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Where was he?

Someone's behind, I'm sure of it. I could hear their breath coming in shallow pants. Their footsteps were light yet uncertain, as though debating when to attack. I fingered my AMT Automag III with a shaking finger. It isn't the best of guns but it was all Carlisle had to spare. The footsteps were getting heavier and quicker. Where was Royce? I was meant to be meeting him and his friends at the club but he hadn't arrived. All I received was a text telling me to meet him somewhere on this street. He wasn't here. Someone else is though. I reached for my phone, to call Edward, Jasper, somebody, anybody.

Suddenly, cold, stubby hands grasped me around my waist, shoving me against the nearest wall. Another pair tore at my clothes at the same time that a warm, too warm, hand was shoved in my mouth to prevent me from screaming.

"You were right, Royce. She's beautifully curvy, and willowy. She's perfect. Bagsy dibbs on her mouth first." a gruff voice mumbled.

Royce? ROYCE was doing this?!

I struggled desperately to try and see his face. Surely their was a mistake, Royce loved me. I turned my whole body, now clad only in a tattered shirt, a ripped skirt and my underwear, and caught a glimpse of my fiance's cold glittery eyes in a marble set face.

No, no, no, NO!

I struggled harder than usual, trying to buck them off me and was rewarded with the butt of a gun smashed against my temple. Stars seemed to appear, and made my head spin in a series of colors. I could feel fingers, tongues, dicks, all touching me somewhere, anywhere they could find. All of a sudden, something cold and thick was forced into my most intimate area, ripping a torn scream of agony from my lips. The last thing I remembered before blacking out was Royce's hoarse grunt of pleasure.


Suddenly, I heard Royce give a cry of pain and felt him being torn away from me. Although I was grateful for the sudden stop, I realized that my legs couldn't hold me up. I felt myself slide to the floor, my coochie stinging unbearably. Strong hands caught me before I reached the floor. And I mean STRONG hands, that were attached to STRONG arms, they had to be, to hold my weight up, which were attached to the widest shoulders I'd ever seen. Hot.

It was strange how even now, when I had just been half raped, my brain found the time to acknowledge how unbelievably beautiful he was.

Tall and very muscular, like a human wall.I could feel the hard ridges of his chest and the tingling sensation of his stubble, dark and lovely, against my forehead as he hastily covered my near nakedness state. His startlingly blue eyes, like frozen chips of the sea stared deeply into my hazel ones. Woah.

It was then that I heard the sound of bodies being moved around, as though dead or unconscious. I tried to peer around his fire-brick shoulders but he wouldn't let me, his warm calloused hands gripping my upper arms firmly, before stoking them, soothing the brief flare of pain it had set off.

"Sorry, I can't let you see just yet- the girls haven't got their masks on. Are you okay?" a frown appeared between his eyes and I found that I didn't want it there.

"I'm fine. I really just want to go home and forget completely about this." I tried to think of how my family would react. Badly, yes, but just how badly?

"Hm. Well, I'm Emmett Mcar-" he broke off quickly. " Emmett Swans."

He held out a hand.

"Rosa-" I broke off sharply when I realized what he said."Swan." His eyes narrowed in confusion then widened in alarm as I found myself slipping away from reality. This wasn't good. At all. When the darkness came back around, I fell into it thankfully.

And passed out.


I gave the stunning blonde in my arms a shake, wondering if she just fell asleep...nope. She was unconscious and bleeding in my arms and Alex wouldn't like that.

Bella chose that time to look up from her cleaning post and gave 'Rosa' and I and appraising look.
"Dead and bleeding. Suits you." with that, she walked off cackling, Alice in tow.

I stood with the girl in my hands and as I started for the car park, I realized something crucial. Sawans and Cullens did NOT mix well. How did I explain this to Alex and still be alive to apologize?


For a second, I actually debated leaving her on the doorstep but thought better of it. Alex loved girls in need. She'll forgive me this once...right?

So, don't worry, it's not completely finished but, this is just to see what you guys think so far.

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