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Octavia wasn't one to panic, not normally. Unless a situation involved large bodies of water. Which wasn't really all that surprising considering her first swimming attempt ended with her nearly getting eaten by a crazy water monster from hell. Things like spiders, snakes, and even heights did not faze her. So Octavia felt that it was safe to say that she tended to keep a handle on herself pretty well. Except for now. Because right now, Octavia was stuck lying on a frozen lake.

It had all started as a normal hunting trip since a village was low on winter meat. Octavia had been tracking a doe and followed it long enough to get an arrow into it. Unfortunately her aim was not the greatest yet, so she only hit the doe in the hind leg. She tracked it to an old path by a hill that lead to the lake. Where she then proceeded to slip on the slick path, tumble down the hill, and land on the frozen lake. She was now currently lying completely still on her belly in a spread eagle position. And she was not ashamed to say that she was freaking the hell out. She didn't know how to properly swim, and the water was freezing, and she was completely alone. Indra had told her not to leave camp without a partner, and now Octavia knew why. She was such an idiot, and she was going to die. Or drown. Was there a difference? Either way, her situation was not good.

Tears streamed continuously down her cheeks as she tried to figure out how to not panic and actually breathe properly. Octavia wanted off the ice, she wanted to not die, and she wanted Indra. Indra would know what to do. Indra probably knew how to swim. Indra wasn't a total dumbass like Octavia felt right now. It was also very, very cold, and Octavia was freezing. She could barely feel her hands and feet anymore and her fingers and toes were probably a lost cause. Octavia had tried to scoot back to shore, really she did. But when the sound of the ice cracking and groaning reached her ears she had immediately gone still. She would rather be cold than dead. Though with how long she had been laying there, Octavia knew there was a possibility of her freezing to death.

The thought brought on another wave of panic and Octavia was unable to hold in her terrified whimper. A very large part of her wanted to call out for help, but grounders weren't the only ones listening. The forest held a wonderful arrangement of large, carnivorous predators. Shakily Octavia tried taking a deep breath to settle her nerves. The ice underneath her shifted in the lake water, making the effects of her calming breath null and void. She wanted out. Right now. Right damn now. For the first time ever, Octavia wished that she had lived like a sky person on the ground. Because then she would have left a huge obvious bumbling trail for someone to follow. Which would result in a fantastic rescue involving Octavia getting off this frozen death trap, to somewhere dry and warm. That would be great. A gruff voice broke Octavia out of her panicked musing.

"You idiot girl!" Octavia had never been so thankful for an insult in her entire life.

Carefully Octavia turned her neck as best she could to the left and set her sights on her savior. It was of course, Indra. A very pissed off Indra, but that could be dealt with when Octavia wasn't freaking out and in danger of dying. Octavia blinked the tears from her eyes forcefully and noticed that Indra also seemed worried. Huh, go figure. Octavia tried to say something, anything, and all that came out was a small and terrified "Indra." The word seemed to spur Indra into action because the older woman immediately started to strip. Trying to keep herself from having another full blown panic attack, Octavia voiced what she was thinking. "What are you doing?" Amazingly enough, Indra didn't snap at her.

"I am coming out to get you. If the ice breaks I will not be weighted down by my garments if I fall in. Can you swim?" Wordlessly Octavia shook her head in the negative and bit her lip. Indra sighed.

"I shall have to teach you then when it is the warm season again. Now, I am going to crawl out to you, I need you to trust me and try to reach me halfway."

Octavia was already shaking her head no before Indra even finished. "I'll fall in."

Indra looked Octavia in the eye and spoke with a calm and even voice. "You will be fine, I promise you. I won't let you drown. You have my word Okteivia. Now, are you ready sky girl?"

Slowly Octavia took a few breaths and nodded that yes, she was ready. In nothing but her underclothes, Indra started inching out on her belly onto the icy lake top. The older warrior didn't even flinch from the cold of the ice. Carefully Octavia started using her feet and arms and slowly made her way towards her mentor. The ice creaked and groaned ominously underneath her sending sharp jolts of fear through her chest. Seeing the panic Indra snapped her fingers sharply causing Octavia to focus on her.

"You are fine sky girl. Keep going you are doing well."

Part of Octavia was surprised to see this side of her mentor, and later she knew Indra would go back to being a hard ass again. But for now, she was just thankful to have something to focus onto. Slowly but surely the pair got closer to each other, the ice groaning the entire time. Right before Octavia could grab Indra's outstretched hand, the ice beneath her gave way.

"INDRA!" was all she could get out before freezing, dark water sucked her down into the pits of the lake. It was so cold it burned, crushing her lungs. The air she tried to hold onto burst from her nose and lips to rise to the surface. Involuntarily Octavia gasped, letting the water gush into her chest making her feel heavy and oddly calm. Her leaden limbs stopped thrashing, and Octavia let herself fall. Drowning wasn't so bad after all. A strong hand grasped the back of her sodden jacket and hauled her up to the surface. Bright light assaulted her senses before she felt herself placed onto her side and something thumped into her back. After a few hits Octavia started to vomit and cough out the water from her lungs. When it was all out she took in a gasping breath and cried out from the burn of it. Arms wrapped around her lifting her up. Octavia let everything fade black.

The feeling of something rubbing her arms and chest made Octavia groan softly. Her body was sore and her eye lids felt like they weighed a ton. But that was okay, because wherever she was, it was warm and she didn't want to leave. It would still be a good idea to look around though so she could confirm that she wasn't dreaming and was hopefully safe. With monumental effort on her part, Octavia cracked open her eyes and winced from the dim lighting. Blurrily she looked around and noticed that she was in a tent, lying down beneath a bunch of furs. Indra's voice at her ear confirmed where she was. "Relax sky girl, you are safe in my tent. Now sleep, you are still weak and cold, I shall be here when you awake." With that said, Octavia let herself relax into Indra and the heat her body provided.

"Indra? Thank you." A huff was all she got for an answer. Octavia wasn't worried about it; she knew that Indra accepted what she said. Warm and sleepy, Octavia let herself drift off to sleep, safe and sound with her mentor watching over her.

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