Once Mikasa made sure I was perfect in every way and not a single hair was out of place she marched me over to a small sandwich shop around the block from our apartment called "Spazzos".

"Okay Eren, don't be quick to judge them, please give the date and honest try. Just don't half-ass it."

"Okay Okay, can I just meet this person already?"

"They are right over there sitting on the patio."

"Where there is no girls there."

"I know, I'm talking about the guy with the black hair over there."

I sharply turned my head at her. "Mikasa, he is neither a female nor tall. What the fuck. You had one job."

"I know but he also is lonely so I set you up."

"You do know I'm not gay right?"

"Yeah, but just give it a chance. He doesn't know you're a guy either, so just go with the flow."

"You're evil!"

"C'mon, I'll introduce you."

"Ughhhhhh, fine."

We crossed the road and made it over to where he was sitting. I was extremely embarrassed. Mikasa was demented, what did she think, randomly trying to make two guys gay out of nowhere. She must've been extremely proud of herself. I mean she was smiling the whole time. He stood up when he saw Mikasa to great her. I had no idea where she knew this guy from. His face quickly got confused when he saw me with her and no one else. He turned his head to ask Mikasa, but she cut him off before he can say anything. "Sorry, but I'll tell you the same thing I told him. I knew you needed someone to go out with and so did he, so I'm setting you two up. I also realize neither of you are gay, but I beg of you to at least try. By the way, Levi, this is my brother, Eren. Eren, this is Levi." With that she turned and ran away so she wouldn't have to deal with any negative feedback from our end.

A few seconds of silence passed before I decided to break the ice. "Hi I'm Ere-"

"Yeah, I'm Levi."

Now I should let you know beforehand that I very very very much dislike rude people. I've met a fair share of them over the years and have liked none of them (unless you count the stupid tiny crush I had on the bad girl, Annie, at my high school). But I told Mikasa that I would give it a try, so I continued to be nice. "So you're the brother are you?" Levi asked.

"Yeah, how does Mikasa know you?"

"When out French Class went on a trip to France, she was my partner."

"Well, I hope she was a pleasant partner to have."

"Not really. I was here a little early, so I ordered tea. I hope you don't mind. Sit." I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or actually trying to be nice.

"Yeah, she can be a bit much sometimes, but she's still really nice. I hope she didn't ruin the trip for you."

"I've been there before in high school, so I don't really care."

Throughout the entire time we were there, pauses in conversations that could last a few seconds to a few minutes would appear. He wasn't trying all that hard to keep a conversation going and seemed quite fine just staring off into the distance drinking his tea. After a particularly long moment of silence we both seemed to telepathically agree that the "date" was over. We both stood up too leave. " I'll walk you home." He said surprisingly.

"Oh, um, okay. You don't have to."

" I've got nothing better to do."

"Well, okay then."

We walked the short distance back to Mikasa and I's on-campus apartment, the whole time being silent. When we got to the door I turned around to thank him, but he beat me too it by kissing me on the cheek and waving goodbye over his shoulder while walking away.

"Wha?" I managed to get out while thanking that he was walking away so he didn't see me blush.

"Well this was a date wasn't it. See you tomorrow, same place, same time."