Chapter 26:

Contrasting Colors

Sasuke remembers those white eyes mixed with a tint of lavender. He can never forget her pale complexion and how her face blushed with the cold winter, of how he yearned to touch her dark blue hair and most of all, most of all, of how he desired to be the reason of her faint laugh. She was introduced as Naruto's fiancé even though it was him who loved her first.

Swirls of longing emotions rushed throughout his body. He knew the unconscious lady before him. "You're still alive after all," he spoke gently as a drop of tear rolled on his left cheek. He smiled faintly. "Hina-hime." He gently picked her up taking note of her wound while he carried Gaara on his back and took them to his hide-out.

Hinata's head got bumps and her forehead is bleeding. Sasuke applied direct pressure on her wound with clean cloth after cleaning it with water. Afterwards, he gradually lifted her head to wrap the cloth on her head. He had already remove the stake that stabbed the left side of her upper stomach and he was thankful that it didn't penetrated deeper. It could've reached her heart and she could've died. "I almost lost you again," He whispered as his thumb brushed her cheek. She is unconscious but her body is in pain. Whenever she groans, he always hold her hand and shush her with sweet words, rubbing the back of her hand.

Gaara on the other woke up the other morning. As someone with tailed beast, the wound on his arms already healed as his other injuries although some of it left scars. He was suspicious of the man who saved them. At first he argued to take Hinata to a healer but given her situation, traveling might cause her condition to worsen and so he cooperated with Sasuke.

It bothers him why the unknown man is treating his Princess with utmost care as if he was holding something fragile. He stayed by Hinata's side ever since he woke up and he only have short conversation with the man who saved them. It's a little bit awkward.

"I'll take over. You should rest," Gaara finally spoke to him.

Sasuke did not glance at him. "I'm fine." His eyes never left Hinata.

"You haven't eaten for two days since I woke up. You should eat something," he insisted.

"I can manage."

Gaara's nonexistent eyebrows furrowed in frustration. 'Stubborn piece of shit.' He walked towards him, pissed. "I am not doing this for you. I'm doing this for Hinata-hime's sake! How can you properly take care of her when you can't even take care of yourself?" He whispered irritably, keeping in mind if he made loud noises it will bring discomfort to the sleeping Princess.

Sasuke's eyes finally meet his gaze. He didn't reply. It took him a second before he got up and left the room.

Gaara sighed. He sat beside her and watched her sleep. She's already hurt emotionally, now she's also hurt physically. 'That damned Fire King.'

Its morning and Naruto is still searching for Hinata. When Kurama let him borrowed his power, it took him overnight to find the place where her carriage crashed. He almost lost himself when he smelled Hinata's blood. It was enough amount of blood for someone's life to be in danger. He is searching the place when one bandit regained consciousness.

"What happened here?" He told him in a commanding tone.

The bandit recognized the man before him. He was the Fire's King. His aura immediately scared the hell out of the bandit. He gulped yet his saliva seemed to be stuck on his throat. He trembled in fear.

Naruto's crimson eyes glared at him. "Do you want to die?" It isn't a question. It's a threat.

"I-I… w-we," he stammered. "W-we a-are are j-just bandits! We p-planned to s-steal from-from that carriage! B-But we d-didn't do i-it yet!" It was a lame excuse.

"Where's the people inside the carriage?" he asked but this time he walked towards the bandit and stopped at his front making him drop on his knees.

"The man inside was a monster! He rampaged and almost killed us all! We had no choice but to fight!" He blurted out. Lies. But he needs to survive.

"The lady with him, what happened to her?"

"That monster killed her! I told you, he rampaged and almost killed us all!"

Naruto curled his hand into a fist. Gaara might be once a monster but he could never hurt Hinata. He was aware that the Princess tamed the one-tailed beast carrier. He looked down at the bandit and he saw the bastard smiling. Who does he think he is? Did he think he'll believe of his nonsense? This angered him more. He held the bandit's leg with his right hand and lifted him up. The bandit couldn't breathe. He tried to break free from his grip. He kicked and flung his hands to hit Naruto but the Crimson-eyed King is much more powerful.

"P-weash! N-ngho!" He cried with his last breath.

Naruto dropped the bandit's dead body on the ground. Once again, he had blood on his hands. He took someone's life. He's still the same feared king of the Fire Nation. He thought he changed. He's still a murderer.


She is pure like the snow and he's a different color. It's selfish of him to want to be with her even though he'll only taint her. Everything's a mess and it's all because of him. If only he wasn't swayed by Karin, the princess from his distant memory whom he cherished a lot, Hinata wouldn't be hurt. She won't leave and they would still be strolling at the garden even though it's covered in white snow. After all, the most beautiful flower is her. He hated himself for the poor choices he made. He thought he didn't deserve Hinata's love for him and he's agonizing over it.

"Do you hate me now?"

Hinata's eyes fluttered slowly and finally opened. A sudden gush of pain ran throughout her body making her gasp. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she cried. Her head is spinning and throbbing and the wound on her stomach caused her intense suffering.

"A-aaah!" she wept. She's familiar with this kind of excruciating pain. It's as if she's being tortured again.

Gaara held her hand. "Hinata-hime. I-I'm here. It's Gaara. I'm here," he repeatedly comforted her. He never thought he'd see her like this. She's wriggling in discomfort and aching. If only he could be the one in her place, he'd gladly do it.

Sasuke heard her cries when he entered his house. He swiftly ran to the room where she lays. He expected her to hurt once she woke up but he never thought she'd be this way. He walked toward her and put his hand on the top of her head sending her chakra to calm her nerves. Hinata immediately responded. Her eyes slowly closed and she feels the pain lessening. She feels tired and Sasuke's chakra helped her to sleep.

Gaara let go of Hinata's hand. She was clinging to his hand earlier as if she was holding for her dear life. It is painful to watch and he never want her to experience that again.

"I'll be the one providing you food. Stay with Hinata-hime and make sure she does not undergo that kind of suffering again," Gaara told him in all seriousness of his voice.

Sasuke bit the side of his cheeks. He just confirmed that the woman lying on his bed is Hinata. "I know."

"I'll go back to where the incident happened and see if I can take some of Hinata-hime's belongings from the carriage."

Sasuke looked at him dead in the eyes. "You can't. I've erased traces that leads to this place."

"Are you some kind of fugitive?" Gaara asked.

"I'm not supposed to be there. That's all I'm going to tell you."

Gaara nodded his head in response. He might have reasons of his own but as long as he doesn't harm his Princess, he won't fry any further.

"Why was she out at sunset at this kind of weather?" It's finally his turn to ask him questions.

"That damned Fire's King," he gritted his teeth. Sasuke flinched at the thought of Naruto, "His woman drove Hinata-hime away."

Sasuke looked at him, confused, he asked what happened. He was sure that Naruto always treated Hinata preciously. For fuck's sake, he eliminated his whole clan because of her. "What woman?"

"She also has white eyes just like HInata-hime. She claimed to be that stupid King's first love and since then, Hinata-hime's life became miserable."

Sasuke furrowed his brows. Hinata's Kingdom and her people were already wiped-out. "Is her name Hanabi?"

"What? That fucking woman's name is Karin," just saying her name disgusts the hell out of him.

Sasuke recalled when did he encountered the name Karin. "It can't be."

To be continued…

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