A/N: This story takes place in January before Michael gave Avery back to Sonny.

Sabrina and Michael were sitting on the couch in the living room with AJ sleeping in Sabrina's arms.

Sabrina looks down at a peaceful sleeping AJ, "She's really beautiful when she sleeping, and always. But especially when she's sleeping."

Michael smiled at AJ, "Yeah, it's when she's awake that you have to watch out."

Sabrina laughed, "Michael!"

Michael shrugged, "What? You know it's true. You know how much I love AJ, but she can really be a handful sometimes."

Michael leaned in and placed a kiss on Sabrina's forehead.

Sabrina got up and put AJ in her playpen. Sabrina rested her head on Michael's shoulder and Michael rested his head on Sabrina's.

Tracy walked in, "I see you and the nanny are still fraternizing."

Sabrina picked her head up and rolled her eyes, "Always nice to see you too Tracy."

Tracy poured herself a drink and went back upstairs.

Sabrina sighed deeply as Tracy left and put her head back on Michael's shoulder.

The doorbell rang and AJ started crying. Sabrina got up before Michael could, "I got her. You get the door." Sabrina reached into the playpen and picked up AJ.

She started bouncing her, "Hey, it's okay." After a few more bounces, AJ stopped crying and rested her head on Sabrina's shoulder. Within a few seconds, AJ was back asleep.

Sabrina looked out the side door. Michael walked back into the living room with a bewildered look on his face.

When Sabrina heard Michael's footsteps, she turned around. Sabrina saw the look on Michael's face, "What's wrong? What happened?" Michael said, "I've been served."

Sabrina laid AJ down on the couch. Sabrina furrowed her eyebrows, "With…?" Michael sighed and held up papers, "Sonny is suing me for custody of my sister."

Sabrina went around the couch and stood in front of Michael, "What? I don't understand. I thought that Sonny dropped his suit." Michael sighed, "I guess he changed his mind." Sabrina looked at the papers, "Well, I guess the good news is your mom convinced your dad to drop Ric as an attorney. So, who's representing him?" Michael looked at the papers, "Diane." Sabrina half-laughed/half-scoffed, "Based on what I've heard, she's a real shark. She and Alexis are the best attorneys in town."

Sabrina walked over to Edward's desk, picked up the phone, and handed it to Michael. "Call Alexis." Michael sighed and took the phone from Sabrina and she went over to the couch, picked up AJ, and left the room to take her upstairs while Michael called Alexis.

Sabrina came back down and saw Michael still on the phone with Alexis out on the terrace. Sabrina poured a drink for Michael knowing that he needs it. Michael walked back into the living room still on the phone with Alexis "Yes. I understand. Thank you. Bye." Michael walked up to Sabrina. He dropped down on one knee. "Will you marry me?"

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