After playing Bulletstorm a while back I got curious and decided to looked up on any crossovers that might have been done with this game but imagine my surprise when I found that was only one crossover story. So here's my challenge after escaping Stygia, Grayson Hunt and Trishka Novak find themselves on the run from the Confederation of Planets. So where do they go? Why to where all fugitives go of course: Pandora! And from there they take a train and take their first steps into becoming vault hunters. But they better watch their backs because not only will they have to deal with psychos, Hyperion goons, and an insane Jack, but two very familiar ghosts from their pasts.

Well that's it I can't wait to see what other writers come up with. Also if any is willing you can go ahead and create a different crossover involving Bulletstorm as I feel that this game has a lot of potential!