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Dancing To The Same Song

It was almost time.

Tsuna was sitting on his bed late at night with his phone to his right ear and an earbud in his left. He was talking to Yamamoto on the phone while getting a song ready from his i-something.

"So what song should we use tonight?"

There was silence in the room as Tsuna waited for his answer. He was used to downloading new songs and playing them not to long after.

"Okay. I have it all ready. Everyone's asleep and it just me."

This had become a routine for the two of them when one of them had left Namimori. The reason right now was like most of them with Yamamoto being gone for a game.

They would always talk on the phone for a while and end the conversation by putting the same exact song on at the same time and dance to it with their eyes closed. It felt like the other was right there by them instead of a long distance away.

People had caught them dancing oddly in their respective areas, but weren't bother by it in the slightest because they just wanted feel like the other was nearby.


As the music started playing, Tsuna closed his eyes and tried to get with the rythm.

Something the two shared in common was that they both sucked at dancing and found it funny that their routine involved it. They had contemplated singing and had even tried it once, but they found that it was more embarrassing to be caught singing than dancing. So they decided to stick with it.

At times they would record themselves dancing, compared it to the other's and ended up with a good laugh while cuddling together. Watching each other look awkward and tripping at times always brought smiles onto their faces.

Once the song had ended, Tsuna took his earbuds out and picked up his phone again.

"So? How was I?"

Tsuna rolled his eyes (not that Yamamoto could see it) and let out a small laugh.

"You were great. What about me?"

"Fantastic! You get better and better every time!"

They both laughed this time.

"Hey, Yamamoto..."

"Hm? What is it?"

"Well...I wanted to know if...Ah. Forget it. It's nothing."

"Come on, Tsuna. Tell me. If you don't then it's going to be bugging me the whole time."

"...Okay. Fine. I just wanted to know... When you come back... Can we... Can we do this? I mean dance together? We have never actually done with together in person, so I just thought... Just forget it. It's a dumb idea."

"Sure. That sounds great. Then I can see your great dancing in person! Hahaha! We can do it the night I get back."

Tsuna couldn't help but let a smile come onto his face. Yamamoto was always so kind and happy that Tsuna always wonders how he got such a great boyfriend in the first place. He was always amazed by the other boy.

"Okay. That sounds great. It gives me another reason to wait for you to come back."

"Can't wait!"

Looking at the time, Tsuna frowned a little and let out a yawn.

"It's getting late. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Yeah. We should get some sleep. Talk to you later. Goodnight, Tsu."

"Goodnight, Takeshi."

Tsuna closed his phone and got ready for bed. When he was under his covers and the light was turned off he got another smile on his face as one more thought came to his mind.

'I can't wait to dance together to the same song.'


Artist: Elen Levon

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