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Chapter 71

Her feet slogged out of the bathroom as she moved out, shutting the door behind her with a gentle, almost inaudible thud, her heart suddenly vibrating with an anticipation she had waited for... perhaps months. Her senses grew sharp, for everything around her felt being intensified in all the possible ways leaving her little more perplexed at her own state. Her heart skipped several beats at his sight, as he remained where she had left him a while ago, as if he remained frozen in his place. Venturing further, Ishani took a deep breath, now realizing her own nervousness intensify along with all the emotions coursing through her skin, now stronger than before. Slowly, she walked towards him, hoping he didn't notice her presence until she was close, but the shift in his position made her halt in her tracks. Pretending, she didn't see him notice her, Ishani walked ahead and gently took him in her embrace from behind, her hands curling around his strong frame tightly. He didn't move and Ishani rested her head on his back, taking his scent as she closed her eyes.

"You took your time." His voice came softly, and his warmth was welcome. Ishani didn't move, but nodded. Thankfully, he understood what she meant. "Are you alright?" His question was unexpected but she nodded first and then separated away from him, slightly disappointed at the loss of his comfortable embrace.

"You don't look too fine, too," Ishani asked. Her question startled him and now, he turned back, smiling. "What's wrong, Ranveer?" She traced her palm over his right cheek and heard a sigh in return.

He shook his head. "I'm fine. But... I'm afraid." His voice shook, the tremors in his tone resonating within her heart hoarsely. "It's as if it will all be away. It will all be a dream and you'll be gone in a moment." His desperate eyes sought for hers while Ishani felt her own heart crack, but before she could say anything, Ranveer continued. "When I first confessed my love, Ishani, I was thrown away from you. There was no hope that I would ever get to even see you again. Later when I realized you love me back as well, I found out about my illness with the possibility of almost no survival in a few years... it's as if destiny wouldn't let us be together ever."

Ishani wiped the drops of tears from his face, and took his hand in hers. "I know my Ranveer is strong. Very, very strong. But I didn't know he was carrying so much within himself for so long," she said, and moved close to him, their faces barely apart. "You know, Ranveer, all my life I have looked for answers in you. If Ishani ever strayed away, she had to return back to her Ranveer. This is what happened all the time. Life and death are not in our hands, and I don't believe a person can predict another's future like that. I know how you feel..." She moved closer to him, their lips almost brushing against each other's. "You can't believe I'm with you. You can't believe it's all real. You can't believe your fate and destiny because it's never given you anything easily. Life, love, wholeness. All of them cost you so much. You've been alone for more years than you even admit. The silent sufferings for my sake... for all those years wouldn't let you believe it's real, isn't it?" Ishani closed her eyes as she spoke, feeling his breath tickle her face. She gulped and dared to look at him. "I've waited for this moment for so long, Ranveer." Plea dripped from her statement. She moved towards him more, their foreheads touching each others'.

Ranveer curled his arms around Ishani's waist, while she gasped, feeling his touch through the thin fabric of her nightie. "Yes, I'm afraid that if this happened between us, and something happened, resulting you leaving me. I'll not survive, Ishani. I'll die. I don't know how to make you stop if ever..."

Ishani opened her eyes and looked at him, making him stop at the first syllable of his next sentence. "And why do you think I'll ever leave you, Ranveer?" she asked, her hands unconsciously running through his hair.

He laughed, but kept quiet.

"Ranveer, look at me. Please."

He did.

"You were so happy till yesterday. So, so happy that it felt like our past wouldn't haunt you anymore. Why this today?"

"We can never let go of our roots."

"Ranveer, when we decided to get married, we never had any doubts, did we? We know what we were getting ourselves into. I know my decision was right. I love you, and I know it. Nothing in the world will ever change my mind about that. And, Mr. Vaghela, you've got to tolerate me for the rest of our lives. Can you do that?" Her tone suddenly changed as she chuckled at the end of her own statement, managing to make Ranveer smile as well. "That's like my good boy," she said at last.

He sighed. "You know, I live because of and for you?"

"I do," Ishani whispered, now coming close to him and closing her eyes. "And I can't exist without you." She pressed her lips against Ranveer's as he pulled her close to him. Ishani's hand rested on his chest, another one travelling to the small of his neck. Their lips moved in perfect synch with each other's as the realization dawned upon them. Ishani felt her heart thump loudly against her chest as Ranveer continued the kiss, deep, intense... and yet insanely innocent. Her one hand clutched on his shirt, and another went to his scalpel, stroking his skin tenderly while their hearts beat in the same sync their lips moved against each other. Lost in the stupor of the moment that his touches created, Ishani realized where they stood now. She smiled against his lips and pulled him closer until their breaths ceased and they were forced to separate from each other. Their eyes glistened with strange felicity, feeling an emotion... a wholeness gripped at them which neither of them had ever felt before. Ishani felt her cheeks turn red, realizing where all this was leading now. Towards a moment she had waited for months and months.

Ranveer, too, lifted his gaze and stared at her face. Warm and tender. But Ishani could not deny noticing a tinge of hesitance on his features. They had kissed several times before, and thrice without any reluctant from his side, so what was it that troubled him? A hint of sadness floated in her eyes as she remembered he somewhere still remained uncertain about their future, their lives. Love would always be there, and he was worried about something else. Something about which even she could not deny. Ranveer, however, seemed to notice the hurt in her eyes, and he turned her face towards him. She gasped. The scorching intensity of his gaze briefly taking her aback.

"What's wrong, Ishani?" His voice soothed her and she shook her head.

"What is wrong with you, Ranveer?"

He smiled, and cupped her cheeks. "It's unbelievable, Ishani. You and I. Married. Here." His tone sounded childlike and she couldn't help but chuckle at his expressions. It was strange. So far she only sought the man she loved in him, but now as they stood together, here at the brink of changing their lives forever, she found herself admiring at the childish innocence with which he looked at her. And suddenly, she was taken back to their old times where they knew nothing of the world outside, its complexities. When she first met him a few months ago in London, Ishani was sure she would never see her best friend again, but this moment was magical.

Her hands involuntarily reached out to his face and she gently planted a kiss on his forehead.

"Does this make you believe?" she asked, her tone slightly playful.

Ranveer shook his head, understanding her gesture.

"This." She kissed on the either sides of his cheeks, lingering her lips for a while as she breathed in his scent. Ranveer again shook his head, and stiffened himself up, taking the hold of the matter and wrapping his arms around her waist. "Now?" She brushed her lips against his, letting her tongue travel through his lips briefly.

Ranveer smiled as Ishani separated herself from him, and sighed. "Wow." He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him, close. Her legs turned into a pair of jelly the moment their eyes met again. Slowly, steadily, hesitance appeared to be seeping out of Ranveer, for his eyes only cast a look of longing for her. He might have been the stronger of the two, but when so close to each other, Ishani knew what they both desired.

In the whit of a moment Ishani felt him lean towards her, and she closed her eyes as his soft lips first teased hers and then captured them in a slow, unhurried deliberate kiss. Ishani's hands gently moved towards the small of his neck, her feet crumpling while she felt him cup her cheeks. The most innocent gesture of his when he kissed her. Her hands clinging to his neck being the only support she could stand on her feet. She melted in his arms like mist under the morning sun.

"Ranveer," she whispered, slightly separating herself from him, and smiled, his thumb still rested on her lower lip. Her smile widened when she realized he understood her, for the next moment Ranveer lifted her in his arms and carried her to their king-sized bed, a grin plastered over his face, and lay her there gently. Ishani sat up, and giggled, reaching out for him and wrapping his arms around her waist. She crashed her lips against him as the urgency between them intensified, their lips colliding with each others' in ferocious battle, and their hands roaming over their skins fervently. Ranveer left heated pecks on her chin and moved lower, and lower, Ishani grunting softly while her hands remained buried in his hair, desperately moving to keep him closer.

In a moment, Ranveer separated himself away, blushing, and making Ishani whimper at the unwanted loss. She eyed him, her gaze laced with slight frustration, and her hands reaching to the hem of his T-shirt, more urgently. She pulled the cloth away from him and threw it on a chair nearby. Ranveer smiled, a soft smile as he pulled her for another searing kiss, his lips looking for hers now. Ishani found her hands back at the small of his neck, her fingertips grazing his skin. She couldn't help but relish in the moment as her lips parted and Ranveer gently shoved his tongue in her mouth, her own finding his playfully. A smile spread over her lips, turning soon into a gasp as Ranveer's lips moved down to her chin, and her own hand tracing the column of his throat. Involuntarily, she guided him towards her neck, and felt Ranveer hesitate a little unlike a few moments before. He pulled himself apart, and Ishani noticed slight hesitance in his gleaming eyes. She smiled, and placed a kiss on his lips again to let go of his hesitance, the daze of their moments only getting better and better. Some things about him would never change.

"I don't want to hurt you, Ishani," he whispered. "In any way... I..." He smiled awkwardly and caressed her cheeks with the back of his hand. Ishani took his hand in hers, and kissed it.

"I trust you." She smiled, her voice unsteady at the sight of care in his eyes. "I know you'll never hurt me." Her hands went to his neck and she pulled him towards her once again.

After a while, Ranveer separated himself, and now his lips found the tender flesh beneath her ear as he gently sucked her earlobe. Ishani let out a soft mewl in his ear, tugging at the bare skin of his shoulder firmly. The rest of the world faded in a blur when the only sensations they felt were each other, their touches, their kisses and their breaths being the only reasonable contact from the living now. Ishani gasped loudly, feeling an avalanche of pleasure wash over her as Ranveer's fingers played her like a deeply-loved instrument, sending her in another realm of pleasurable world. She moaned his name while Ranveer looked at her face, perspiring, and staring at him in awe. Respect and love for him dripped from every part of her soul as she lay there, her intent eyes searching for him and her hands rested on his shoulder. He pulled her up, and stared at her as if to ask for her permission. Ishani understood the gesture and nodded her head. Slowly, she turned her back towards him and sighed. Ishani felt him untie the lace of her nightie, and then undoing the buttons of her cloth. He was gentle, afraid to hurt her anyhow, for he did not immediately pull down her cloth, instead turning her head towards him he kissed her again, his eyes closed.

Ishani touched the soft skin of his cheek, his stubble prickling her warm skin. As he pulled out of the kiss in a few moments, Ranveer slid down the satin gown adorning her skin, and Ishani let out a loud gasp. Her one hand still rested on his cheek as though for a much needed support and another clutched on the duvet below tightly. Her heartbeat ceased the moment she felt Ranveer's warm breath caress the skin of her neck, and his fingers scraping through her shoulder. He pushed the hair from her shoulder to another side as Ishani straightened herself, letting out a soft whimper from her mouth.

In the next moments, the world around her turned into a mist of oblivion, for all she could feel was Ranveer, his lips, his hands caressing her skin and the way he made her feel in that moment. He didn't just stir the deepest emotions of desire and passion within her, but brought her very soul to life from the ashes of the past, making her realize who she was and what she was made for. To be loved. No one ever loved her the way he did. It wasn't a hidden fact, but everything happening between them in that moment transported her to another level of consciousness where never had she felt happier, or loved. Amidst the whimpers of pleasure she felt a drop of tear leave her eyes.

Ranveer placed his lips on the skin behind her ear, and took the flesh of her earlobe between his teeth, kissing her painfully slowly. Ishani moaned his name, and Ranveer gently took the flesh in his mouth, nibbling it. The desire locked deep within couldn't be concealed anymore as they journeyed far, far away, lost in the love of each other, unafraid, untamed and desiring each other deeply while the world around them only remained a memory. Ranveer separated himself, and planted a soft kiss on her shoulder. Ishani shivered with the impact his touches created, and her head fell on his shoulder, her hand intertwined in his. Moving away from, his hand splayed on her back and his lips trailing hot kisses down, down and down.

She whispered his name unable to keep the desperate plea out of her tone. He heard her and turned Ishani towards him. A warm blush adorned her cheeks the moment their eyes met and she reached out to kiss him once again. "I love you..." Her words didn't go beyond an audible whisper but the emotions behind her words overwhelmed him.

"You're beautiful," he said softly, his eyes dreamily staring into hers, and Ishani blushed again. No words could ever describe the love she felt for him, so she smiled again. Her nightie still remained tucked above her hips, now to her dismay, but her attention was drawn away when Ranveer pulled her towards him again and kissed her deeply. Ishani took the opportunity to push him on the bed, and at his surprise giggled loudly.

"Well..." she said before straddling herself above him and bringing her lips closer to his. She wanted to show him she was his. She loved him the same way he did. The passion she had for him had to be known to the person it mattered the most. Taking him by surprise, she planted a kiss on his forehead while her thumb traced his lips. "You know how much I love you, right?" She moved towards his cheeks while Ranveer grunted softly. There was no hesitance in her eyes, only love and desire shone through them. In a moment the rest of his clothes joined his shirt on the chair and Ishani gave him a smirk.

She smiled to herself as her lips found his in a tender brush of the skins. She teased him, moving down to his neck, but returning back to his lips. She took his lower lip between hers and gently nipped at it. Ranveer lifted his hand and wrapped around her waist, surprising Ishani as he took the opportunity to capture her lips in the kiss. Ranveer smirked when he saw Ishani scowl, but her anger was lost in the heat of the passion which captivated them the moment their lips began moving on their own accord and their souls melted willingly. Ishani trailed kisses on his cheeks, his collarbone and moving down to his neck. Ranveer gasped, and Ishani smiled, pleased of the reaction she managed to coax out of him as she moved lower and lower, her lips trailing through the smooth texture of his body.

He moaned, calling out her name as she continued with the task, revealing her love, her desire to him. She could see happiness glisten on his face, contentment making its way into his eyes while she relished in the ocean of the love she felt. He had never felt happier before, or contented. Ishani's touches evoked all kind of sensations within him he didn't even know existed. His hands moved over her skin, encouraging her further while Ishani sent him in another world of ecstasy.

However, within a moment, she found him blanketed over her as he quirked an eyebrow, and, smiling, nuzzled her face. Ishani wriggled in pleasure, running her hands through his shoulders and pulling him close. From that moment, where they started or ended, they did not know. Ranveer kissed her once again, and trailed downwards towards her belly, savoring, tasting her skin. The feel of his warmth against her was exquisite, his hands stroking her skin gently while a string of loud whimpers left her lips in continuous mantra. She moaned his name aloud once again as Ranveer teased the skin of her throat, making her helpless against him. Her body fell limp, surrendered and at his complete liberty while his mouth played with her skin. She arched up to meet with him, her hands buried in his hair while Ranveer continued his intimate ministrations at her skin. His hands roamed over her back, eliciting heated moans from her. Ishani wanted to feel the warmth of his touch against her skin entirely. His touches sent tremors of need over her body as the wait only grew more unbearable. In the whit of a moment, to her utmost relief, she managed to undo the rest of her cloth and throwing away where his clothes now rested. She heard Ranveer gasp and smiled. For a moment he stared at her, his eyes roaming over her exposed skin, but more than anything, it was surprise which presented itself on his face.

"Ishani..." There was hesitance in his eyes, but Ishani brought her hands to his cheeks and kissed him. She nodded her head, telling him what her words could not express and Ranveer took a deep breath. Ishani almost laughed. Could he stop being a child right now?

Ranveer squinted his eyes and opened his mouth to say something in retort, but fell silent when his eyes feel upon her. Her frail form beneath him, while her eyes gleamed in the happiest glow he had ever seen her. A childhood memory of him seeing her for the first time formed in his mind as he recalled the moment was when he had truly begun to live. His breath had ceased, but his life had truly started. It was amazing to feel her heartbeat so close to him today. His unsaid, unexpected dream had come true when they were married. And here they were, married. He eyed her, and a small smile formed on his lips. She looked beautiful, vulnerable in the way her eyes stared at him, pleading, admiring him as she laid her soul bare to him. A childlike innocence dripped from her face and he realized she might have changed but the girl he loved was still the same.

And yet he didn't deny the noticeable changes either. She was no more the same girl he once loved. This was the woman whom he had loved all his life and never dared of dreaming a life with her. But she was here, with him, in his arms, returning his love with the same intensity he did. How could he not love her more and more? How could he not give away everything he had for her sake? Ever since she had come in his life, her sole mission had been to bring him back from the dead where he had housed himself, his feelings until she had returned. She wasn't just the reason of his life, she was the reason he willed to fight the impossible. To fight the death. And thus he decided to make her the happiest tonight, and for the rest of their lives.

With that, Ranveer smiled, and pressed himself closer to her as a small whimper made its way out of her throat, her lips quivering. He loved the way she reacted, and the responses he could elicit from her. Ranveer planted a soft kiss on her forehead, a form of gratitude, for that was how he could thank her for ever loving him back.

Without another word, he moved down, his hand intertwined in hers while his lips skimmed the rest of her body, tenderly as a loud moan escaped her lips. He buried his head in the crook of her neck, licking the tender flesh, nibbling at it while Ishani arched herself up, her free hand running through his hair eagerly.

Her breathing grew shallow. His tongue swept across the valley between her breasts, moving down to her belly, tickling her. Her body shivered with the tremors of pleasure he coaxed from her while her eyes shut down. His hands explored the smooth curves of her body while now the soft quietness of the atmosphere was filled with sounds of their loud moans, whimpers and their breaths. He lowered himself down, his lips never breaking the contact with her skin and rested on the swell of her breasts. Ishani's shallow breath escaped her mouth as her hands pressed hard in his back. Her eyes willed to close the second time at the sensation, but the part of her wanted to live each and every moment as they moved ahead, to reminisce each and every second of the beautiful moments they had been submissive to. His warm breath tickled her flesh as his tongue traced the delicate mound with utmost care. Ishani cried out in pleasure as Ranveer continued to caress her skin with his tongue, tormenting her slowly, painfully. And when she couldn't take it anymore, she guided his mouth towards the rosy bud which eagerly awaited his attention. Sighing, Ranveer enclosed his lips around her delicate flesh and his hand cradled her another swell, kneading it gently. Ishani wiggled beneath him, weak with longing as the tingle of arousal darted straight down to the pulse already beating between her legs. Her body grew hot and damp from his touch, while her response seemed to excite him. He leaned close, his mouth roaming over her soft skin as he moved to another mound, and took the inviting flesh in his mouth, sucking it eagerly while his free hand made lazy circles over the sensitive expanse of aureole, fondling it. And soon it became impossible to stop her from arching up to him.

She sighed, contented at the rhythm of his mouth and hands on her body. Her hands blindly reached out to him, gripping his shoulder tightly and pulling him close.

"Don't stop..." she whispered, her tone rich with involuntary desperation. The vision around her blurred, their moans of pleasure echoing in the room relentlessly.

She stiffened when his fingers unconsciously slipped past her belly and down towards her thighs. Cold air touched her wet skin the moment Ranveer separated from her breasts and reached out to kiss her once again, Ishani returning the kiss with heated ferocity. Her hands clenched in his hair as he deepened the kiss, eliciting stifled moans of pleasure from her.

They continued to kiss as though for the last time, their souls on fire. Ishani wrapped her legs around his waist and arched herself up, the delicious torture unbearable to endure for another moment. "Ishani," he whispered, his lips still hovering above hers. She opened her eyes, and noticed the tenderness on his face which only radiated love for her. He kissed her lips once again, but this time with a softness she couldn't ignore even in the blurred senses of hers.

"Ishani." She heard him whisper her name once again. "I love you. I want to make you the happiest." She smiled as he kissed her once again.

"I love you, Ranveer." Her voice choked in a whisper as their lips parted for a fleeting second before Ranveer claimed them again.

Ishani sighed in contentment and her hand found his face. He kissed her hand and smiled. In the dim lights she could see his face. She had never seen that gleam in his eyes which only spoke of happiness that only she could give. The wait was getting unbearable as she ran her palm through his face, no words coming out of her mouth anymore.

The next moment, however, Ishani knew she wasn't in her senses anymore. Hot breath flooded the tender skin of her neck, mingled with the caresses of warm lips trailing down to her belly, pressing delicately against her flesh as she let out cries of pleasure. Her back restlessly lifted up to meet with his touches as his hands stroked her legs and hips. Her whole being was consumed by the love he showered upon her, engulfing her entire being in his essence the way she desired. Her hands roamed over the slopes of his shoulder and to his chest and she felt her eyes squeeze shut tightly.

Her breath came in short pants, as she felt his hands roam over her skin. A flutter of reaction stole from her as her body stirred to life, heaving against his restlessly. His mouth shifted to her neck, his lips caressing her soft skin, tongue licking her flesh, and she was lost. He licked and teased her until she squirmed heatedly against him. Her mind played the images of his face before her closed eyes, and her heart beat irregularly while her body ached with raw need. His name left her mouth in low gasps, her hands buried in his hair and her back arched up. She didn't even realize that his mouth moved lower, tracing hot kisses down her navel. Her eyes opened at the sensation and she looked down.

Their eyes met, and Ranveer gave her a warm smile. "Ranveer..." Her ragged voice sounded like a delicious euphony to his ears. Ranveer planted soft kisses over the sensitive skin of her thighs as Ishani whimpered, wriggling with wild pleasure at the anticipation of what was coming. Her mind blocked of all the thoughts but him, and his enticing touches against her skin. And then he delicately pressed his lips against her swollen flesh, tickling a place so excruciatingly sensitive that she jerked violently in surprise. She whimpered, her head thrown back on the pillow and her hands clutched the sheet tightly. The sense of urgency in her mounted as pleasure boomed. His hands found hers and he held them in his, reassuring her while he whispered her name. His name left her lips tirelessly as her back arched tightly up, aching for more and more. The slow strokes of his lips and tongue over her delicate flesh drove her into another realm of aching ecstasy as she twisted against him, her fingers digging into his shoulder.

Loud gasps for breath left her mouth until she felt a pair of lips capture hers in a gentle kiss, her own finding them as their lips moved in perfect rhythm against each others'. She touched his face, her eyes closed and tears left them insistently.

"Open your eyes, Ishani." Ishani heard him whisper, and upon opening them a gentle smile met her sight.

"Ranveer." Her lips curved as his warm smile filled her heart with happiness. "It's..." Her words faltered, for the experience could not be explained into words.

"I know," Ranveer said in a dreamy voice as he stroked her hair, tucking them behind from her neck. "Are you happy?"

She smiled, and responded him with a gentle peck on his lips. "What do you think?" Ishani could tell her breathing wasn't yet normal. But she didn't feel ashamed, because it was him. He knew her too well to remain anything hidden away from him.

To the response of her question, he simply smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead, and then he straightened up, bracing himself on his arms. "Ishani," he breathed out, and the understanding dawned upon her. Ishani nodded her head.

"I'm ready," she whispered, her heart shuddering with delight at the thought of the next moment.

"I don't want to hurt you," he said, making an outline on her cheek with his finger, and Ishani shook her head.

"I know you won't."

Ranveer lowered himself, and planted a kiss on her lips. "Ishani, look at me." He breathed out, and Ishani glanced up at him. For a moment their entire life felt like a dream as they stood at the threshold of the new beginning, leaving behind anything that threatened their love or life. They couldn't care anymore what awaited them in their future or how long their life would be. Ishani looked into his eyes, deep as an ocean they were, but slight worry proclaimed on his features. Ishani rubbed her hand on his arms in assurance, for words did not escape her mouth anymore. She let out a gasp as Ranveer smiled at her. The moment had come.

In a moment, Ishani felt Ranveer smoothly slide inside and she wriggled beneath him in helpless pleasure, shivering with the sudden sensation that claimed her. A soft moan escaped her mouth before Ranveer pressed his lips against her, her hands finding his shoulder for the support after the chaos his touch created. And slowly, cautiously, he moved within her while his lips found hers in a kiss. Tears sprung out of Ishani's eyes as she stopped moving against him for a moment, her hands running over his shoulders wordlessly.

"Ishani..." Ranveer reached out to her again, showering a trail of tender kisses over her face. She didn't close her eyes as Ranveer withdrew in a few moments, and then glided more cautiously, careful not to be too quick. Ishani let out a hollow shriek and Ranveer gulped for air. "Look at me, Ishani." His voice was thick with passion and care. Ishani met her gaze with him, breathing heavily against him. He moved out once again with the same care as before and kissed her face again before his lips rested on hers.

"Do you want me to-?"

"No, please," Ishani pleaded, arching herself to him and kissing his shoulder blade. His eyes flickered and he nodded as he slid inside her once again, still as carefully. Instead of a painful shriek, Ishani let out a soft whimper as Ranveer thrust within her slowly and deliberately. Ishani arched up to him, and wrapped her leg around his waist to keep him close. The feeling of him being closest to her was incredible. More tears escaped her eyes as the painful sensations faded into being those of incredibly inexplicable pleasure and Ishani lifted herself up. Her eyes didn't close even that was the sole thing her body forced her to do. Ishani trusted him, and she wanted him to know. Her hands rested on his shoulder as she pulled him for a kiss. The heat that pulsated from his body ushered him into the warmth of her depth slowly until Ishani cried loudly.

"Ranveer..." she cried out, while Ranveer plunged deeper and deeper, carefully still. Blissful ecstasy enraptured them as they found their primitive erotic rhythm, their souls now joined together for eternity. Ishani felt something snap within her as she felt him press his weight against her.

"Ishani..." he said again, delving deeper and deeper inside her. His mouth found the delicate flesh of her neck as his lips explored her skin. He pulled her arms around his neck while Ishani groaned in pleasure. He was fully embedded in her warmth, marking his possession on her. She glorified the sensations, awed by the realization of him inside her for the very first time as waves of pleasure kept hitting her one after another. They moved together, and in a while his thrusts became faster while her moans echoed in the air. She was gasping for air as he was filling her more, fully inside her. The sensations finally broke and tremors of bliss exploded. His warm liquid immediately spilled forth inside her and his seemingly unending climax gave Ishani her own release from the splendor. He growled deep in his throat and collapsed against her, while Ishani closed her eyes- weak with contentment.

She felt complete. And so did he.

"Ishani, are you alright?" He stroked her face after a while, and Ishani nodded wordlessly, her eyes still closed.

He still remained within her, loving her feeling around him. He stroked her cheek as he felt her breathing go steady. Ishani opened her eyes at his touch. A warm smile graced his features and it was for the first time in the evening did she feel deep blush creep in her cheeks. At the realization where they were, Ranveer smiled and separated himself from her, and Ishani kissed him again.

They lay in each others' arms, Ranveer holding Ishani close to him as he pulled the blanket up to them. They remained silent for a long time before Ranveer looked down and found Ishani already staring at him. She stretched her hand and stroked his face. The hours passed by still felt insanely unreal as their heartbeats restored to normal.

"Ranveer..." Ishani said after a long silence.

"Hmm?" He settled himself closer.

"I'm happy. Happier than I've ever been." There was a desperation in her tone, as if to let him know of her truest feelings. Ranveer understood, and pressed a kiss on her temple.

"So am I," he said.

"Well, you've always been such an old school, you know..." Ishani chuckled, reminiscing the past occasions where he refused to go any further due to his chivalry.

Ranveer shrugged and smiled. Ishani knew he had nothing to say.

"Ranveer," Ishani spoke after sometime again, and Ranveer looked at her. "Why have you always compared me to the moon?"

Ranveer opened his mouth to ask, but shut it again. "I... I never told you-"

She couldn't suppress another breathless chuckle. "Kaki told me, not you, silly." She ruffled his hair and Ranveer snorted.

"You both will make for the best mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair." He feigned an irritation.

Ishani laughed again and did what she wanted to do the most since eternity. She pulled his cheeks and Ranveer groaned at the sudden assault. "Ow, Ishani!"

Ishani laughed uproariously and pulled his cheeks once more. "You are the cutest thing I'll ever have my eyes on! Now, come on. Don't be such a brat." She pulled his cheeks once again and Ranveer joined in her laughter as well.

"Fine," he said, as if doing a much required favor.

"You haven't answered my question yet, Ranveer." Ishani looked at him in anticipation like a child.

"Well..." Ranveer seemed to struggle with the words to say, but finally continued. "You've always been like a moon to me. Brightening my world and making everything in my life worthwhile, and yet remaining unreachable for the most of my life."

Ishani noticed the wistfulness in his tone and took his face in her hands. "But moon has scars... it's not perfect. It doesn't turn up half the times when it's dark at night."

At the worry in her tone, he covered her hand with his. "Only one day. It's only one day it doesn't show up."

"It's only one day it's whole as well."

Ranveer smiled. "You aren't to be loved when you're perfect, Ishani. I've loved you ever since we met, and have loved each and every part of your soul. Doesn't matter it's dark. Doesn't matter it's imperfect. Doesn't matter it's broken. Doesn't matter it has any scars. I love you, and will love you till my last breath. You are perfect with your imperfections."

Ishani sighed, suddenly feeling more loved as his gaze penetrated through her eyes, and kissed him again. In return to all the love and respect, she could only squeeze his hand in assurance to love him all her life. A soft yawn left her lips. "I'm tired." Her voice was a low whisper.

"Then sleep." Ranveer smiled, and pressed another kiss on her temple.

Ranveer extinguished the last remnants of the light before he saw her delving into the delicious slumber, but realized sleep would not steal over him yet. The moon outside the window shone in its most magnificent glow, while the leaves rustle quietly amidst the swirling breeze. It would be dawn in a few hours, and so would begin their new life. He looked at Ishani who slept peacefully as if for the first time in years she didn't worry about a painful tomorrow.

His heart beat contentedly as he saw her once again and a smile formed on his lips. She was a woman who could make him live after all that had happened. She was his inspiration and hope. All that he had lost years ago, he had won it back by a miracle lying next to him.

Ishani was a miracle. And he smiled.