Chapter 1: first meeting and a little chi:

'To think that today was going to be just a normal day for me in the lab. Of course though it's not, why would it? I work for light fae. Since when does that equate to normal or regular? Hmm I wonder what type of fae the foundling is? I suppose I will find out when they bring her in.' thought Lauren as she could see Dyson and hale bring in a young woman no older than thirty years old from what she could tell from her lab office.

"Bring her into the interrogation room, I have questions that need answering." Said the Ash. "Yes sire." Replied Hale, his baritone voice showing his respect to the leader of the light Fae. As he and Dyson manuvered the woman into the interrogation room, plonking her unceremoniously onto the chair in the middle of the room. "I don't understand your obstancincy. You know the rules, just name your clan." Said the Ash. "Buddy, for the last time, I don't have a clan ok! I don't have bagpipes or haggis I'm not freeking Scottish. What the hell type of cos are you people anyway? What is this place?" said Bo, her tone of voice showing her frustration and confusion.

"I'm starting to think she's not faking it." Said Hale. "Faking it? Oh that's just great." Said Bo sarcastically. "So, do you truly not know what you are?" said the Ash. "What am I?" asked Bo. Which was followed by a head-butt to the Ashes face. Setting Dyson's inner wolf off in his need to protect his superior. Wolfing out just slightly letting out a growl as he reached for Bo in the chair. "Forget about me, what the hell are you?" asked Bo, sounding a little shocked and confused by Dyson's bright yellow eyes.

At that Lauren rushed through the door "I'm sorry, it's the Morrigan she insists on seeing her." Lauren directed towards the Ash as Dyson righted Bo on the chair again. Just then the Morrigan barged into the room. "You were not invited." Said the Ash. "I know and I'm hurt, cut the shit, word hears it that a body was dumped. In the wrong territory. It would have been nice to know there is a new player in town." Said the morrigan. "We are handling it." Responded Dyson. "I don't speak to the help." "Enough, Lauren needs to see to the girl." Said the Ash with all the authority he could muster into his voice to control the situation before it could get out of hand.

"Please come with me." Said Lauren, as she leaned down hand lightly tilting Bo's chin up so she could look into her directly in the eyes. Lauren then led Bo into the medical lab so that she could examine her. Bo had gotten out of her clothes as Lauren quietly instructed she do and got up on the examination chair. "What are you looking for Doc?" asked Bo, as Lauren inspected Bo's skin looking for any clan markings. She lightly ghosted her fingers up Bo's spine, sending a tingle all over Bo's body and also through Lauren's own as that light as a feather touch sparked a flame between them.

"Markings, clan's ritual scaring. Clans place their markings in different ways." Said Lauren. After Bo gave Lauren a look that gave her the impression that she was sizing her up, in the sexiest way possible. "My god your beautiful." Blurted Lauren, "thanks doc, so what where those freaks out there?" asked Bo. "They aren't freaks, they are called Fae." Lauren then handed Bo back her clothes. "What kind of fae are you?" asked Bo as she was getting changed back into her clothes. "The insatiably curious human doctor kind." Responded Lauren with an adorable geeky smile on her face, "now the million dollar question, what kind of fae am I?" asked Bo, making sure to look Lauren directly in the eye so as to gauge her response.

"You are a succubus. Well that's your genius, if you were born into a clan, you would have been taught how to control your hunger for chi and they would have taught you how to hone your powers. You would still need to feed, but you wouldn't kill anymore." Explained Lauren. "So what's the catch?" asked Bo. "The fae are divided, into light and dark, they have been on the verge of war for a long time. Each have their own set of rules. Except they both share the main rule, which is that they keep the fae a secret from the regular human population." Informed Lauren. Who during her speech had moved over close to where Bo was standing so as to be now right in front of Bo, barely an arm's length apart. She could feel this strong pull towards the alluring succubus.

"What does that have to do with me?" asked Bo, letting her hands link with Lauren's for Bo too could feel the strong pull towards the blond. "They are going to try and make you decide which side you are on. And depending on whether or not you choose the light will determine how much help I can offer you. So before Dyson comes in here to take you to your gathering. I want you to take some of my chi, I don't know what they will do to make you choose. I want you to be strong so you survive it."

"Wait, gathering? What the hell is a gathering? I don't know Lauren, me taking your chi is dangerous. I don't have a lot of control over my powers. I could kill you, and I don't want to kill you. I only just met you and I really don't want to be responsible for your death. I don't think those whack jobs out there would love that very much." said Bo. "Bo, I trust you. I believe you will be able to stop yourself. Please? Besides I can use it, too better be able to find something that can help you control your abilities. You know scientifically." Rambled Lauren. "Ok but just a little bit, I don't exactly trust myself with my ability to stop once I start."

Bo leaned into Lauren placing a soft kiss on her lips, which Lauren eagerly deepened encouraging Bo to feed from her. Bo began to draw out the blue coloured chi from Lauren's mouth, savouring the unique taste of Lauren, that was the most heavenly on her tastebuds. To Bo, Lauren tasted like what she thought as coming home to stay felt like. Bo stopped the flow before things could get to out of hand, for she could feel herself becoming incredibly aroused. And she could sense that Lauren was as well. It would not do to take Lauren right here in the lab considering they had just met. Bo felt that Lauren was meant to be more than just a one night stand. That Lauren was important to her somehow.

As soon as Bo pulled back she opened her eyes to see that Lauren was indeed fine, but had a slightly glazed look in her eyes. "Wow that was just…you taste like home." Complimented Bo. Lauren took a couple of minutes to shake of her intense feeling of arousal. "Hmm, that was incredible! I have never experienced a feed before." Exclaimed Lauren, failing to control her excitement. "See I told you could control yourself with me!" said Lauren excitedly, as her mind began to run away with all the various scientific formulas she could form to help Bo. Bo gave Lauren a sexy smirk in amusement of her apparent geekiness.

"Glad I could be of help doc." Said Bo, trying to not let her obvious need for the blonde doctor show in her voice or with her body language. "Bo, be careful when you are at your gathering. Please try to stay alive so I can help you with controlling your hunger." Said Lauren, a worried look in her eyes. She can't quite figure out why she is feeling this close to someone she had just met. But there was something different about Bo than any of the Fae she had met.

Bo turned around just as Dyson came in through the door to take Bo to her gathering. He put her in the back of the van as he drove her to the glassworks factory. Once they got there Dyson pulled Bo out of the van and dragged her aside where no-one was able to overhear or see what he was about to do. "Hey watch the leather, what is your god damn problem?" exclaimed Bo, feeling frustrated with all the manhandling that Dyson had been doing. "Bo you need to feed from me, you need the extra strength to get through this." Said Dyson. "Now why would I do that? I barely know you." Said Bo.

"That didn't stop you from feeding from the human doctor." Said Dyson, his arrogance and disdain for the Doctor clear in his voice and attitude. "What is your deal dude?" said Bo, getting pissed off with Dyson's attitude towards Lauren. She couldn't put her finger on it yet, but she felt oddly protective of the blonde doctor. "Never mind that just take some of my chi, we don't have the time to argue about the doctor." Said Dyson as he pushed himself onto Bo, trying to get her to feed from him.

Bo pushed him off at first, then her urge to feed became hard to resist when he continued to try and entice her inner succubus. Then Bo locked lips with Dyson drawing out his chi, noticing the difference in flavour to how Lauren tasted. Dyson had an earthy, animalistic taste to him. It was powerful, but it wasn't as good as Lauren's was. "That was like fourth of July in my mouth." Breathed out Bo, as she was slightly reeling from the aftereffects of Dyson's chi. "You are able to stop me?" asked Bo a little confused as to how it was possible that Dyson could stop the flow of chi off before she had to do so herself.

"I am fae, and we are stronger than a human. I bet even that Lauren wouldn't taste as good as me, nor as powerful!" bragged Dyson, as he took Bo into the factory. Once inside Bo was grabbed by thugs of the Morrigan. They dragged Bo into a side room of the factory so as not to be overheard. "What is with you fae and all the manhandling? It's starting to piss me off, and trust me you don't want to see me pissed." said Bo indignantly. "Oh poor baby boo hoo is the baby succubus going to throw a tantrum? Don't make me laugh! But seriously, you should consider joining the Dark fae. We can set you up in a suitable position in the human world, which is a better use of your particular talents. Darling we could use a Fae like you." said the Morrigan, using all her charm in order to try and sway Bo to her side.

"I will keep that in mind. Can I go now?" said Bo, voice dripping with sarcasm. The Morrigan simply waved her hand towards the thugs she brought with her to take Bo down to the factory floor that was set up in a barbaric ring. Bo looked up to see that the Morrigan as well as the Ash was leaning on the railing of a fence that wrapped around the upper level of the factory with a large group of light and dark fae amongst them. She then looked to opposite of her to see a huge warrior type fae, wielding sharp blades.

Bo made short work with the brute stabbing him with his own blades. She looked around as she heard a mix of cheers and boos from the crowd. Only to have a creepy looking Fae with long thin fingers that edged their way into Bo's face. Bo was taken to a rather ethereal world in her mind, oddly similar to the room Morpheus took neo into when he explained about the matrix. On one of the high-backed lounge chairs sat on odd looking old man. He beckoned Bo over to him. Bo headed him and sat down on the chair next to him. "Who are you?" asked Bo.

"I am a pain eater, I want to help you but there isn't much time. Here drink this it will take all your pain away from the guilt you carry about the ten long years of killing your feeds." He was trying to force the mug into Bo's hands but she was having none of it as she could hear Kenzi's voice calling out to her "Bo wake up! Bo Snap out of it! Come on Bo!" was what Kenzi was shouting trying to get Bo to shake herself out of the trance the pain eating underfae has her in.

Bo then pulled herself out of the trance, making sure to elbow the Fae behind her, making him double over in pain. Bo then kneed him in the stomach promptly knocking him out. She then throw a dagger at the fae holding Kenzi in a tight hold. "She is mine!" exclaimed Bo. Looking up at the two leaders of the Fae. "Choose a side." Was all the Ash said in response to Bo's claim on Kenzi. "I choose neither! I choose humans." Shouted Bo, making her voice clear and commanding so as there wasn't any mistakes or misunderstandings.

Once the fae started to clear out Bo promptly collapsed down on the floor. Kenzi helped her up and took her out to Bo's camero, and drove them both back to the club house. Bo came to just as Kenzi had pulled up in front of the condemned house. Kenzi helped Bo inside and then up the stairs to Bo's bedroom. Where Bo fell back onto it with a grateful smile on her face. She then struggled a bit with her boots as she shook them off. "Bobo can I do something to help you? "Asked Kenzi a little worried about her new friend.

"Nah Kenz, I will be ok. Just need to sleep it off, I would heal faster if I could feed but I really don't have the energy to get someone to heal with. And I really don't want to add to my already long body count." Gasped out Bo. As she slumped back onto her bed after managing to shuck of her boots. Kenzi tipped toed out of Bo's room after she noticed that Bo had passed out. The tiny human travelled down the hallway and then down the slightly rickety stairwell.

When Kenzi had made it down the stairs she made her way into the lounge area and flopped down on the lounge. Making herself comfortable before she pulled out her mobile phone to see about making up for the favour she owed her cousin for tracking down the vans location to help her find Bo earlier. Kenzi figured she could pick up a few neat items from the back of her cousins truck while she was at it, like a flat screen TV, and xbox 360 if she could. After she had arranged with her cousin for her to come to him sometime the next day. Then finally Kenzi herself passed out.

Meanwhile Lauren had heard from the various fae who worked for her in the lab what had gone down in the glass factory. How Bo was able to defeat the underfae she was pit up against without training and having to use her fae powers. 'Bo is rather impressive. I don't know what it is about her, but I feel drawn to her. I have no clue as to how I managed to handle Bo feeding of me like I did. Bo did take a lot out of me before Bo broke the flow of chi. I don't understand how I am not feeling drained by it. I should feel tired, hungry and dehydrated. Instead I feel completely energised like I could go a few rounds with troll and still keep on swinging.

I should take some tests on myself to see why I was able to hold my own like that with Bo. Although I know if she were to use her succubus sway powers on me I would be putty in her hands. Her very soft, very gentle hands. I hope I get to see her soon, but with Bo not choosing the light, I don't know how I will be able to see her. Unless Bo sneaks in to see me? Will she want to though when there is s smorgasbord of fae out there for her to try out. Why would she want little old human me?' thought Lauren as she went about completing her daily tasks that the Ash expects for her to have done by the end of the day before she could head home.

Finally when everything was all done and the lab was locked up tight. Lauren got into her car and drove to her apartment that the light fae provided her with while she remains enslaved to the Ash. She then took of her shoes and jumped into the shower to relax her tired muscles, as only just now was the after-effects of being on the end of a succubus feed had taken its toll. After she had finished her shower she got dressed into her most comfortable pyjamas. She then rummaged through her fridge for ingredients for a salad, feeling the need for both complex carbs, and proteins.

Having found and put together the ingredients for a chicken ceaser salad, Lauren eagerly dug into the salad relishing the flavours and gulping down a bottle of Gatorade to replenish all the electrolytes that she lost when Bo feed from her. Not long after consuming the delicious salad Lauren washed up her dishes and took herself to bed, setting her alarm for work the next day. Promptly fell into a deep sleep.