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Long ago, a time of peace exited when the Avatar kept balance between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads.

But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked, led by Firelord Sozin, who only wished to try to unite the four Nations. But when war is brought upon, ideals can become corrupted.

Only the Avatar mastered all four elements and served as the bridge between the physical world and the Spirit World. Only he could stop the ruthless firebenders. But when the world needed him most… he vanished.

A hundred years passed after Avatar Roku had passed from the world, and the Fire Nation was nearing victory in the war, led by the new Firelord, a power-hungry and arrogant firebender named Ozai. Who schemed to use a comet named Sozin's Comet to end it, by using its energies to increase the Firebenders' power beyond normal. Sozin once used it to destroy the Air Nomads, the next cycle to the Avatar. Ozai would use it to wipe out the world.

Some people believed that the Avatar was never reborn into the Air Nomads and that the cycle was broken, but there were those who hadn't lost hope. And they were right.

One Air Nomad survived the eradication of the Air Nomads. A young twelve year old boy named Aang, who was frozen in the ice perfectly preserved for a hundred years.

Avatar Aang and his friends heroically ended the Hundred Year War.

Avatar Aang and Firelord Zuko transformed the Fire Nation colonies into the United Republic of Nations, a society where benders and non-benders from all over the world could live and thrive together in peace and harmony. They named the capital of this great land "Republic City".

Avatar Aang accomplished many remarkable things in his life, but sadly his time in this world came to an end. And like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar began anew. But soon all would discover that the Avatar's Cycle would not be the only one to be renewed.

The Legend of Korra: The Next Airbender

Queens, New York


New York General

Sitting in the waiting room of the hospital, a young boy was sitting down, listening to a black Sony digital Walkman. He was a young Caucasian/Asian mixed four year old boy, with slight tan skin, shaggy light brown hair that almost looked blonde, and brown eyes that closed as he listened to his music. He was dressed in jeans, white and black sneakers, and had a yellow and gray t-shirt on. He had a red backpack on the side, as he awaited any news from the doctors, overlooking his ill mother.

At that moment, a doctor walked by and stopped in front of him, as he asked, "Quill? Skyler Laghima Quill?"

He noticed the boy was too immersed with his headphones, and was about to pull them out. But the boy's eyes shot open, as he looked at the man, and pulled his earphones out. "Yes?" the boy asked politely. "What is it, doctor?"

The doctor seemed unsure of what to tell the boy; he was only four years old and didn't know a whole lot about the world. He wasn't sure he would understand, let alone take it so well. Skyler looked at the doctor worried, and hopped off the chair, as he tucked his Walkman in his pockets, "What's wrong with my mom?"

A little while later, sitting in a bed, with another doctor along with her, was a blonde woman, Caucasian, physically fit slender body, in her early thirties, and blue eyes. Her name was Cassandra Quill, Skyler's mother. She was a patient currently being treated for fainting spells, as well as coughing blood out once. Currently a female Hispanics doctor was talking to her.

"It's Leukemia, Miss Quill," the doctor prognostic, looking rather distraught, while Cassandra remained calm about it. But on the inside, the doctor could tell she was fretting really hard on the inside, begging to cry in forlorn hope for a miracle.

Miss Quill sighed heavily, as she asked, "How long?"

"Two years. Maybe less," the doctor confessed. She noticed that she was quite, but the doctor insisted, "You might need to make arrangements for your son. Is there any family you have? Anyone at all?"

"He has a father," Miss Quill confessed. But shook her head, "But I doubt he'll show. He disappeared before Skyler was born. All I know is a name."


Miss Quill looked to the door, as the doctor was walking in with young Skyler, as he rushed over to his mom. She smiled, all her fear disappeared and he hopped up to her. She caught him in a hug, as she snuggled him, "Mmmm, how's my special little Sky-Lord?"

"Mommy, don't call me that," Skyler groaned. He never really liked that nickname as much, as he pouted to her. He then looked at her eyes, as they seemed to water a bit, and asked, "Mommy? Are you gonna cry?"

But she didn't answer, as she hugged Skyler tightly, causing Skyler to drop something on the floor by accident. It was a small pendant, a metallic drop of sorts. Made of pure platinum and seemingly flawless in design. But the most intricate part of it, was the design of three circles swirling around one another, almost like wind.

The doctors left the two alone, not wanting to tell the boy any news that would hurt him. And the mother didn't say a thing, but she knew eventually, she had to tell her son she was dying, and that she had to make plans. But for now, she wanted to share this moment with her little Skyler. Her little Sky-Lord.


Other Earth

Southern Water Tribe

The Southern Water tribe. A basic south pole colony located in an Antarctic-like environment located at the south pole. It was a large harbor city at the coast, but many lived in small settlements throughout the south pole. It was a confederation of several smaller tribes, led by chieftains and elders, who were also a council that jointly governed the entire south pole itself. Since the Hundred Year War, and despite all the tribe's increasing prosperity and technological progress, there were some tensions between seculars of the South and the spirituals of the North Pole Water Tribe, which was more of a kingdom than a tribe, carved into huge glaciers rather than huts.

It was nighttime in the Southern Tribe city, the sky filled with storm clouds and the air with snow. A coastal city blazed with bright lights that didn't hide from the mountains along the coastline. Around that time, three cloaked figures advanced up on the hillside, their leader holding aloft a lantern to help light the way. They finally reached the crest of the hilltop. Their dark purple cloaks stood out against the white snow.

The trio then stopped, as they found the target of their little snow trek. It was a small village community outside the harbor city; small hut houses, tents, and igloos that rested atop the hill. All the houses blazed with light, enabling them to not use the lantern anymore. The three cloaked figures walked to one particular hut, as they stopped at the wooden door. Once they did, the door opened, revealing the individual before them.

He was a man in his possible thirties or twenties, physically built in the medium muscle department, tan skin, and dark brown long hair that ended at his upper back, and was tied in a small ponytail at the end, with a wolf tail atop his hair as it was pulled back. He also had clear blue eyes that reflected much like water would if you looked at it. He wore dark blue pants with brown winter boots, a long-sleeved light blue shirt that went down to his thighs and parted on the sides allowing leg movement, tied with a dark blue sash belt, and had a dark blue shoulder poncho that ended at his shoulders, and both the shirt and poncho had white fluff trim on them. And centered at the collar was a blue pendant button of sorts, with a circle in it with three wavy lines, indicating water. His name was Tonraq, one of the chiefs of the Water Tribe.

He bowed his head in respect to the cloaked figures, as he greeted them, "The White Lotus has honored my family by coming. Thank you."

Tonraq led them inside, as they were greeted by another member of the water tribe, who was sweeping up the floor. A woman in her twenties or thirties, dressed in a dark blue and light blue winter dress and brown winter boots, with a hood with white trim. She was slender and beautiful, with dark brown hair flowing in the front in two braids, tied by light blue string. Her dress was a bit dirty as it was stained. Her name was Senna, Tonraq's wife.

As the four entered the house, the house itself appeared to be in a state of disrepair, as if a small hurricane had swept on in. once Senna saw her husband come in with company, she halted her sweeping and bowed respectfully to the White Lotus members.

"Welcome," she said with a smile, as she brushed a bit of her hair out of her face. But her statement was punctuated by a decorative shield falling off the wall.

The cloaked figures pulled off their hoods, revealing themselves to be two men and one woman, all in their forties in appearance. They were all dressed in white and violet attire, the white parts looking to be bandages. They were the White Lotus, an ancient society that fought for peace and stability. Their leader, a short hefty man with greying hair spoke up, as Tonraq walked around them.

"Thank you," the leader said, but then looked rather serious and doubtful, "We have investigated many claims, both here and in the Northern Tribe. And all have turned out to be false."

Tonraq came over to his wife, and placed an arm around her, bringing her close to him. The couple smiled at one another, and then both turned back to the trio, as Senna answered, "Then you should be happy to know, your search has come to an end."

The three clearly didn't believe it, as they looked at the couple, completely unimpressed with this declaration. Their leader, the short hefty man, asked, "And what makes you so sure that your daughter is… the 'One'?"

The couple looked to each other, agreeing that they should answer. Senna then turned to the left of the hut, and called out, "Korra, please come in here."

The White Lotus members still looked bland, not believing anything the two were trying to convince them of. But suddenly, a slab of rock flew right past them, smashing into the wall on the right. Now their eyes were shot wide open iwht surprise, as they turned to the left to see what had happened. At the spot where the slab had shot out of, a circular hole in the room's stone interior was shown. At that moment, a kid hopped out of the hole and struck a pose.

The child was a four year old Asian girl, with dark tan skin much like her parents, dark brown hair that was pulled back into a small and spiky ponytail, with two fluffy bangs on her ears, and her front hair swept to the right. She had big blue eyes that were sharp enough to cut through rock, even for a four year old. She wore dark blue pants and a light blue sleeveless shirt that didn't cover her stomach. This was Korra, Tonraq and Senna's only daughter.

Korra hopped out, and struck a pose. "I'm the Avatar," Korra declared, as she looked at the White Lotus members. "You gotta deal with it!"

She then began to bend various elements, namely water, earth, and fire. When she punched the ground and kicked the air, streams of flame produced out of her movements. The trio stepped back, as Korra encroached on the trio, showing off her various bending. Their expressions were still in shock, as Korra continued to display her bending skills. She used sweeping foot movements to bend the earth in front of her into tiny hills of earth, and then went back to firebending, as she accidentally got the hem of the leader's cloak set ablaze. But then she countered that with a wave movement of her arms and hands, bending a spot stream of water, she put the small fire out.

The trio looked still surprised by the young girl. They had heard that those who were the Avatar, the Master of the Four Elements had to train years in order to master just at least the basics before producing results. And even so, there had to be various tests to determine if their past lives were that of the previous Avatar before them. But this girl… she was already moving earth, water, and shooting fire all over the place already. And she was only four years old.

The leader of the White Lotus looked to the couple, as he replied, "She's the 'One'." The couple smiled, as their little girl Korra, continued to show off her triple-form bending.

Next Chapter: Two Different Worlds Meet; Welcome to the World of Bending

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