Explorers of the Universe

Chapter 13: Meeting Old and New Faces; Night of the Ishimura pt. 3

Present Time

Mid Ship Level

Once they had gotten through some distance, they had taken the ventilation shaft again, until they reached a section of the pipes. It was an armored ventilation door that Misty had stopped at it. She turned to Isaac, as she maintained her glare at him, hissing out, "Cover me while I take care of this."

He nodded, as he continued to hold his plasma cutter ready to attack at a moment's notice. Misty punched in her code in the console and went to the side of the door. It opened and nothing happened for a minute. Misty turned to Isaac and nodded at him that it was okay to go in.

The two entered the room where Isaac saw the state of Misty's makeshift hideout along with two other occupants: a boy of fourteen, a boy their age, and a girl ready with a gun in her hand pointing at Isaac. The boy seemed pretty calm and surprised to see Misty again, while the girl had a scared look on her face, but the third didn't seem to care or was too calm about it all.

The boy was a Caucasian fourteen year old boy, with clear skin and shaggy brown hair, with a huge bang nearly covering his right eye, while his left eye was shown to be blue. He also had a piercing in his left ear of a silver ring. His body was thin but not weak, like he was a young athletic swimmer just coming out. He was wearing a white messy T-shirt with a black vest, a pair of blue jeans and black boot shoes, with black fingerless gloves, and a one-strap backpack looped from his right shoulder to under his armpit.

The second occupant was a sixteen year old Caucasian girl with brown hair slicked back going down to her midback and brown eyes, with a slim figure perfect for fitting through air ducts. She was wearing messy grease-stained brown pants with black boot shoes, a pink shirt with a dirty brown jacket. She had the nametag Packers etched on the left breast pocket.

The third occupant was an Asian sixteen year old boy with dark brown hair spiked in the back, with a small ponytail in behind with brown eyes. He had a lean small muscle build and brown eyes. He wore black baggy pants with cargo pockets sewn on them, a sleeveless black t-shirt, black fingerless gloves, a gray bag satchel strapped to his left shoulder, and no boots or socks, so he was barefoot. He was currently holding on to a spear he had made from a metal broomstick and a really big kitchen knife welded on to the front.

Misty lowered the gun and gave her a friendlier look than Isaac had ever seen on her face. "It's all right, Pinkie. He's not one of them."

"Are you sure," Pinkie asked, her face showed clear panic and fear as she looked at Isaac.

Misty nodded, thumbing at Isaac, "Yeah, he's harmless." This calmed the girl called Pinkie as she put the gun down and sat down.

"Were you able to find your dad," Pinkie asked.

Misty shook her head, "No. I was on my way there when I was surrounded by more of those walking corpses. I was handling myself just fine," She then walked over to the boy as she went to gather a few more clips for the trip back, "When-" and then she looked at Isaac with a glare, "Sheepy over here decided to step in and help!"

Isaac looked at her with a neutral look, "You and I remember it very differently." But on the inside, he just grumbled, 'First Ken and now Misty? Millions of miles from Earth and the two people I skipped school to avoid are either traveling with me or are waiting for me here.'

But the brown-haired boy looked at Misty and despite what she said could tell what really happened. "So basically, he saved your butt after you ran out of ammo?"

At that deduction, Misty gained an annoyed look, as she looked at him with a twitchy smile, "That's one way of looking at it, Ben."

The girl Pinkie looked at Isaac, and politely nodded to him, "Thanks for saving her- uh." But stopped herself from using Misty's nickname for him.

Isaac's annoyance faded away, as he shook his head, smiling, "No prob and it's Isaac. Isaac Shepard."

"Nice to meet you," Pinkie smiled. "My name is Patty Weaver, but everyone here calls me Pinkie." Isaac nodded, and then she made introductions, pointing to the brown-haired boy, "This is Ben Twenerd. A stowaway. We found him in the brig while we were trying to find a safe place to haul up from all this."

Ben shrugged, "Yeah, but it turned out that the brig wasn't the safest place, considering bars can't slow these things down."

Pinkie then pointed at the quiet fellow in the corner, "That's Genji from Agriculture and Hydroponics. He was fighting off two of them trying to help out other crewmembers."

"Back when there was seven of us," Ben sighed, indicating there were casualties among them.

However, formalities or grief was set aside, as Misty sat down, loading her gun up, and looked at Isaac, "So do you mind telling us what the hell you're doing here, Sheepy? Or are you two going to keep yapping like there ain't an army of the dead walking around the ship?"

After sitting down himself, Isaac sighed, as he began answering, "I came here looking for my parents after they disappeared from their mission here with my cousin, Gwen."

"Oh let me guess then, those walking corpses are the reject experiments of your parents and their Creators," Misty deduced, saying it in a mocking way. "Was all that more theories by your folks just like their ideas that we were made by aliens?"

Isaac ignored the sarcasm and mocking, as he answered, "Actually, we call them Xenocromorphs: they're made from a black slime we found in the temple my parents found and investigated. The slime was made by the Creators and it turns former-living things into Xenocromorphs on contact through injection, including humans. I saw my father turn into one of them and mom died sending a signal to stay away from the planet. And it turns out that temple we found it all in was a ship bound for Earth."

Pinkie looked horrified and sympathetic for Isaac, "So what are you still doing here than? If I were in your shoes, I'd be hot tailing off this cursed rock right way."

Ben looked horrified, but fascinated about the whole alien thing, "Probably stayed to fight the good fight, right? I mean, you look like the hero type."

"Well, that was the plan, Pinkie. But the ship we came in, the USSGS Falcon, is damaged and needs parts. We can use it to fly but not enough to break the planet's orbit. The survivors of the Falcon and I came here to see if we could find what we needed to repair the ship. We couldn't contact the bridge so we assumed the Ishimura was either preparing for the ride home or abandoned. I went outside and opened the doors manually, but I became separated from the others when the hatch closed. I started making my way through the halls looking for a way to the landing area, and that's when I bumped into you."

Misty still had her glare but her mind started to piece it together, "Well if you could call it that." In her mind, she was beating herself up for what she said about Isaac's parents.

But then Ben asked, "But what about the colony back on Aegis 7?"

"That was the first place we went to before we got here with the use of the Falcon's drop ship," Isaac explained. "No survivors there. They were either killed by what's on board the Ishimura, or by themselves. I saw it happen to one of the people we saw there. He used a plasma pick and slit his own throat. But the odd thing was it looked like something drove him crazy before he did it." Everyone took that to word as they all held silence, until Isaac looked to Misty and asked, "So what are you doing here then?"

Misty shrugged, not caring anymore, as she sighed, "Well, if you must know, I came with my parents on one of their jobs which was this. Looks like you decided to hide out at home even after I left with them if you didn't know that."

Isaac looked at her with a glare as he clenched his fist and it shook, 'She's still the same bully I remember.'

Not noticing the fists or not caring, Misty shrugged, "Anyway, I came along as an assistant for my parents. Everything was going great until ma and her crew found some kind of fancy rock on the planet. After she cut contact, pops went to get her, only for him to find some kind of infestation. We lost contact with the geology colony down below the site on the planet after that for a while and that's when all this crazy bat shit started to happen."

"Some kind of waves of energy were being blasted from the planet at the Ishimura," Pinkie explained. "The instruments started acting up and the crew started to act weird. It was almost as if the energy from the planet was making them walk through that river ride in that film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory nonstop!"

Ben shuddered, "Ugh, I hate that part of the film."

"That's when things got worse," Misty went on. "Corpses started popping up, some suicide but mostly murders; it's like a select few were losing their minds. Then later on, others looked like something was eating them alive while they went crazy, and others were missing limbs. I went looking for pops, but ran into those Xeno- whatever. I managed to hide with Pinkie after that since we couldn't get back to the bridge. I went looking for supplies, pops, and a safe way to the bridge when- well you already know what happened after that."

Her face filled with fear, Pinkie spoke up, "It's just a matter of time before those things find their way here and then we'll be-"

Misty got up and went over to Pinkie and looked her in the eyes, "Snap out of it, Pinkie! You start thinking like that and it will be over for us!"

"Those things may seem invincible, but they can be killed," Isaac said as he got up, and showed them his plasma cutter. "They eat bullets like no tomorrow and go right through them with little to no damage shown, but they stay down after a few swipes from a plasma cutter." He looked to Misty, as he asked, "Are there any more of these on the ship?"

"There should be some in the storage area," Misty answered, but then looked to him interrogating, "Why? One's not enough for ya?"

Isaac shook his head, "No, the battery only has half a charge left, and I think it would be better if I had some more for when it dies on me. That, and I think it'd be better if anyone else had one if I'm not enough."

Misty stood up, looking at him with disbelief, "So that's your plan then? Just kill every single one on the ship hoping you have enough batteries to last?"

"No, after that, I'm going to look for my friends so we can form a better plan," Isaac retorted with an annoyed expression aimed at her.

The Hispanic brunette got up and looked at Isaac, "Well then… we're coming with you."

Pinkie looked scared, as she asked, "We are?"

Misty looked at Pinkie again, and assured her, "Now that we know how to kill them, we stand a better chance at surviving this, and I can't leave you here since I don't know how long I'll be this time."

Genji stood up, silent as ever, but from the look on his face, he seemed determined to go with them. Ben shot up, as he smirked, "Alright. Let's do it!"

Pinkie shakingly nodded, "Okay," and then she went to gather what she needed.

As she did that, Misty looked back at Isaac, but got into his face, as she stated, "Let's make one thing clear though, I'll lead you to the plasma cutters, but you have to help me find my pops after that." And then held her hand out, "Deal?"

Isaac looked at her hand and at then reached his out to shake it. Instead he lightly tapped her hand with his. "Deal," he replied coldly, and turned around for the door while waiting for them.

Misty maintained her glare at Isaac's back, but then sighed as she shrugged, 'Okay I deserve that after the low blow from before.'

Later On


As the five make their way through the ship, they arrived at the medical bay. The place had looked like it had been torn apart in a brawl. Equipment had been thrashed about, and an awful lot of blood stained the entire place. Needless to say, the place had seen better days. Pinky wasn't taking it easy at all, as she clung to Misty like a security blanket. They looked around and found a dead man with his chest exposed from a surgery that had been interrupted.

"I'd hate to be this guy if he woke up to see his chest like that," Misty gulped, not liking the sight at all. Pinkie turned away, not able to look at it as she looked out the door. Misty noticed Isaac didn't seem as bugged about it, and interrogated inquiringly, "You don't seem to mind this, Sheepy. Did you finally get a stronger stomach?"

Isaac gave her a neutral look but he felt angry at her comment again, "I suppose after seeing Gwen get an alien life form trying to tear itself out of her that it has."

Then Sphere poked out, and stated, "Or the fact that he witnessed his father turning into one, and had to kill him didn't help either. Though he has become more prepared for it now due to said experiences."

"Your own dad turned into one of those things," Misty asked, as she looked surprised by that, "And here, I thought our ship went through hell. It sounds like you got the worst of it. Lucky you." She looked around the med bay and saw all the tech still behind, namely a Kinesis Module, a little damaged though. "Hmmm, I might be able to work with this."

"Work with wh-"

Suddenly the group heard the roars of more Xenocromorphs as Pinkie backed into the room while preventing herself from screaming the best she can, but her face shows she was terrified. Genji and Ben were on standby with Isaac, while Misty started working fast as she grabbed what she needed.

"Hold them off for a few minutes, you guys," Misty said as she worked. "I just need four minutes, tops!"

Pinkie looked at her like she had lost her mind, "To do what!?" Before that question could be answered, two Slashers entered the room and roared at them.

Isaac and Genji began slashing at the Slashers with his plasma cutter and the makeshift staff, as they fell apart and onto the floor. Their limbs cut in half, rotten and blackened organs oozing out of them, and blood spilling out onto the floor. Soon more arrived following the roar of the previous ones which both boys continued to cut through. Pinkie was scared stiff at seeing all of this while hiding behind a staring and frozen Ben as Misty continued to work. Finally Pinkie snapped out of it and began shooting at the extra ones Isaac and Genji hadn't killed yet. Just as Isaac finished off another one, his plasma cutter shut down from the battery being dead.

"Damn it!" Isaac shouted, as he pulled his gun out and started shooting at them alongside Pinkie, as Genji continued to swipe at them with a knife-tipped spear. He noticed that while his shots were aimed at the joints which took two to three bullets to break the joint, hers were going all over the body, and having less of an affect. "Aim for their joints," he yelled at Pinkie, "Once they lose them, they're pretty much finished!"

Pinkie followed that advice as she started attempting to aim at the joints which she hit every third shot due to her lack of training with guns.

Soon Isaac's gun ran out of ammo much to his displeasure as he and Pinkie were pushed back by the last set of five Slashers to be seen.

Ben ran over to Misty, hard at work, as he spoke, "Misty. Whatever you're doing, do it fast. Isaac's run out of ammo, and I don't think either Genji or Pinkie can go on much longer. Particularly Pinkie. She's about to lose it."

Misty noticed this and saw that both of Isaac's weapons were out, but gained inspiration from seeing the two weapons. Just as Isaac was about to reload his gun, she shouted, "Shepard! Throw me your gun and plasma cutter!"

Isaac turned to her with confusion clearly on his face, "What?! You want me to die or something!?"

"Just do it!"

Isaac did so which she caught and passed him her gun, "Use this and give me two more minutes!"

With little time to argue, Isaac used her gun to shot alongside Pinkie and fight alongside Genji as all three managed to hold off the Slashers. After a minute and a half, both of their guns were out with one Slasher left. Genji attempted to stab it in the back, but the Slasher knocked him into the wall; with all that happened he slumped down, halfway exhausted and only able to watch as he struggled to join back in. It charged at Isaac who activated his suit's muscle mode to hold back the Slasher and avoid the blades. It pushed him back into a table, pinning him down with its smaller arms, as the main arms were steadying themselves to stab Isaac's neck. Just as the Slasher was about to finish Isaac off with it's bladed arms much to his displeasure and fear, the main arms and right leg were shot off, and Isaac threw the Slasher to the ground before Genji managed to get up, and slammed his foot onto its head, crushing it as brain matter flew all over.

Isaac panted from the fatigue built up from the struggle and adrenaline surge that went through him at the time as he looked to see Misty holding his gun that looked like it had been modified with a battery cartridge on the top, and the front splitting open into a four-pronged plasma cutter chamber. The gun's front chamber closed back into a pistol shape, as Misty walked over with his gun held toward him so he could take it.

Misty smirked, "I told ya all I needed was a few minutes."

Isaac looked at her and took back the gun, as he looked at it, but asked her, "Thanks, but what did you do?"

"Yeah," Ben spat out, as he looked at the gun in awe, and then back at Misty, "You blasted that monster's limbs off with one shot when it took more than that!"

"I combined Sheepy's gun with his dead plasma cutter," Misty explained. "So now instead of regular bullets, it shoots plasma bullets which kills the shithead monsters a lot easier."

Isaac looked at her exhausted, "That's what you were doing earlier?!"

"No," Misty replied, as she grabbed Isaac's right arm, and began installing a mini-box device of some sort. "I was working on getting this online again." She finished installing it which lit up showing that it was working now. "It's a Kinesis Module. The main feature is being able to lift heavy objects. It's like having mental power without the whole deep concentration bit. It should help us if some of the doors are blocked off by heavy debris."

Isaac looked at it before looking at Misty, smiling, "Thanks. And for the save back there."

Misty looked surprised by that, but shook it off, as she returned to normal, "Don't get the wrong idea, Shepard! I just don't like being indebted to others! We're even now!" She takes her gun back and starts to head for the door. "Come on, there should be some more ammo down this hall."

Later On

Medical Center

After taking the tram, Gwen and Vincent's group arrived at the Medical Center on the Captain's order. They go from a bright hallway into a darken room due to the lights being out. Shin and Hanson entered the room with their gun to see if the coast was clear. The two security officers gave the okay as both groups entered the center.

From the captain's orders, there had been a disturbance in the room, and it showed by the condition it was in. Tables were turn over, chairs were knocked over, door lids torn off, wires were cut and dangling as sparks of electricity flicked out sounding like a bug light, medical supplies and papers were scattered on the floor, and blood was splattered all over the room. Yet the room was empty with no signs of life, not even a corpse.

Both groups performed their own investigations of the room for the cause of the disturbance on each side of the room. Gwen's group, namely Kori also looked around for clues to Isaac and Sphere's whereabouts. As Vincent was checking an empty morgue cabinet, a loud sound got everyone's attention as they turned towards the source of the sounds with their means of attacking ready. It turned out to be Dobbs who had accidentally knocked over a table of medical supplies. He simply gave a smile silently saying 'My bad.' This earned him a flick in the head from Pendleton out of annoyance along with Jeff saying 'Wise guy' under his breath for the scare as everyone continued to search.

After a few moments of searching, Vincent's group met up along with Jeff while Kori, Gwen, and DRU who continued their search. "What the hell is going on," Ramirez asked in confusion and anxiety.

"I count fifteen sets of footprints, give or take," Shen reported from her findings to Vincent.

Rei walked forward and with a file from the desk she picked up. "The log says there were twenty corpses set for cryo-storage," she said while giving it to Vincent to verify.

"Maybe they had a miraculous recovery," Hanson said as he continued to look around.

"More like a deadly recovery if there were more than two Xenecromorphs onboard the ship," Gwen responded.

"Sounds good to me," Dobbs said getting everyone's attention as they stared at him, "Hey, I don't mind shooting whatever was on that shuttle as long as I get to shoot something," he admitted as he began to look around again.

"Jeff, what is it that we're dealing with," Vincent asked him, "And what are you all even doing here on Aegis VII?"

"Well to answer your first question," Jeff started while keeping a sharp lookout, "Did anyone play that Run Like Hell game?"

"No," they all replied.

Jeff thought for a moment, "Well did anyone see the Leviathan film," he asked again only for the crew to respond with "no" again. Jeff again thought for a moment, "How about either of the Thing films," he asked again. This time they all replied with "yes" to his question. "Okay imagine that, but without disguising itself, regenerating, and more like a wild animal."

"Oh, then why didn't you bring Kurt Russell on your space vacation," Ramirez spoke as he still didn't believe the teens were supposed to be on the planet in the first place.

"Watch it Ramirez," Vincent warned as she shot him a glare. She then returned her attention to Jeff, "I'll ask again, what was your group doing on Aegis VII?"

Jeff began to explain, "We were on an archeological mission on behalf of Weyland Industries when-"

"I've got one."

Vincent's team along with Jeff and Rei look in the direction of Pendleton who is over by an open curtain as they gather around to look inside. Lying on the floor was a lifeless corpse with a mangled face, the stomach exposed, broken hands, dressed in orange, missing its left boot, and in a pool of blood as more oozed out of its mouth.

Dobbs kneels down as he pulls out a baton as he begins to poke at the exposed stomach, "I'm no doctor, but it looks like something's been chewing on him," he said as he continued.

"I would advise against that action," Rei told Dobbs who simply smirked and continued.

He wasn't the only one though as Pendleton backed away, "This crap is getting weirder by the second."

"Sounds like a date with Shen," Dobbs joked as he continued to probe at the corpse.

"Screw you rookie," Shen said clearly insulted by that.

"Has it occurred to you jokers that whatever did this could still be in here," Hanson told the two, "We don't need bring back whatever did this."

As the officers continued to talk and search while Vincent continued to read the file over, Kori, Gwen, and DRU continued their search for of the room. While Gwen was checking one side, DRU was looking around the desks, Kori using her green energy for light and looked around for middle of the room, 'Isaac, please be okay,' she pleaded to herself as she continued to walk around the room. She felt uneasy being in this room, especially in the condition it was in as it reminded her of the years she was experimented on by the Creators. Even the air felt the same her to as she felt chills go through her from the memory. Suddenly, she noticed something on the floor under some paper. She knelt down and lifted the item up. It was an Ipod Walkman and seeing it made her eyes flash with a memory.

3 Days Ago

As the survivors of the Falcon were making time with repairs, the 5th day was almost over, and everyone was getting ready for sleep. Though Isaac was listening to a small black Sony Walkman. He was currently sitting down on the couch section of the lifeboat, while the screen continued to spasm from pics between a man playing a violin to a little girl in a field smiling. The whole world was oblivious to him… until…

Kori was behind him and tapped him on the shoulder, "Isaac?"

Isaac snapped out of it, as he pulled out his earplugs, as he asked, "Kori? What's up?"

She sat next to him, as she explained, "The food is ready for consumption, and I had called out to everyone. But as I called you out, you did not respond."

Isaac looked down at his device, as he smirked, "Guess this thing was louder than I thought it would be."

Kori's curiosity peaked, as she looked a the device, "What is that?"

Isaac smirked, as he held it up, "It's a Walkman. Back on my world, this thing has more than 300 songs downloaded on it. Some of them my mom and I would spend time downloading our favorite bands, and we'd listen to them when she wasn't working. Though dad always wanted to listen to rap music and imitate the rappers. But we always ended up laughing at how goofy a performance he would do."

Kori arched an eyebrow to indicate her confusion, as she asked, "You have musical bands download into a small device? How do you fit them all in there?"

It was now Isaac's turn to be rather confused on that, as he asked, "Your people don't have the internet on Zamaron, do they?"

Present Time

As soon as the memory finished, Kori smiled as she what finding the Ipod meant, "Isaac... He is alright," she whispered as she looked around for more signs of him.


Kori's turned to face the direction sound of Gwen's voice as she walked over to her, "What is it? Did you find something?"

"Gwen, Isaac is all right," Kori said as she showed her the Ipod, "Look, it is his set of musical groups in the palm of his hand. He is sure to be all right," she said with relief and hope in her voice.

Gwen looked at the device and her eyes widen, "You're right... This is his Ipod. He and Sphere must have been through here recently," she said glad to know that her doofus of a cousin was alive.

At the same time near the consoles, DRU continued his own investigation of the scene, 'So much death,' he thought to himself, 'To think that I was born from this as well. I suppose that makes me the odd one,' he thought to himself as he continued to look around. His eyes looked at a table with parts next to a damaged plasma cutter. He looked at it and then had an idea. "Jeff, over here," DRU called out to Jeff who walked away from the group as Vincent continued to give her report.

"What's up Tech Head," Jeff asked DRU, "Find anything good?"

"Perhaps an upgrade of sorts. But I need your rifle please," DRU asked Jeff who looked at his rifle a little unsure.

'He might have been born from the black slime, but he also born from Gwen. I can at least trust that part of him,' he thought to himself. After a moment of thinking, Jeff handed him the rifle, "All right, wow me," Jeff said.

DRU nodded as he took the rifle into his hand and turned his hand into slime as it oozed all over it. Then he took the parts from the table and put them into the rifle as it began to change.

Back with Vincent's group, she had finished the file for the third time without finding anything out of the ordinary, while Dobbs as stopped poking at the corpse, and stood up with the others. "I'm calling this in. Stay sharp, all of you," Vincent said as she put the file down and activates the communicator in her glove, "This is Security Chief Vincent to bridge, come in bridge. Over," she said as she waited for a response.

Soon a commlink screen of a man with white hair and a beard, with a blue uniform appeared before her. "This is Captain Matthius," the man answered, "Give me a sit-rep Vincent."

Before Vincent could respond, a blob of flesh fell in front of Dobbs' feet making a slight sound, but it caused the corpse to awaken as if turning on a switch. As the corpse began to lift itself up, it also began to further change. Two long thin blades extended out of the palms of its broken hands, the teeth were pushed out by sharp fangs that replaced them, and two short arms with claws shot out of its stomach. The creature silently rose up behind Dobbs and was seen by Vincent at the last second.

"Dobbs, look out," she cried out as she pointed her gun at the creature. Before Dobbs could react, the Xencromorph grabbed him with its second part of arms, and threw him onto a medical table as he flipped over onto the floor. Before Dobbs could recover from the impact, the creature ran at him, bit into Dobbs' hand, and tore off some skin. Everyone turned to see Dobbs being attacked by the Slasher as the team were horrified at the sight before them as the monster bit and tore through Dobbs' body. Soon the room was filled with Dobbs' cries for help and pain, Mathius over the vid link to know what was happening, and the Xencromorph roaring.

Vincent ran over and grabbed the Slasher Xencromorph by its clothting and attempted to pull it off of her teammate. "Give me a hand, god damn it," Vincent cried out for help as she was unable to get it off of Dobbs. Ramirez and Hanson ran over to assist Vincent as they grabbed the Slasher and all three were able to pull the Slasher off of Dobbs.

It was thrown into a medical table which fell over and through the curtain. As the others tried to catch their breath from the encounter, the Slasher leaped into the air, and landed on the railing above the security personal. It then lunged into the air towards the team. Just as it was about to attack, Kori flew in while yelling a battle cry, and tackled the Slasher into the other side of the room. She flew back and stood ready to fight with her fists out and glowing green.

Chen went over to Dobbs whose wound was severe. He's face was twisted with pain as he did his best to hang on. "Dobbs is dying! We've got to stop the bleeding," she cried as she tore off some cloth to cover his wound.

Before anyone could respond, the roar of the Slasher got their attention as it charged at Kori with its blades ready to kill her. Kori eyes glowed green as her fists became covered in green energy and shot her star bolts at it. The creature was hit by a few but managed to dodge out of the way of the other shots as it jumped towards Kori. Kori jumped back in time to dodge the Slasher's attack as she leaped forward and deliver a powerful kick that caused the Slasher to be pushed back a bit. The Slasher leaped at Kori again but she managed to grab the Slasher's wrists and held it back.

'This Slasher is stronger than the one before,' Kori thought to herself as she found herself as she continued to hold off the Slasher while it tried to reach for the fresh meat before it. Kori stared at the Slasher as it tried to lunge its mouth at Kori as she stared at it. 'The Xenocromorphs and the Creators,' Kori thought as she continued to struggle against the Slasher's strength.

Fighting the Slasher reminded her of the six years she had spent in the Creator's labs. The way they probed and experimented on her, forced her to fight their early Xenocromorph test subjects, and they pushed her beyond her limits to test her new powers. After six years of pain and torture, she had found the means to fight that pain... Meeting Isaac and the others and she wasn't going to let anything happen to them. 'No... I will not give up... I will not allow the Xenocromorphs or the Creators to take anyone else from me,' she thought with determination as she felt new strength as the glow in her eyes became brighter.

As Vincent's group continued to watch the fight, Hanson, Ramirez, and Pendleton pointed their guns at Kori and the Xenocromorph ready to fire. "Don't shoot," Gwen cried, "You'll hit Kori!"

"Well what are we supposed to do?! Just stand here," Ramirez asked in anger as the situation became more complicated.

"Yeah," Hanson added, "Besides how do we know that she's-"

"Don't you even finish that sentence! She's under our protection and right now she's risking her life for ours," Vincent ordered as she did not want in fighting among her team, "Try to move to the side and open fire on the hostile one-"

Vincent's order was interrupted by Kori as her battle cry filled the room. If the others could see her face, they would be frozen in fear at the sight of her angry face. Her grip on the Slasher's arms grew stronger until she pulled the arms in, delivered an even powerful kick to the chest while releasing one of the creature's arms, and ripped the other arm off that she was still holding.

The Slasher yelled in pain from its arm being torn off and the burst of pain in the chest that spread through its body. Brown body fluid sprayed out and splattered all over the floor. Before it could recover, Kori sped forward, jammed the blade of the arm she tore off into the other arm of the Xenocromorph, and delivered a powerful roundhouse punch with her free glowing fist into the face of the Slasher while firing a starbolt into it on impact. The impact blew the head to pieces as it staggered backwards in pain. Finally, Kori yelled in anger as she thrust her fists forward, and fired off her starbolts like two machine guns at the body of the creature. The room flashed green with each impact and the body lost more mass with each blast. After a few minutes of green lights and firing, Kori stopped as she lowered her arms.

Everyone aside from Chen who was still trying to keep Dobbs alive looked over at the battle. They saw Kori breathing heavily from all the energy she had used and the blob of flesh and scraps of metal that was formerly the Slasher surrounded by scorch marks. Everyone was silent for a moment with shocked expressions on, until Ramirez said what was all going through their heads. "Whoa..."

Gwen and Rei walked over to Kori who didn't move, "Kori, are you okay," Gwen asked her as she reached the side of Kori. Gwen was expecting to see an angry face, but what she saw was the last thing she was expecting. Kori who was still breathing heavily, had tears rolling down her eyes. 'What sort of pain did the Creators put her through,' Gwen asked herself as she stayed by her.

'Tears... I don't understand, she won,' Rei thought to herself at seeing Kori's tears, 'She doesn't seem to be wounded from the fight. Could the fight have awakened some sort of traumatic memories?'

"Damn it, Vincent, what is going on!?"

Vincent stopped watching the girls as she turned her attention to Matthius' voice from the vid com. "I've got a man down; we're in the Morgue, A Deck," Vincent responded as she stopped being stunned by Kori's strength and power, "We were attacked by something, not sure what." She and the rest of her team aside from Shen got in a circle and aimed their guns ready for anything else. Suddenly, Vicent saw the shadow of another Xenocromorph coming out of the doorway near Shen and a dying Dobbs. "Crap! Shen look out," Vincent warned Shen as two more Slashers came through the door wearing shredded medical uniforms. Shen ducked just as Vincent and her team opened fire but the Slashers seemed to not be harmed by the bullets. All the gunfire seemed to do was slow the two Slashers down.

"This isn't working," Pendelton said while still firing his gun, "We're just tickling these things!"

"Hey, are you listening," Hanson yelled out to Gwen, "Get that Amazon alien girl back in gear before we run out of bullets!"

Just then, a power burst of sound filled the room and the upper body of one of the Slashers exploded all over as brown fluid spewed out of the legs until they collapsed onto the floor. Before anyone could saying anything, another burst of sound filled the room, and the same thing happened to the Slasher as it keeled over and died. The team including Gwen and Kori looked at the scattered pieces of the two Slashers wondering what happened.

"What the hell did that," Hanson exclaimed wondering what was able to blow the two Slashers to bits.

"I did that."

Everyone looked to see Jeff holding his modified rifle as smoke rose up from the barrel, "And my new toy," Jeff finished as he blew the end of it. He turned to DRU who was standing next to him, "Thanks Tech Head. This is going to make this hunt a lot easier," Jeff told DRU as he started to head over to the others.

"Not a problem," DRU responded as he went to join the others, "Besides without Kori and the others delaying the Slashers, I might not have finished the modifications in time."

"What the hell were those things," Ramirez asked them, "Were those the things on the shuttle!?"

"I don't know," Chen said as she got up from Dobbs' corpse and joined the others, "Screw this crap; let's get the hell out of here," she finished as he started to head for the door only to be stopped by Pendleton who grabbed her arm.

"Man up Shen, you got a job to do," Pendleton reminded her of their job on the ship.

"Dobbs is freaking dead," Chen said pointed towards his lifeless corpse.

"Get a hold of yourselves," Vincent told the others by raising her voice, "Whatever these things are, they are loose on the ship. Secure this room and get ready to move," she ordered as she turned on her communicator again. "Vincent to Bridge. Over," she said waiting for a response.

The vid screen showing Matthius appeared again. "I want a report, Vincent," Matthius ordered.

"Something's going on sir. Something alien was on the from the Ishimura's shuttle, and is attacking us," Vincent explained.

"What about the shuttle from the Falcon? Was it real," Matthius asked.

"It's real sir. But the ship was piloted by teenagers. They claim to have been on a mission from Weyland Industries just as we are," Vincent explained to the captain.

"Teenagers!? How do you know they are telling the truth," Matthius asked with a mix of surprise and anger, "For all we know, they could've been joy riding in this sector of space."

"One of the teens is an employee of Weyland industries and the son of a co-worker, Samuel Marek. I knew both of them sir. Also Mr. Weyland's personal android was onboard the shuttle as well," Vincent explained as she continued to stand ready, "One of their friends was the one who manually opened the shuttle bay doors and he's somewhere else on the ship."

"What- Just a moment Vincent," Matthius said as he deactivated the com link to see what the commotion was.

"Are you sure that's his?"

Vincent heard Jeff's voice and saw the tees looking at an Ipod in Kori's hand.

"I am positive this belongs to Isaac," Kori said as she placed it in her pocked, "He is still alive and somewhere on the ship."

"I do not recall that device being on the list of items in the Falcon's storage," Rei said, "It could belong to someone else on this ship."

"I was there when he bought it and I always saw him leave the house with it," Gwen said defending Kori's statement, "It's Isaac's alright."

"Thanks for earlier, all of you" Vincent said getting everyone's attention, "You saved us from a bad situation."

"Thank Kori and DRU," Jeff said, "They saved our bacon."

"Yes, thank you. Both of your" Vincent said as she looked at DRU, "What did you do to Jeff's gun," she asked DRU.

"I used the spare parts from the medical laser to modify Jeff's rifle to use the same kind of energy it uses," DRU explained as he pointed the damaged plasma cutter on the desk, "It seems to do a much better job than standard bullets against the Xenocromorphs."

"I noticed," Vincent asked DRU, "Are you able to do the same to the rest of our guns?"

"My apologies but no. That was the only laser I could find in the room," DRU answered, "But if we can find more, I can without any trouble."

Before Vincent could respond, her com link reactivated, and Matthius's face reappeared. "Vincent, get your team to B Deck mess hall on the double," he told her, "After the situation has been taken care of, find the one who opened doors, and bring the group from the Falcon shuttle to the bridge for questioning."

"On our way," she tells the captain as the vid screen disappeared. She turned her attention to her team, "Get full mags in those weapons; I think we're about to walk into hell," Vincent ordered as she reloaded her gun.

Vincent's team reloaded their guns and followed Vincent to doorway along with Gwen's group. As Kori headed for the door, she looked back at the destruction of the room, and held the Ipod in her pocket tightly, 'Isaac... Stay safe,' she thought as she went after the others.


With the plasma cutter in hand, Isaac led the way while Misty and Pinky slowly kept up from behind, and Sphere floated next to Isaac, while Ben and Genji followed the rear. As they moved through the darken halls of the ship, the group moved through the empty halls. The halls were lite with only the emergency lights leaving the halls filled with a sickly yellow light. The only sounds that could be heard were the low hums of machines, the low humming of the plasma cutter on standby, the sound of the human's footsteps echoing through the hallways. All the four wonderers could do was constantly stay on their guard, checking every shadow, looking in every corner, and listen for the smallest sound for signs of the monsters infesting the Ishimura.

As Isaac checked the corner for signs of the monsters, he saw that there were no signs of the creatures or his friends. "It's safe," he whispered to the others. They started to make their way towards the next hallway.

As they walked through hallway, Misty stared at Isaac as the only other emotion went through her aside from fear... Frustration. 'Of all people who had to come to this death trap... Why did it have to be him? Seems appropriate though, he was useless on Earth, and yet now he thinks he's a bad ass in space,' she thought as she held Pinkie close to her to help comfort the younger girl. As they made their way through the hallway, they were unaware of being followed by someone or something as it hid in any place that could cast a shadow.

After a few minutes, the group enter through a door and found themselves in a large room with a circular section with a computer in the center illuminated by white lights.

"It appears we are in a control room of some sort," Sphere said as he floated around the room, "It doesn't appear as though anyone has been here for a while."

Misty became scared from Sphere's words as she looked around as her anxiety became stronger, "Which means that they could've been," she said in fear.

"We don't know that," Isaac asked as he looked around in defense, "Sphere, can you access the console to find the others," he asked Sphere.

"I don't know. This console is as outdated as the Prometheus. Maybe even more," Sphere said as he floated over to the console, "Maybe if I cross a few wires," he said as extendable arms came out, and got to work.

"Well, sorry that Earth ships are so primitive compared to your tech," Ben sarcastically said as he shot Sphere a glare, "Oh wait, if your alien tech is great, then why haven't they dealt with those things yet!?"

"Easy, Ben," Isaac said trying to calm her down, "He just means that-"

"Save it Shepard," Misty shot at him unaware that they were being watched from above. "You think just because-"

Before she could continue, the alarm went off as a spinning yellow light replaced the white ones leaving very little light. The teens froze as they were surrounded by darkness as they looked in fear. On the console where Sphere was working, a display in read appeared with the words "Decontamination Alert" flashing.

"They're here! They're coming," Pinkie said as she started to panic, "They're going to come in and kills us!"

"Stay calm Pinkie," Misty said as she tried to find her in the darkness, "Isaac, you have good aim," she said out loud. As Misty looked around for Pinkie, she was unaware that there moving through the shadows, were the creatures from before in the halls. They moved around their prey like a shark in the ocean using the shadows as their water.

"Where are they? WHERE ARE THEY," Pinkie cried out.

"I don't know," Ben wailed out, as Genji got his spear at the ready.

Isaac looked around with his plasma cutter aimed and ready. Suddenly, he saw Pinkie for a split-second thanks to the light along with a shadow behind her. "GET DOWN," he cried out as he fired in Misty's direction.

Misty ducked just in time to dodge the blast as it hit its target. The inhuman cry of the Xenocromorph cried out as its left arm flew off. It roared again as it charged at the cause of the pain. Isaac shot at it again. The first shot missed its target but the second one hit the leg causing the creature to fall onto the ground and lifeless. Before Isaac could sigh in relief, he heard another monster cry from behind, and shot three more shots in the dark. After a moment, the lights returned on illuminating the room, and the warning sign disappeared from the console.

Misty who was on the floor from Isaac's earlier warning picked herself up, "What the hell just-" she started to say until she saw the room. There on the floor near Pinkie and near the console were two dead Xenocromorphs. One had its left arm and leg blown off while the other had its arms and head blasted off as fluids oozed out of their wounds and oto the floor. As soon as Pinky lifted her head up, she saw the dead alien behind her, screamed, and scooted away from it.

"Is- Is It," she asked in a panic as Isaac approached the other one.

"Yeah, but just in case," he said as he shot two more shots into it, "Yeah, I think this one is dead."

Misty approached the first one as this was the first time she had seen the creatures that had infested the ship in the light rather than the shadows, "Same with this one... So, this is it," she said as she drew closer. After a moment, she turned around, "Well now-"


Misty turned around to hear the creature as it leapt up and made another attack on her. Her expression was soon filled with fear as she was moments from death. However, just as it was about to maul her to death, it's head was blown to pieces causing it to spasm out of control away from Misty, and on to the floor. Misty's heavy breathing filled the room as she took in what happened.

"Now it's dead," Isaac said as he reloaded the gun, "Are you okay Misty?"

"M-Mind your own business Shepeard," she replied as she tried to hide her fear as Isaac did what she said out of habit.

Isaac shook his head, 'Just like old times,' he thought to himself from his time as her classmate.


Isaac and Pinky turned around and saw Ship pop out of the console. "You were able to access the server," Isaac asked.

"Better. I downloaded a copy of the map and managed to find the others," Sphere replied, "It looks like they're heading in the direction of the bridge. But if we take the service lift through that door to the left, we can meet up with them in Hydroponics."

"Great, good job," Isaac said as he looked over at Misty, "Come on Misty, we have to kee-." Misty just sat there for a moment as if she didn't hear him.

"Misty," Pinky asked in concern but saw Misty got up.

"Yeah, yeah, I heard the talking tennis ball," she said as she walked towards the door.

Next Chapter: Survival Together; Night of the Ishimura pt.4

Author's Note:

A friend of mine told me that imbécil isSpanish for jerk.