It's another stormy night at Eichen house well a lone figure stands in the shower an orderly calls for her and a catatonic like Lydia eventually follows her. She offers her drugs to make her even more catatonic as she suspects it's an act. Another orderly seems to take joy in doing it himself and well he attempts to drug her she sits up and screams and makes her way out to the front yard pushing orderlies out of the way both physically and with some new found ability.

Once in the grounds she's surrounded by guards with shock sticks like Chris Argent had. She then hears a voice say to her "you need to go back your treatment isn't done yet." She looks up to see Kira Yukimura standing in front of her.

* - The nature preserve in Beacon Hills -*

It was late and on the night before senor year for Scott and Stiles Logan knew they had planned to go to the senior scribe night but first they had to deal with Liam who was still having issues with control during the full moon. Jeff had figured it had something to do with the fact that he was still going through puberty and his anger problems.

Mike was spending one last night with his best friend before starting at a new school and since both were werewolves he was helping him out.

Logan and Jeff were also spending a night out together they were sitting alone on the lookout on the edge of town. Jeff turned to him and said "you seem to be a bit on edge tonight."

Logan replied "yeah I am but I'm not sure why just a felling that something's happening."

Jeff said "yeah me too I can almost sense that there's something odd about this storm coming that I can't place."

Logan then asked "do you think it has anything to do with those current that run through Beacon Hills?"

Jeff said "maybe but I'm not that well versed in that stuff."

Logan then got up and said "do you think we should go and see how Scott's doing?"

Jeff said "yeah."

As they walked over they saw Scott and Stiles talking about their future plans well more Stiles then Scott. Stiles wanted everyone to be together well they went off to college. Aiden was playing cards with Isaac along with Jake and Drew Hale they were the older brothers of Dylan Hale who was friends with Mike Scott's cousin Ethan had gone away to London with Danny to visit with Jackson for the last week of summer. It had been an odd summer for them. They had not done as well in some of the classes they had the previous year at school and they had all decided to upgrade their marks at summer school. Between having to train Mike the pack getting sick and Ethan getting his Tonsils out it wasn't the best but they did have a few good moments too, like When Jackson visited for a little while and when they met an old friend of Scott and Stiles from kindergarten who was also a werewolf as well. Tommy lived in a small town a few hours' drive away called Plsentville.

Scott looked up to the moon as the storm clouds parted to show it was full. Stiles asked "are you starting to feel it?"Logan like Jeff, Aiden, Isaac Jake and Drew all could feel the pull of the moon on them but it didn't bother them as they were used to it by now.

Scott replied "no I'm just thinking about something Deaton said about regression to the mean and how there's always a balance between good and bad it makes me wonder what were heading towards. Like for example take the last six months things have been good and things are settling down with the pack. We met some new friends. "

Stiles then said "yeah well I kind of hope things are good after all no one has tried to kill us for six months."

Scott then said "it feels like the scales has been in the middle for awhile and it's reedy to tip one way or another."

Logan then said "Jeff and I were just talking about it; it feels like change is in the air."

Scott then said "yeah it's like things are going to get really good again..."

Stiles added "... or really bad." As he said that there was a rumble of thunder in the distance.

Stiles then asked "do you think it's been long enough?"

A voice was then herd in the distance that said "yes."

Everyone looked over to the source of the voice it was Liam chained to a tree nearby to wear Aiden and Isaac had been playing cards.

Stiles yelled over "hey were trying to have an adult conversation over here."

Liam yelled back "you're two years older than me and I'm fine. Just let me go."

Logan looked at Jeff and said "he is actually improving, I know if you had tried to chain me up..."

Jeff cut him off and said "yeah well you did hurt me a few times on your first few full moons."

Scott walked over with the keys to the lock as he said "it's not that we don't trust you..."

Stiles then said "it's I that don't trust you."

Scott then said "after that last full moon."

Liam replied "it was one little slip up." Aiden and Isaac laughed at that to themselves. Logan and Jeff had both been away at school still during the last full moon and hadn't been given all the details of it yet.

Stiles then said "slip up huh, a dozen calls to the sheriff's department about a monstrous dog boy running around the streets of beacon hills naked."

Logan and Jeff looked each other and tried not to laugh as Logan said "to him thank god I never did that."

Jeff said "yeah well I tried to get us somewhere safe cause I was still having issues then too."

Stiles then said "that was a slip up?"

Scott then said "why were you naked?"

Liam replied "I don't know it was hot out."

Logan then said "look next time keep your boxers on ok and besides it's not like it hasn't happened to all of us that we've woken up in the woods in our boxers ok."

Jeff, Aiden and Isaac all looked at him like he was from another planet. Jake and Drew looked at each other thinking yeah that's happened once or twice as thy remembered a time when they were 13 and woke up in the woods in there boxers sucking there thumbs having no idea how they had got there.

Logan then said "um ok maybe not then."

Scott said "it happened to me once."

Aiden looked to Jeff and said "maybe it's a McCall thing I think Ethan found Mike in the back yard once asleep in his boxers."

Jeff shrugged his shoulders and said "yeah probably. I sometimes wonder if they have some distant werewolf ancestors."

Aiden then said "well they are related to you."

Jeff then said "yeah but my Mom was bitten and they got bitten by different Alphas but they have some sort of bond that goes farther then older brother younger brother. It's as if they were destined to be bitten."

Aiden then said "interesting maybe we should see if we can find out more about brothers being bitten."

Jeff then said "yeah sure just another thing to add to the research pile."

Scott then asked him if he was in control, Liam replied "yeah I'm in complete control."

Scott and Stiles then decided to release him as they walked away with the chains in a bag Liam took his hands out of the clenched fit he had and saw blood on them.

* - At the sheriff's station - *

The phones had been ringing off the hook about various complaints and Deputy Parish had been the ones answering them as he had been put on that duty for the last little while as they still had no idea what kind of supernatural creature he was. True they still had more to translate but it was always the question of finding time to look over archaic Latin books and then compare notes so far they had found a bunch of things he wasn't. Jeff and Logan were helping out now as they had taken a coarse for a few weeks in the summer on ancient languages. It had been taught by an interesting teacher he was student of many languages including some that hadn't been spoken in a long time, he was very mysterious about where he had learned some of them and their was often times where he would come to class with a US Air Force uniform on, If anyone did a search for more information on him it would come back as calcified. To say that Doctor Daniel Jackson was an interesting person was an understatement. In the mean time Parish was stuck inside at a desk because they wanted to make sure he wasn't dangerous. Well he understood it he still wanted to do the job he had signed up for.

Parish went into the sheriff's office and asked to be given something other than traffic direction, court security or answering phones. The Sheriff then said "fine as he handed him a file on a noise complaint. Parish took it figuring ok at least I get o go out and do something.

* - an abandoned house on the edge of town -*

Parish looked at the address on the file he had with him and looked at the house and figured "it looks abandon I may as well take a look inside to see what's going on. It's probably just some kids or something like that."

He looked around the house to see if anyone was there, when he came down to the basement he herd knocking from behind a bricked up doorway. He went out to the truck he had come in to see if he had anything he could use he came back with a tool he figured he could use it was almost like an ax but not quite. He then used it to break through the wall.

He then noticed some sort of ooze coming out of a mark he made as he looked closer a hand broke through the wall and garbed him he was then face to face with a large creature that had blue glowing eyes. Claws shot out of its other hand Parishes eyes glowed and the creature said "not a werewolf but you're something." The creature released him and said "you're no ordinary creature deputy," as Parish tried to get back to his feet. It continued "but neither am I, not tonight." As it held up its hand again and it had blue glowing claws on it. It then said to him "I'll let you live if you answer me one question where is Scott McCall."

Parish replied "Never heard of him." The creature slashed at him.

*- On the road out of the preserve - *

Stiles and Scott were in the front of the Jeep well Isaac, Liam and Jeff were in the back seat, Logan and Aiden were on their bikes well Jake and Drew were in front of them in their car. Liam was asking them about a party they were going to and what happened at midnight. Stiles replied by telling him it was his bedtime. Jeff then said "Logan said it's some senior thing you'll find out in a few years ok."

Liam replied "ok I guess I know now how Mike felt when we didn't tell him about all the other stuff."

Scott then looked at his phone and said "are you guys having trouble with your phones?"

Just as he said that the Jeep died Logan and Aiden pulled over to see what was up. Their bikes died as well. Logan then said "ok that was odd." Logan then pulled out his phone and saw no service from it and said "maybe this storm is interfering with cell service."

Aiden then said "yeah I wonder what's up with the bikes and the Jeep though."

Logan then turned the key on his bike and it revved to life again and said "I don't know mines fine now." Aiden tried his with the same result. They shut them down to see if they could help with the Jeep.

Liam sat in the back well Logan, Jeff, Aiden Scott and Stiles looked at the engine. Stiles then said "it's probably the alternate again."

Logan said "look I'll give you the money for a new one if you want."

Stiles looked at him and said "nah I kind of want to get the money to fix it myself."

Logan said "I get it" as they looked under the hood.

Scott then said "wow that's a lot of duct tape," the engine had just about every line and hose covered in it. Stiles looked at him as he said "ok kidding."

Logan then said "you got any tools?" Stiles picked up a roll of duct tape a tore off a piece well Aiden went to his bike to see if he had anything to help.

Stiles then said "it's the last night of summer I just wanted everyone to be there after all we've been through."

Liam decided to listen to some music well everyone else was either sitting around waiting for Stiles to fix the jeep or helping to fix it. He heard a lightning strike close by to them and called out to everyone. He turned again and saw another one a bit closer to them. He yelled again to get their attention.

Stiles looked up from fixing the jeep as he pulled off another piece of duct tape and said "just give us a second ok."

Scott then said "yeah Liam just stay in the car."

Logan looked to Jeff and said "um did you see how close that was to us?"

Jeff said "yeah I did."

Logan walked over to the jeep and sat next to Lima and said "relax it's just a storm ok."

Liam then said "have you ever seen lightning strike the ground like that before?"

Logan said "no usually just tall buildings. It's always scary when there close by."

Then another one struck a few feet behind Scott and Stiles the others all jumped as well. Scott looked at Stiles and said "that was close."

Stiles replied "Yeah very close." Just then the jeep started. Liam leaned his head out the window and said "can we go now?" as Logan got out of the jeep and headed back to his bike.

They all headed once again to the exit of the preserve.

* - A road near the edge of town - *

Mr. Tate Malia's adopted Dad was helping organize some people to help move a large tree branch that had fallen in the road from the storm. Malia was helping as well and actually did most of the work when the others notice she said "I just have strong legs." As her Dad had just fishes say to lift with their legs as that's were there strength was.

Malia then asked him if his phone was working. He then said "the storm must have taken the cell towers out, you'll find out soon enough ok. Do you need a ride to the school?"

Just then Stiles pulled up with the Jeep honking his horn. The others were behind him, Isaac got out of the Jeep along with Jeff to give Malia some room and they both got in the back of the Hale boys car.

Malia turned to her Dad and said "thanks I've already got one."

Stiles then called out "sorry were late. Malia ran over and kissed him. Liam leaned over and said "I'm sorry too." Hinting he wanted a kiss from her too.

Mr. Tate then said "you do know I own a gun." Stiles replied "vividly."

Malia climbed into the back beside Liam as Stiles asked her "so did you find out yet?"

Liam then asked "find out what?"

Malia replied "they're going to email me."

Liam then asked "Is this about summer school?"

Malia then asked "you told him?"

Liam then said "look the twins went too it's not like it's any big deal. I went too to get some better marks."

Stiles then said "we should have left him chained to a tree or maybe we should have just left him with Dylan and Mike?"

* - the McCall house -*

Melissa came in from her shift and said "boys I'm home." She was expecting to see some sign of them at this time of night as it was the last day of summer and a school night. She looked around figuring to at least see Logan around; then again it was full moon and all her Boys in the house were werewolves. The Boys she was thinking of course were her two sons Scott and Logan, and then there was their cousin Mike who had been bitten by Scott a few months ago at the end of June. There was also Isaac whom Derek had kicked out one night and he had joined Scott's pack, and then there was the twins Ethan and Aiden who had moved in the same time as Mike after being evicted. They had planed it to be temporary until they found something else but Melisa enjoyed having them around so much they stayed, especially after a burglar had broken in one night he had actually turned himself into the police because of how sacred he was of the boys.

As she looked around for any signs of them she let them know that the hospital had called and there was a big accident and they had called everyone in. She then added "theirs dinner in the fridge." She then opened it and realized there wasn't, it was one of the big problems in the house the food budget with all the werewolves in the house; she then called out "there's nothing in the fridge so I'm going to leave you money to order in." She then looked in her purse and realized she hadn't had a chance to get any money on her way home. She then thought out loud "you guys aren't even her are you?"

Just then there was lightning strike outside and it briefly illuminated the same creature that had attacked Parish, Melissa didn't notice it at all.

She then saw a note from Scott on the fridge and said "of course you're not here everyone's at the high school. She also saw one from Mike that said he was at the Hales. She also realized it was full moon and figured Logan and Jeff were out doing something, probably helping out with Liam as she knew he was still having trouble on the full moon from things she had been able to catch when the boys were talking to each other. Just after Melissa left the creature grabbed the note and looked at it.

* - the highway into town -*

Ethan was standing outside a car trying to get a cell signal Danny called out to him to get back in the car. Allison had driven out to the airport to pick them up because everyone else was going to busy with Liam as the pack had decided that after what had happened on the last full moon with him running around naked they wanted as many werewolves as they could around him. He looked over at someone else and thought he smelled something on the wind as they looked over to him and said "I'm not getting any either," as he gestured with his cell phone. Ethan got back in the car and seemed silent Danny asked him "is something up?"

Ethan replied "nah just the storm it feels odd, that's all"

Ethan then said "we could just walk I mean it's been like 15 minutes and we haven't moved." Just then the rain started to come down s he said "then again maybe not the smell of wet werewolf isn't exactly the nicest."

Danny laughed at that and said "nah Apollo smells worse when he gets wet besides I like the smell of rain on you. But I'm not walking in this storm even if I do have a werewolf with me."

*- Beacon Hills Memorial hospital -*

They had all arrived to drop Liam with his Step Dad well they went to the High School for the senior scribe. Logan and Jeff were coming a long Jeff because he wanted to know what it was and Logan wanted to come along for old times' sake. However when they had arrived Liam found out that his Step Dad was helping out in surgery and would be awhile. Liam then said "so I either hang out her or go with you guys."

Scott then looked at him and said "show me your hands," Jeff walked over as he had a suspicion too about why Scott was asking him. Liam looked around and showed them to him and said "o.k. so I'm still having trouble." Both Scott and Jeff saw he had blood and claw marks on his hands.

Scott then said "your still learning, what do you do stay focused to keep from changing? "

Liam then picked up the headphones from his iPod and said "it's not working."

Scott then said "it's not working enough, listen Derek told me your one of the strongest he'd ever seen at your age and coming from him that means a lot. Maybe that means things are going to be harder for you for awhile" Scott walked in to the elevator as he continued "but it also means something else."

Liam then said "that I'm really strong?"

Scott then said "hell yeah" as the elevator door closed. Liam turned to see Jeff standing behind him Jeff said "I'll catch up with them later and see if I can help you out."

Liam then said "do you think you can?"

Jeff said "I helped Logan didn't I and I think if I could deal with him I can deal with you ok."

*- on another floor - *

Scott stepped out of the elevator and said to Stiles "I'm worried I haven't heard from Allison yet."

Stiles then asked "so when did you last her from her?"

Scott said "about a week ago when I told her to have fun in Paris."

Stiles then said "so you don't think she stayed there or something?"

Aiden then said "I got one from Ethan a while ago that she was driving them back as his and Danny's flight from London landed around the same time. But I haven't heard from him for awhile either."

Stiles then said "you told her to have fun you know that can be interpreted in a lot of ways."

Scott seemed to be not getting what he meant by that. Aiden then said "look I told Ethan the same too."

Stiles then said "that's different he's with his boyfriend. " He then turned to Scott and said "so you're not worried that she interpreted it as see other guys I mean after all she was in Paris the city of love."

He then turned to Malia, Aiden rolled his eyes and thought to himself "yeah lets ask the werecoyote just because she's a girl" Stiles then asked her if she knew what he meant and she said "well would you mean fun like bowling or sex with other guys."

Isaac then said "she loves you she's not going to do something like that. I know when I was with her she really missed you a lot."

Scott then said "thanks."

Logan then looked around and said "um where's Jeff?"

Scott then said "I think he decided to look after Liam because his Step Dad is busy right now."

Logan then said "yeah he's good that way."

Just then Melissa came by with someone on a stretcher and Scott asked "hey Mom wear's all this coming from?"

Melissa replied "a jackknifed tractor trailer truck on the 115."

Aiden then said "crap maybe the others are stuck in it."

Logan then said "maybe we should go home and garb Ethan's bike and Scott can get his."

Aiden then said "so who's going to take Ethan's then?"

Logan looked to Isaac who said "you're joking right?"

Aiden said "it's an emergency."

Logan then said "yeah and your getting a ride back with me."

* - the sheriff's station - *

Two deputies were bringing someone in he was complaining about how they were trying to break his arm. Sheriff Stilinski came out of his office and said "Donavan you forgot what the judge said next time is jail time. "

Devon then tried to talk himself out of it well the Sheriff asked "what's' he in for?"

One of the Deputies with him said "B and E (Break and Enter) and he was carrying a loaded 38." He continued to try and talk his way out of it as the sheriff said book him. He then proceeded to yell death threats at the Sheriff who then yelled out "can anyone tell me why Parish isn't back yet?"

*- the garage of the McCall house - *

Scott pulled his bike out well Aiden pulled out Ethan's out he then walked Isaac through what he needed to know. They each had extra helmets on their handle bars for the others out there.

* - inside the house - *

Scott had to go upstairs to grab an extra helmet for Allison as he didn't have it in the garage. On his way out he saw the note he left his Mom on the floor and picked it up. He noticed some odd marks on it and all the magnets fell off the fridge, he picked one up and saw it wouldn't stick. He figured maybe he'd ask Logan if he knew what was going on. He then looked at the clock on the wall near the dining room table it seemed to be behaving odd when the magnets all went back on the fridge. The room shock and he notice the time on the microwave said 12:00.

*- Back at the abandoned house -*

Parish was struggling to get back up his wounds were smoking he was able to garb his radio to call dispatch to ask for help He got nothing but static back. He then herd Lydia say his name and looked around and saw a vision of her and she came over to him and said to stay with her. Just then Sheriff Stilinski came in looking for him and the vision of Lydia left him.

* - At the hospital –*

The Sheriff had found Melissa and Jeff and got them to help take Parish somewhere where they could help him they ended up taking him to the morgue. Melissa was asking how it happened and how he was supposed to be on desk duty Jeff said "next time take him to Deaton's office." And then told him where the back door key was just in case.

The Sheriff said "I am not taking a deputy to a vet."

Jeff said "he's' only a vet about 90 percent of the time?"

The Sheriff then asked "so what's he do with the rest of his time?" Jeff then glowed his eyes and showed his fang, before saying "us."

Melissa then looked at Parish and saw smoke coming off of him and said "he's not on fire is he?

The Sheriff replied "not that I know of."

Melissa then said "it must be part of his healing process."

Just then Parish sat up and got off the table his eyes glowing yellow. Jeff howled in pain as he had a hand on him when he did it and was thrown across the room. The Sheriff drew his gun as Parish looked back at them. Melisa then said to him "its ok put it down," as Parish's eye returned to normal. Jeff got back to his feet and Melissa went over to him as she saw he had dislocated his shoulder and said "are you ok?"

Jeff looked at it and said "yeah but even as werewolf this hurts well at least what I'm about to do." He then reached into his shirt with his other hand and put it back into place. Melissa then said "does that happen a lot?"

Jeff then said "not for a while thou usually only when Logan gets a little intense with me and were moitie fighting during a full moon."

Deputy Parish then told them what the creature had told him about stealing Scott's power.

*- back on the highway -*

Danny then said "you know this reminds me of an old legend I heard about once."

Ethan then said "really what is it?" as he snuggled up next to him in the back seat.

Allison looked at him and said "are you ok?"

Ethan said "yeah I'm just a little edgy because of the storm and being stuck here."

Danny then said "you're always welcome to cuddle with me." Ethan smiled and said "thanks" as Danny said "so should I tell you guys about it and maybe you can tell me if there's any truth to it."

The two of them nodded. Danny then said "it's the legend of the wild hunt and it happens during a storm like this one."

Allison then said "I've herd this one before but I don't remember where."

Ethan said "I think I've heard a version of it too."

Danny then said "so should tell you it or..." Ethan cut him off and said "yeah I want to know if it's' similar to the one I know."

Danny then said "Ok so it was a night like this one and ghost riders were seen in the storm clouds like these, Phantom hunters riding black horses with blood red eyes."

Ethan then said "why is it always red eyes?"

Danny said "probably because there unnatural and red is kind of a scary colour, anyway back to the story. There were wolves and hounds at their side baying and snarling. They were hunting for souls."

Just then Ethan looked up and said "do you her something?"

Allison then said "yeah it sounds like Motorcycles?"

Ethan then said "it's Scott and some of the pack."

Allison looked over to the side of the road and saw she had space to pull over onto the shoulder she figured she could get a ride back or get the car towed later once the road had cleared.

Allison got out as did Ethan to show then where they were. Danny looked at them and said "there crazy."

Scott, Aiden, Isaac and Logan all pulled off in front of them. Aiden went over to Ethan and said "so you doing ok?"

Ethan said "yeah now that your here." He then turned to Isaac and said "So you finally got on my bike, did you enjoy the ride?"

Isaac replied "yeah but I don't think I ever want to drive one of these again."

Aiden then said "you did pretty good for your first time on the road."

Issac then said "thanks but I'll leave the bikes to the owners of them I think."

They all got on then all got back on the bikes after they found somewhere to turn around. Danny got on the back of Ethan's bike, well Allison got on Scott's. Isaac got on the back of Logan's Harley and held on for dear life. On the way back to the school a young man in a car saw them it was the same one who had talked to Ethan about cell reception earlier he looked at them as if he knew something about them.

* - back in the morgue - *

Parish asked Jeff why he was there and he said "um I've got Liam duty tonight. So what attacked you?"

Parish then told them how it was big and had claws like a werewolf but they were big more like Talons

Melissa then said "well if that's the worst part then that doesn't seem that bad." Jeff was thinking yeah but what the hell is it.

Parish then went on to say how it drained power from him he then said "it's as if he was pulling the life from me". Melisa then said "and now he's looking for Scott?"

Parish then said "I know the rule is you have to kill an Alpha to steal their power."

Jeff then said "sort of I never killed anyone and I'm an Alpha."

Melissa then said "but the rules are different for Scott right?"

Jeff said "yeah because he's a true Alpha another wolf can't steel his power at least one outside his pack."

Melissa then said "wait what?"

Jeff said "it's nothing I doubt it would happen to Scott anyway."

Parish then said "I think this guy can."

Jeff said "interesting I have no clue what it could be then. But I think we need to get to Scott and quick."

Liam was standing outside the door and had herd everything and ran off to head to the High School because he knew his Alpha was in trouble and he wanted to help him.

* - At the hale house -*

Mike suddenly looked out the window and said to Dylan "I think Scott might be in trouble." They grabbed their bikes and headed off to see if they could help.

* - At the high school - *

Scott and Allison took off to the underpass to the backfield to have some time alone well the others waited for Stiles and Malia to arrive.

There was aloud thunderclap and a roar of something that drew their attention to one of the entrances the creature that had attacked parish was standing there.

*- in the student parking lot -*

Stiles, Malia and the Hale twins had just arrived. They were all checking their phones and Malia said No word from Scott or anyone else."

Stiles then saw Ethan, Aiden, Danny and Isaac standing by the bikes with Logan."

Logan said "we just got here Scott wanted some alone time with Allison."

Malia then looked at her phone and said "I still don't know if I passed or not yet. I'm not sure if I want to do this if I'm not a senor."

Logan then said "others have done it without know if they were or not."

She looked at him as he said "maybe I mean me or maybe I mean someone else I'll never say it."

Stiles was looking off in the distance waiting for Scott an Allison to show up they were also waiting on Lydia who even though she had enough credits to graduate already she was till taking some classes to stay with her friends and her pack.

Malia then walked over to Stiles and asked him why he smelt so terrible he told her it was anxiety which was pretty much a constant sate with him. She then asked him why it was so important to him they all be there. He then told them how his Dad said He never really talked to his high school friends much and how they just drifted apart. Logan leaned against a wall, and looked up and though "I don't either but then again mine are dead." Logan then walked over to him and said "yeah but that's not always the case."

Stiles then said "yeah,"

Logan then said "I guess I'm like your dad to but mine died. Kyle died in a fire before even making it to senior year heck he wasn't even a junior and then Camden got killed in action. Somehow I think that's not going to happen with you guys keep in mind your pack that means a lot."

Malia then said "Logan's right were not like that was close for a different reason. " She then kissed him and stopped and looked over and said "someone's coming and fast."

Just then Liam came running at them and Malia shoved him to the ground.

Logan then saw two others parking bikes next to the motorcycles. Jake and Drew approached as Logan said "what the hell are you guys doing?"

Just then both Liam and Mike said "Scott's in trouble," as they tried to catch their berth Mike because he had biked all the way from home to the school and Liam because he had run from the hospital and had been shoved to the ground by Malia who had her foot on him.

Liam got up and went to go make his way to were Scott was as did Logan and the rest of the pack. Danny said he'd stay there out of the way and to wait for Jeff who Liam said was on the way as well Dylan went to run after Mike when Jake and Drew grabbed him and said "and where do you think you're going?"

Dylan said "to help my friends Alpha."

Jake then said "yeah and Mom will have both our hides and have dad inject us with wolfsbane if we let something happens to you."

Drew then said "let me guess she doesn't even know you and Mike left the house does she?"

Dylan looked at his two older brothers and said "you won't tell her will you?"

Jake said "nope but if you get caught you have to tell her the truth ok."

Dylan nodded and said "yeah I know you can't exactly lie to a werewolf."

Danny said "yeah I know the feeling I can never lie about anything to Ethan. He knows the moment I say something its one."

* - back at the under pass -*

The creature had thrown Scott to the ground well Allison was looking through her bag for any weapons she had on her she didn't as she had just come from the airport all she had were a pair of nail clippers. It shoved her to the ground and then went over and mocked Scott saying "true Alpha where's your power Scott?"

Scott then asked "who are you?"

The creature replied "a devoted fan show me the man who took down Deucalion and changed the Argents. I came for that Alpha. Come on show me."

Scott then roared at him as his yes glowed bright red. Scott went to attack him. He made some swipes at him and almost got him down when the creature had him in choke hold and shoved him against a wall. Meanwhile Allison had found a broken lacrosse stick on the ground and went after the creature with it. It disarmed her easily and shoved her to the ground again; it then turned back to Scott and said "I didn't come just to claim your status. "

Just as it pulled out the same glowing claws it had attacked Parish when someone else dropped from the bridge over head, Allison wasn't sure if it was one of the werewolves she knew or not. Whoever it was engaged the creature and was pretty athletic. The creature made short work of him though and then grabbed Scott and attempted to take his power.

Just then the others arrived Logan was coming in quickly and slipped on the wet ground and twisted his bad ankle he fell to the ground in pain and roared at that moment Scott looked over to them his eyes had stopped glowing. As soon as he saw his pack there and herd Logan, Liam and Mike growl as well his eyes glowed darker and he had the same strength he did when he attacked Peter in Mexico. He grabbed the creature's hand that had the claws digging into him and crushed it breaking it the claws on that hand fell to the ground as it roared in pain.

Jeff and the Hale boys arrived as Scott told him if he didn't levee he'd break something else."

Jeff then said to himself what creature is he that can almost take the power of a True Alpha.

It looked at the rest of the pack both sets of twins as well as Logan and Jeff well Stiles said "I'd run." It left as the Scott and Allison regrouped with the others.

The other person there had shifted back to human form as well and looked over to them and said "you don't remember me do you? I guess I look a little different since the fourth grade. "

Scott then said "Theo? " He smiles as Malia asked "you know him?"

Theo then said "I used to. Trust me guys I never thought I would see you guys again. A couple months ago I herd of an Alpha in Beacon hills; I thought his name was Scott McCall. Just couldn't believe it." Logan looked to Jeff saying how can he know that without saying it. Theo continued and said "not just an Alpha but a True Alpha"

Scott then asked "what do you want?"

Well he asked that Logan leaned over to Jeff and whispered to him "he smells familiar but in a different way." Ethan overheard it and said "yeah I'm getting it too."

Jeff took in the scent and realized what it was and said "I'll tell you later but I want to hear his story first."

Theo said to Scott well the side conversation was going on "to come back to Beacon Hills, to be with my family because I want to be a part of your pack."

Ethan and Aiden looked at each other and said "I think he needs to earn his way just like we did."

Scott looked like he was considering it over.

As they made their way into the school Stiles said to Scott "we haven't seen this kid in years don't you think it's highly suspicious."

Scott then said "I'm kind of more focused on the guy I just tried to kill."

Logan then said "there's something about him that says to me I want more information."

Isaac then said "I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm with Ethan and Aiden he should have to prove himself like they did."

Just then Malia's phone buzzed as she got the email she was waiting for she had passed her summer school courses and was going to be a senor. Stiles hugged her just then they heard the voice of Lydia say "thank god where have you all been."

Aiden walked over to her and put an arm round her and said "there was a bit of traffic getting here plus some other stuff we can talk about later."

Danny walked over to Ethan and said "so things turned out ok then I see."

Ethan said "yeah I'll give you the details later if you want them."

They then made their way up to the large Library annex of Beacon Hills high. Liam, Mike and Dylan sat in the back of the hale boy's car well they waited for the rest of the pack to take them home.

Once the senior members of the pack got up to the library they saw all the old yearbooks piled on a table and the shelf they were on was empty. One by one student's were going up to it and putting their initials on the shelf. Logan waited until the others had made their mark to show them were his was.

Stiles was the first and saw in the middle a "D.H." that he assumed was for Derek Hale rather then put initials he decided to just right Stiles. Ethan and Aiden flowed and left the initials "A.F." and "E.F." Danny flowed behind them and marked his next to Ethan's and Lydia put hers beside Aiden's. Isaac was next and he looked for his brothers mark but wasn't sure where t was. Malia wrote her first initial and paused before she decided on "T" for Tate instead of "H" for Hale Allison also marked hers flowed by the Hale boys, Scott was the last of them and after putting an "S.M." He wrote a "k.Y." for Kira and said "she should have been here."

Lydia then said "she is she's with us right now."

Logan then said "so my brother and his friends have done what me and one of mine did and so have many others." Logan then pointed to a small corner at the back where there was alone "L.M." and a "C.L" beside them in smaller letters were two other sets of initials "k.H." for Kyle Hale and "E.L" for Elizabeth Lawson. Logan then told them how they had put Kyle's and his Girlfriends initials on it because they had both died before becoming seniors but they didn't want to forget them.

* - a dark and mysterious place -*

The creature that had tried to attack Scott made his way somewhere he was now injured thanks to Scott he was met by some mysterious doctors of some kind. He begged them to give him more power and he could do better next time, instead they killed him.

* - in Eichen house on another day in the future -*

Lydia found herself on a bed with Kira beside her for some reason She asked her "and no one saw him again did they."

Lydia replied "no."

Kira continued "that was the start of it the begging of senior year? What happened after that Lydia?"

Lydia then said "you're not Kira. You're not real."

Another voice said "tell me Lydia" and Kira was replaced by Doctor Valack. He asked again tell me what happened to them. Tell me what happened to your friends."

Lydia then said "I don't remember." Various things then flashed before her she couldn't tell what they all meant or what they were all from. It was mostly strife and conflict among the pack. She says she doesn't remember but as he speaks we see flashes.

Scott and Liam are fighting.

Melissa slaps Sheriff Stilinski.

Allison gets in a car and is driven away as Scott watches.

Jordan Parrish stands surrounded by flames, his eyes glow orange.

Malia cowers in a cave terrified "when the Desert Wolf finally found her." A shadowy figure approaches.

Stiles' Jeep is upside down with fire all around, glass litters the road and Stiles lies unconscious and bleeding in the wreckage.

When Lydia says she still doesn't remember, Valack whips out a drill-like device he says is for Trepanation "the medical art of drilling into the human skull" and comes at her with it.

Authors note: Hers the begging of my McCall pack version of Season 5. I get asked a lot about what the recommended reading order of the stories is so I'm going to put one her. (1.) McCall pack prologue,( 2.) Another McCall (gives more back story on Logan and Jeff when they re not at Beacon Hills), (3.) McCall Pack Season 4,( 5.) McCall pack post season 4 (6.) Scott and Mike (7.) Meeting of two teen wolfs report and finally Ethan's Tonsillectomy. The random stories one is basically all over the place but things may be mentioned in other stories as well.

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