "Come in."

Seven of Nine came walking into the sick-bay, and the Doctor said in a dull monotone, "Oh, it's you. Hello Seven."

She shuffled her feet, and said slowly, "Everyone has been conversing of how the Chil'D'Ren's Mother is Denara Pel, the former object of your romantic interests, and I thought you would want to... talk about it."

The Doctor rolled his eyes, and said, "Seven, it is usually considered rude when you ask about such intimate parts of their lives. Now will you kindly leave my sick-bay?"

Seven felt a little anger at his response, but she nodded and left.

Walking through the hallways to her cargo bay, she inwardly cursed herself.

He meant more to her than he knew; but whenever she tried to say anything, or act kind, she would screw it up, and he would leave her alone.

She felt these strange things whenever he looked at her; even when he looked at her in sadness or disappointment, her heart would beat faster, and she would betray a small smile.

But he never returned those deep, inevitable feelings she shared for him, and that was something that she didn't understand.

In all of the Doctor's videos, the woman simply confessed her feelings, and everything worked. The man accepted her with a huge smile, and they lived happily ever after; a phrase that Seven found humanity to be obsessed with. And a phrase that she found to be completely inaccurate.

No one lives happily forever, and that was one thing she knew to be true.

And she knew that she would never get married, never be loved by anyone else, that no one could look past her harsh exterior to see her real personality.

Not that she had much of one anyway.

The Doctor watched Seven leave the sick-bay, and sighed.

He turned to his desk, and said in a clear voice, "Computer? Display image of patient 42-3678-Alpha."

The holoemitters in his office flickered, and shone a real-life size image of Denara.

She was wearing her characteristic smile, and staring straight ahead at the wall, but the Doctor still felt something deep in his program ache.

And if he had been able to cry, he would have.

Tom and B'ellana were walking through the hallways, heading towards the mess-hall, talking in soft, hushed tones.

B'ellana said in a frustrated voice, "I can't believe our bad luck. Our plan would have worked, you know! And then those stupid Chil'D'Ren had to come and-"

Tom placed his hand on his wife's shoulder, and said with a slight smile in his voice, "Hey, honey, I'm sure the Captain and Chakotay have already talked, or kissed or something. I mean, did you see Chakotay's face at breakfast this morning? I know that face B'ellana."

She smiled, and said, "Alright, maybe they didn't need our help."

But she frowned, and said, "But what about the Doctor? He sort of shut us out when we found that the Mother was Denara. He barely even spoke to Seven!"

She back-pedaled, and said, "Well, he didn't really talk to Seven in the first place, but still! He doesn't even acknowledge anyone anymore!"

Tom frowned, and said, "Yeah. When I talked to Seven-"

B'ellana cut him off, saying, "Wait, wait. You got Seven... to talk to you?"

Tom waved his hand, saying, "Well, it might have been that New Year's Eve party last year, and she might have been just a little intoxicated-"

B'ellana crossed her arms, and said, "Tom, we both know that Seven does not get a little intoxicated."

Tom said, "Okay, okay, she was flat-out drunk, and I offered to take her to her cargo-bay. While we were in the turbolift, she started rambling on about how much she wished the Doctor would at least like her. And then she started stating exactly what she would do with him if he was flesh and blood, and that's when the turbolift conveniently got to her deck."

B'ellana betrayed a small frown, and said, "But the Doctor's in love with Denara. He holds no interest in Seven, and never will from what I can see."

(Brief Author's Note: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Sorry, I had to do that. Okay, now back to the story.)

Tom frowned, and said, "Yeah."

Seven walked from around another corner, and said with tears in her voice, "He doesn't? He really doesn't?"

B'ellana frowned, and said, approaching Seven slowly, "Oh, Seven, I'm sorry-"

Seven just growled through the tears building up in her throat, "No-one will ever have feelings for me. You have made that clear."

Tom placed his hand on her shoulder, and said softly, "Seven, we're sorry, I'm sure someo-"

But she just shed a rare tear, cradling her face in her hands as she stumbled away from them in her high heels.

Suddenly, Harry Kim came up, saying, "What's wrong with Seven?"

Tom frowned, and said, "She heard a little too much."

Harry frowned, and walked after her, saying, "Seven, what's wrong?"

But Seven just said in a quivering voice, "Stay away from me."

Harry frowned, and watched her walk away in tears.

B'ellana paused, then said slowly, "Harry, do you like her?"

Harry turned around, and said, "What? Don't be ridiculous."

Tom smiled, and said, "Come on, Harry, you like her."

Harry tilted his head, and betrayed a small smile as he said, "Well, she is pretty nice. Yeah, I guess I like her. A lot."

B'ellana smiled as she said to Tom, "We can fix this."

A/N: Alright, maybe I don't hate Seven so much so that she doesn't get a pairing at all, okay? So she gets Harry, who seems to gets no-one in the show. I mean, he did try to ask her out in one of her earlier seasons, right? Screw it, she's ending up with him.

So, quick update on all of the pairings going into this; Doctor/Denara, Seven/Harry, and Janeway/Chakotay.