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In which Leo lands in a forest

"Not good, not good, really not gooood!" Leo was falling to his death, again. No this time he actually was, no jumping goat to save him, in fact said jumping goat was living it up on Leo's ship, the ship he had just been flung from. Lucky sod. How did he get there? We let's start from the beginning.

Leo had been having an alright day, no monsters had attacked yet, Coach had been quieter than normal, and Leo had actually got a good night's sleep. Of course it wasn't a great day, because you know, Percy and Annabeth were in Tartarus, and had he just been a little faster they wouldn't be, so it was really kind of his fault they were in hell. And not just hell, oh no, the Hell of hell. So it was an alright day. Then Miss. Ice Cold, miss, I created the iceberg that sunk the Titanic what you gonna do about it; had to turn up and ruin his day.

The weather had been cold for a while, and so when miss Ice Cold, Cal the violent hockey fanatic, and the fashion reject, turned up- Leo had to admit that they could have been more prepared. But hey in Leo's defence, it was kind of hard to keep track of all his enemies; He did have quite a lot. Like Ma Gasket, and Midas, and the ENTIRE ROMAN CAMP (except Hazel and Frank). So he was ready to admit he could have done better, being caught by surprise and flung about eight miles into the sky isn't really an experience Leo had ever wanted to have.

Now he was plunging from the sky, at this height the sea looked almost white, and he really wasn't looking forward to landing in it, or on it, as from the height he was, he wouldn't sink, he'd just become a Leo Splat. He didn't want to be a Leo splat. "Help! If any of the gods are feeling nice right about now I would really appreciate not dying, if that's at all possible!" What was he thinking; the gods were all out of action, with the whole multiple personality thing, which was entirely NOT his fault thank you very much, totally entirely Gaia's fault.

He was approaching the ground quickly, he couldn't see the Argo two, and the sea still looked white, with weird spikes of green sticking out, surely it should look blue by now. In fact it didn't look like the sea at all, it looked more like snow, and now he was closer the green spikes were definitely trees, a snowy forest. Now the forest he got, he might have been thrown onto an island, but snow? How on earth was there anywhere near the Argo two that had snow?

That amount of snow couldn't be anywhere other than somewhere near one of the poles, how powerful was Khione if she could throw him that far away from the others? How on earth was he going to get back to them? As a matter of fact, how on earth was he going to land without dying? The force of his landing would still turn him into a Leo splat, only here his splat would be eaten by wolves and not sharks. It would still hurt, a lot.

But the Leo noticed something curious, he was actually slowing down. His fall, though he was still approaching the ground fast, wasn't as fast as it had been before. In fact it was a lot slower, and he was still slowing. Leo grinned, which made his face look really strange in the fast wind, he might actually make the landing, he grabbed his tool belt and stuck a hand in it, what sort of fabric would there be in a workshop? A groundsheet to prevent paint and sawdust going everywhere? Good enough. He withdrew the sheet from his belt and spread it out over his head, pulling it apart.

Now he had been slowing down, but the jolt of the air filling the sheet and forcing him to slow quicker pulled on both his arms, jerking them out of his sockets. He grunted in pain as his decent slowed, and he landed face down in a snow bank by a giant tree.

"Owwww. I am hurt, I am very much hurt." Leo struggled out of the bank and rolled onto his back, further injuring one of his arms. He lay there for a while. Why did things like this always happen to him? Piper could just use the cornucopia and land on a giant pile of Marshmallows (so what if it only provided fruit and veg, marshmallows were fruit), Jason could control the winds to let him down safely. Hazel could magic herself safe, Frank could turn into a freaking bird, (and no; Leo still wasn't over how awesome that ability was) He'd trade if for his fire any day! Percy would have Blackjack and Annabeth was just so awesome the ground wouldn't dream of hurting her, but not him, oh no. It had to be Leo. Poor, both arms dislocated Leo!

A series of ouches rang through the forest as Leo struggled to sit up and grab some ambrosia from his belt without use of his arms. He eventually managed to get some out of his pocket and into his mouth, so what if it had a little snow on it? Snow was just water anyway. As the ambrosia did its job, Leo lent back against the tree, and started to try and figure out where on earth in the world he was, and how he was going to get back to his friends.