Chapter 9: So what now?

Since opening the box containing the nail, Lauren has been working hard to figure out what it has to do with Nadia's coma. Going so far as to ask Lachlan to go through the previous Ash's journals to see if any information could be found in those. Lachlan at first denied it, but after Bo had found out about his refusal she turned up at the light fae compound sword in hand ready to threaten the Ash with bodily harm if he were to dare to refuse her request.

The Ash reluctantly agreed, but only if Bo would change her mind about freelancing. So Bo agreed to freelance as long as she doesn't have to go against any of her beliefs in the process. Bo then went into the lab where Lauren was hard at work to give the doctor some much needed chi. Lauren was in the room where Nadia was being kept. She was currently experimenting with the various equipment in the room trying to get a read on the nail.

Bo stood over by the door, watching her lover work. Bo had no idea about what it is that Lauren actually does but she did like to watch her do it. it wasn't long before Lauren felt Bo's presence in the room with her. "Hey Babe, how long have you been standing there?" questioned Lauren, as she looked up from one of her microscopes.

"Not that long, but I will say I enjoyed the view." Replied Bo suggestively, her best seductive smirk spread across her face. As she sashayed over to where Lauren was currently standing. Once Bo reached her she didn't hesitate in pulling the blonde doctor towards her. Lauren of course leaned in eagerly. Pressing her lips softly into Bo's in a loving, yet tender kiss. From there she deepened the kiss beginning the much needed exchange of chi between them.

When air became hard to come by, they broke of the stream of chi. While still holding onto the warm embrace. Not daring to let the other go. It was only when Lauren remembered that they were in the secret projects lab did she pull away from Bo. Something that didn't go unnoticed by Bo. "Sorry, it's just that it feels a little weird kissing you like that when my ex-girlfriend is lying over there still in a coma." Explained Lauren, when Bo's reaction to her pulling away finally registered.

"It's okay Lauren…" Replied Bo, as she barely was able to look Lauren in the eyes for she was distracted by the clear dome like encasing over the dark olive skinned beauty in the centre of the room. Bo walked over to the floating table that held the human in the coma. Bo glanced at the woman, she could see the initial appeal of her beauty. She tried to get an idea of Nadia's aura, but the glass encasing was shielding the human from Bo's powers.

Lauren, who had noticed Bo's gaze felt a little apprehensive as to what she could say to explain about her ex. Lauren's hand instinctively rubbing across her now 7 month swell. Her's and Bo's unborn child finally making her presence known with a slight kick where her hand was resting. The feel of it bringing on her geeky smile and warmth within her chest. Her love for their growing daughter and her soulmate Bo growing stronger every day.

"Me telling you about Nadia, and you seeing her for yourself; I used to think I would feel conflicted if I ever got you in here with her. But I just feel relieved that you know about her. Now if only we can figure out what the nail is supposed to do with waking Nadia up then I can be able to close the chapter of my life that is Nadia. I don't want you having to constantly feel jealous about my attention being spent working on a cure…" Rambled Lauren, as she felt Bo had come over to where she was standing. Bo's hand had found its way to her baby bump.

A bright smile had crept unto the dark haired succubus's face as she too was able to feel their daughter kick. "Little Charlotte, you be good for mummy now. Mama love's you very much." Exclaimed Bo reverently into the Blonde doctor's abdomen. Bo then stood up straight. So she could look Lauren in the face. As she had something she felt she needed to say to ease the doctor's fears. "Lauren, it really is okay about Nadia. Her being in a coma isn't your fault. And there is nothing you can really do about it until a cure can be found. So please stop feeling guilty about it. I know you are with me. You are carrying our daughter. That is all the assurance I need. I promise you." Explained Bo.

After hearing those words Lauren pulled Bo in as close as she could and kissed her with all she was worth. Which Bo eagerly returned, smile still firmly plastered on her face in her happiness and joy about having found her soulmate. Bo knew deep within her heart and soul that she had everything she needed family wise with Lauren and with Kenzie. She was also very excited to meet their daughter in 2 months' time.

Lauren then drew some chi from Bo, who then did the same with Lauren but making sure that Lauren got more chi than she did. As Lauren was feeding two succubi. They only broke the flow of the chi exchange when they needed to take a new breath. They then pressed their foreheads together to remain as close as they could get. Their moment was ruined however by Bo's phone ringing loudly in her pocket.

With a sigh Bo pulled the offending phone out of her pocket to answer it. "Hey Dyson, what? Who is digging graves? Sure, I will be right there." Bo hung up the phone after that. Leaned into Lauren once more to give her a chaste kiss on her lips. "Sorry about that, Dyson needs me to help him with a new case apparently someone has been digging up graves. He wants me to go help him figure out who is behind it. I will come by later to check in okay?" explained Bo upon seeing Lauren's confused look.

Lauren gave her a slight nod in her direction, before Bo left the room and off to help Dyson. To say Lauren was a little jealous of the wolf would be an understatement. For lately with the pregnancy advancing, Lauren has barely been able to leave Bo's side. With her intense need to be as close as possible. It was even harder with her hunger for chi increasing. Lauren supposed that had a lot to do with the nesting period of the pregnancy but was reluctant to say so to Bo. Not wanting her to over exert herself with feeding Lauren, at the risk of her own needs.

Bo and Dyson met with Trick and one of Trick's friends. Where Trick told them about his friend's husband had been taken from his grave. Bo and Dyson promised to find out who had taken the body. But first Dyson had to go see if Hale could babysit the Glave's daughter for him. Which Hale quickly agreed to doing, before realising that doing so was going to be a much more adventures detail. Dyson then went with Bo to the graveyard, to see what clues they could find about the abduction.

Meanwhile over at the Dahl where Kenzie had ventured of to see what Trick had wanted when he called earlier. Kenzie noticed that Hale was sitting at one of the tables with a blonde woman. To say she was jealous as hell, was an understatement. But it wasn't like she had any say on what the siren did or didn't do with other women. Nonetheless Kenzie was definitely curious as to what was going on. One thing the tiny goth did notice was that it seemed that Hale was having an interesting talk with the pretty blonde fae.

Kenzie found herself being introduced to the blonde fae, who she quickly befriended making Hale's babysitting job far more difficult then he thought possible. Breaking all the rules, that the Glaive had set for her daughter.

Bo and Dyson then went to a dark flesh eating fae who ran a butcher shop for the Fae. Gary the flesh eater was rather disgusting to Bo, as he bit of his own finger and ate it. Dyson asked him some questions which he evaded. So Bo used her sway powers to entice him to answer the question properly. With the added threat of him having to eat only tofu. From which he explained that he had butchered the groundskeeper for the lich that was in town.

While Kenzie and Torrie continued to have fun at Hale's expense, Dyson and Bo went to the location where the lich was currently occupying. The lich seemed very interested in Bo, while she looked around the room. She spotted the dancer husband of Trick's friend. She also took notice of a painting of a portrait of the lich when he was younger wearing an amulet style necklace. Dyson and Bo, tried to persuade the lich to give up the husband but he wasn't convinced. But did invite Bo to come to his little performance he was holding with the dead people he had made somewhat alive.

Bo left the lich after letting him know she would be back with a date. Then went to see Trick at the Dahl to explain what she had found out. Bo went upstairs to the upper level of Trick's lair, to sharpen her knives while she waited for Dyson to convince the Ash to let Lauren to help her with the lich. "So thankyou for getting Dyson to let me out of the compound, we both know I can use the fresh air. But um do you want to really tell me what it is about?" enticed Lauren, as she walked into the attic lair.

"Well, in addition to wanting you as my back up; I thought you should talk to this lich fellow. He's been everywhere, met everyone and done everything. And I thought he could tell us more about this little guy." Replied Bo, as she put down her knives and held up the clear bag holding the nail. Before reaching out and touching Lauren's bottom lip with her thumb. Lauren took Bo's hand in her own before giving her answer.

"these last few years have been bleak for me, and I don't know what I would have done without you and our relationship we have formed. You sure you okay with this? Helping me with finding a cure for Nadia?" enquired Lauren while maintaining eye contact. Bo's simple answer was to put down the nail and grab a tissue, holding it out to Lauren's mouth, as Lauren had been applying some lip gloss while Bo was talking.

"Here blot." Said Bo as Lauren clamped down on the tissue Bo was holding for her. From there they made their way over to the lich's location. Where the lich's thralls where setting up the dinning table as he greeted Bo and Lauren. "Ah mademoiselle glad you could make it." greeted the lich by kissing both women on the hand, he then led them over to the three chairs he had set up in front of the stage. "I have prepared the most wonderful show for you." Said the Lich.

As Bo and Lauren went to sit down in their allocated seats, Bo responded with; "What is this show for exactly?" the Lich gestured with his hands indicating for Bo and Lauren to sit down.

As he replied with; "I have this little salons for myself all the time…It's not enough to merely feed oneself physically. One must always nurture the intellect. Feed the mind and soul, as it were. You see, in raising my dolls back from the dead…I get to experience their very specific talents. I've been world-class athletes, bloodthirsty generals, brilliant physicists. A long life is only worthwhile if one can fill it with the extraordinary." He then shook himself slightly before clapping his hands and saying "let my festivities begin!"

The curtain opened to reveal the dancer Bo was meant to rescue from the Lich. They watched him dance for a bit before the Lich spoke again; "I was so right about this boy." They continued to watch for some more.

Meanwhile back at the clubhouse Kenzie and Torrie was dancing together until Hale entered the living room. The two young women stopped their dancing only to have the blonde fae complain about the tequila she had consumed, followed by her vomiting all over Hale's shirt. Kenzie then helped Hale out of the now soiled shirt, only to find herself unable to stop staring at his well defined chest and abs. Hale having noticed Kenzie's staring replied with "Can I help you?" Kenzie shook herself out of her trance and let Hale go clean up, while she went to help the blonde fae sober up.

Back over at the Lich's place, Bo, Lauren and the Lich were still watching the performance but now there was someone playing some classical music on a grand piano. Bo and Lauren who are sitting on either side of the Lich were looking rather bored with the performance and with the Lich's antics. Bo looked to her left to give Lauren a meaningful look. While the Lich continued to talk with his commentary; "Makes me cry every time I hear this piece." Lauren gave Bo silent instructions to use her sway powers as Bo is the one out of the two of them to have the most control over their powers. As the Lich continued to drone on.

Bo attempted to use her sway but it only garnered the attention of one of the Lich's 'dolls' leading Lauren to try and get him to talk; "You know, I spent a few months in the Congo with a medical group." The Lich interrupted Lauren to say; "Congo, dreadful place." Which annoyed both Bo and Lauren, to which she continued to explain her point; "Well, it wasn't exactly a vacation. I was there treating patients of an epidemic. It was killing a Fae tribe." At that the Lich finally turned his focus on Lauren. He then said; "You were the human doctor who found the cure. Your Ash was vey wise to snatch you up, lucky dog." The Lich briefly looked over at Bo before returning his attention to Lauren.

"While I was there my then girlfriend Nadia fell into a coma. I haven't been able to get anywhere with a diagnosis. The epidemic cure didn't work on her." Lauren then held up the plastic bag containing the nail before continuing with what she was saying; "But the Morrigan gave me this. Said it was a clue to Nadia's illness." The lich gave a disinterested answer "Coma, indeed." Bo then asked her own question after catching the slight hesitance in the Lich's body language, "Do you know something?"

He replied with some frustrated gestures "I'm watching the show." Bo and Lauren gave each other disheartened looks. Then Lauren put the bag with the nail back into her jacket pocket. They then turned back to watching the pianist on the stage. Until Bo tried once more to get the Lich to give them some answers; "You know, I feel like we've really bonded. I have so much amazing stuff about you. And of course from you." The Lich had a creepy smug smile on his face in response to Bo's blatant flattery. As Bo continued with that tactic, "Isn't there some agreement we could come to? Find it in your big, several-thousands-year-old heart to hand Christoph over to me?" The Lich's simple reply was "Okay." In a sarcastic tone that Bo didn't catch.

"Really?" Bo asked before the Lich promptly returned with "nope."

Bo then resorted to trying her other intel gathering methods, but not before saying; "Well, then I guess we'll just have to do this my way." Bo then reached behind her to grab a knife from one of the Lich's 'dolls'. Then leapt up off her chair to threaten the painting with the knife. The Lich moved his arm out behind him to hold back his dolls from attacking Bo just yet. "This is your last chance pal." Threatened Bo. Holding the tip of the knife against the beetle looking pendent n the painting.

"I tried to be nice, but you just won't listen." Continued Bo, "So I am going to free everyone and destroy you. In one fell swoop unless you release Christoph now."

The Lich responded with. "Surely you are bluffing." As he to got up out of his seat, threatening Bo in return. "Do you have any idea how many of the world's secrets I keep in here?" as he pointed to his own forehead. "Even you aren't that stupid."

"I gave you a chance." Retorted Bo before stabbing the painting and dragged the knife upwards causing the painting to rip and tear. As the Lich faked being in pain. Then pretending to collapse in defeat onto the ground before bursting into laughter. He then got himself of the ground as he continued to laugh at the situation. Lauren turned slightly towards Bo so she could explain it to her; "The Lich knows what his entourage is thinking. He feels what they feel. Trick said that the Lich puts his chi in a vessel." Bo then continued with the line of thought, "Or maybe it's not a vessel, it's vessels, the entourage. I'll just suck the chi from all of them individually. Easy peasy."

The Lich and his entourage turned to them at that one of the dolls pointing a gun at Bo. Followed by the other gun wielding general. Bo then retorted ironically; "Great. Leave it to me to bring a knife to a gun fight." As she moved herself to stand protectively in front of Lauren. Trying her best to shield her pregnant mate. "Take it easy." Said Bo as she tried to reason with the entourage and Lich. She dropped the knife in a show of good faith.

Only to have that good faith gesture used against them both. The Lich then had Both Bo and Lauren chained up to the support beam on the stage. As he announced; "Ladies and gentlemen of my entourage, the show I have been waiting for my entire long existence. Is upon us. I have fed my need for intellectual pursuit." He then points his hand out towards one of the members of the entourage.

He then continued on with his bragging, "I have felt the transcendence of musical performance. But I still long for something deeper. Finally that moment has arrived." He then dramatically turns around to face Bo and Lauren exclaiming excitedly; "I will witness a Succubus feed!" the crowd shouts a loud chant of "feed, feed, feed!" as Bo and Lauren carefully turn their heads to exchange looks that contain their love for each other and their mutual protectiveness for one another.

The Lich faces them to say "this is far too good a performance for a matinee."

Bo then gave Lauren a worried look as she said; "I said we should spend more time together, but this is not what I had in mind." As she turned back to face forwards in sheer determination. The Lich angrily demanded, "You will feed of this human."

Bo retorted back just as angrily "No. I won't."

Lauren then cut in with a sort of compromise; "Bo, just geed off me a little bit. Give him what he wants."

The Lich replied with; "No, that will not be good enough. The one thing that has always eluded me is true unbridled passion!" at this Lauren's eyes blazed the bright blue of her succubus at the thinly veiled threat. Which of course angered the Lich further causing him to shout; "I want to see it in action! You will suck all the life of this human." For in his anger he failed to notice that Lauren wasn't a fragile human any more. Lauren was getting angrier by the second as he continued to threaten not only her own life, but that of her's and Bo's still yet to be born child.

She struggled with her restraints, while Bo who sensed Lauren's anger, alongside her own. Coupled with her desire to protect their child said in a seemingly calm demeanour; " I have left enough innocent bodies in my wake. I would rather die than live like that again." If you were to look closely at Bo's eyes and body language you would have noticed just how livid she was. The Lich responded with, "Fine." With a slight gesture towards his entourage. Prompting one of the ones still holding a gun to shoot Bo in the stomach.

Lauren instantly went over to Bo as far as the chains would allow. To try and staunch the bleeding. Bo fell down slowly to her knees in agony.

Meanwhile back at the clubhouse things got from bad to worse in regards to the Glaive's daughter. After vomiting, in order for Kenzie to try and help her she handed the blonde Fae a cup of coffee which as it turned out to be a bad idea. As the blonde Fae had collapsed on the ground looking very much dead. Causing both Kenzie and Hale to panic in their unique ways.

As Bo continued to hold her hand over her wound while gasping for breath the Lich kneeled down so that he would be able to maintain eye contact " if you don't feed, I will kill you and then bring you back and feel for myself when we both go on a blind, lust-filled murderous rampage." Calmly threatened the Lich.

Lauren who still was helping to maintain pressure on the wound, desperately said; "Bo, I can't stop the bleeding. Just feed off of me please." Instead of bowing down to what the Lich wanted and to try not to put Lauren and their child in danger tried to reason with the Lich. "You can't use me." Explained Bo in a pained voice. To which the Lich replied with, "I beg your pardon?"

Bo, ignoring his question in pain as she continued to explain what she meant. "That's why you didn't just kill me right away and experience me like everyone else. You can't."

"What is this nonsense?" questioned the Lich disbelievingly. Prompting Bo to further explain while clutching her bleeding stomach.

"My chi is my life force. If you kill me, then it's gone forever. If you raised me, then you can't experience my power. You can only watch me do it." Lauren continued to desperately hold onto Bo, fearing the worst as Bo continued to refuse to do anything about the injury. Which in turn had the Lich to direct his entourage. "Put the doctor on the table."

Bo replied with "No." in a still desperate attempt to prevent Lauren from getting hurt.

The Lich responded with: "the Succubus' petulance has made me hungry." Some of his entourage including Christoph made room on the table as instructed while the others went up on the stage to grab Lauren out of the injured Bo's arms. Bo pleaded desperately " .No."

The Lich then said; "this is your last chance. Surely your lover's death would be better by your hand than by my blade." As Bo hopelessly watched them place Lauren on the table, the Lich continued with his threat. "Have it your own way, you stupid girl." He then walked over to the table taking a knife in his hand and holding it over Lauren's throat ready to slice her right then and there. Bo at that point gave in to her succubus within who had been shouting in her mind all this time.

Bo staggers up onto her feet, her blue succubus eyes shining brightly her arms stretched out wide on either side, the Lich watches on as Bo proceeds to suck the chi out of all of the Lich's entourage at once. The Lich drops the blade in shock as he watches Bo. As she sucked all the chi out of them causing the Lich to finally collapse in earnest with the loss of the chi. Lauren sits up in awe of what she is seeing happen right before her eyes as Bo exclaims in an eerie double voice. "I could be more powerful than all the other Fae. Everyone would kneel at my feet. There would be no more Dark and no more Light. There would be only me." As she finished saying that she pulled apart the metal collar around her neck. Before swaying slightly, then she fell backwards onto the stage floor in a heap of limp limbs.

Lauren who had managed to free herself made a mad dash to the stage to help Bo get back up onto the feet. As she did Bo asked repeatedly in a breathy voice. "What happened? What happened?"

Lauren could only say "I don't know what happened. But you managed-. You sucked the chi out of all of them, all at once."

Bo responded in a panic, "what? No, no! Oh, Christoph." Said Bo as she go up and rushed over to the fading reanimated dancer on the floor. She placed her hands on both sides of his face as she breathed back some of her chi into him in the hopes of reviving him. It thankfully worked so she went to do the same to the rest of the entourage but they didn't want it. they only wanted to be able to rest in peace finally.

The slowly dying Lich tried to use the table cloth to help save himself but Bo prevented him by placing her booted foot onto his out stretched arm. To question him one last time before he died. "The nail the Morrigan gave us. What does it mean?"

The Lich finally complied in a desperate and vain attempt to get Bo to let him live by giving Bo and Lauren the answers they seek; "Lauren's girlfriend isn't sick. She's been cursed. That nail is an African shaman's cursing nail. Somewhere there is a piece of wood with Nadia's nail in it. remove it and she will most likely wake up. Please let me eat."

Bo replied uncaringly with; "Sorry pal, life is off the menu." As she kicked the piece of human meat out of his reach and said " no more humans for you." The Lich groaned as he rolled onto his back to say what will be his final words. "I've experienced things you people wouldn't believe. I felt the carnage as the Inquisition marched through Spain. I felt the heat from the flames as Rome was burnt to the ground. I felt…I felt…" as he died Bo said to Lauren "Come on." As they left the building to take Christoph back to the Dahl where Trick's friend Donny was waiting for them to arrive.

The two men embraced in their brief reunion before leaving together to spend the remaining time Christoph had before he faded. Hale and Kenzie carried the blonde fae onto the pool table asking desperately for help. Where Dyson then revived the Glaive's daughter by restarting her second heart. Bo and Lauren then went to the light fae lab where Nadia was resting in her cursed state. When they get there Lauren is finally able to listen to what her own succubus had been screaming at her during the entire debacle with the Lich.

She pulled Bo into her to give her a passionate kiss. Bo naturally returned the kiss, reassuring her own succubus that Lauren was indeed safe. They then deepened the kiss, initiating the flow of chi. Bo made sure to give Lauren more chi than Bo took in the exchange. They soon pull apart in a slight daze. Now that they both knew they were alright and that Nadia was still where they left her they then went back home to the clubhouse to rest after their ordeal.

After the ordeal with the Lich, Lauren was now more determined then ever to get Nadia out of her curse. Much to the continued frustration of Bo and Kenzie. So while Lauren tinkered downstairs in their home lab in the basement. Kenzie convinced Bo to go out to the Dahl for a mini girls night, just the two of them. When they get to the Dahl, they find themselves in an empty bar. Well empty aside from Dyson and Hale who were playing some pool. Bo ordered jug of beer with some glasses in order to try and fix her friendship with Dyson. Which had been strained lately with Ciara being with Dyson. Not that him being with the fairy bothered Bo all that much, it was just that Dyson seemed rather distant. And Bo really wanted to distract herself from Lauren's obsession with waking up Nadia.

Just as she was handing the wolf shifter a glass of beer, Ciara waked into the Dahl at the tale end of Dyson and Bo's conversation about being friends. Creating a small argument between them. While unbeknown to them all, the escaped Dark Fae mental patient was waiting for the gorgon blood that he had poured into the beer they were all drinking including Lauren who had snuck in earlier while Bo, Dyson and Ciara were talking as did the bounty hunter woods who had used his powers to trap them all in the Dahl.

Once the blood took effect, Bo's soul was pushed into limbo where she was visited by the Nain Rouge who gave Bo a vision of what is to come. Since the vision was off Bo killing Trick she was hesitant to believe it. so she convinced the Nain Rouge to tell her how she got back to her body. The young looking Fae told Bo to follow the light. Bo then did a bit of an inney miney mo, in order to decide which door with a light shinning behind it.

Since she didn't choose the right door, it forced her soul into the bounty hunter's body and the bounty hunter's soul into Bo's body, the mental patient into Lauren, Kenzie into Dyson, Hale into Ciara and so on. This caused an issue with woods being in Bo's body as she was hungry for chi before coming to the Dahl. Not having had the chance to feed with Lauren being so very busy in her lab. As Lachlan had finally released her from her punishment.

Lauren of course being now eight months' pregnant was able to confuse the bounty hunter's powers and with Reynard currently hiding in the doctor's body was able to escape while the rest of the gang was binding up woods in Bo's body as he had just chi sucked Ciara to the point of unconsciousness. Once Wood's was subdued, Dyson in Kenzie's body went through the magical barrier to stop Reynard from enacting Lauren's deepest darkest desire. He comes across Reynard in the throne room at the light fae compound holding the Ash hostage with a syringe full of Belladonna.

Dyson was able to stop Reynard by stepping onto one of the security booby traps that hit Lauren's body with a mild shock of electricity causing her/him to collapse on the floor. Dyson in Kenzie's body then brought Lauren's body back to the Dahl so that Trick could help them reverse the effects of the Gorgon Blood. Once the small ritual was completed and everyone was back in their right bodies Bo quickly went over to Ciara's body to breathe back enough Chi to revive the fairy. She then once she saw that the Fairy was alright, Bo then went over to Lauren to see if her and the baby were in one piece after the slight electrical shock. From what she could tell Lauren was in a stable condition but she took Lauren back home to be certain.

Once they make it home, Bo took Lauren upstairs into their bedroom so that she could help Lauren heal from the night's events. Lauren was reluctant at first but Bo was able to convince her that it was the right thing to do. For the baby's sake if not for her own. So Lauren and Bo proceeded to undress each other kissing in between as they reconnected. When they were both naked Lauren pushed Bo onto the bed before pressing her body in between the dark haired beauty's comely body.

Bo sat up slightly to pull Lauren into a deep kiss to get Lauren to initiate the flow of chi. As the flow of red and blue chi went back and forth between the two women they began to explore each other's bodies in earnest as their intense need to make love to each other grew with each stream of chi flowing between them. Nipples were pinched, clits were stimulated and fingers were plunged in and out of their wet and throbbing centres. They each used their sway powers to enhance the other's pleasure as they brought each other to a mutual orgasmic bliss. When they finally reach their climaxes they collapsed together in a heap of tangled limbs.

Relishing in the warmth of each other's bodies pressed together in a mutual need for closeness. They then untangled themselves so that they could snuggle up together. Lauren taking on the role of being the little spoon as Bo held her in tight, one hand gently caressed the well formed swell of their daughter growing inside of Lauren. Bo was only able to relax when she felt their daughter kick where Bo's hand was placed. It was only then, that Bo and Lauren were able to drift of to sleep. Happy in the knowledge that they were both alright and that their child wasn't affected by the shock of electricity.

The main thought on both of the succubi's minds as they slept was 'What do we do now?'

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