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The dwarf stopping shook Leo out of his funk. He glanced up from where he had been looking down at his shoes, and gasped at the sight below him. A wide plain spread out like the lawns of some great estate, running down an incline to the woods beyond. Many different creatures were lined up along a ridge, shooting arrows down toward straw filled targets, and at the end closest to Leo, two girls were shooting. In comparison to the other archers, these two were much less precise with their aiming, and the youngers girls' arrows were not making it anywhere near as far down the slope as the elder, let along the other archers. But she didn't let this stop her from trying, and when a shout was given to stop shooting, she gleefully ran down the slope to collect the arrows she had shot.

Leo couldn't help but be reminded of some of the younger campers. He had only been at camp half blood for 6 months, and most of that time was building the Argo 2, but he had noticed that some new demi-gods had that look when they arrived, so eager to explore the new world they found themselves in, that even the boring jobs seemed to be new and exciting.

The other girl had a weight to her that the little one didn't, while she was still excited and laughing, she shot with a precision that reminded Leo of those in the Apollo cabin who had fought at the battle of Manhattan. Like she knew of war and what it could cost people if she shot wrong. Leo was sure that the war at home hadn't reached mortals at all, and if this was Edmunds' Susan, who was English, what would she know about war?

Leo wasn't one for staying alert in history class, but he knew enough to say England hadn't had a war that affected the everyday citizen for at least 70 years.

As he watched the two girls, they turned and noticed him, when they were facing him Leo was struck by how pretty the older one was. Now he was a ladies' man through and through was Leo Valdez, and many ladies would testify he was smokin', (at least in his daydreams) … But that was not going to stop him. Leo's grinned and gave a low whistle as he stepped forward to meet the girls.

He was held back by a hand grabbing him by the toolbelt, and Bricklethumb's voice. "Just a reminder Leo, lady Susan is already much beloved among those in the camp... Besides, if you are off home as soon as you say, we wouldn't want you leaving anyone heartbroken would we. I'm sure Sir Peter Wolfsbane would have some words to say if you were to upset his sister, especially with her only at 14 tender years of age…"

Leo gulped, and looked around him. Bricklethumb was gesturing towards the archers, the assembled fawns, dwarves, dryads and other creatures, who clearly had better hearing than Leo had thought. If he so much as flirted with Susan, he could picture himself getting turned into a pincushion very quickly. Also, Bricklethumb was right, Leo was going home, and he'd probably never see Susan again when he did, so, best to cut it out now.

While Leo was contemplating the best way to not be stuck through with arrows, the girls had reached them. Leo came back to himself to see the ten-year old standing right in front of him with a cute smile and dimples. Well, that was adorable. Leo now had another little sibling. Not related to him in any way, irrelevant. Probably wouldn't see her after tomorrow, whatever. His sister now, and common sense could shut up.

"Hello, my name is Lucy. I didn't think there were any other humans in Narnia. It's nice to meet you."

"Ahhhh" Leo rubbed the back of his neck. Who decided to take a little star and condense it into the form of an adorable little girl, with a British accent that queen Elizbeth would be jealous of? "I'm Leo, I'm only half human, but it great to meet you too".

Susan frowned slightly, "Half human? But you have an American accent? Since Narnia is a completely different world, is there a door from America the way we came through in England?"

"Well…" Leo wasn't quite sure how exactly he had managed to fall into Narnia, but he wasn't going to admit that. "I wasn't in America, I was flying over Europe when I fell, and instead of landing in the Mediterranean, I fell into Narnia. I imagine…"

Leo was interrupted before he tried to create a balderdash explanation for how exactly he arrived by Lucy exclaiming.

"But you're not old enough to be a pilot! You can't be much older that Peter, and he's only 15, you can't even join the army before you're 18, and you have to have some training to be a pilot!"

"Surely" added Susan "the war isn't so desperate that America is calling up those younger than 18?"

Leo was rather baffled by these exclamations. He had mentioned falling, so he could see how Lucy jumped to the pilot idea, but what war? There wasn't a draft in the U.S, and there hadn't been for… since the end of WW2, that's 1945… Leo had a rather disturbing idea. When he had met Edmund, he had been wearing a shirt and shorts, but not a t-shirt, a fancy shirt, like people wore in the 1940s. He also spoke with such a very stereotypical British accent, like all the war films of WW2. Lucy and Susan were both wearing Narnian dresses, so the outfit could just be a fancy school uniform or something, but that wouldn't explain the way they all sounded.

Leo knew he could be barking up the wrong tree, but the sinking feeling in his gut made him think he had the right idea. "This may sound slightly insane, but go with it. Susan, what year is it?"

"I don't know about Narnian years yet, but at home, it's 1940, Why?"

Leo, had he been able to see his own face at the time, would probably have remarked that it was the same sort of colour as a plaster cast. "You know, I was really afraid you were going to say that. I… F**k."

"Language!" chided Susan "not in front of Lucy, or I, frankly!" She paused and looked at him "Why does the date matter so much?"

Leo didn't really hear Susan's question, he was too busy freaking out. 1940. 19…40. He wasn't born yet! His mom wasn't born yet! Great if he got back, he'd be in just in time time to stop Hazel from dying except he couldn't because then she'd never be part of the seven. He was gonna have to watch one of his best friends die! He'd be and old man by the time he got back to the Argo II.


Heck, he probably wouldn't even live long enough to go back to the Argo, he'd probably land in the middle of a war-torn Europe and get shot before he could even make it back to America! Or if he did and he met Hazel… Sammy.


Hazel had called him Sammy when she first met him, and he had explained that no Sammy was his great grandfather, but… Sammy looked so much like him. Was Leo fated to go back in time and be his own great grandfather without his friends ever knowing what happened to him, he couldn't deal with this, his brain was going in circles with no way to stop, he didn't even hear the frantic calls of his name from Bricklethumb and Susan, nor register the tugging on his arm from Lucy, who's curious smile had been replaced by a look of awful worry.

Leo was so lost in his spiralling panic, that he didn't notice Edmund arriving, nor a boy about Leo's own age, who could only be Peter. He didn't notice the joyful reunion, or the looks cast his way, worried from the three he had met, and confused from the older boy. Leo didn't notice anything as the crowding worried creatures grew quiet and still, then parted like the red sea before the rod of Moses.

The panic swallowing Leo made his vision fuzzy, and his hearing muffled, till a noise he had only heard in movies, and in that one sub-par school trip to a zoo, a roar, took over everything else.

But it wasn't like that zoo lion's roar, it was somehow golden, a rich golden noise, not loud, but somehow big, bigger than anything on that hill, more important than anything in that whole world, for the whole world stilled for it. When Leo opened the eyes he didn't remember shutting, he saw amber eyes, in a large solemn face, and the fur of a lion that dulled all the colours around, and dulled the panic, bringing him back to that hill. Back to reality, which, standing here in front of the Great Lion, whom could only be Aslan, somehow felt more real than every moment he had ever felt back on earth.

"Peace. My son." Spoke the Lion, "Walk with Me."