Binas: This story is to serve as an outlet for my over crowded head. I may or may not continue it, but it was just too interesting to kick to the curb or ignore. If anyone wants to, feel free to take this up as a challenge.

Here are some notes and some trivia:

* It is post D-Stabilized.
* Dani has Ice Powers, but has yet to get the Ghostly Wail.
* I plan a very mild amount of DaniXOdd shipping (well, as mild as you can get with Odd, the king of flirtation).
* It is during Season 2, but no real set point other than prior to the four part finale (This means the episodes "Franz Hopper", "Contact", "The Revelation", and "The Key").
* Kadic Academy, the factory, and the sewers are located in Sueaux, a suburb in Paris, France (here's a map of the school, but it is in French: vignette2*wikia*nocookie*net/codelyoko/images/1/1a/Plan_college*jpg/revision/latest?cb=20111222013259) called Boulogne-Billancourt (where the factory is also located). In fact, the series is set there (though the English dub (which is made by the same people who made the French version) does try to fool you that it doesn't take place there and it is really pathetic at doing that), so how cool is that?
* As for language barriers, Dani has been traveling around the world, I am pretty sure she managed to pick up on French fairly quickly in places like Québec and New Orléans.


The Gulf Stream enhanced air blew across France; bringing about moisture from the rich Gulf of Mexico that laid across the Atlantic Ocean. Along with the wind, Dani flew, absorbing the breath taking view that was below. Paris was so far one of the most amazing cities she had seen so far in her travels. Well, away from North America due to the fact she was unstable a few weeks ago and could only travel to places like Canada (which was also very beautiful) before her instability began to take its terrifying toll on her.

Now that she was fixed, she felt freer than ever. So free, she could be in her ghost form for much longer than ever before and could use her taxing abilities without a single drop of ectoplasm escaping her newly stable form. She never felt more alive than she did now. It was the greatest gift she had ever been given within her very few months of life. In fact, it was her only gift and she cherished it and was eternally grateful for it, especially since it was Danny who gave it to her.

Dani flew into a park that was heavily populated by various species of trees and transformed back into her human form. She smiled in wonder as she looked at the sunlight that poked through the canopy. It was a sight that she wished she could capture with a camera. Sadly, she did not have one, nor the money to buy one. She was certain no one would hire a girl who was twelve years old (for her it was only physical age, not her actual age) who had no birth certificates or legal papers. That thought soured her cheerful mood made her run over to a tree. With a single punch, she made a nasty crater in the tree's trunk.

"That stupid fruitloop!" Dani seethed as she phased the splinters out of her hand. "Was I really that worthless to him that he made sure I never legally existed?!"

She felt her anger boil a bit more. The young hybrid didn't like the feeling at all. She knew she was angry, and she was voicing it without fear of being persecuted for it, but she felt a tiny bit of sadness. It hurt since she now knew the truth about her creator's true opinion of her. Vlad had practically yelled in her face that she only existed to be a tool and serve him and practically strapped her to two different types of tables before melting her down. All of that made her thoughts of his "generosity" before those incidents seem fake in the present day. It was to the point she didn't know if being ignorant of Vlad's true opinion was better than having her eyes open to his true nature.

Before she could continue putting misplaced aggression on the poor tree, Dani heard something. She back up a bit cautiously. Another rustle sounded, making Dani narrow her eyes.

"Who's there?" Dani asked in a low voice. "Come out and face me, or are you too scared of a little girl?!"

Dani scanned the area around her carefully. No signs of someone being around. The only things that were alive were the plants and the little animals and insects that scurried around the place. What seemed peculiar about it was that they were all avoiding something.

Dani relaxed a bit, missing the reactions that the animals and insects had to whatever it was in the area.

"Yup," Dani said with a smirk, "Totally a coward!"

With that, Dani went back to exploring the park's wooded area to get her mind off of the negative thoughts. She had so much to explore and she didn't want to miss a single second of life and its beauty.

Another rustle sounded, but Dani ignored it, thinking that it was just another squirrel or bird. She picked up a seed and inspected it. It was fascinating to think that it would one day be a big tree providing shade and a nice home to various animals and insects. Just before she could put the seed in the ground, a loud thump sounded, startling her a bit. She quickly regained her composure and put the seed into the dirt with her intangibility. Dani turned around and began to walk to another area but got interrupted. She had bumped into someone. She looked up and saw a kid her age. He had brown hair and strange looking eyes that had some sort of flickering symbol in them. He wore a blue denim jacket and a shirt that had a cartoonish bomb on it.

"I'm sorry," Dani said, "I didn't see you there."

Just as Dani was about to go around him, the boy grabbed her wrist. She gasped and began yanking on it with all of her human form's strength.

"Let me go!" Dani shouted, her light blue eyes glowing green with anger. "Just who do you think you are?!"

The boy let out a demonic chuckle and threw Dani into the ground. A normal human would have been on the verge of passing out from the impact, but Dani was far from a normal human. She got up from the small, shallow crater with a slight amount of dizziness. She shook it of and glared at the boy.

"So you wanna get your butt kicked?" Dani asked. "Well let me do it for ya!"

Dani ran forward, drawing her fist back, ready to punch the boy's lights out. She, however, was not prepared for the boy to catch her fist and deliver an inhuman right hook to her chest. What made it even more inhuman was the fact that his hand was crackling with electricity. Dani screamed as the electricity spread through her body, reminding her of the ectoplasmic electricity that had once sped up her destabilization. She didn't feel herself falling apart or turning into goo this time, thankfully, but it was still one of the most painful things she had ever felt.

Once she had recovered a bit from the electrified blow, her eyes once more glowed green for a brief second. She wanted to transform, but she couldn't risk anyone finding out she was half ghost, especially after the incident with Valerie. Valerie maybe cool now, but Dani knew that there were probably people out there who would not understand that she was also a little girl.

Dani picked up a branch and held it like a pitch fork, aiming it at the boy. Once she had the position she wanted, she ran forward at him with a battle scream. She swung the branch at the boy, just for the boy to grab it, snap it in half, and whack Dani in the back of the head with it. He raised his hand at Dani, sending another torrent of electricity at her before she could shake off the daze caused by the branch.

'I don't want to run away, but I have to get out of here!' Dani thought through the rampant electricity.

Dani knew she was risking her secret, but she had no choice. Turning intangible to the world around her, she fell from the boy's telekinetic-electrifying hold and onto the ground. Without wasting one second, she began to run away. The boy let out a feral roar and chased after Dani.

Dani ran through the woods, becoming tangible in the process. She panted as she tried to keep the distance between her and the hostile boy as large as possible. Every time she took a glance behind her, the boy wasn't to far behind and slowly catching up to her. Dani yelped a bit as he tried to shoot more electricity at Dani. She managed to dodge the streams of electricity as best as she could. Even if she got hit by some, she kept on running for her life.

Up ahead, Dani saw a thicker part of the wooded area. Taking it as a chance to loose the boy, she ran faster and faster towards it, taping into a bit of her ghostly half. Sure, her ghostly energy wasn't as strong as it was as in her ghost form, but it was still enough to help buy her time to follow through with her idea.

She clipped into the denser area and took a couple of sharp turns, making sure he wouldn't see what she did next. Once Dani had the opening she needed, she quickly turned invisible and intangible as she came to stop. She propped herself against a tree as the boy ran past her, thinking she was still running away from him.

'I need to find a safe place to recover,' Dani thought as she examined her burn marks and bruises from the fight, 'And fast before he realizes I gave him the slip.'

Remaining invisible while dropping her intangibility, Dani got up and took off in a random direction that was away from the boy. She kept on running and running, with no intention of stopping until she found a safe place to rest and recuperate.

Eventually her luck shined through. Before her at the other side of a river was an abandoned looking building. It was perfect; no one would know she was there and she would be able to recover from the fight. She smiled and went across the bridge, wanting to reach the safety of the abandoned building. Once she got past the entrance, she nearly slipped on the very broken stairwell, or what was left of it. Before her she saw five ropes. Grabbing one, Dani took a big leap and slid down it with no problem. Her feet echoed in the spacious building as they tapped the floor.

Now it was time to find a good hiding spot in this building. She took off in a random direction, and found herself in a what looked like an assembly room full of old equipment that looked like they had seen better days.

Dropping her invisibility, Dani curled up in a corner next to the door, behind some machinery, so no one would see her. With a long need sigh of relief, Dani used her arms as a makeshift pillow and drifted into a well deserved sleep.




Dani's eye scrunched at those loud sounds. She opened her eyes and poked her head slightly out of her hiding spot and let out a silent gasp. Someone was tearing the place apart while unleashing monstrous growls of frustration. And that someone was herself! She couldn't believe it. If she was in the corner, then how could she be over there? She couldn't even duplicate herself without ending up with a second head, just like her cousin did when he was still new to his powers!

Dani ducked behind the machinery with wide eyes. This wasn't good at all. If Vlad had made a clone of her to find her, he was being his cruelest yet. She peeked again and saw something that shot that idea down. On the clone of Dani was the same symbol she saw in the boy's eye yesterday. And it was right on the forehead, pulsing as the feral clone tore up the assembly room.

"I know you are there," the copy of Dani said with a voice that seemed like an electrified version of her own. "Come out now!"

Dani gulped and went further into her hiding spot. She quickly turned invisible before the copy found her. Dani watched as the copy seemed to pixelate at random intervals, throwing Dani into more disbelief. Dani had no idea what the copy was, but she knew now it was not one of Vlad's cloning attempts. She held her breath as the copy drew closer and closer to Dani's hiding spot. Adding intangibility to her invisibility, Dani clenched her eyes shut, hoping the copy wouldn't notice she was there.

As Dani's heart raced, she lost her concentration and accidentally became tangible as she returned to the visible spectrum. The copy spotted her and gave a sickening, cruel smirk as its hands lit up with more of that electricity. The copy chuckled evilly as it flickered a bit. Dani's eyes shot open as she backed further and further into the corner. Her back bumped into the wall, signifying that any human would be trapped at this point. Dani had no choice now; she had to give up her secret and fight it as a ghost.

Just as Dani was about to transform, something rather unexpected happened... Very unexpected.


The copy was smacked over the head by a large, thick sheet of metal into the floor. Dani looked up at her rescuer and what she found made her blink. It was a boy who was about as small as Dani herself. He wore mostly purple with a pink shirt visible underneath his purple midriff baring long sleeved shirt. His blonde hair what sold the whacky look. It was in a single spike with a purple splotch in the middle of it. He wore a rather mischievous smile that could only be found on the Cheshire Cat.

"Take that you stupid Polyscrewing Clone!" the boy said to the copy.

Dani looked at the copy then at the new arrival. The boy held his hand out at the girl motioning her to come out.

"It's okay," the boy said, "Your prince charming is here!"

The copy moaned as its eyes began to open again. Dani gasped and scurried out of the corner before the copy could get up.

"Get behind me!" the boy said. "I will get rid of this copy cat!"

The copy got up and glared harshly at the boy as if it knew him. Dani got behind the boy, hoping that she wasn't going to be back-stabbed. She had no idea what was going on, but if this boy was truly on her side, then hopefully he would tell her what she needed.

The copy lunged at the boy, with arms out in front, ready to strangle the kid. The boy lifted up the piece of metal again and smirked.

"Normally I don't hit pretty girls, but I will make an exception here! So, batter up!" the boy chirped and swung at the copy's face.

Just when the copy seemed like the hit hurt it, the boy and Dani were wrong. The copy had caught the piece of metal and began sending electrifying sparks through it and into the boy. Dani watched in horror as her look alike doppelganger electrocuted the one who tried to protect her. When she could take no more of it, her face hardened as she realized what she had to do. After all, she did inherit Danny's hero complex.

"Hey!" Dani called out, making the copy stop what it was doing tot he boy. "Leave him alone!"

"No, don't!" the boy called out hoarsely, realizing what the girl was about to get herself into. "You need to run!"

"Not a chance," Dani said as she smacked her right fist into the palm of her left hand. "I'm gonna show what happens when you mess with the real deal and no one is going to stop me!"

With that, knowing she had no choice, Dani transformed into her ghost half, causing the boy's jaw to drop. The copy's eyes widened, unable to understand what had just happened. All it knew were was the information it was created with. And that included that Dani was a normal human with a mouth that was too big for her. Nothing mentioned that Dani could change into something else that was not human. With feral growl, the copy ran at Dani, with intent to get rid of the interference of its master's plans.

Dani smirked and turned invisible. She flew behind the copy and reappeared with a smirk.

"Boo!" Dani whispered in the copy's ear.

The copy turned around, with Dani avoiding being spotted by staying behind it. Dani charged up ectoplasm in her right foot and kicked the copy in the butt. The copy went sailing across the room and made an impact in the nearest wall.

With some distance created, Dani flew over to the boy and helped him up.

"You okay?" Dani asked.

"I think so," the boy said as he looked at Dani, trying to process what had just happened. "What are you?"

"No one in particular," Dani said. "Now do you want to ask questions, or do you wanna kick some butt?"

"I like how you think already!" the boy said with a large smile.

With that, the boy picked up a broken pipe while Dani lit up her hands with ectoplasm. Both gave out a battle cry as they ran at the copy. The copy growled and charged at the duo. It shot another wave of electricity at them, electrocuting them. Dani was now sure she stable because she still didn't feel any subtle signs of melting washing over her ghostly body. With some resistance due to the spasms, Dani grabbed the boy's wrist and turned the both of them intangible. She flew the both of them out of the electrifying grasp.

Dani glared at the copy as she set the boy down.

"Hey, you!" Dani called out as her eyes began to glow an icy blue. "Cool it, would ya?"

Dani then released an icy beam at the copy, freezing it in place. The boy cheered, happy that the copy was stopped and also amused at the lame pun Dani quipped.

"Nice shot-!" the boy said. "Wait, you never told me your name."

"The name is Dani, with an 'i'." Dani said.

"Well then, nice shot, Dani!" the boy said. "My name is Odd!"

Dani smiled at Odd, but the both of them were snapped out of their small talk when the copy broke out of the ice. Odd's face dropped.

"Uh oh..." Odd said. "I don't think it liked the big chill it got."

The copy split into two of itself. Dani pouted when she saw the copy make a perfect duplicate.

"Aw man!" Dani complained. "Why does the copy cat get perfect duplication and not me?"

With two of the copies surrounding them, the duo had no where to run (if you didn't have ghost powers). Dani was starting to get tired and it didn't help that put a lot of energy into the ice beam to make it as inescapable as possible. In the end, Dani decided to sacrifice the last of her energy. There was one way out and it was phase out. Dani grabbed Odd's wrist.

"Hold on!" Dani said.

Dani made herself and Odd become invisible and intangible. Taking to the air, Dani flew out of the assembly room with Odd in tow. Odd screamed, a bit nervous but also excited as they went into a corridor that lead to a bunch of support beams. They landed on the ground, with Dani releasing the invisibility and intangibility.

"That. Was. AMAZING!" Odd shouted excitedly. "That was even more exciting than the thrill I got from last night's episode of "Hospital of Horrors" where Dr. Schrank was grafting animal parts to this alien with eyes covering its entire body!"

Dani had no idea what Odd was talking about, but she giggled anyways. Odd was interesting alright. In fact, he was taking this better than Dani expected. It was weird but comforting in its own way. But then, Dani saw Odd's happiness fade and become sadness.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Dani asked. "What happened to all of the happy cheering you were doing a few seconds ago?"

"It's just that," Odd began, sounding a bit sad too, "Since you kind of saw what happens on a regular basis and know about the factory, you have to forget everything that just happened."

"What?" Dani asked. "Why would I want to forget any of this?"

"Its just the way it has to be," Odd said. "No one can know about the fighting and the factory. If some knew, then we would lose the Supercomputer and one of my friends would die because of that."

Dani placed a hand on Odd's shoulder, giving a small smile.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," Dani said with sincerity. "If I can keep the fact I am half ghost away from people who would want to strap me to an operating table, then I can keep all of this a secret. I promise."

Odd smiled back. He didn't like the idea of hiding the fact that someone knew about the factory, but maybe he could do something so he wouldn't have to.

"Say, do you want meet the friends I mentioned?" Odd asked with a devious smile.

Dani could tell, she was startling to like the mischievous mind Odd possessed.

Jeremie, Aelita, and Ulrich walked across the bridge to the sewer entrance that laid in the middle of it. Yumi wasn't there due to being watched at every moment by her parents and little brother with no way out. Thankfully, they were able to thwart XANA's latest attack easily. Too easily. There was no damage to clean up, nor a reason for a Return to the Past, just like yesterday. They had no idea what XANA was trying to pull on them this time, but it reeked of "no good" all over it.

"Where could Odd be?" Jeremie asked, slightly irritated but also worried. "He never ditches us after a XANA attack like this."

"Maybe he has some secret girlfriend that he found," Ulrich said.

"I doubt Odd would find a girlfriend in the factory," Jeremie said. "As far as we know, no one uses it but us."

Aelita shivered a bit as a cold breeze flowed into her. It felt very unnatural as it didn't brush against her skin, but rather went through her own body, literally. It was unlike any feeling that she had ever experienced. In fact, she had no words to describe the sensation that passed through her.

"You okay Aelita?" Jeremie asked, noticing that Aelita was shivering a bit.

Jeremie felt Aelita's forehead, making her blush a bit. He removed it after confirming that Aelita didn't have a fever.

"I think so," Aelita said, kind of worried. "It was just this feeling, I can't really explain it."

"It's okay Aelita," Jeremie said with a reassuring smile. "I am sure you will be fine. You don't have a fever."

The trio continued forward. Ulrich popped open the sewer entrance and was about to climb in when he screamed and fell onto his backside. He panted with a look of horror on his face as sweat leaked through the pores of his skin. Jeremie and Aelita ran forward and were equally horrified by the sight. It got the point where Jeremie fainted from how scary it was.

"Wh-what the heck?!" Ulrich said through chattering teeth. "Was THAT XANA's attack?!"

"I have no idea!" Aelita said, taking deep breaths, trying to calm herself down as she lifted Jeremie up onto her shoulders. "XANA maybe merciless, but this doesn't seem like his style!"

Just as Jeremie began to stir, laughter emanated from the sewer entrance. One laugh was one they would pick up anywhere, and the second was one that was very new to them. The three of them cautiously peered down the sewer entrance, hoping to not see the same thing as they did before. Down below, they saw Odd laughing like the crazy kid he was. He was bent over, holding his gut, trying to breath. Not only that, he was covered in paint.

"Y-you should have seen the looks on your faces!" Odd said between laughs. "And by the way Jeremie, did you know you scream like a girl?"

"Odd! That was not funny!" Ulrich yelled.

"Sure it was!" Odd said. "You just have no sense of humor!"

"Do you call finding the body of you best friend funny?" Jeremie scolded.

"When you put it that way, I guess not..." Odd said, blushing a bit. "Wow... This prank seemed better in my head..."

Before either Ulrich and Jeremie could continue chewing Odd out for the cruel joke, they both shivered. The same feeling that had washed through Aelita's body ran through theirs. This time, the feeling didn't just happen once, it happened twice.

"Odd, did you hide a rigged fan or something?" Ulrich asked, still annoyed with his roommate.

"No. Why do you ask?" Odd asked innocently. "Feeling a bit chilled up there? Are sure you didn't walk into Jack Frost by accident?"

"Will you stop joking around?" Jeremie said.

"Oh, easy up on him," a voice sounded, "Would ya?"

Jeremie, Aelita, and Ulrich looked around as Odd climbed to the top. He had a smile on his face, which confused his friends. Aelita backed up a bit to give Odd room to get out, but bumped into something. She quickly turned around and found no one behind her. Whatever was going on, it had her very nervous, especially with the cruel prank Odd just pulled.

When Aelita turned back to face Odd, she felt something tap on her ankle. She looked down and yelped. Jeremie and Ulrich quickly turned around and rushed to Aelita. They looked down towards what Aelita was looking at and gasped. In the ground they saw a glowing, giggling head of a little girl. The head had snow white hair pulled back into a low hanging ponytail and glowing green eyes that seemed very unearthly.

They were unable to form words and the head floated upwards, allowing it to reveal the rest of its body. The little girl seemed to be around Aelita's age. The floating girl wore a two piece outfit. The top was a long sleeved shirt with one diagonal side being white, and the other being black, with the black side having a gray symbol of a D with a black P inside it. Her pants were black bell-bottoms with a thick white stripe on each side. She had also a black glove on the white side of her shirt and a white glove on the black side. On her feet were a pair of pure white shoes.

Jeremie, Ulrich, and Aelita gave looks at Odd that clearly read "explain this now". Odd chuckled a bit as he scratched the back of his head.

"I guess this will take a bit," Odd said. "Hee heee heee..."

A little while later, in the park...

"-So there's the end of an epic tale filled with butt kicking and possible love at first sight," Odd said dramatically. "Any questions?"

"Yeah one," Jeremie said adjusting his glasses as he leaned back on the bench. "How do you expect us to just easily accept Dani into the group? We don't even know her!"

Ulrich walked forward a bit, arms crossed in a serious way.

"And don't forget what happened with Sissi," Ulrich said. "How do we know she won't back-stab us too?"

"Come on Ulrich! That was one year ago!" Odd said. "Dani is nothing like Sissi! You have to remember, she did help me give XANA a nice little surprise! And besides, if it weren't for her, I would of been smoked beef!"

"That is true," Aelita said as she shifted on the bench a bit. "And she was willing to give up her biggest secret just to protect someone she didn't even know."

"Still, I am not sure about her motives," Jeremie said, being a bit paranoid. "There is still a chance she may cause trouble for our group. Besides, if XANA starts trying to go after her like he did with Yumi that one time, there is no telling what could happen."

Dani sighed from her resting point against a nearby tree that was in Ulrich, Jeremie, Odd, and Aelita's line of sight. She was in human form, thinking over what was being said. Some of the words that Odd's friends said kind of hurt, but she could understand the paranoia. It was an emotion that she lugged around like a heavy weight ever since Vlad revealed his true intentions to her. She winced at some of the words like the possible "what if"s.

"Quit talking like I am not here!" Dani said, with a slightly insulted tone of voice. "I can take care of myself! I am not a damsel in distress! And I would never intentionally hurt anyone without a good reason!"

A pause hung in the tense air. Dani and Jeremie bore into each other's eyes, both determined.

"Let us think about it, besides, we still need Yumi's input on the situation," Jeremie said. "Until then, this is on stand by. Dani, you can consider this a test. If you can keep everything that happened today a secret, it may help you get into the group."

"Fine by me," Dani said nonchalantly and began to walk away with her hands resting within the pockets of her blue hoodie.

Odd rushed forward towards Dani.

"Where are you going?" Odd asked.

"To go find somewhere to sleep when night time comes," Dani said. "If I get lucky, I maybe able to find some food too."

"You mean, you're homeless?!" Odd said in shock.

"It's not a big deal," Dani said. "I have been on my own for a couple of months and look how fine I am."

"If by fine, you mean the fact you look like Jeremie after staying up for two days straight!" Ulrich said dryly.

Jeremie shot Ulrich a look, not amused by the verbal jab. Dani then noticed that fatigue had began to take hold on her. The rims of her peripheral vision began to darken. Once that went dark, the darkness creeped closer and closer to the center before she completely blacked out. Hunger, lack of proper sleeping, and using too much energy had finally caught up to her. All she caught in her last few seconds of consciousness was Aelita, Jeremie, Ulrich, and Odd rushing towards her with concern on their faces. Dani had only one thing on her mind now and that was sleep. So giving up resistance against the darkness, she let it settle in and take her to a dreamless dreamland.