The crowds were whistling the moment Poison Ivy stepped on stage. Harley Quinn was bound in chains in Gotham City's Police Departments' secret underground dungeon. She had to get out now, before the young, perverted officer comes and tries to touch her again. She knew that whoever got Ivy would only have a couple of hours to spend before she seduces them and gets away. Seduction was in her nature. Not me though. I'm a psychologist not a . . .
Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud voice above her head. Dust drifted down onto her head making her sneeze loudly. Gotham city's police had captured villains and had them at lockdown for more than a couple of years now, the problem was that new criminals emerged every month and the cells were getting cramped up. So, an extremely powerful businessman, whose name remains a mystery to Harley, proposed a plan to auction the most famous villains to only the rich and powerful where they will be put as displays in their mansions. It was inhumane and her best friend was getting auctioned right above her head.
Damn! If only I could get out of these shackles.

Suddenly she heard the cell door creak; it was the depraved officer coming to take her up to be auctioned. He tried to grab her waist but she quickly kicked him in the crotch causing him to groan in pain. He became angry. Bounding her hands and feet with thick rope, he slung her over his shoulder like a back pack and walked up the stairway to the auctioning stage. With one swift toss, Harley was thrown down on the floor like a tied up wild animal. Bright lights blinded her for several minutes.
"Up here we've got Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy's partner in crime." Someone announced.
The crowd jeered.
Sure laugh at the clown.
"Can we start the bidding with ten thousand dollars?"
"Twenty-thousand." A rich young man shouted.
"Thirty-thousand." Another called out.
"Thirty thousand going once . . ."
"Fifty-thousand." The bidding went on.
"One hundred thousand." Someone cried.
"One-hundred thousand going once, twice . . . and sold to the gentleman in the black suit."
No! No!
Harley was terrified. Who was this guy in the black suit what was he going to do to her?
The man walked up to the stage and knelt down towards Harley. She dreaded to see what he looked like.
"Why so terrified?" Came a familiar voice. She looked up and saw a white face with dark red paint splattered across his lips.
"Joker." She whispered.
"Ssssshhh." He said placing a small knife across her lips. Harley smiled.
She ducked her head and in a split second the air was filled with several gunshots and small explosions with cries of being hit. When the noise had died out, she lifted her head and saw the room before her was covered in broken glass, blood and lifeless bodies of officers and bidders.
Joker quickly untied her and scooped her in his arms before carrying her out. When they got out safely, he put her down and was about to leave when Harley pulled him close and kissed him full on his mouth. Joker was startled but only for a moment. He then responded by wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer to him. A pale shade of moonlight enveloped them in the darkness for a while. Then Joker broke the kiss and looked at Harley before vanishing into the city.

. . .

Above the rooftop, Batman was silently watching them through his mask. He smiled to himself when he saw the scene unfold below him. Joker wasn't going to commit any crimes tonight. Not after Harley had kissed him.