I know what I said of how I'm leaving the A&O archive, but this has been sticking around in my head for some time so...here it is!

Somewhere in the Jasper Park Wilderness...

"Wow, has it really already been three months already?", a grey coated lone wolf whispered to himself as he looked over an icy river at three other wolves. It's been awhile, but the wolf never forget them.

"Salty, Shakey, and Mooch" he whispered absently to himself. The three wolves were much skinnier then he last saw him, but that's to be expected from the winter season. Colder weather usually meant less prey.

As the wolf wondered to himself, the three wolves across the river spotted him.

"Is that...", Salty started.

"No, i-it can't be", Shakey stuttered.

"Humphrey?!" Mooch shouted out to the wolf across the river. The wolf looked startled at first, but only sadly glanced across the three wolves and fled.

The group of wolves were stunned for a bit, but shrugged it off.

"No way that could've been Humphrey, that wolf was way too big for him", Shakey declared.

"Yeah and remember what Winston said? Humphrey died on the way back from Jasper with Kate..."

Shakey and Mooch both said in a sad unison, "yeah".

Humphrey padded slowly away form his old friends to his den. All the nostalgic memories of Humphrey and his friends made him wince in sadness. Three months have passed since Kate ditched Humphrey and made her way home to Jasper Park. All the love Humphrey once felt for Kate was immediately turned into hatred as soon as she ditched him. How could she do that? He loved her and he made it pretty obvious. The only answer was Kate was a heartless bitch. Yeah, that's it. Humphrey didn't know what other answers there could have been.

As Humphrey was working himself up over Kate, a loud yelp met Humphrey's ears. He quickly recognized it as a she-wolf's yelp. Humphrey quickly ran through the trees towards the sound. As he reached the sound, the smell of blood wrapped around Humphrey's nose. Humphrey was met with a horrific scene. Blood was everywhere and a huge black wolf was on top of a blonde she-wolf.

"If you don't want me to mate with you, well I guess I'm going to have to force you to!" The black wolf said in a low booming voice.

The she-wolf yelped, "No!" and clawed the black wolf's snout. The black wolf staggered back spitting and cussing. As he did that, Humphrey met him with a ram in the side, sending the wolf sprawling towards a tree, ultimately whacking into it. The wolf shook his head and looked ferociously at the newcomer.

"Hey, why don't you mind your own business, lone wolf!" The black wolf spit.

"I will not sit idly by while a another wolf gets raped!" Humphrey shouted back. The blonde wolf was sitting down, mouth gaped in awe of the powerful wolf that just saved her. The black wolf roared and through himself at Humphrey. Humphrey dropped to his belly and stuck out a paw to trip the other wolf. It worked and the wolf tripped and landed snout down in the snow. The wolf got up and growled at Humphrey.

"This isn't over yet, pup!" he growled, sprinting away from the clearing. Humphrey sighed in exhaustion and turned to the blonde wolf.

"Are you-", before he could get the words out, the blonde wolf was pressed up against his side, making him feel warm all over.

"Thanks so much for saving me!" the blonde wolf exclaimed. Humphrey then got a good look at the she-wolf's face and he went numb. He couldn't ever forget that face. The wolf Humphrey just saved was Kate!

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