It was a fine evening: the dying embers of the sun gave out red glow to the lightly clouded sky. The kids played in the playground nearby and things went on the way they had in the past one year. Ishaani, having been free from her work, decided to take a moment for herself as she drove across a crowded street of London. Today a phone call from her grandmother had put her into unease. Her grandmother, Baa, had called her to tell that the date of her marriage was drawing near, and that she will have to come back as soon as possible. Ishaani took a sigh. She did not want to go back to that place... after whatever had happened two years ago. Her childhood friend, Ranveer, had betrayed her: he had tried to molest her sister, Disha, because he had loved her. Ishaani closed her eyes to erase the memories of her bitter past that included Ranveer every time. She had claimed to hate him for two years but each time her feelings betrayed her. Every time she was happy or sad, her heart and eyes would seek for one person: Ranveer. The more she hated him, the more she felt betrayed by herself. It had been one and a half years since her father's death; but the grief was still the same. After Ranveer had left the Parekh Mansion, things did not go well.

Initially the financial loss was gradual but it turned out to be the worst for the Parekhs. They lost literally everything including their house, and were forced to live a life of poor. Soon Harshad Parekh, Ishaani's father, fell severely ill; and Ishaani's life became more miserable with the news of her father's death. Few months later an order from the court came of the hearing of their case. With the blessings of Lord Ganesha they won, and most of their property and estate was returned. Despite going back to her beloved home, Ishaani did not find the happiness she had expected: she missed her father and her friend, Ranveer bitterly.

It had been two years since she was engaged to the man she loved, Chirag Mehta. Chirag had been very busy and had postponed the marriage, but now he and his parents were ready to welcome her as their daughter-in-law. Yet she wanted to run away from the world, for it gave no comfort to her.