Osama= used by Naruto's trusted people to address him.

Kokuō Heika=used by Naruto's people to address him.

Daijō-daijin= Prime Minister (Kakashi)

Udaijin= Right Minister (Shikamaru)

Sadaijin= Left Minister (Danzo)


Chapter One:


Once, there were ten kingdoms that lived in harmony but the peace didn't last. A great war happened that killed thousands of people and one kingdom was erased in history. After the Great War, the nine remaining kingdoms signed peace with each other. As years passed by five of them were named 'Five Great Countries'. The Land of Fire became the superior one because it's the most powerful and largest among the others.

The Kingdom of The Land of Waves was the farthest, smallest and poorest of all. It was surrounded by the vast ocean. Whenever it rains, the water rises and floods the villagers. The huge waves destroys their houses and their lands. The castle was safe though because it's located in the center part.

Every time the ocean gets angry, and while people screamed for help, the royalties try to save them but when the king died, everything changed. The third Princess, Hinata, suggested to her sisters to help their people but they turned their faces away from her. She's the King's daughter from one of the maids, a half blood royalty, a piece of shit dressed in fancy clothing they mocked her.

The youngest Princess never met her real mother. Her father said she died when she was born. But even though she was hated in the palace, the King treated her with love. A month ago when he died, many cruel things happened to her. The Crown Princess, who was the eldest of the three sisters made Hinata wear the commoner's dress instead of her silk garments. They even made her their maid. The Princess, with a kind heart never bore hatred towards her sisters though.

"Neh, Kiba-san… I-I think I d-don't deserve… being a princess…" Hinata mumbled while she was sitting near the window of her room.

"Yes… Hinata-hime." Kiba agreed. Though she felt pained, she thought she deserved it. "You deserve more than that. You… You should be the next Queen."

"K-Kiba-san! I… I am not worthy at all… whether a Princess or a Queen. I-I'm—"

"Hinata-hime… Stop degrading yourself. It is true you are half-blood… but you are worthy being a princess. You deserve being my Princess." Kiba told her as he kneel before her. He bowed his head and he began to weep. Hinata stooped at his level. Her worried eyes wondered why she being so emotional.

"Kiba san…?"

"I-I'm sorry Hime…I couldn't do anything to protect you from your sisters. I promised I'll take care of you but I- I failed!" Kiba sobbed never caring whether he loose his composure. The Princess hated it when someone suffers because of her. All these years, The Queen and her sisters treated her badly that she developed inferiority of others.

"It's okay. It's not your fault… please don't cry just because of me," she pleaded. She started to stroke his hair slowly. "I'll be okay…"

Slowly, Kiba lifted his face and looked at her. He was greeted by that faint smile of hers. Hinata cupped his cheeks and wiped his tears with her thumbs.

"Kiba-san… smile for me,"

Those where the last words Kiba heard from his Princess he served since he was little. He's eighteen now and she's sixteen. He promised to be with her till he dies but it seemed like promises are meant to be broken after all. It's his duty to protect her but he's powerless.

He wondered what's best for his Royalty, to be away from her sisters but to be a candidate or to stay but to be mistreated. He silently watched as the vessel that carries Hinata slowly danced with the waves. He stood silently, showing to emotions. Silently, he prayed for her safe journey. Soon, the voyage looked smaller and smaller indicating his Princess was getting farther and farther away.

After patiently watching as the voyage disappeared, Kiba entered the castle only to hear what Hinata's sisters were celebrating.

"Toast for the most awaited day, my sister?" The Crown Princess asked her sister, the Second Princess.

"Of course, dear sister!"

"Thank heavens that filthy bitch is gone!" the eldest chuckled after she drank the wine.

Kiba's eyes narrowed and his ears twitched. God knows how he wanted to rip those girl's head from their neck. Anger boiled inside him but before he even make a reckless move, Hinata's face flashed inside his head. Immediately, loneliness filled him. He decided to ignore them for today and walked pass before them. The Second Princess noticed the lad.

"Hey, that Princess you serve is gone. Are you not happy? Finally you won't protect a lowly creature like her,"

Kiba prayed to God to give him a lot of patience. He ignored her and continued to walk.

"Whatever, You are now mine~" she added.

Kiba continued walking. He walked faster and avoided the maids on the hallways. Tears threatened to be spilled but before they fall, he successfully reached the third Princess' room. There, he felt secured yet lonely.

He took a deep breath and inhaled the weak smell of perfume Hinata uses. He observed the room. Somehow, it gave him nostalgic sensation. He walked around the room as he remembered her smile, her sole snowy eyes, her innocent face, her gentleness, her clumsiness, her. He missed everything about her.

How he regretted not saying goodbye to her. How cruel of him. Tears then left his eyes. He found himself sitting on her bed, still unbelieving that Hinata's gone.

'Fuck it. I'm crying again. Damn!' he cursed himself.

Out of the blue, he heard small noises. He wiped his tears and searched where it came from. Under the bed, a silver-haired puppy peeped. He took it and rubbed its belly. The puppy jumped away from him and returned under the bed. Kiba glanced under it again only to find out the puppy was pulling a letter.

He picked it up and he carried the puppy with him as he sat on the bed. He then opened the letter, reading it as he stroke the puppy.

To My Beloved Kiba,

I thank you for everything you've done for me.

Akamaru, the cute white-furred puppy is a present from me to you.

Please take care of him like how you treat me, Kiba-san.

Seeyou again next time.


With that, Kiba decided to smile. He hugged Akamaru and in return, the puppy rubbed his head on him.

"Hinata-hime, someday… we'll meet again."

To be continued…

Author's note:

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