Binas: I am sorry, but this story has been put on indefinite hiatus. The reasons why are poor focus, stunted ideas for this idea, and school stress. I know, lame and over used excuses, but it is true. I have tried thinking of possible things, but they just didn't flow right or made things end too soon. I am very, very sorry. If there is anyone out there, interested, you may adopt this story. Just please give credit and link to the original, especially if you change things up. I think people would be interested in seeing what this story was in its prime.

I hope you look out for my other works! I promise you that they are great, especially the very recent ones (the bad ones are still on my profile as a reminder and confidence booster for myself (AKA a way of telling myself that I have done worse)). And hopefully I will be able to get a hold of my brain. It isn't easy being a writer, especially if you have ADHD and anxiety combined with Autism, I can assure you guys that.