Chapter 2: Leap of Faith

The universes had been saved… and he had still left her on the same damned bloody beach as before. Maybe he really didn't love her as much as she… well as much as she loves him. He had given her another piece of him, not that she had a chance to tell him of the first. Donna, the Doctor's new ginger haired companion had made it seem like a great gift. The woman didn't understand though. The Doctor's meta-crisis was a great gift, that wasn't the point.

He had pushed her away again. Left her trapped with a parting gift. It wasn't that the human Doctor wasn't brilliant. It just wasn't the same. And she knew that he would be alone. And he was still an idiot.

Rose couldn't stay in that universe if she wanted to. After Alec was born she realized something was different. After his birth she was on her feet within a few hours, not even a bit sore. The doctors were surprised but didn't really question it. Two months later she fell off a latter trying to decorate Alec's room. She heard a sickening snap when she hit the ground and was sure she'd broken a bone.

The doctors at the ER confirmed saying it the bone was broken it two places and casted it. Three days later she went to a different hospital to check it out as it felt fine when she'd been testing it herself. Her arm was completely healed, they couldn't even find that there had ever been anything wrong. After that she had written her mother, little brother Tony, and Pete a letter explaining everything in case something happened and she didn't have the chance. This chance.

Rose watched dejected as the TARDIS left and the human doctor stepped up and held her hand to comfort her. Part of her wanted to doom them both just to spite the Doctor in his stupidity to leave her again, with a consolation prize. Even if it would doom her to a very long life alone. Because maybe him leaving her like this wasn't just because he was thinking she'd be better off with someone to grow old with, maybe he just didn't care for her the way she did for him. That he didn't want to hurt her but didn't want to just tell her so he was running away like he would with everything else.

She shook her head, she couldn't think like that the holes in the multiverse were closing fast, if she wanted a chance in a world where she wouldn't have to watch everyone around her 'wither and die' then she needed to hurry. She had planned for this, sort of.

Rose dropped the human Doctor's hand and ran as fast as she could to the cabin she had begged her very well off Father to build here for her and little Alec. She grabbed the secondary Dimension Cannon that no one knew she had, thanked the nanny and scooped her sleeping two year old son up into her arms and rushed back to where the human Doctor and her mother were still standing.

"Rose what are you-" he began looking confused and maybe a little hurt she'd run off. She didn't have time though. She looked to her mother and cut him off.

"I'm sorry mum, inside there is a letter in my nightstand it will explain everything." She said briefly handing the now awake Alec to her mother as she used both hands to shoot the Dimension Cannon into the air where the TARDIS had been, thinking it would be the weakest place, before taking little Alec back.

"I love you." Rose stated to her mother as she hugged her, she wanted it to be the last thing she said to her. "I love you too sweetie." Jackie looked very much like she wanted to protest but she was resigned, she had known for a long time Rose would leave for that mad man in his blue box.

Only then did Rose turn to a very confused looking human Doctor. "Rose I-" he started again. But she could almost feel time running out. The rip she just made with the cannon getting smaller.

"I will explain everything on the other side, right now I need you to trust me." She stated holding out her free hand as her other arm held Alec tight. He didn't hesitate to take her hand on some kind of ingrained reaction but looked like he really wanted some answers, soon.

Rose held the son her Doctor still didn't know was theirs close and pulled the human Doctor with her through the rip in time and space. She was coming home whether the Doctor wanted her to or not.