"Hey, you."

I turned around mid-step. "Hm?"

Standing in front of one of the pillars—arms crossed, spear fastened to her back—was the red-haired Pegasus Warrior from before. She looked a little bothered by something. I soon had a sinking feeling that that "something" was me.

The lady hesitated before gesturing to her ears. Understanding, I pulled out my earbuds. "Hinoka-sama, right?" I asked.

She nodded. "Just Hinoka is fine. And you,"—her tone skirted towards accusing there, but wasn't outright—"you're with the ones who came with Corrin, right?"

I scratched my head. "Erm, in a sense, I suppose, but…nevermind. The semantics can wait. Anyway, you can call me Bluefield."

Hinoka nodded. "Okay, 'Bluefield'—that is your real name—"

Pro tip: it's not.

"—can I ask you something? About that last attack on the capital."

"An event that recent, huh? What's bothering you about it?"

"Well, to start off: you brought down a guard tower and sealed off the northern gateway."

Ohhhh, that.

"Go on…?"

Hinoka sighed. "The gateway's being fixed as we speak, and from what I've learned, you paid for the reconstruction out of your own pocket."

"Yeah. So…what's the problem?"

"Why did you destroy it? And why did you foot the bill to get it fixed?"

"That's what's bothering you?" I asked, a little incredulous. "Well… Then again, you probably don't go around destroying buildings in the middle of battle."

"So? What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Hm…" I reached behind me to pull a glass bottle of Frappuccino (vanilla) out of my backpack, twisted the cap off, took a sip. "Well, to answer your first question—destroying the gateway had a tactical advantage."

She raised an eyebrow at that. "Really."

"You can ask Trey or Dreyza. Heck, you can even ask your brother. Corrin's already seen a fair share of their 'environment manipulation tactics'. Anyway—destroying the gateway divided the Nohrian forces passing through that point. The back half had to either deal with your archers or fall back. The front half, on the other hand, were a little too distracted by battle to notice a guard tower crashing down on their only escape route. That's why, out of all the incursion forces sent into the capital, the northern group fell first."


Judging from her expression, Hinoka understood.

"Besides, I checked within a five-block radius to make sure that no civilians were at risk of death by contusion."


I took another drink, trying to find the words for what I was about to say next. "As for your second question…to be blunt, I'd rather not leave my mark on this world."

Hinoka looked up at me. "What are you talking about?"

"It's part of my…occupation. What I do in this world won't affect the overall flow of events that have occurred, are occurring, and will occur. For example, you won't do anything differently regarding what I do or not. That said…"


"If I want to leave my mark anywhere, I'd rather do it in the world that I hail from, doing things that don't involve destroying buildings."

She scoffed. "And how would you do that, Bluefield?"


"Wait. You? Writing?"

"That's a question? I have other things to do than fight. Same for you and your family, right?"

Hinoka rolled her eyes. "Fair enough. So, how are you going to leave your mark on your world by writing?"

"You really wish to know?"

"Will it matter in the long run?"

Huh. She had a damn good point.

"…Touché. Well, my answer is: I'll reach out of the page—metaphorically; I can't actually do that with writing—but I'll metaphorically reach out, metaphorically plunge my hand into the reader's chest, metaphorically rip their heart out, and metaphorically hand their heart back on a silver platter."

Hinoka looked taken aback by that. "That sounds almost horrifying," she remarked. "But is that all you intend to do?"

"Ohhh, no," I chuckled. "Nooooo, no no no. I've got a lot of stories to write with that. But even if I succeed in that and that alone…well, it's good enough a mark for me."